Ceasefire Now! Nationwide rallies till the end of the war on Gaza – Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa is helping co-ordinate nationwide rallies every weekend until the Israel/Gaza war is over.

We have been pleased with the huge numbers turning out across the country in the past three weeks – each week the numbers have doubled.

Aotearoa New Zealand is part of a rapidly growing international movement demanding an end to the killing.

New Zealanders overwhelmingly support a ceasefire to end the wholesale slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza but our Labour and National leaders have been pathetic. They are still only calling for a “humanitarian pause” so Israel can resume its mass killing of innocents once there has been a “tea break”.

Over 8,000 Palestinians are dead in Gaza with over 3,000 children killed. One Palestinian child is killed every 15 minutes in Israel’s barbaric genocidal war while our largest political parties twiddle their thumbs.

“More than two million people, with nowhere safe to go, are being denied the essentials for life – food, water, shelter and medical care – while being subjected to relentless bombardment.” United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

But our government is unmoved.

Palestinians have broken in to UN food depots in Gaza because they are desperate and hungry and Israel keeps up its stranglehold on 2.3 million people in Gaza.

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The silence from Chris Hipkins and Christopher Luxon is deafening.

New Zealand heart is on the streets. The vast majority of New Zealanders are demanding a ceasefire NOW!

John Minto

National Chair

Palestine Solidarity Network Aotearoa


    • Neihana, still repeating ignorant slogans!! Hamas and the Palestinians are indigenous to Gaza and the rest of Palestine your venerated regime is a foreign entity that needs to be dismantled and held accountable for war-crimes.

      Free palestine.

    • Jesus! You must stay awake ready to pounce with your vacuous brain spurts ? Or are you in a different time zone? You’re defending an extension of the U$A military Industrial Complex killing people to make a dollar. How do you do that? Quite easily so it seems. Imagine having a son or a daughter and they came home to announce their engagement to you? What a terrifying thought! You’re probably an INCEL. They only sex you’ll have is with yourself.
      Be honest. Is this you? Buy a blow-sex doll? They probably wouldn’t judge although in your case…
      INCEL. A member of an online community of young men who consider themselves unable to attract women sexually, typically associated with views that are hostile towards women and men who are sexually active.
      U$A ! Boo yea! God fuckin’ bless, now pass the ammunition
      Good on you @ J.M. x

    • Hammas could end this all right now by surrendering and handing over the hostages. But they won’t. They’re cowards.

  1. The reality is that the vast majority of New Zealanders simply don’t realise or care what is happening in Gaza and of those that do huge numbers will completely understand Israel’s reaction to the massacre and abduction of it’s people.
    Of the remainder who are turning up to these rallies you will have Muslims who would attend a pro-ISIS rally if they had the opportunity and self-loathing left-wing nutjobs who would back the devil in any conflict with Israel or the Western world in a larger sense.

    • JB, ISIS. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service. Timber Sycamore was a classified weapons supply and training program run by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and supported by Israel and some Arab intelligence services, including Saudi intelligence. Launched in 2012 or 2013, it supplied money, weaponry and training to Syrian opposition militias of the Free Syrian Army aka Al Qaeda (ISIS) fighting Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian civil war. According to US officials, the program was run by the CIA’s Special Activities Division and has trained thousands of rebels aka (ISIS). President Barack Obama secretly authorized the CIA to begin arming Syria’s embattled rebels aka (ISIS) in 2013.

    • “The reality is that the vast majority of New Zealanders simply don’t realise or care what is happening in Gaza”
      This is a really, really important point, but it relates to everything and not only what is happening in Gaza. Our politicians and our media, shape our views of the world, but both are mere tools of our unelected rulers – the billionaire class – where money, not votes, truly shapes the world.

      We care for whatever interests ‘money’ wishes us to care about while ‘money’ also ensures that we remain ignorant or indignant to everything else. As money does not care for anything other than itself, then it is only a matter of time before we are all in the same boat as those in Gaza. Sure as night follows day. The entire world got a taste of the power of money just a few years ago…that’s just a mere starter for ten. The true reality of the world is that ‘money’ does not care, hence we do not care too. Money has us right where it wants us to be…..

    • That “complete understanding” is based on a shallow, incomplete, and often fraudulent view perpetrated by media and backed by Israeli propoganda.

      • I think you will find that most mainstream media is pro Palestine propaganda, but you’d know that of course. Hospital air strike exhibit #1

      • Again, need to point out that this is not accidental. The less we care the easier we are to control.

        The open-air prison that is Gaza, their controlled confines, is what awaits the uncaring, essentially all of us. The unofficial corridors of power are nearing the point where complete control of us all, is finally within their reach.

        Control of the political class.
        Control of the information sphere.
        Control of all money (via the exit of cash). BOOM!

      • Agreed. We should be rallying against our own murdered children. We should have rallied against little Bill English shockingly writing off a whole generation of our young men as useless. We should have rallied against Marama maligning all non-gay white men as violent thugs and all Pakeha responsible for an Aussie runt’s slaughter of Muslims in Christchurch. We should have rallied against what the SAS did to defenceless peasant women and children in Afghanistan and the two villages which no longer exist. We should rally against the children of the poor dependant upon the kindness of strangers to have their hungry bellies filled. We don’t.

  2. Still no mention of the hostages. Why doesn’t he suggest to Hamas that they release the hostages first and maybe Israel will negotiate.

  3. Remember apartheid Israel also murders its own hostages a protocol called the ‘Hannibal directive’ in order to not have prisoner exchanges. A good example is ‘Gilad Shalit’ who was captured by Hamas in a cross-border raid on June 25, 2006, and held prisoner by the organization until his release in a prisoner exchange deal in 2011.

    Hamas’ initial demands, which included the release of all female and underage Palestinians, were not meet. On 18 October 2011, Shalit was eventually released in a negotiated agreement, securing his freedom after more than five years in isolation and captivity. In exchange, 1,027 Palestinian prisoners were released.

    Hamas has at least 200 prisoners minus 12 that have already been murdered by the IDF. They also have ‘Major Gen Nimrod Aloni’, who spearheaded operations against Hamas reportedly paraded through the streets in his underwear is a significant bargaining asset.

    These are not my assumptions these were reported in the Israeli news outlet Haaretz reported by Israeli journalist Amos Harel. This apartheid state even before its became a state has evil oozing from every orifice and needs to be dismantled as it has the potential to end humans very existence enacting the Samson option deploying its nukes against Iran which its allies like Pakistan have vowed retaliating with its nuclear capabilities cascading to the inevitable.

  4. Do the Green Party members still chant “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free”?
    I heard they do so this is a genuine question.

    • Yes – and why would they not.
      “From the river to the sea” is a recognition that apartheid began in 1948 when Israel was created through the ethnic cleansing of Palestine. It is not a call for genocide. To call for the destruction of Israel as an apartheid state is not a call for the destruction of Jews living there, any more than the call for the destruction of apartheid in South Africa was a call for the destruction of white people.

        • Still better than for Black people overall, money still talks there. If you thought that white privilege would be unaffected by a change to democracy for all there it would suggest that you have a limited grasp on reality.

      • And the Khaybar chant also frequently heard at pro-Hamas rallies? Please explain
        that Michal. Does it, for example indicate there is a religious aspect to this conflict which Minto, Griffiths and Bravery (in the days when he wrote actual articles before deciding agitprop misinformation lists were a lot easier) are at great pains to deny?

  5. I went to the march in chch on sat and it was all fine until various speakers started going on about “white supremacy”, “BLM’ and all the other social justice intersectional talking points.

    I came along because I want a ceasefire in Gaza I did not turn up to be lectured on my “white privilege” and all the rest of that crap.

    I won’t be going to any more marches: why would I?

      • ” how many? ”
        Four men and four women from memory and they all spoke extremely well including the young Palestinian girl and the man who announced he was a Jew and stood in solidarity with Palestinians and New Zealanders for an immediate ceasefire and an end to the butchery of Palestinian children and their families.

        One lady referred to the attack on the mosques and how we were all behind the ” they are us ” statement in 2019 and yet we are quite happy to no longer apply that to the Palestinians who are here and in GAZA watching their families being blown to bits and denied their human rights and being starved to death.

      • I did not hear anything on white privilege that is why i wanted to know who said this, you seem to have a pretty fragile ego if you think that people are going to speak and not sometimes include the broader issue which is the whiteys run the world and brownies get the worst deal!

        I’m a whitey!

    • Sorry for your experience (+)(+) don’t be so fragile when these events turn into other social justice intersectional talking points I know it’s frustrating and can turn people off but you have to stay in the fight. The founding of Israel roots is steep in racism towards the Arab population as the immigrated jews were mostly white from Europe and had this superior complex when dealing with the locals.

      Hell they even exhibited a superior complex towards the Arab jews when they were forced or tricked into emigrating to Palestine after Israel founding. They treated the arab jews with disdain and after awhile succeeded in socially engineering them to hate the indigenous palestinian. The white Jews run the show in Israel with the exception of a few. You have to realize imo that when these intersectional talking points veer towards BLM, white supremacy they’re probably linking it to colonialism.

    • Well, to be fair, they are all interconnected. Oppression, whether it be black people, colonized people or Palestinians….we don’t need to be blind freddy to know which colored people is largely at the forefront of all this…as boring, uncomfortable or both, as this topic tends to always be.

      Still, you are right, it is not the purpose of these protests. Likewise, a Union chap gave the support of the Union he represented to this cause also. He prattled on as well, but wiser heads soon got the reason we were all there back on track. Why should you go again, well, I believe you deserve a big thank you anyway because you have done more than over 95% of Kiwis have done already.


  6. The following headline represents the pressure, both overt and covert, that is put on Western politicians, including ours, to support the genocide in Gaza

    Paul Bristow: Ministerial aide sacked after call for Israel-Gaza ceasefire

    Paul Bristow became the MP for Peterborough in 2019
    By Becky Morton
    Political reporter


    ….In a letter to the prime minister last week, Mr Bristow said “a permanent ceasefire” would save lives and allow aid to reach those who needed it most.
    The government supports “humanitarian pauses” but not a full ceasefire.
    During Prime Minister’s Questions last week, Rishi Sunak said “specific pauses” would allow more aid into Gaza but he rejected calls to back a ceasefire, stressing that Israel had a right to defend itself.
    Mr Bristow, who is the Conservative MP for Peterborough, was a Parliamentary Private Secretary…
    ….he told the BBC: “I completely understand the PM’s decision. And it is with regret I leave a job I enjoyed. “But I can now talk openly about an issue so many of my constituents care deeply about.
    “I believe I can do this better from the backbenches rather than as part of the government payroll.”

    In this country, I wonder how many Labour or National MPs will share the courage and principles of Conservative MP Paul Bristow to stand up to their party leaders to call for a ceasefire?

    So far, no Labour or National MP in this country has had the courage to cross the floor to oppose their party’s pro-genocide stance.

    In this country Labour and National both, refuse to support the international call from the UN General Secretary and the UN General Assembly for a ceasefire to halt the genocide.

    As I wrote a number of times in these pages before and during the election. Both Labour and National are the parties of war.

    As is proven, every vote for either of these two parties was a vote for war and now, even genocide.

    Under international law no atrocity justifies the crime of genocide.
    Everyone who placed a vote for these two parties, and who is anti-war, needs to write a letter to their MP to express their displeasure at their party’s pro-war stance.

    • First of all a ceasefire only benefits Hammas, and second, you misuse the term genocide (look the word up). Israel are targeting Hammas and military sites. Spraying machine-gun fire indiscriminately into a crowd of innocent civilians at a music festival because of their religion, that’s genocide. Hammas are terrorists hiding behind civilians to garner support for their actions. They say it themselves, why be so ignorant?

  7. There’s not going to be any ceasefire until the hostages are returned and the Hamas terrorists, who inflicted the worst pogrom against the Jews since the Holocaust, are totally eradicated. It’s not business as usual with Israel capitulating to any international hypocrisy. This war will end when Israel says it does. Oh, and the Israelis don’t give a toss about what you think, Mr Minto.

    • Clearly some of them do care about what Minto thinks. You know there is a significant peace movement in Israel and some excellent news outlets that tell it like it is.

      You presumably are in favour of endless killing of innocent children and adults. These children did not vote for Hamas and we know that lots of people in Gaza didn’t either, just as lots of people didn’t vote for the filthy murdering government of Israel.

      Perhaps you should really start reading some things instead of endlessly making comments without any real dialogue. Start with Renowned Israeli historian, Ilan Pappe’s book ‘The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’ which revisits the formation of the State of Israel. Between 1947 and 1949, when over 400 Palestinian villages were deliberately destroyed, civilians were massacred and around a million men, women, and children were expelled from their homes at gunpoint. AAAAh but you don’t really want to know this stuff.

      • Israel is fully united in this war after what Hamas did to their people. Ilan Pappe? The Leftist traitor who makes money out of Israel haters like you? (‘filthy murdering government” is a bit of a giveaway.) Benny Morris debunked him totally and Pappe admits he’s not a historian; he has an ‘agenda’. He’s too cowardly to debate Morris despite several invitations. Perhaps you should do some reading, like The Case for Israel by Alan Dershowitz. Israel didn’t start this war, nor the war of 1948 when 6,000 Israelis, many of them Holocaust survivors, were killed by Arabs, who fled because their leaders told them to. Another million Jews were expelled from neighbouring Arab countries – the real ethnic cleansing. Same tired old propaganda, Michal.

        • gaby, Benny Morris is a zionist puppet he doesn’t speak Arabic so understand little of the victims side of the Nakba, Illan on the other hand denounced his allegiance to zionism and speak Hebrew, Arabic, English.

          With all the pro-Palestinian marches happening across the world I say you and your allegiance to apartheid Israel are on the wrong side of history

          Free Palestine

            • The anti-Semitism canard a weak argument a Illan is a respected historian he like Benny received the same education in Israel and both were part of the new Israeli historians. Benny doesn’t deny the atrocities committed by apartheid Israel he just doesn’t understand the victims side of these atrocities because he doesn’t speak arabic.

        • Please find a book written by Palestinians that says Israel is ok. It is ok that they took over my land and poured in from every country on the earth because they are Jewish and superior and we deserve to have this piece of land, even though most of my ancestors were born in other parts of the world. The actual percentage of Jews who survived the holocaust and moved to Israel is about half a million. The rest of them moved to the US, Australia, Canada, Aotearoa and other western countries!

          You know Gaby just as I do that actually Israel only really wants the white ones, they don’t really want the Jews from North Africa at all.

          And of course Britain didn’t want them so they shunted them into Palestine. Britain has a long long history of anti semitism including the war monger Churchill who was a racist head to toe.

          Plus OMG our people suffered from the Holocaust the murdering of millions of people, now while this wasn’t actually the fault of Palestinians. The Jews continually use the holocaust as a reason for the rest of the world (who turned aside when the gas chambers were on)

          One state full democracy for atheists, jews, christians, muslims and anyone else who is BORN there.

          • The Arab Palestinian al-Husseini didn’t mind the Jews being murdered one little bit truth to tell Michal. He did his utmost whilst a guest of the nazis in Berlin to stir up violence in Bosnia and the Middle East, even seeking Hitler’s help for an Arab version of the “final solution to the Jewish problem.” And then after the war, having slipped back into the ME with the assistance of antisemitic Frenchmen, he trained his successor Arafat in his vile beliefs.
            It’s the dirty little secret the Palestinians never like to hear.

    • ‘We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.’ Nelson Mandela

      The thousands of PSNA supporters defiant protest chant that rang through the streets of Auckland and the capital and other New Zealand cities last weekend.

      From the River to the Sea!
      Palestine Will be Free!
      The defiant protest chant from the thousands of PSNA supporters that rang through the streets of Auckland and the Capital and other New Zealand cities and towns last weekend.

      …. the Israelis don’t give a toss about what you think, Mr Minto. Gaby

      John Minto was the leader of Halt All Racist Tours, HART, the anti-apartheid movement in this country. The rulers of apartheid South Africa didn’t give a toss about what Mr Minto thought or said either. But the South African people oppressed by the apartheid regime did.
      When the protest organised by Mr Minto shut down the rugby game in Hamilton, the imprisoned future President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela said it was like a beam of sunlight had broken into his prison cell.

      When the protests organised by the PSNA and John Minto against the genocide in Gaza, eventually shift this government’s position to support the UN’s call for a ceasefire. The Israeli’s may not give a toss, but the people of Palestine, oppressed by the Israeli apartheid regime, will.

      No one will give a toss about what a cowardly anonymous supporter of the disgusting genocide in Gaza thinks.

    • Hamas:(Originally HMS) literal meaning, Islamic resistance movement.
      Also means bravery, pride and courage.
      Hamas in Hebrew only has one meaning, which is Violence.

      That being said Gaby, what is your opinion on Hamas being a Israeli creation and funded by them and having a Name meaning “violence” in Hebrew? BTW the original name for Hamas was H.M.S later changed to Hamas by Israel.
      Can we assume that associating the meaning of violence in Hebrew Israelis are subconsciously taught Arabs are the enemy by the Apartheid state as a method of ethnic cleansing Israel?
      Can we then infer that Israelis are controlled by radical religious fundamentalists who want to bring about the second coming?
      If so, please explain the difference between Muslim extremism and Israeli extremism. If Hamas is “ISIS” as Israel claims, please explain the difference between ISIS atrocity’s and Israeli mass bombardment of innocent trapped civilians with no means of escape.

    • gaby – Agreed…Hamas knew that the Palestinians would get caught in the middle…if they attacked, and still did…the true enemy of the Palestinians is Hamas.


    We need to demand that the Israeli Embassy be expelled. that the Israeli regime be condemned ..that their leaders be tried by the ICC

    and a ps re hostages.
    Israeli forces have been kidnapping Palestinian children in the West Bank, for years, quite often by breaking into their homes in the middle of the night and hauling the children away..see the NO WAY TO TREAT A CHILD CAMPAIGN initiated by DCI Pal (Defense of Children International and AFRC (American Friends Service Committee)

      • A Textbook Case of Genocide
        Israel has been explicit about what it’s carrying out in Gaza. Why isn’t the world listening?
        Raz Segal
        October 13, 2023
        Jewish Currents


        Anyone who criticisises Israel for their genocide against the People of Gaza attracts the usual personal abuse, the usual genocide denial from gaby

        “The usual emotive crap from Lois.” gaby

        This Zionist troll is out of touch. The Jewish people know that Israel is committing genocide. Some like gaby deny it, even to themselves. Some support the genocide being committed against the Palestinian people. But many, possibly even most, Jewish people oppose the genocide being committed by Israel and say; “Not in our Name”


        ….. the voices of Jewish Voice for Peace and their allies who shut down the main terminal of Grand Central Station during rush hour Friday in one of New York’s largest acts of civil disobedience in 20 years to demand a ceasefire in Gaza. The multiracial, intergenerational movement says about 400 people were arrested, including rabbis, famous actors and elected officials from the New York State Assembly and Senate and the City Council.

    • Oh don’t be such a drama queen Lois. You know jolly well Arab countries have tried to annihilate Israel numerous times. And 16 year old jihadis wanting to earn their stripes by murdering Israelis at the behest of their Palestinian leaders are not children.

        • Certainly is if a charge of genocide is focussed exclusively on Israel while Imams and Hamas call for jihad Michal. But if it makes you happy I’ll also include Pat O’Dea in the drama queen theatrical troupe. What does he care about Black children in Nigeria being butchered. What do any of you care about the persecution and ethnic cleansing of Christians and Kurds all over the Middle East.

      • Why do you only repeat one side of history as if that is the full story? Evidence needs to be examined with all views included if you want to find the truth. Your insistence on writing such a limited view suggests that you are not a credible source of information.

  9. Countries which voted against the UN Gaza Humanitarian Truce October 2023:

    Against (14):
    A: Austria
    C: Croatia, Czechia
    F: Fiji
    G: Guatemala
    H: Hungary
    I: Israel
    M: Marshall Islands, Micronesia
    N: Nauru
    P: Papua New Guinea, Paraguay
    T: Tonga
    U: United States

    Abstained (45):
    A: Albania, Australia
    B: Bulgaria
    C: Cabo Verde, Cameroon, Canada, Cyprus
    D: Denmark
    E: Estonia, Ethiopia
    F: Finland
    G: Georgia, Germany, Greece
    H: Haiti
    I: Iceland, India, Iraq, Italy
    J: Japan
    K: Kiribati
    L: Latvia, Lithuania
    M: Monaco
    N: Netherlands, North Macedonia
    P: Palau, Panama, Philippines, Poland
    R: Republic of Korea (South Korea), Republic of Moldova, Romania
    S: San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, South Sudan, Sweden
    T: Tunisia, Tuvalu
    U: Ukraine, United Kingdom, Uruguay, Vanuatu
    Z: Zambia

    • Ken Young – Really? Name calling??…Hamas Leaders are mostly Iranians… Hamas has been called out by the Palestinian Authority for pretending to be Palestinians…Did Hamas fail to tell you this you cock puppet?

    • As if Israel gives a toss, O’ Dea, what you, Minto, Michal, Stephen etc and all the other terrorist shills on the wrong side of history think. Israel will triumph and you’ll all be left looking like the pathetic useful idiots you are.

  10. Wrong photo at the top of the post Minto, should be pictures of the hostages, many children. Maybe you tear those posters down like your PA mates?

  11. All these woke lefties telling the Jews to get out of Palestinian land whilst living in stolen Maori land. They just cannot see that they are just as bad. Minto is one confused cookie.

  12. What is Israel’s end game? Everyone is asking.

    Will Israel expel all the last remaining Palestinian population of Northern Gaza and put Settlers there?

    Will Israel hand over Northern Gaza to the Palestinian Authority?

    Will Israel build a permanent steel fence around Northern Gaza, and then expel and exterminate any last remaining Palestinians, to begin demolishing the ruins with military bulldozers and explosives to make Northern Gaza unlivable for anyone? 
    A sort of no go dead zone like Chernobyl?? 


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