Axis of Dicks: A picture usually tells a thousand words, this one says 4


A picture usually tells a thousand words, this one says 4.

“I am Winston’s Bitch”.

We are witnessing a circus not a negotiation!

Yesterday National attempted to push a promise of a mini Budget to create the media narrative that change was looming, but National didn’t have Winston’s permission for that and so he retaliated by not meeting in Wellington and everyone having to chase Winston to Auckland!

Winston then tops them both by releasing the photo first.

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This is a hustle, not a Government forming!

The voters hated Labour sooooooooooooooo much they didn’t give a shit what formed, as long as it wasn’t Labour and that vomit of a vote has created a toxic stew of right wing crazy wrapped in fringe conspiracy theory which is diametrically opposed to each other.

This isn’t a Government by the people for the people of the people, this is a Government by the bile, for the toxicity of the grievance.

When Todd McClay is named as part of the “Brains Trust”, you question the meaning of the words “Brains” and “Trust”.

These are the stunts being pulled before the Government even forms for Christ’s sake!

How the fuck are they actually going to handle the immediate stress of being the Government?

Meanwhile an enormous level of pressure is occurring in our communities.

Luxon sold himself as a great negotiator and manager yet he’s getting played by Winston with an ease that terrifies everyone.

We all feared David would manipulate Luxon with ease, and I would often say, “The quick yellow Fox will jump over the lazy blue dog”.

I think it’s the “The ancient Silver Fox jumps over the Lazy Blue Dog while biting the sick yellow fox”.

How many dead rats will David Seymour have to eat before ACT become seen as part of the rot?

This will be a Buffet of Dead Rats Government bonded only in punishing beneficiaries, prisoners, workers, renters and gangs.

Old Zealand über alles.


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    • No Ada, what NZ voted for was a Nat/Lab coalition, that’s how democracy is supposed to work. Over 60% of the vote between Nat & Lab, but Nat would still rather deal with extortionists.

      • Well said.
        it’s time their pay got docked. They are running round chasing their tails and we all know the result will not be good for ordinary people.

        Seymour and Luxon trying to look as if they are in control and Winston looking very pleased with himself because he’s the only one who KNOWS he’s in control.
        They are all in breach of their moral duty to govern for ordinary citizens.
        Before we know it 1/5 of the year will have gone by and they will have done nothing.

        Good idea Damien O’Connor going to APEC.
        Far more use there than cluxon.

        • Damien O’Connor is a huge embarrassment way out of his depth,just look at the dreadful trade deals he signed up to.
          Going to APEC with the firm instructions “don’t say anything.”

      • After the outcomes Labour presided over.
        Most people rejected what Labour offered.

        They still can’t keep their own house in order.

        • But Labour still got more votes than ACT & NZF combined. MMP is supposed to provide ‘proportional’ representation; the current operandi does not provide representation in proportion to the votes. Greens got more votes than ACT so why do ACT have more power? What is going on is extortion by the minor parties, using National’s lust for power as leverage – just like happened in 2017 with Labour.

          • Right leaning vs left leaning vs middle puddle….

            There may well be new movements building internationally. The protection of borders and national identity and the decolonisation movements.

            I guess things are going to get more complicated.

      • And Labour don’t have the wherewithal to put together a deal,last time Winston put it together for them.

      • Rubbish, National doesn’t want and neither they should,work with the shambles called Labour,worst Government in our history.
        The Chipster doesn’t know himself what he stands for and neither do most of his colleagues.

        • Bob remember who allowed the Labour shambles? Winston did. God help us all because here we are again with him calling the shots when he got the least votes. Fucken disgrace.

        • Bob. here’s a question for you.

          So National and ACT have said they are going to be tough on gangs. Do you think that Mark Mitchell saying “put mascara over gang tattoos” are the words of an incoming minister!

          i think this circus could well be Titanic number 2!

      • Absolutely Millsy, I am recruiting for overseers right now. Someone who can really use a bullwhip.

        That, or using AI and robots to replace every last one of them.

      • This isn’t really ideal learning conditions. Robertson floated NZ. Wage inflation was above inflation. Try not fuck it up gronks.

      • Labour have effectively done that by presiding over the import of 118,000 migrants from India, The Philippines and China in a year.
        What do you think that’s going to do for wages, housing, the unemployment rate and infrastructure?

        • They were pressured to do so by the plantation owners of this country. They cant be fucked with paying their workers a decent wage, or having decent hours.

    • No its not. Tell me honestly is it a democracy when the partie with 6% of the vote will spend the next 3 years calling the shots. I call that dumb.

        • They are just imitating what the Labour government could have done for 6 years and created better outcomes for New Zealanders.

          Try and and digest the report card of health care in NZ. What many of us feared would happen, has!! Back to the drawing board.

          • No Labour just imitating what the Nact government did for health in their 9 years. At least Labour measured their performance. Try and digest through the right side of your mouth.

          • So what has happened JKT? Years of under investment by successive governments has lead to this. Please don’t tell me you think 20 DHB’s executive teams overseeing that underinvestment made sense. It didn’t.

            • The report card in 2018 looked so much better.
              So I guess you are correct it takes 9 years for the effects of the Helen Clark policies to kick in.
              We should have allowed Labour three more years and everything would have been hunky dory. Yeah right.

    • When people don’t know what’s going on and panic is the only option then this is what you get.
      And I understand that. I understand why people voted for The Three Stooges and I understand why people have had enough of rogers neo-liberal labour. But who else does? I feel so alone… ( Sniffle.)
      Roger Rat did far more damage than even he imaged he would I bet, and fuck, is it enduring. 39 years of fascist tyranny and many billionaires and multi-millionaires and vast bankster profits later and all we get is a Kiwi-As version of working class American poverty which is getting worse by the minute.
      Check this out. My favourite was the naked pregnant woman wandering past the graffiti and razor wire.
      The Guardian
      The other and more local terror is this in Neo-Liberalism’s rag of propaganda, rnz.
      ‘Lacklustre growth’ in rural economy over third quarter – report
      Yes, it’s lacking in lustre alright.
      That means our economy’s being deliberately tanked and we’re being lined up for a foreign-power take-over when we run out of money and that should scare the living shit out of everyone. Foreign lobbyists will be here and now and in our government and plans will be being hatched.
      Otara will be renamed Compton, you wait and see.

    • This flummox of f’wits will be
      “The worst govt ever”, “the most incompetent ever, will/ have achieved nothing” etc. Thanks Nationals comms/PRteam for these so prescient phrases.

  1. This is what we get when Labour betray and abandon their core constituents and opt for an unmandated race based constitution.
    So the left get told to fuck right off and when they get there fuck off some more.
    Pretty straight forward really.

    • What? How is our “constitution” different than it was six years ago?

      These guys are arseholes. They own that. That’s no one’s fault but theirs.

    • You are correct Shona the Labour Government abandoned their loyal supporters and the core principles of the Labour Party.

    • Problem is Shona who are Labor’s core constituents these days, who actually sees themselves as working class who are actually in a union paying compulsory union fees. There are no freezing works, no railways to speak of, no car factories. Jim Bolger et. al. sorted unions out with the contracts act. Even in those days NZ was a blue right wing farming National voting county the workers naively thought the Nats would look after them The people who should vote for Labour don’t or can’t be bothered. The National party supporters will always vote they don’t need to be bused out to the voting centers on election day. However we all know the center undecided voter usually decides the government . We all know that Luxon and co. Were able to swan around doing no work for the last 12 months pretending to be a likely PM ( well look at where we are now) . With his willing donators the sky was the limit, there was no policy , no costings just catch phrases. This isn’t going to last long “fool me once you won’t fool me again scenario”. We all know the media happily aided and abetted his cause. The world is on a knife edge , Israel is bombing a hospital, there is a war in Ukraine, our inflation rate is still precarious, covid is making a comeback and here we are with three grown men playing at whose got the biggest d**k.

  2. Let’s face it…most right wing voters are pretty thick and ignorant…

    What we are witnessing was highly predictable ..

  3. We actually have no clue what’s happening in the negotiations.

    It’s hilarious to watch the media flapping around in an information vacuum. The three parties are fully aware that the filthy mainstream media would, if given the opportunity, find wedge issues to try and drive them apart.

    Meanwhile I recommend you all breathe in and breathe out. Relax. All will be revealed in due course.

    • So the media is good when it highlights Labour Party problems but suddenly are filthy when discussing NACT/NZF issues? I suspect that the MSM will have lots of flapping going on while the 3 stooges attempt to run the country although I am not brave enough to suggest it will be the next 3 years.

      • It’s the media’s job to report substantive issues, not interview their own keyboards.
        In the case of Labour it seems they currently have LOTS of ‘grist to the mill’ such as the leaking over the behaviour of Ginny Andersen. Prior to that they had a feast over the Kiri Allen (Then the Justice Minister! LOL) being shit-faced, crashing into a parked car, leaving the scene of an accident and having to be tracked by police dogs.

    • If nothing else these negotiations have shown what an abject waste of space many of our “seasoned political reporters” are.

      Personally I think we should be without a government more often. It’s been quite a nice break. Maybe we can take a break from the journalists as well.

  4. That picture says it all doesn’t it, the three Blind mice or it should be RATS, leading NZ off the Neoliberal Cliff? These Morons won the Election because they created a false narrative product, like in those late night ads, that stupid kiwis bought hook, line & sinker & which Labour failed to adequately articulate at the last Election, that these three Rats NATZ, NZF & ACT are better at running this Country than their Labour incumbents? Well we will see over the next three years because this is all about Public perception management , do kiwis believe they will be better off, will their lives improve under the Alliance of Arseholes with Prime Minister Winston Peters in charge of the other two dopes, how ironic, the great bald headed Gordon gecko got outplayed by a shrewd & canny Politician that Peters is! Kiwis are hoping that Properties will increase in value, they don’t give a shit about the rundown Infrastructure, Health system, Education etc & Social Services, nothing that will improve under a National, Act, NZ First Govt, all myopic kiwi’s care about is the wealth effect & to hell with anything else? The Poor, Disabled & Proletariat class are about to be given the Gaza treatment by this Gangster Goon Squad of Luxon, Seymour & Kingmaker Peters, what a glorious clusterfuck this will be over the next 3 yrs or the next 3 months before we all head to another Election, grab your Popcorn & enjoy the Shit show to come?

  5. I would venture that academic and life achievement success are much higher in those of right wing leaning.

    • Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Mark Mitchell and Maureen FU Pugh, this years front runners for the BTF Academic Excellence Award. Previous winners include Paula Benefit and Jamie (pimp daddy) Lee Ross.

    • My view is that the wisdom of this world is what destroyed the Labour Party as they selected academics who knew the cost of everything & the value of nothing which resulted in the selfish twits that Martyn constantly reports on who still seem to be unwilling to accept that it was their faults that caused the low voter support. Since being born into a wealthy family is classed as an achievement on the right side of politics I do not see any of them having the ability to improve the way the country is run.

    • Bob, it’s worth attending the conferences of the various parties to see what demographic supports them. My impressions:

      A LOT of oldies in 1950’s clothing. Men in brown jackets & trousers and women in twinset & pearls. Some middle/upper class professions and wealthy business types. Close to zero youth, which must be a worry for them.

      A LOT of oldies, mostly retired wharfies, freezing works & railway workers. Some teacher/union types. Undergrads and a smattering of academics from the arts and social studies.

      The leftovers of the 1960’s ban-the-bomb hippy types. Some crazy menopausal wimmin with coloured hair and bits of bone hung around their necks. A lot of ‘students union’ types with rich parents pretending to be working class (but their accents give them away). Strangely, a number of people I would class as a bit ‘special ed’. No professionals. No middle-class men.

      Some oldies left over from the heady days of Rogernomics. A lot of young to middle-aged sci/tech professionals. A lot of students from the science /technology/engineering streams. A very balanced demographic age overall.

      I’ve never been to an NZF function.

      This tells us a lot about the futures of their parties.

    • You do have a point Bob the First. In part as always. The relationship between academic success and life achievement is no secret. Countess studies attest to the causal relationship between ‘attainment of qualifications’ and ‘income levels’, simply put, the better your quals the higher your salary. Surgeons and anesthetic techs earn a truck load more than short order cooks. A master builder or sparky more than those holding the stop/go signals. Sorry no prizes for this. But the fact of the matter is someone has to cook the burgers, clean the offices and hold the stop signs. Ever thought who built the pyramids? For sure there are always exceptions, intelligent, savvy, self-made men and women who have been at the right place at the right time. Or those who have simply worked hard with the cards they were given. But to conflate all this with political leanings is a bit of a stretch. But again there is a grain of truth in what you say Bob the First. Many successful and wealthy folk, irrespective of their educational attainment, support the right simply because its good for their pockets. Or they are young and aspire to that way of thinking. And for some reason many of these right leaning folk, aspirant or at an age where they have achieved ‘life success’, they tend to be a bit hard on those who, for one reason or another, are less successful.

    • The wealthy really need free prescriptions. We need fairness in this country. Discriminating against the wealthy will destroy this country. Bring back Labour.
      I guess the wealthy will now all leave the country.

      • You don’t have to agree with their policies. You don’t even have to like them. It’s even true that governments pick winners and losers.

        What is also true is that they are our elected leaders. As long as they respect freedom-of-religion (atheism included), the right to self defence, right to bodily autonomy, freedom of thought and punish theft, violence, murder, perjury and fraud.. long as the above basic conditions, which actually aren’t that basic globally are met – IMO our leaders should be treated with respect – especially in a democracy.

        I’m certain over the next few years there will be people (both good and bad) chucked out of possessions-of-power. This is just the reality of a change of government and contract law. So long as the aforementioned rights are met – I’ll endeavour to render respect, even when in disagreement.

  6. Yes , but this creation is all the former government s fault. But they are to delusional and smug to admit fault.

    Because voter peeps see this political creation as way better than the alternative.

      • I think workers should pay less tax and government must spend our taxes better. We can have better public services and more progressive taxation that will support low and middle income families better.

        Let’s wait and see what this lot comes up with. We can then start criticising them. There general direction of travel is pretty apparent and will no doubt not please those on the left …. or rightwhingers.

  7. Stop thier pay while they are negotiating. That will speed things up i bet. Why should we be paying them for this mess?

  8. This government represents the nonsensus of public opinion. The media bear some blame for not detailing their innumerable inadequacies prior to voting.

  9. LINO gave away the election and were determined to lose it and this next government are coming for many of us with their knives out.

    ” When Chris Hipkins put a wealth tax back on the table after losing the election, I called him weak, irresolute, and deceitful, and pointed out that no-one on either side could believe him on this issue. Today, in the Herald Thomas Coughlan has the inside dirt: that it was a short con to shore up Hipkins’ leadership:

  10. For some reason this gave me flashbacks from the Team America dicks and assholes speech.

    But yeah it’s funny watching the media setting their hair on fire with no information on negotiations.
    Just wait until the new government actually does something! The screaming!

    I notice the business ministry is changing its spots and un brown washing, they’ve even had 300 workers identify themselves as unemployable in protest.
    And the new government isn’t even sworn in yet!

  11. Champing at the bit, the Johnsonvillle, butcher, as the Taupo slasher, is held back, before christmass, us governing christians have to do this, our mini budget.

    • Yes that’s where we are heading,strong,stable Government.Not before time after enduring 6 years of the worst Government in history.Chippy the worst Prime Minister ever by the length of the straight.

  12. Pretty easy to understand why national act and Nz first are the next government.

    Labour: did sweet FA for the taxpayers, working class , infrastructure, healthcare, mental health , didn’t attack the cost of living, nor address the Methamphetamine epidemic

    Greens: stole labour voters because labour are so weak , problem is the green snowflakes didn’t achieve anything in the last government

    Māori Party: stole labour votes, once again because labour are useless, and the brainwashed decolonisation tiktok generation and woke whiteys in the city fell for their bulshit .

  13. ” This isn’t a Government by the people for the people of the people, this is a Government by the bile, for the toxicity of the grievance. ”

    Bomber you forgot to add entitlement , greed and cruelty.

  14. “Winston’s Bitches” that’s the best outcome. A government where the centrist controls the right. Winston the real PM.

    Luxon will know he’s the CEO not the Director.

    • I guess we’ll see a change in tactic from Bauldylux within the next 48hrs where he’ll get told or more than likely, John Key will have a word in his ear, saying something like…” Cut a deal dickhead! You’re losing it!”

      So could there be another election? I reckon there is a chance if a deal isn’t cut pronto!

      If there is another election, will the crazies on the centre-right, Labour & the gweens be able to sort their shite out? Arrrrh Nah! Why? because they’re mental and need therapy for at least 10 or more years.

      So the only thing Bauldylux can do is ask the Mowree party to join in the negotiations to put the shits up Act! And to a lesser degree NZF even though Winston, JT, Willie, and McCarten go waaaaaay back.

      If a deal isn’t cut asap, there will be a high likelihood of at least one or maybe two general elections within the next two years.

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