MEDIAWATCH: Q+A Review: Willie Jackson is right – new hard right Government could spark civil unrest


Willie Jackson: Treaty referendum risks Springbok tour protest repeat

If ACT’s proposed Treaty referendum went ahead, New Zealand would see civil unrest “five times worse” than the 1981 Springbok tour protest, according to Labour MP Willie Jackson.

I have been arguing that ACTs race baiting, cross burning, banjo twanging, redneck proposal to redefine the Treaty by a majority referendum and force it upon Māori will start a race war in this country so it is good to see Left wing politicians like Willie, John Tamihere, Marama and James Shaw finally picking it up.

Look, you want a constitutional discussion about NZ, let’s have it! But pretending a binary referendum that will erase indigenous political rights via majority vote is the way to do that is insane.

ACT is a Cracker Honkey Party, why the Christ would Māoridom accept a majority referendum on their rights from them?

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Here’s what happens if this race baiting nonsense happens, the backlash Hikoi that will immediately build will be larger than anything we’ve ever seen as hundreds of thousands descend upon Parliaments Lawns, now how do you think a frightened Chris Luxon will respond when they turn up?

You know he will demand the Police open fire.

Dear Right Wing, if you start this racist referendum, the Left Wing will finish it on Parliament’s Lawns.

I dare you, I double dare you Right Wing NZ – just try it.


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  1. Every party looks hard right after 6 years of hard left government with the hard core Marxism of the Greens in the wings. The Overton Window in NZ Politics has skewed towards the left side by some margin.

    • What??!
      Did the previous Labour Govt repeal the far right neoliberal economic policies pursued for last 40 years and we all simply missed it?
      Yeah nah – the Overton Window remains firmly welded to Milton Friedman’s extreme right doctrines.

      Oh for an ACTUAL left leaning government to return power to the 90% of us.
      For now we have suffer through the current shambolic far right Cluxonfest.

    • What a joke that Labour were hard left in any of their 6 years.

      I only wish. I want all people to have a fair go and they currently don’t.

      We like unemployment.

    • Are you able to give an example of how far left New Zealand has skewed, on taxes maybe. Foreign affairs. Childwelfare. Whatever. Just one example?

  2. Right-wing politics is a range of political ideologies that view certain social orders and hierarchies as inevitable, natural, normal, or desirable, typically supporting this position based on natural law, economics, authority, property or tradition. Hierarchy and inequality may be seen as natural results of traditional social differences or competition in market economies.
    In addition right wing thinking involves rugged individualism and assumptions about the market being the primary solver of problems in a society – conversely, government involvement in the economy needs to be minimalised (or eliminated if possible) to allow for market forces to function unfettered.

  3. The Treaty principles favor pakeha not Maori!! If the true version of the TOW was applied which most maori chiefs signed the Maori version of the ‘Te Tiriti’ then it undoubtedly supports Maori right to self-determination “Tino Rangatiratanga” continued control ova their lands and resources.

    This clown Seymour doesn’t understand the rawness of what he want to unleash on our peaceful country.

    • Tipene – Somewhat correct…”the Principles” were drafted by the NZ Maori Council, with Government oversight…it was design to allow Government to fast track developments.

    • Would that be the Sir Apirana Ngata‘s translated copy? If so, then it’s the same three articles so not sure what we’re debating. If however it’s the principles that Palmer brought into being by lazy legislation then perhaps a conversation would help as they aren’t in either document.

    • Tino rangatiratanga was a new te reo phrase coined by Henry Williams to explain possession.
      There is only one relevant treaty ,the English version where Maori ceded sovereignty full stop. The end .
      the Freeman version ( Maori) is used by fraudsters such as your self to claim a whole bunch of stuff that simply doesn’t exist ( except in the fevered avaricious minds of activist Maori).
      Decolonisation is a bullshit theory by a pseudo intellectual looking for a cushy job. ( shitstirring and whining)making shit up blaming whitey etc etc etc.
      Read Paul Moon books ya numpty!!!

  4. There’s just “something” up with “our” new government post election. I really feel the whole coalition will not materialise. Certainly, David Seymours ridiculous policies will not materialise. Dunno why but it all feels really off. Yet, if I’m wrong, we’re all here to correct him/her/they.

  5. Seymour said on the award winning AM show, Willy is an old radio Shock Jock and he is probably right.

  6. Have a referendum on whether the Westminster System is the preferred system of governance and judiciary instead!

      • Only tax residents should vote.
        Citizens living overseas should not qualify.
        How can someone who has left NZ say 20 or more years ago have say in how we live?

    • Nothing stopping us having that referendum

      But you will have to wait for the left to get back in. I don’t think labour would support it btw.

      • It behooves neither party to bite the hand that feeds them. The left and right are all about maintaining the status quo of the system no one voted for, least of all Maori after signing Te Tiriti.

        For a start the citizenry need to know that we are governed by a system that is loyal to the Crown and serves to protect its interests first and the citizens of Aotearoa/NZ second.

  7. If Jackson wants to organise marches he is free to do so. Just like the current govt is free to hold a referendum on the Treaty.

    Politicians made changes ro the treaty in the 70’s and 80’s without consulting us. What could be fairer than holding a referendum?

  8. Perhaps we can have a referendum on “Anyone with dishonest and manipulative character flaws shall be forbidden from entering politics.”

  9. Civil unrest is exactly what the billionaire-class power bloc that truly runs the world, and of which both Labour and National are subservient to, longs for. The more unrest, the easier it s to push their policies through (via their political minions). Ordinary folk fighting ordinary folk – yet another ruling class wet dream comes to fruition.

  10. We need unity right now and what do we get? Disunity, that’s what. We’re being segregated into spasms of brain farts to weaken us. Why? Well, the planet’s sick and diseased and we parasitic humans are running on empty and that’s a clue to the real agenda in my opinion. We’re going to lose our AO/NZ, I can smell it coming.
    It’s also clear to me that luxon, seymour and peters have been bought and I’m sure of that because they’ve always been for sale. You morons who voted those three horrible bastards [in] are to be envied for your stupidity because you’re so fucking stupid that you have no imagination to see further down the road to what’s coming at us. I do truly envy your blissful, blinding ignorance.

  11. Would Winston Peters, who is a lawyer and believes in the “sanctity of contract”, agree to an alteration of the terms of the Treaty by the Crown acting without the consent of Maori?
    Would Christopher Luxon, who holds himself out as a pragmatist, be prepared to unilaterally annul the Treaty of Waitangi and propel Maori back to the Whakaminenga of 1835?
    I doubt it.
    However in the unlikely event that the colonialist parliament votes to enact ACT’s proposed bill, Maori will be obliged to detach from the colonial regime and that will be no bad thing.

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