ACT insinuating Chloe Swarbrick is antisemitic is everything wrong with NZ Politics


This is fucking pathetic from ACT…

Swarbrick Must Explain Use Of Hamas Phrase

“Green MP Chloe Swarbrick must explain why she is repeating statements from the terrorist organisation Hamas’ charter,” says ACT Leader David Seymour.

“Chloe Swarbrick was videoed leading a chant of ”From the river to the sea” at the same rally where Labour MP Phil Twyford was forced off the stage after saying he condemns the violence against civilians by Hamas. The phrase appears in the Hamas charter and there is a large group of people, at the very least, who believe it means no Israel and even no Jewish people.

“UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has condemned the use of this phrase, while UK Labour suspended an MP for using it last week. Meanwhile in New Zealand the Jewish community lives in fear of anti-semitism and must watch as political leaders repeat it with no accountability.

…ok, 5 things here.

1: Israeli war crime apologists have manufactured this phrase, ”From the river to the sea”, into meaning the genocidal extermination of the State of Israel which is nonsense because as everyone knows, Hamas agreed to the 1967 boundaries, so this attempt to hold up a rhyme as evidence of antisemitism is petty, pathetic and juvenile in the extreme.

2: Where the fuck does ACT get off playing cheap stunts like this on the same day that Israel has killed 10 000 civilians in one month?

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3: ACT have been very clear that the 9000 civilians Russia has killed in 22 months is a war crime.

4: Israel has killed as many civilians in one month that Russia has done in almost 2 years, yet ACTs apologist position for Israeli war crimes isn’t hypocrisy at all?

5: ACT insinuating Chloe is an antisemite is disgraceful! Her using a contentious rhyme at a Palestinian Protest doesn’t make her an antisemite and attempting to make that the issue in the shadow of 10 000 dead civilians is fucking disgraceful quite frankly!

Meanwhile innocent civilians in Gaza are being murdered in war crimes perpetrated by our allies.

The Israeli Ambassador should be immediately expelled from NZ.

Chloe Swarbrick isn’t an antisemite and attempting to insinuate that she is is intellectually bankrupt!

Shame on ACT!

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  1. Martyn – “From the River to the Sea” – is between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, modern day Israel…removing Israel…it is anti – Israel…she has been told this during the select committee on Hate Speech by the NZ Jewish Council last year.

    • Serious question. Do you sleep at all @ Gnat? Or do you just hang upside down and plot?
      The NZ Jewish Council ! ? I never knew such a thing existed. Why do Jews need a NZ Jewish Council? To expand territory? To influence politics? To pave the way? I have no idea personally which is why I ask.
      Isn’t little seymour the perfect golem? Wikipedia:
      A golem (/ˈɡoʊləm/ GOH-ləm; Hebrew: ‎גּוֹלֶם, romanized: gōlem) is an animated, anthropomorphic being in Jewish folklore, which is entirely created from inanimate matter, usually clay or mud.

        • ” I sleep the sleep of the righteous and just”.. Exactly what has been said countless times by some of the worst perpetrators of atrocities in history…
          It must be comforting to know that you are on the same team as histories worst monsters…
          What an utter clown.. The perfect tory.. How many million children have to be butchered before the tory rump acknowledges there is a crime? Countless numbers of those that they don’t understand, or care about, but only one tory needs to die before it becomes an atrocity…
          The blatant bigotry is really disgusting to watch, and it’s made worse by the fact that NZ now has a government that supports this ugly, and base behavior from our “friends”….

    • Is the equivalent eretz Israel – anti-Palestinian? Is this reflected in the Likud statement of 1977 as per Israeli sovereignty over the West Bank?

  2. Not surprised by anything that comes out of the mouths of the hypocritical criminals we know as ACT.
    Chloe has nothing to apologise for. This is a media pile on, led by the usual interests.
    ACT prance about “defending” so called Free Speech and yet the moment it’s anything they don’t want to hear, out comes their carping whinging cries of injustice.
    F@ck off hypocritical ACT liars. Turns out you support Jacinda’s Hate Speech Laws after all. Do your dimwitted supporters have the emotional depth to feel betrayed I wonder? Hahaha.

    • Yep what a crock of shit from the hypocritical Seymour boy. Free speech, meh!
      Seymour has now twice condoned inviduals right to free speech, Willie Jackson’s treaty comment, now Chloe’s comment.
      It appears it’s only free speech if Seymour says it it. What a muppet.

    • Free speech doesn’t mean freedom from critcism. Chloe said her thing & now others get to debate or disagree with it. Can’t see how Seymour is being hypocritical, as far as I know he hasn’t called for Chloe to be cancelled or shouted her down.

  3. The NZ Jewish groups both old, and the new ones that have popped up, are bricking themselves-they know increasingly that the “game is up” for Israeli propaganda.

    Since the world has seen the IDF butchers go about their gruesome work in Gaza there is no longer automatic support for Israel. In their thousands and in their million people around the world are also saying “from the river to the sea Palestine will be free!”

    Incel David really does struggle to be an adult on issues like this.

      • Don’t attribute words to me that I did not write filthy Andy.

        I say what I mean, and mean what I say–“game is up” for Israeli propaganda.

        • My apologies, I’m not correcting you, just the general sentiment.
          I don’t know why Western liberals try to hide it. Hamas and other Jihadist organizations are quite clear in their intentions on what to do with the infidels.

          • Andy, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, Hamas, another Neihana troll that needs to find a new hobby?

            • stephen I have no idea what your comment means. I have posted several comments based on sound research that don’t get past moderation, yet your spiteful and monotonous garbage does.
              I presume we are catering to the lowest common demoniator, which judging by our “leaders” in parliament is pretty damned low.

              Your ignorance staggers me. You claim that Jews have no right to live in Israel/Palestine because they all came form Golders Green, or similar, yet at the same time “palestinians” are descended from Canaanites.

              Breathtaking ignorance. It would be funny but for the fact that thousands of morons like you are resulting in human death.

    • For sure! Israel has already lost this battle as the whole world has turn against them with record numbers of protest across the globe. The October the 7 attack by Hamas hasn’t really been the main talking point its been the bombing of innocent civilians of Gaza a strategic tactic on behalf of hamas IMO.

      • I think, on the subject of trying to get a true picture of what has happened Israel-Palestine, Chris Trotter has written a post on it looking at it in the round. And he has had a large number of comments which I haven’t read as yet but from all sides of the amphitheatre I imagine.

        This goes beyond a ‘Greek tragedy’ and the Israelis sharp brains should have been ushered to the front through the army phalanx to work out something subtler and not just a sort of repetition of WW2 and earlier suffering dished out to Jews. Try reading some Chinese Sun Tzu instead of Hebrew – you might learn how to handle your enemies better knowing how to use their faults against them, or the like.

        • I wouldn’t pay attention to Chris Trotters myopic half BS revisionist narrative in fact I believe I challenged him on his assumptions on this particular post but re-edited on the Daily Blog.

  4. The anti-Semitism canard used against its opponents to shut down critical feedback isn’t a new tactic used by the apartheid state. In fact its the norm employed religiously by paid hasbara trolls and apartheid Israel apologist brutal treatment of the indigenous Palestinians.

    Listening to ACT pundits and supporters like Damien Grant on the WG Podcast last night bellicosing his views defending apartheid Israeli war-crimes wasn’t pretty and then insinuating that ‘Chloe Strawbridge’ an articulate well founded balanced individual supporting hamas because she used a phrase “From the Jordan river to the Mediterranean sea Palestine will be free” is also a phrase that Jewish activist use in support for the Palestinian.

    The first casualties of war is the truth and the MSM are the primary perpetrators of facilitating misinformation along with its apologist.

    free Palestine

  5. Of course Labour in the UK suspended someone. They are pandering to the same wankers that set up Jeremy Corbyn as an anti semite ( which the most stupidly misused label).

    Mr Free Speech, who flirts with stoking hatred himself, should reflect on his own words and actually show some self determination. I am surprised he didn’t roll out “thoughts and prayers”

  6. The green woke machine takes offence at every minor triviality.
    To pretend that Swarbrick doesn’t understand the reality of what she is saying is being deliberately obtuse.
    Swarbrick would be well aware that Jews find it offensive but is happy to offend them.

      • Jews and Palestinians are Semitic peoples sharing the same land. Why would they not use the same phrase?

        The ethnic cleansing on occupied land rather than implementing the 2 state solution is the problem.

        Then they could both have states that stretch from the river to the sea!

    • Not all Jews find the saying offensive so they need to learn to live in a world with diverse opinions. Many around the world find the slaughter of Palestinian people offensive as well or will you be insisting that it is another subject to be avoided because it offends the feelings of those supporting the crime.

      • If anybody has had the experience of living in a world with diverse opinions, it is the Jewish people, more so than most in this parochial isolated little country at the bottom of the world.

    • First, anyone who is unable to distinguish between “the state of Israel”, “the army of the state of Israel”, “the current government of the state of Israel”, “followers of Judaism” and “Jews” is either an idiot or a politician. David Seymour may be both.

      Criticism of “Jews” is antisemitic hate speech.
      Criticism of “follower of Judaism” is also inappropriate and is just as inappropriate as blanket islamophobia.
      Criticism of “the state of Israel”, “the army of the state of Israel”, “the current government of the state of Israel” is entirely legitimate.

      As the relevant Stuff article makes clear, the line at the protest was not first stated by Chloe but was in fact started by a Jewish woman, the co-founder of the group Dayenu: New Zealand Jews Against Occupation. But it’s interesting that David Seymour didn’t go after her.

    • And now according to Moses ‘free Gaza’ is anti semitic. Will we be able to have any chants….

      The Jewish people I know agree with the chants currently used at the rallies including “From the river to the sea” which has been around long before Hamas came into being and is not about killing of Jews.

      For all the crap that is written here. Muslims have lived in the area Palestine (all of it including the area called Israel) since the 7th century.

      That a people so maligned and murdered (along with 5 million gypsies, gay people, disabled etc) in their millions could then turn around and treat others this way in unfathomable.

    • Tom you know so much – you could be the arbiter. So do tell which slogans are okay? After all Moses has now said that ‘free Gaza’ is unacceptable.

    • Oh dear we can’t comment on the emperor’s clothes in case he is made uncomfortable. Are you saying that the words ‘from the river to the sea’ are so offensive they should not be uttered, because they represent in biased people’s heads a narrower viewpoint than anyone else would consider.

  7. Israel doesn’t have the right to defend itself because it is the occupier. However Hamas has the right to defend itself because its people have been under a brutal illegal blockade occupation in the largest open air prison known to mankind. When Israel bombs Gaza framing it as attacking terrorist they are committing war crimes because they’re the aggressor and have been since their inception into the M.E

    Remember Zionism has played the race card insisting that Jews are a separate race of human beings which is utter nonsense and is an anathema to most people consciousness rightfully so. The enemy to peace and prosperity in the M.E and across the globe is the Zionism ideology whether it political, social, financial, religiously. Not all jews are zionist and not all zionist are jews.

    • “Israel doesn’t have the right to defend itself because it is the occupier.”
      I presume you will use the same argument when violence breaks out in NZ against white settlers

      • Andy, “I presume you will use the same argument when violence breaks out in NZ against white settlers”???

        Pakeha today are New Zealanders they’re aren’t settlers no more but their ancestors were. Conflating NZ to apartheid Israel is thick dumb shit troll fucken idiotic clown world thinking. Israel is a Jewish ethno-nationalist state that incorporates a racist policy, that if you’re a Jew from anywhere around the world than you can have automatic citizenship and fuck ova the indigenous palestinians. Where in NZ do pakeha do similarly?????

    • Amen. The President of the United States came out as a Catholic Zionist – where is the MSM moral outrage on that hate crime?

    • Israel doesn’t have the right to defend itself because it is the occupier.

      Hilarious. Anotherguilt-and-shame argument that sounds great in Lefty groups but which now has zero sway among the Jews, if it ever did. Even if you were a pacifist the Jews wouldn’t accept that bullshit, and you’ve made it quite clear that you’re no pacifist.

      Faced with death and destruction they’ll defend themselves.

      • Under international law an occupying state doesn’t have the right to defend itself. Nobody told the zionist to create a state on someone else’s homeland you moron.

  8. The way this war has exposed leftwing voices love of demonizing Jewish people is gross. Maybe my little leftwing heart has finally gone to seed but I can’t vote for a party or support politicians who think that chant is okay. Eww.

    • Your failure to differentiate between Zionists and Jews is akin to the Greens failure to differentiate violence and racism from “all white men”.

      Oh dear.

        • As far as I can tell the thing you find to be gross is entirely a fiction, and that I find that to be gross. If you have examples which prove me wrong I’d love to see them.

    • So chanting is bad but mass slaughter of innocent people in response to an evil act is alright then? If you don’t stand for something then you will fall for anything seems to be the way you think.

  9. I’m pretty sure there are more Jewish New Zealanders than Palestinian New Zealanders.
    Given the Jewish people find that term offensive and anti semitic I am pretty sure that qualifies as hate speech.
    You won’t find the Greens criticizing Hamas because they know that the Palestinians support and are supported by Hamas. Hamas is inextricably linked to the Palestinians. They elected them.
    It should be pointed out that the Palestinians have no friends in the region even among their Muslim brothers.
    Their only friends seem to be ignorant leftist western liberals who are being played by Iranian Mullahs.

    • ok That must be why not one Arab nation supports Israel, and why Saudi withdrew from upcoming peace talks with Israel in support of its Palestinian brothers
      It must be why Al Jazeera (owned by the Qatari royal family) is so adamantly pro Palestinian and is making sure the world gets to see the ongoing genocide in Gaza

      • Newsflash. Arabs and Jews want to kill each other.
        If either one puts down their weapons there will be carnage.
        Its called war and if you think it has to be proportionate or fair your living on another planet, or perhaps you believe diversity equity and inclusion now includes war? Perhaps you should talk to the citizens of Dresden or Hiroshima about proportionality.

  10. Yknow putting your ammunition and command centres underneath hospitals is a war crime as well but that’s not the point. In war there are no rules. It’s only a war crime if you lose.

  11. The Term From the River to the Sea is a quote from Yasser Arafat which means Palestine is from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea, this is not anti semitic, this Term is always trundled out by the Zionists to shutdown any conversation & discussion about the Apartheid State Israel’s genocidal occupation of Palestine & used as cover to justify their illegal occupation as a bunch of Colonial Invaders & to justify their murderous ethnic cleansing of Palestinians? Many Jews around the Globe & Rabbis are anti zionists who condemn what’s happening in Gaza & the West Bank which is what is left of Palestine, thousands of Jews have marched in the Rallies around the World with the Slogan, “Not in my Name”! David Seymour is a pathetic hypocrite & a sick disgraceful Weasel who supports the murder of thousands of innocent Palestinians, mostly women & children by Israel, this illegitimate Zionist Nation that shouldn’t exist & will not exist after this War plays out, Hamas has already sowed the seeds of Israel’s collapse into oblivion, the Zionists have fallen into Hamas trap, hook line & sinker & doomed themselves Geopolitically?

    • Can we take a step back here from the rhetoric? I’m not taking sides, but Arabs, Jews, Druze, Bedouins and others have been living in the area for a very long time. The idea of a Jewish State, alongside an Arab State (the term “Arab” morphed into “Palestinian” somewhere along the way) was proposed by the UN.

      Claiming that Jews are “colonialists” is ahistoric. There are injustices of course, I’m not denying that

      • Andy, You’re making a false dichotomy. The Jews that came from europe to settle in the land of the indigenous Palestinians are colonist. They’re not from there. Me think that you’re a hasbara troll?

        • I’ve no idea what a “hasbara troll” is. It sounds like something I might find in a kids toy store.

          You claim that “Jews are not a race” has some validity, since there are Jews from the ME, Europe and even Africa.

          I guess it’s more s set of shared beliefs, values and “identity”, to be very fashionable and on point.
          In a similar vein, many of the Arabs who came to Palestine during the British Mandate did so from other countries to find work.

      • The name Palestine has ancient origins going back thousands of years, it was the Land of Canaan inhabited by the Phillitines before the Jews occupied these Lands, it was a translation of Peleshat English translation is Palestina named by the Assyrian’s! The Region was conquered & given to the Israelite’s by God & it became the Land of Judah & Israel but only if they were obedient, if not they would lose these Lands & divine favour! This happened in 607 BCE when the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, one million jews were killed & the rest taken into slavery, the Temple & all it’s treasures looted & all the Jews genealogy records destroyed, the Jews lost their Lands forever then the former Occupant’s returned to reside in the Lands they were displaced from & the Roman Emperor Hadrian formalised it by renaming the former Northern Kingdom of Judah & Southern State Israel & renamed the whole Region, calling it Palestine! The Arabs didn’t invent this Name they are the descendants of the Canaanites/Phillistines! And this current bunch of Jews are illegal Occupiers & COLONISTS, they are not indigenous to this Land, they came out of Europe after WW1 when the Turkish Ottoman Empire province that Palestine had become after the Romans was lost to the British after WW1 as spoils of War & it became a British Protectorate & Lord Balfour drafted the Balfour Declaration that sought to establish a Jewish State within Palestine based on Theodor Herzi’s plan to return the Jews to the Holy Land! Herzi was the Father of the Zionist Political Organisation & the Zionists immigration accelerated after WW2 due to the Axis powers guilt over the Holocaust? And the theft of Palestinian Land & murderous Treatment, displacement & genocide of the Palestinians has continued into this Day by these War criminal Zionists, a Political movement that only goes back 130 years, established in 1897 & here’s the kicker, the original Zionists were atheists who never believed in God but used the Bible for their own nefarious plans & to give them legitimacy & authenticity? Pure Evil!

        • Sorry, the Destruction of Jerusalem was in 70 CE, not 607 BCE. And Israel has never been a Formal Nation State in their entire Historical Record, they were forbidden to be a Nation State, any Legitimate Rabbi will tell you that, they were a bunch of Tribes, a Special possession by God based on the Covenant made with the Patriarch’s Abraham, Issac & Jacob, Jacob was renamed Israel by God himself & his Descendants blessed but only if they remained obedient, which they didn’t so lost divine approval & protection, losing their Lands & Inheritance! The modern Day Apaitheid Nation State of Israel is a illegitimate Nation State, Zionists are not the chosen race, they are a abomination!

        • Sorry, the Destruction of Jerusalem was in 70 CE, not 607 BCE. And Israel has never been a Formal Nation State in their entire Historical Record, they were forbidden to be a Nation State, any Legitimate Rabbi will tell you that, they were a bunch of Tribes, a Special possession by God based on the Covenant made with the Patriarch’s Abraham, Issac & Jacob, Jacob was renamed Israel by God himself & his Descendants blessed but only if they remained obedient, which they didn’t so lost divine approval & protection, losing their Lands & Inheritance! The modern Day Apartheid Nation State of Israel is a illegitimate Nation State, Zionists are not the chosen race, they are a abomination!

        • What you and Stephen don’t acknowledge AF62. Is that those Jews who came back to the state of Israel from overseas are from those same decendants that originally lived in the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judea. Not many Colonialists have decendants who lived in the area they are supposed to be occupying.

          • new view, Jews aren’t a race you fucken doornob. I’ve had this BS discussion with you in the past when you made outrageous claims once again that Hebrew was a race instead of a semitic language which was revitalized by a polish Jew in the late 19th into the earlier 20th century when he migrated to Palestine. You also made claims that you’re not religious but then in another post you said you were a presbyterian or something to that effect. Get a fucken brain and stop Bullshitting!

          • I’m confused I admit, are you implying the original Jews who were Arab (Brown) returned to their ancient homeland as White colonialist settlers? (Sarcasm)

      • The violence in between Israel and Palestinians has trailed periods of excess immigration. Locally born Israelis are not so numerous that they constantly need to settle new territory. A similar trope was observable in Northern Ireland.

        Immigrant Jews may indeed be considered colonizers.

        • I don’t disagree Stuart. If all ex NZrs living in Australia decided to come home we couldn’t house them end of story. The problem as I see it is the Israeli leadership who pushes to create space. There will also be Zionists immigrants who only want to occupy Palestinian land. Large numbers of Jews in Israel don’t agree with their government’s policies just the same as half the population of Gaza don’t support Hamas. I believe the Israeli government has to be reigned in by the US. However I don’t blame the the general Israeli population any more than you can blame the Gaza population who support and hide Hamas.

      • mate – go and tell your stories at a methed up Mongrel Mob party. I’ll hold your hand if you need a support person.

  12. Whatever, she is an idiot who has no influence whatsoever on the global stage or the wars in the mid-east. How about this moron shows the same passion for children and women being abused in her own backyard? Oh no, that would require too much effort.

    • Do you mean Swarbrick? I would doubt you have more intelligence than she does and clearly the people of AkL Central, despite party voting National, were pretty clear they think she works for a living. Lastly she would show a lot more concern for children and women than David Seymour

    • Tabatha You have voiced my thoughts. What a difference it could make if one politician, any politician at all, could act with passion and anger about the New Zealand women and children subject of police call-outs every 4 minutes. No mileage there.

      • Wasn’t Choles friend Marama Davidson Minister of family violence prevention? How did that go? Oh that’s right there was a report…….

        • Anker Marama proclaimed violence was due to white cisgender males and thereby did not solve the problem, inbetween helping to silence natural born women, and celebrating transgender extremists belting women up as some sort of joyous occasion. It’s pretty screwed up.

  13. The New Zealand political class look to be owned by the Israel lobby and are using woke phosphorus to bombard kiwi citizens with allegations of antisemitism. I’m wondering if our politicians and public servants are cut from the same cloth as those in the 1930s, those respectable gentlemen in tailored suits, those just following orders, those who turned a blind eye to the rising fascism, those who didn’t want to ‘inflame the situation’ as Nazism rolled other countries, those who barely paid lip service to the extermination that followed until it was too late.

  14. The only way to peace is for all those who live in that region be they Jews or Arabs of one kind or another to acknowledge they both have roots there of one kind or another and to look forward not backwards an determine to live peaceably together for the good of those who follow.
    It is also now time for all countries to stop sending aid to countries involved in this conflict as it has been found that the aid has been ending up in the hands of now immensely rich Palestinians who do not live in Palestine but in other cities of the world and who are funding the Hamas and funding the weapons. They should now be made to return the Aid to those it was meant for.

  15. Just wish the Greens would get so wound up over the death of children and babies in NZ? Too much to ask I guess.

    I also wonder how welcoming Hamas would be to all LGBTQ community in the Green Party? Well known for their propensity to throw gays off tall buildings.

    But I guess the saying of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is apt.

  16. Arghh. We have three more years to go of having to listen to Rimmer on a regular basis.

    It’s probably best not to think too much about it if you aren’t already contemplating an early exit for yourself.

    • Can’t wait for Mr. “strong and stable government” to start running his mouth off . Does he know the election is over or is it just a stuck record? The flip side of which is by Mr. “smash the gangs”.

  17. Free Speech and ACT, a relationship of convenience

    The rich have money the rich love ACT – free speech for the rich and those they sponsor -TU, FSU etc.

    Zionists claiming anti-Zionism is ant-semitism trumps free speech.

    What does Jordan Williams of the FSU say?

    Who does he have to ask to get permission to defend free speech?

    Does Seymour now love Hunt because he associates anti-Likud speech with the risk of violence?

    Has Hunt saved the HRC from ACT scalpel?

    Will Damien jog off to leave others to defend the free speech rights of those people on the side of rag heads, more concerned to encourage radicals to do harm to the poor people who live here.

  18. This party was not elected to speak for NZ people .She is entitled to her opinion but not to say NZ ers .
    There is fault on both sides and I am sure just as here most people on both sides just want to get on with life and not fight anybody. I am sure most Palestinian did not want Hamas to attack Isreal and kill innocent people including children and most Jews did not want

  19. Gaza is on the Mediterranean, The West Bank is on the bank of the Jordan river and the border of Jordan. (the country).

    You can’t have a two state solution without joining up these two areas, from the river to the sea.

    Take this simple fact, conflate it to Palestinians wanting to kill all Jews, is just racist Israeli propaganda.


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