So are we going to pay this $26Billion Climate Change Fine or not?

This is the latest global heat map. We are so fucked.

Ummm, so are we going to pay this $26Billion Climate Change Fine or not?

Officials warned the Labour Government in September that Aotearoa is set to miss its Paris target commitments by 114 megatonnes of emissions by 2030, which would have to be met by buying international emissions credits at a cost of up to $26 billion, yet none of this is included in Treasury’s contingent liabilities in the Budget;

No one is talking about this $26Billion fine we are going to have to pay by not meeting our Paris target!

Labour tried to get the Farmers to support an emissions cut, but they screwed Labour and the Greens over by reneging on it leaving us with an enormous

National/ACT/NZF won’t target agricultural emissions and they won’t promote public transport, so there’s no way we will reach our target and we are going to be fined $26Billion!

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Let me guess, The National/ACT/NZF Government will refuse to pay the credits to offset missing our international agreements while passing gang law that breaches human rights.


The first act of this hybrid mutant far right Government might be pulling out of international climate change obligations and goose steps towards being a Police State.


Can’t wait.



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  1. Could be worse, we could be America with the world’s biggest polluter in it’s military, their million oil and gas wells, and their penchant for civilian infrastructure terrorism causing the biggest environmental disaster in history.

    • It is worse. We are just like America.

      We have outsourced the jobs and emissions to “China” and now we complain that there are no jobs for NZers as we find that it is only foreigners who are prepared to do the hard yakka for the pay on offer.

      My apologies to the Chinese it used to be “Made in Japan”….. how things have changed…. Or …… stayed the same? Hell life is upside down …. or is the other way around….

  2. Nothing we do or don’t do will make the slightest difference to CC’s outcome! So paying this fine is out! prognosis? We’re up sh*t creek as a species without a paddle meaning we may well go extinct. Considering the mess we’ve made, perhaps we deserve it!

  3. Martyn – The Paris Agreement is a fraud! It was not an UN led agreement, it was Environmental NGOs agreement forced upon naïve Governments…no real legal agreement.

  4. Just start accurately including our natural greenery in our carbon absorption and problem solved…In fact we will be in credit…Doesn’t sound too good for the Aotearoa place, but New Zealand will be fine …..

    • Exactly. Look at the stone cities located in desert currently absorbing fossil fuel derived munitions. We are a carbon sink.

  5. Tell them the cheques in the post…

    Guess the finance minister just ‘forgot’ about the bill when the books were open eh?

  6. The whole carbon dealing seems to be smoking mirrors . We pollute and find another country to grow trees to offset the pollution. In Chch we have vast spaces of red zone land that could be reforested to absorb both pollution and rain
    . Why is it not being done or have I missed the point in the way it all works

  7. It’s entirely possible we decided to ignore it. As will many other governments. So, if the majority of Western governments thumb their nose at it, what then?

    • Hard to ignore something they are all for. So, selling the family jewels is an obvious candidate but whatever, they will pay and we will just have to cop it. That’s democracy for ya. Climate change, brought to us by the folks that gave us neoliberalism, only neoliberalism is amateur hour stuff compared to CC.

  8. Cough-cough…Is this where I mention Mururoa Atoll thus fuck Paris. Better still ! Send them a bill for allegedly murdering Norman Kirk and terminally polluting our back yard. A National Party member reckoned, while being interviewed by Kim Hill about 23 years ago, give or take. Can’t find reference. So you look it up. Ask Kim. She’ll remember. So$812,648,688,126,848,182,686,182,648,628,686,816,283,612,863,182,636,881,619,979,723,479,273,972,937,992,797,239,479,797.29 Francs ought to cover it. ir
    Secondly; It wasn’t [most] farmers who admitted polluting cow shittery to the Bench. It was the shareholders of dodgy as fuck Fonterra and their Asian Besties in Silver Fern Farms. We old cockies were doing alright while supporting a growing number of crafty, greedy, cunning city crooks who siphoned off most of our money to build ( Read launder) the infrastructure the Natzo’s neo-liberal roger swindled us of then sold to his privateer mates. Aye Boys? How’s our 14 multiples of billions and our 3118 multiples of millions workin’ out for ya? Nice super yacht you got there parked up under that bridge, must a cost a few ewes? What’s that old saying about there being many a true word spoken in jest. Except that I’m not fucking jesting.

  9. No one abides by the Paris Climate Accords, certainly not the Big Superpowers who do most of the polluting, so why should NZ? Aren’t we part of the Anglo “American Rules Based Order” & as part of the 5 eyes,Countries who ignore this Climate change Scam, NZ is not obligated to pay this ridiculous fine, just send this $26 billion bill to America who will promptly flush this down the toilet?

  10. Labour had a once in a life time majority, but somehow this is all the fault of people who aren’t even the government yet.

    I’m not sure that works 100%

    And no of course we’re not going to pay it. Not unless people want to see the Beehive stormed by those in poverty in this country.

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