What does the Left do now in the face of a hard right racist Government? RESIST! RESIST! RESIST!


I’ve been working on a “Where to now for Labour, Greens, Māori Party and the NZ Left?” blog since the election loss, and was supposed to post it 5 weeks ago but my first 7 versions of it were just rants on which Wellington Woke Wankers we need to assassinate in a night of the long tweets backlash for their alienating fuckwittery that cost us the election, and while that was enormously fun for me, on reflection of the sheer scale of hard right racist agenda being pursued by the Right, I have rewritten it and pulled my punches.

I know, I know, I know.

When I’m pulling my punches of criticising the Woke Left, you know shit is bad, and that’s because it is.

We now can see the full hard right racist agenda of this Government and the obscene direction they intend to take for their political donors.

This fight against the most right Government ever elected will demand a level of resistance that crosses into civil disobedience because it will require mass civil disobedience protests to fight this Government’s hard right racist agenda.

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I will publish “Where to now for Labour, Greens, Māori Party and the NZ Left? tomorrow alongside my deep dive into this next Government, ‘The New Government – Winners, Losers & Predictions’.  

But for right now: Resist! Resist! Resist!

We will not allow these spite merchants to destroy our nation!

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  1. Promising signs of ideology out of schools, men out of women’s sports and hate speech legislation gone.
    Much more woke dismantling to do.
    Crack on.

  2. What does the Left do now in the face of a hard right racist Government?

    Cuppa tea and a wee lie down.

  3. What ‘left?’ The real left has left and the pseudo left of the last 6 years have pissed their pants and gone Porangi!

    So what is this mystical ‘left’ you’re talking about?

  4. The problem, as i see it, is that the left will convince them selves that the reason they lost is because they were not woke enough (because their echo chamber, wellington based, focus groups will tell them that) and fight the next election on that basis. We are screwed my friends…

      • It would suffice if the Trans mandate were proportionate to its numbers – about one in 30, 000 – the tiniest tail ever to wag a dog.

        We don’t need them in schools, nor their subjective opinions on anything whatsoever.

        • Really Munro? Didnt think you had it in you to join the Christian Taliban and try and inpose Biblical views on sexuality and gender?

          Dissapointed is an understatement. Next thing you will be wanting to ban abortion and birth control.

      • For transgenderism to be recriminalized it would have to have been criminalized in the first place.
        You cant criminalize a subjective made up delusion.

        • Thinking that you have a first name relationship with a dead Palestinian carpenter who stands in the room with you telling you to hate trans people is a delusion. And trans people were out into mental asylums back in the good old days you wish to go back to.

      • Actually I do.
        I used to be pro gay rights but these fruit loops have driven me hard against them.
        Outlawing them is a good start, let’s see if we can kick them out of the country next.

  5. I look forward to your Manifesto Martyn, we also need a 100 day & 3 year Plan to articulate much better the need to fight back by ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, because the useless as Labour Party just can’t do it, it’s beyond them? We need to organise a Movement too make sure these Right wing Bastards are being disrupted, discredited & their nefarious plans for waging a Race War & Class War against Maori, the Poor & Proletariat class are destroyed & defeated! And if Labour can’t do it, we start up our own Political Party to do it, like many disaffected people are forming & doing Worldwide? Mass Protests & Mass Disobedience is the way forward now & a REFUSAL to accept our Fate as victims of this newly elected Coalition of Scumbags & what they are about to foist & force on us? The Worldwide Protests in support of the Palestinians against the Apartheid State Israel are our example to follow & emulate because our fight is similar, we are fighting a Apartheid System but its a Rich versus Poor, Landlord versus Renter dichotomy? And Martyn, unfortunately there is no such thing as the “so called LEFT of Centre”, it’s just a euphemism for a long dead Socialist Term that simply doesn’t exist anymore? Just call it the Opposition or the Resistance & I agree that organised Mass resistance, like organised Marches & Events & planned sabotage like shutting down Motorways & other Infrastructure to disrupt & cause chaos to inconvenience the current psychopathic Govt is needed to prevent their evil schemes from coming to fruition? The most affected, Gen Z who are being pummelled & their Futures destroyed need to wake up & get Militant, they are Tech savvy & locked out of this system & they need to mobilise & utilise their Social Media Tech skills to fight back using Tic Tok & other Platforms to highlight & advertise the Right wing, Boomer plunder of NZ & to canvas every disaffected person like Beneficiaries, Disabled people & the Poor & Maori who like themselves, are the main victims of the looney Right’s hellish Policies & will bare the brunt from this Demonic, Right Wing, 3 headed Trinity of Arseholes & bastards now in charge of NZ! And all Renters that get evicted out of a House for no good reason & every Employee who gets sacked for dubious excuses need to rally & stand up & rebel against this War on the Poor, Maori & those who don’t own Property, this is a Class War, but Martyn we need help on how to put these Protest actions into a coherent Strategy to organise this & your suggestions will be appreciated?

  6. • CTU needs to become a class left fighting central labour organisation again like the old FOL, this has been prevented by the class collaborationist public sector dominance of the outfit, but maybe the threat of mass sackings will do the trick finally…
    • Community organisation, NGOs, Unions and Māori need to unite and fight–practical leadership for practical action
    • Green, TPM and Labour need to unite as a Parliamentary opposition–all pressure to be put on NZ Labour to renounce Rogernomics once and for all
    • Reform a united NZ Communist Party for class leadership in all respects, the skilled people with a marxist world view are out there, just without an ideological centre at this time
    • occupy empty commercial and residential property, there are not enough cops in the country to stop this
    • organise young people in the fight back, the EC is going to proceed with a vote at 16 move for Local Government and this will likely be extended to General
    • Get used to it–this is a power grab by the top echelon at the expense of the bottom 50%

  7. Ah? ” What does the Left do now in the face of a hard right racist Government? ”
    What Left? Roger The Rat fucked Labour to death during the six years preceding 1984 and his legacy is enduring only because there are more super yachts to be built and more mansions in many countries to be owned.
    And a word of caution on that matter; history has an eternal shaping effect on futures.
    roger douglas manufactured a false reality out of a false economy in a nose dive to ram change down our throats. Privatisation, user pays, deregulation, the destruction of unions thus job security too, the sell off’s of state owned assets etc . All that stuff belonged to us because it was our stuff to which we belonged and it worked very well at giving us all a beautiful life of security and comfort relative to our economy which had it’s history in agricultural exports which we had global respect for delivering world class produce.
    Roger Douglas and his cronies wrecked all that just to get their little hands on our society and our homes and neighbourhoods. They wrecked our lives and ruined our international trading relationships and have consigned hundreds of thousands of people into bewildering poverty in a country with the third highest standard of living for that time.
    To be clear. There is no Left, left. We have a neo-fascist grouping of psychopathics who’ve formed a clique of abusers and opportunists who won’t be happier than playing a game of who can best persecute and harm us and yes, I’m very confident in writing that because look at what they have planned for the most vulnerable of us. These, are terrifying times for the many of us and they, will be having a great old time watching us in anxiety because we’re soon to suffer.

  8. Do people realize it was actuallly John Key who signed us up to a lot of these so called WOKE policies. It was him who added Aoteroa to NZ Passports, he signed us up to the Paris agreement, the UN declaration of Indigeous peoples and Smokefree 2025, then Luxon and co have the cheek to critize the Lab Govt for taking measures to fulfill the obligations and goals set out inthese agreements he signed us up to. John Key obviously had no intention of following through and only singed to make themselves look like they cared.

  9. Yes, antforce62 I have my hockey stick ready in my car boot just in case I have to kneecap somebody or protect myself. I have noticed our Police are already running around like chooks with no heads since the new nasty parties got elected there has been an increase in sirens, police cars activity etc. It not going to be a good three years with the nasties we have running our country they are divisive.

  10. If you want to understand how this Frankenstein government was ever elected, all you need to do is read the comments here – a depressing cocktail of shallow thinking, empathy deficiency, racism and redneckery. Unfortunately, this is what we have sunk to, and the new government reflects this hollowness.

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