Luxon’s confidence of starting confrontations with Gangs is truly delusional



Luxon defends practicality of National’s public gang patch plan

National leader and Prime Minister-elect Christopher Luxon said his plan to ban gang patches in public will be enforceable.

Passing a law to ban gang patches in public is part of National’s 100-day plan once it’s in government.

Gang patches are already banned in schools, hospitals, courts and other premises managed by either central or local government.

Pressed on what a gang patch is to him, Luxon told Breakfast this morning: “A gang patch, an insignia on the back of someone’s jacket and everything we’ve talked about, is well understood in New Zealand.”

“It’s happened in Queensland, it’s happened in Western Australia, we’ve done it already in New Zealand about banning gang patches in public places like hospitals and schools and courtrooms. All we’re doing is expanding it into public places.”

He said the National Party is “confident” police will be able to enforce the law.

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There is so much wrong with this, I don’t know where to begin, but let’s start with the main lie that National are using to justify becoming a Police State, which is ‘but it’s worked in Queensland and Western Australia’ because that’s the main deception National are using.

Because most Kiwis and National Party MPs can’t tell the difference between the Black Power, Head Hunters, Comancheros, Mongols and Rebels they think the same gang patch ban laws in Australia  will work here, when of course they can’t!

This ban ‘works’ in Australia because only active members of those organised crime gangs get targeted, in NZ – because of the very different nature of our gangs – those insignia and patches mean vastly different things to many different members of that gang and have a very different culture to Australia.

Don’t believe me? Here’s Queensland gang expert, Queensland University of Technology’s Mark Lauchs, explaining why the gang ban won’t work here…

But thinks it may be a different story for gangs like the Mongrel Mob.

He says the Mob has a different type of status like a family organisation and even having Government funding for community projects, there may be more difficulty.

…what works in Australia won’t work here. The culture is different and the gang patch is worn by vastly greater numbers of people than simply members.

Additionally, a patched member can never willingly hand over their patch, so what Chris Luxon is demanding is a law that breaches the Bill of Rights and demands Police beat gang members unconscious to take their patched jacket from them.

Luxon has already puffed himself up to argue that he will send the Police into the next Gang Funeral to take patches off gang members.

Can you imagine the fucking riot that will break out if the Police are sent into a gang funeral?

Look, there will be some of you who have an almost sexual fetish for police brutality against gang members, and there will certainly be those arguing ‘about time’ and won’t be phased in the least that this is a breach of human rights and to be honest will feel gleeful at watching gang deaths meted out by the State, but the worst angels of our nature shouldn’t direct social policy debate because those ghouls only make things worse.

Of course we need a crack down on gangs, but that happens by ensuring paths out of gangs and good paying jobs.

It’s the 501 inspired elements that are causing the current chaos inside the criminal underworld over the meth trade.

The smarter policing needs to be aimed at the organised crime gangs, not gangs per se.

That Luxon can’t distinguish between the two is deeply worrying, especially as he intends to pass Police State powers that breach the Bill of Rights.

The litmus test on how crazy National intend to go will revolve around Police Commissioner Coster’s position.

Because National have put so much political capital on bashing the gangs and because they can’t do anything to enact any of their other policy (other than bashing beneficiaries), they will green light Mark Mitchell to go romper stomper and if he sacks Coster and replaces him with some Police Thug who will implement a heavy haded response for the media, that will be the real warning sign that Luxon isn’t just regurgitating tough on crime rhetoric for the frightened electorate, but is utterly delusional and has started something he can’t control.

Watch for Coster’s position to know if Luxon is paying lip service to scared voters or if he’s dangerously taking us down a Police State path.


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  1. What a revealing utterance from Baldrick, but I guess it is not like under qualified idiots have never been elected in bourgeois Parliamentary elections before…ahem…Doris the Boris and Mango Mussolini are two recent instances.

    My totally pākehā partner says she will get a moko kuae style tattoo in support if the Natzo half brains pursue this off the wall racist policy with state force. I hope she is not serious by way! but totally get the point she is making. Solidarity will be needed on a human rights basis even from those with little time for gangs. It is a wedge issue in terms of attracting red neck and reactionary support, and an attack on civil rights–freedom of speech, association and assembly.

    It will be interesting to see how the libertarian “free speech at all costs” crowd deal with this one. The Act Incels claim to be all for individual freedom, but at heart they seem more like selfish would be authoritarians.

    • Exactly….The circus is about to begin and already the clown is looking like a joker.

      He doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing.

      The possum in the headlights stare is already there for all to see.

      It would be funny, if it wasn’t for the carnage that is about to unfold!

  2. “the organised crime gangs,” What? Like the now foreign owned banks scamming $180.00 a second in after tax profits on the other scam that’s the value of our housing stock pushed up to qualify the banks bold and outrageous theft ? Like the 14 multi-billionaires and the 3118 multi-millionaires with a reported wealth of $50 million minimum each? Foreign bankster presence here must mean that our IRD are corrupt, our cops are bent, our politics is equally so as must our bureaucracy be. In short, and I’m not that short, but who the fuck is running our country then? Why do I suddenly feel extremely anxious? My anus just took a bite out of my desk chair!
    If our AO/NZ’s no longer ours, then who the fuck’s is it because clearly luxon and sleazemore have no interest at all in our well being and if Sleazemore is wanting a loaded referendumb on The Treaty then we must assume any street fighting resistance might come from the gangs, as it should in actual fact. Is this a means to castrate any Maori resistance, and us non Maori by association, to being sold like little bitch slaves to the global riche?
    Farmers, you have the money, @ Maori ? You have the Mana and the treaty and you know what you must do. That’s right. Strike! Back to bed! Fuck them all!
    @ the rest of us? Back to the telly because oh look? Rugby! Go the Blacks! Boo yeah! Sponsored by ‘Altrad’ so fuck Global heating thus all life on Earth.
    But don’t worry. It’s a Leftie conspiracy! Their mission! “We help our clients to optimise profitability of their industrial assets” Boom!
    The Guardian.
    George Monbiot.
    The ‘flickering’ of Earth systems is warning us: act now, or see our already degraded paradise lost
    For all you halfwits out there, you lazy fuckers who couldn’t see past your beer glass, the ones with the now violently depreciating Thunder Truck with the plastic hood scoops, yes you. You who who voted for National, ACT and NZ First. What were you thinking?

  3. At least they are trying to do something the fight this problem.
    Long term better education and curbing poverty would dry up the prospects but that is a long term fix.

    • Yeah, ‘cos so many people join gangs solely for the colourful costumes.
      This’ll drive ’em away in their thousands.
      Mr Potato Head is such a genius.

    • Trevor. Education ? That comes from the streets – and big money comes from the drugs which destroy neural pathways and alleviate poverty more efficaciously than honest – albeit low income economy – work does. Most prison inhabitants are semi-literate, and even state school attendees are literacy and numerically challenged but know that a penis doesn’t maketh the man, and that anybody can be woman. Slapping on some makeup to change the world is a Disney Princess or Meghan Markle or Mark Mitchell sort of scenario, but it ain’t that simple.

  4. It’s easy for me to say, not having spent time in Ōpōtiki, but is this really a big issue? Of all the challenges we are facing is the gang situation worth this much oxygen? Well especially what they wear and their complexion ffs. That’s not even dealing with actual crime at all. Id rather be hearing what are all the actual regulations NatAct want to cut and are they really a hinderance? These are the same people who tell you we are over taxed (as they do every they can to make sure you are underpaid), when relative to the rest of the OECD it’s simply not true. Don’t get me started on government debt. They are bullshitters pure and simple.

    • Oh Bob you are a sorry little troll. Weren’t you not long ago condemning the “ woke lefties “ about the loss of free speech , and here you are doing exactly that . Many people absolutely condemn gangs and terrorism however absolutely no one should support the killing of women and children on either side of this terrible conflict, however “an eye for an eye “ has now gone too far don’t you think Bob ???

    • With comments like yours the blog also let’s people with limited reading comprehension contribute even though they do not understand what they read. Describing people as Hamas sympathisers for calling out a mass slaughter response to the original evil attack is daft, if someone living in your area murdered someone and the army came in and destroyed the neighbourhood I can imagine that you would be quick to describe that as an overreaction so why can’t you see the problem in Gaza for what it is?

      • I’m so embarrassed by the growth in my followers,my fan club,but nevertheless flattered.
        Looking forward to hearing from you all again soon.

    • “The TDB seems to attract gang and Hamas sympathisers. Judging by the fact you have written what amounts to your entry for the thickest kiwi in NZ, I would suggest that TDB attracts it’s fair share of mindless moths drawn to the flame of intellect, only to have their wings burnt off…
      Are you just made insecure by the fact that it isn’t your gang that gets to speak? Did you think that one has to wear a patch to be in a gang? How about we ban dark blue suits and silly ties, as that is the preferred costume of the worst criminals in NZ history..
      I realise, of course, that you won’t understand a word I say, but who cares.. The only “truth” people like you understand is actually a load of self serving, bigoted, and utterly reprehensible chauvinism… At that point I can, without fear of contradiction say that your utter lack of depth, or humanity is just you being a good tory…

  5. We all need to start putting patches on ourselves. I think this is totally outrageous frankly. One thing to ban them in schools or wherever but in public I cannot believe how truly dumb Luxon is, I sincerely hope this does not work at all.

  6. “banning gang patches in public places like hospitals and schools and courtrooms.” This worked because it was sensible and most of the gangs agreed with a proportionate ban that even they could see was fair enough. Now they are using that unofficial agreement as evidence to pretend it can go further and still work. WRONG. This will backfire spectacularly because any social change requires buy in from at least some of the effected parties. This has none.

  7. FFS, Australian gang experts and politicians send us thousands of their criminals since 2015 and then want to comment on our law and order policies?

  8. Protecting society against ant-social behaviour and providing public services is what government is about. Right?
    It is good to see that some associated with gangs are getting legal representation to help promote their cause. Engagement is always a good thing, right?
    In the process the gangs may just realise that they should work towards eliminating anti-social behaviour and act in a ways that improves society.

    Unfortunately, that is not what gangs do. Prove me/us wrong.

  9. No that’s not what gangs do.
    They have enjoyed the encouragement and the massive capital donations bestowed upon them by the late Labour Government.
    They hate being challenged which is going to happen under the coalition of the 3 wise men.


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