If Chippy is really still Leader in 2026, Labour have already lost + why insinuating Chloe is an antisemite is an outrageous parroting of ACT attack spin




Chippy is back, intends to fight the 2026 election, oh and by the way, the whole policy slate is now clear because Chippy is pretending that when he said he wouldn’t ever allow a Wealth Tax, Capital Gains Tax or GST off all Supermarket food “under a Government that I lead”, he actually meant as soon as this election was over?????????????????


Chippy claimed his cowardly decision to dump the wealth tax was a ‘Captain’s Call.

Who is the Captain of?

The Titanic?

Let me see if I can get this completely straight.

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So what Labour are saying to the beneficiaries, drug addicts, disabled, public transport users, those concerned about the environment, renters, the 24 717 people on the social housing wait list, the 600 000 who need food banks each month alongside everyone who depends on public services who are about to suffer at the hands of National/ACT/NZF Government, what Labour is saying to all of them is ‘oops about the 3 years under those monsters, we promise to be better come 2026???

How on earth is that a political promise?

Labour refuse point blank to tax the rich to fund the social infrastructure we need to adapt against climate change.

What’s the point of Bread and Butter politics if no one could afford the Bread or Butter?

Labour, Jacinda and Chippy squandered an unprecedented MMP majority that the Left will never have again!

As for parroting ACT party spin lines to paint Chloe as an anti-semite…

‘A very loaded statement’: Chris Hipkins expects Labour MPs to avoid ‘river to sea’ chant

Labour leader Chris Hipkins says he and his MPs wouldn’t join a well-known but controversial Palestinian chant, which two Green MPs have publicly recited.

He said the chant, “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”, was unhelpful. Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick caused controversy by reciting a well-known pro-Palestinian chant over the weekend, but that wasn’t the first time Greens have been drawn into debate about it.

The chant is seen by some as a show of support for the militant group Hamas, while others believe it communicates Palestinians’ struggle for human rights.

…Israeli war crime apologists have manufactured this phrase, ”From the river to the sea”, into meaning the genocidal extermination of the State of Israel which is nonsense because as everyone knows, Hamas agreed to the 1967 boundaries, so this attempt to hold up a rhyme as evidence of antisemitism is petty, pathetic and juvenile in the extreme.

Israel has killed as many civilians in one month that Russia has done in almost 2 years, yet Chippy feels what is more important is parroting ACT Party smears?

Who is Chippy working for?

Labour or ACT?

I am writing what Labour and the Left needs to do next and will have it up on Sunday.

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    • Well, it’s Hipkins is doing the winding and gaslighting.

      Anybody who still believes the modern Labour party is fundamentally any different to the 1984-90 version is deluded.

      • Absolutely dead fucking on @ Richard+Christie.
        @ Martyn Bradbury..? Are you ok? How’s your memory? I guess you’re just too young to remember dirty douglas and his contraband criminals slithering in to our beautiful world. I was there and I remember how AO/NZ took on a different ‘feel’ and those who knew me well back then knew I was all about ‘feelings’.
        In one almighty seismic shudder people-politics was disappeared to be replaced by the politics of greed aka neo-liberalism and since that very day in 1984-ish our AO/NZ’s been an entirely different place.
        We don’t need another logical fallacy ‘election’. We AO/NZ’ers need a team of forensic accountants in lockstep with a team of world renown investigative journalists to peel our economy and our politics like a fucking grape.
        The Chipster is a gangster. His DNA’s polluted by roger and his gnomes.
        We have no literal politics at all. We only have business and business is as crooked as a dogs hind leg.
        Farmers? Maori? Strike! And you’ll see what I mean. Cut off the free money to the 14 multi-billionaires, the 3118 multi-millionaires with net wealth in excess of $50 million each and the four foreign owned banks stealing $180.00 a fucking second 24/7/365 then go and look for who set those $weet deal$ up to give out tho$e ma$$ive kick back$.
        ‘Senate’ ? Who and what the fuck is ‘Senate’ ? you might very reasonably ask.
        Lobbying and communications firm Senate’s ‘wildly inappropriate’ contracts at Commerce Commission revealed

        • I made the mistake of referring to Martyn as younger — he’s in his 40s. He remembers it all. Right about ‘Chippie’.

  1. Look, Chippy remains a neo Blairist, and will only do things against capital and finance capital’s interests when left absolutely no choice by the Caucus majority and Party Members (if they ever get an effective say again). A staunch monetarist would have resigned if looking down the barrel of retracting his Cap’n’s calls on Wealth Tax and CGT etc. so that essentially marks him as an opportunist career politician.

    NZ Labour did not, under the rules, need to elect a leader until 3 months had passed, hello…after the Xmas break…which is ample time to hold membership meetings and delve into the shit show that Labour has been since 2020.

    Labour needs to change its rules in favour of ordinary members and democracy.

  2. As there a few comments on this page it would seem what Labour says ordoes is not of any interest at the moment .They are truly yesterday’s people with no message and no idea as they can hardly attack a party that is just doing a better job of what they were wanting to achieve. Any ideas of the left now comes from Greens and TPM and most of those are pie in sky dreaming ideas and only think taxing the rich to raise money is the only way .No idea of increasing productivity or making business more efficient.

  3. Chippy needs to go by 2026 for sure, but I think it’s best to hold the line for now and let the public see the Alliance of Assholes for who they are while the party rebuilds

  4. Chipboard an amalgam of bits and pieces. Chippy a cardboard character. Labour a gang of entitled complacent inheritors of their parents’ estate sending it into bankruptcy and towards being a post-apocalyptic place. Then no-one can have it because NZ/AO weren’t hard-working, productive and money-hungry enough to want everything in the whole wide world as progressive modern people do, er did!

    • Agree, Labour turned into the politics party for the hobbyist. The struggle ended for this lot once they were intergenerationally embedded in the public service, comfortable until their transition into the private sector of lobbying and celebrity speech circuits. Chippy got plenty left in the tank for this.

  5. What is more worrying is Carmel Sepuloni FFS. At the time, I asked myself what the fuck she was thinking when she nobbled the Children’s Commissioner.
    Now I understand. I’m not sure she’s as bright as she thinks she is, even IF she’s ticked the appropriate POLS and MEERCATING boxes and learnt the spin lines. Emperors and Empresses and clothes.
    Dress a nasty little specimen up in Kaaaren Walker or similar, and equip it with the vocabulary of a used car salesman, you can fool a load of people. (When I say nasty LITTLE specimen, I lie)
    If she’s the shape of the future Labour Party, they’ll need a lot more PMC consultants and spin doctors than they’ve already hitched their wagon to. Ew

  6. Hipkins is a shiver looking for a spine to run up.

    ” Back in July, then-Prime Minister Chris Hipkins put paid to any hope of a progressive Aotearoa, ruling out wealth, land, or capital gains taxes under any government he led. The decision arguably cost him the election, with voters in previously-safe labour electorates staying home because they had nothing to vote for. But of course now he’s out of power, that decision has been reversed.

    ” The problem, of course, is that in addition to being weak and lacking any conviction, Hipkins now gets to add “deceitful” to his list of vices. And no-one on either side of this debate will trust him on this. Those opposed to fairer taxation will simply see him as going back on his word, while those supporting it will be worried he’ll go back on it again. As one of the latter, while I’m pleased to see Labour reverse its position, I don’t for an instant trust them to deliver. And it has unpleasant shades of Ardern conspicuously refusing to back cannabis decriminalisation, then saying she supported it after it had lost !


    • I agree .

      Labour can no longer be trusted to promote or deliver progressive left policies .

      Hence why I joined the Greens in 2018.

      Labour are only LEFT IN NAME.
      LABOUR is a shiver looking for a spine to run up.

  7. I think you will see a Labour government sooner than you think with Chris Hipkins in charge. The 3 destructive clowns won’t last 5 minutes and it will be all on with a vindication of Chris Hipkins leadership. It will show that the “NOT going “ with Winston Peters who is already playing games was sound and absolutely the right decision.

  8. Let us not forget both National and Labour are verging on becoming ‘minor’ parties. Unless Labour rids itself of rogernomics/neoliberal economics its continued demise as a major player is assured.
    Wouldn’t it be good if Luxon and Hipkins would decide to work together, because that is actually what the electorate demanded.

  9. Labour are largely disliked for doing too little too late. Despised for creating a two-tier society. And distrusted for their failure to deliver.

    This current lot are largely done. Can’t see voters running back to them in a hurry. They’ve used up their political capital.

    Competent new faces and better policy is what is required. Then the hard work begins. Regaining voters trust and support.

    Therefore, if they want to increase the chance of National being a one term Government, they need a total reset.

  10. Pa-thetic. I’ll have to carry on not voting for Labour. Spoiled my vote in ’87. Labour is cartoonish for ideas folks. They’ve long thought we don’t matter. Now we do.

  11. Chippy could be an undercover Nat….He’s the best thing to happen to National since Nordy’s black budget…Keep him on Labour …..He’s doing a great job….

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