Political Caption Competition


Welcome to your new Government


  1. At least we’re not banning cigarettes anymore, heck if I’d known that maybe I’d’ve voted for them.

    • Ok, presumably you are happy to go on paying the otherwise unnecessary hundreds of millions for lung transplants and other health costs associated with cigarettes then.

        • Just some troll. Yep. Further, like it or not, we’re all gonna die anyway.
          Further, tobacco smokers don’t get behind the wheels of cars and kill people. Further, there are folk, often poor folk, for whom smoking is their only pleasure, just as there are health ministers who stuff themselves full of diabetes-inducing foodstuffs and then have the gall to chide other addicts. Tut tut. Tobacco ain’t exactly a hallucinogenic which makes people act crazy, and government does jolly well out of it all up.

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