GUEST BLOG: Patrick O’Dea – Russia’s biggest threat


Russia’s biggest threat is not Ukraine, is not NATO,, is not the West, is not even the USA

Russia’s biggest threat is itself.

What is the most important thing in the world?

Russia’s leaders, have just been delivered a reminder by the Russian people, that if they ever dared to detonate a nuclear weapon in this war, even as a warning, the Russian people will storm the Kremlin and drag their leaders into Red Square and hang them from the nearest lamp post.

No force on earth will be able to oppose them.

….RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan proposed detonating a thermonuclear device “on our own territory, somewhere over Siberia,” claiming that there would be no impact on the humans living below…..

Simonyan’s remarks were a “deep insult” toward Siberians, said Maria Prusakova, a Communist Party member in Russia’s lower house of parliament from the Altai republic.
“You need to apologize to the residents of Siberia at the very least,” Prusakova said on Wednesday….

…..Simonyan said that a nuclear detonation over Siberia was needed to send a “painful” message to the West amid a “nuclear ultimatum that’s becoming more and more impossible to avoid.”

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If I was Simonyan, and the Russian leadership set off a nuclear device, even as a warning, I would would make sure that I had my boarding pass for a plane flight to North Korea in my back pocket.

He aha te mea nui o te ao?
He tangata he tangata he tangata!

Patrick O’Dea is a staunch Unionist and human rights activist


  1. Patrick – Where were you while Ukraine was killing its’ own in the Donbass for the last 8 years? Human Rights Activist…indeed

  2. The USA sees Russia as a threat – that’s the problem. The USA sees China as a threat – that is another problem. Common denominator here being the USA. The USA (its government) is thee problem, to everyone including its own citizenry.

    • I you truly follow international affairs, the common denominator is that Russia and China are a genuine international security and peace. It is just what evil authoritarian regimes like to do.

      • Authoritarian? Maybe. But the Russian people, after their experience with democracy under Boris Yeltsin, will not b e wanting to see it return.

        • How do you know mikesh? You really have no idea what the Russian people think! I was in Russia in 1994. What I remember vividly were the many maimed veterans from the Soviet Afghan war forced to beg on the streets. It is going to be even worse for the tens of thousands walking wounded from this war.

      • What is your point of comparison? Compare the US v Russia and China combined this, the “New American Century.”
        You are completely ignorant.

        • Ovod, the fact that your family fought with the White Russians indicates that they came from a more privileged class, rather than the dirt poor. Russia has always been a country where the vast majority were poor, not privileged. Don’t overdo the ‘I know all about it because my family were there and I visited Russia’ prattle. You yourself lack impartiality.

    • The USA sees Russia as a threat, Russia sees the USA as a threat. The USA sees China as a threat, China sees the USA as a threat. China sees Russia as a Threat, Russia sees China as a threat.
      Common denominator here being they are all imperialist powers.
      All imperialists see all other imperialists as a threat.
      And that is the real threat.

  3. Yes indeed! The biggest threats to Russia are the Russians themselves.

    Already the Russian body count in Ukraine is a quarter of a million and counting. In additional to that, hundreds of thousands of the most educated and employable have already left the country to avoid conscription. This in a country on the precipice of demographic suicide thanks to its fertility level running below replacement level since the 1980’s.

    With the tech support people (Mainly Schlumberger and BP) having left Russia, it’s oil and gas production capacity will steadily decline because Russia doesn’t even have the skill or technical capability to maintain its own plant. So that’s its main source of revenue on the decline, and few will want to pay for Russian weapons anymore, now that they’ve seen how they fare against even 1970’s level NATO capabilities.

    If you watch street interviews in Russia, you’ll see that many older Russians left over from the old soviet days still have a desire for empire with bellicose demands to retake Ukraine and once that’s done, carry on with Poland and the other former Warsaw Pact countries. It beggars’ belief how ignorant these people are! I guess they only get to see state-controlled media.

    So where to for Russia? I suppose the fear for the West must be that the place turns into Mad Max on Ice – a vast rogue state that harbours criminals and terrorists. I also suspect that the various ethnic states will want to split off with only a little prompting from the CIA… China will be eyeing the vast untapped resources in the far East where Russia no longer has the capacity to defend itself.

    Interesting times!

  4. Ah so she made the statement on tv which was then denounced by the Russia government with a possible investigation. Dang those war mongering Russians. Keep dreaming Pat.

  5. Your so delusional Pat, what a a load of utter bullshit, this article is even worse than your comments? You really have no understanding of the Russian people’s psyche & mentality, where did you dream up this storm the Kremlin nonsense, Putin is a moderate, he has a 90% approval rating in Russia, the only complaint his people have is that he’s going to slow & hasn’t dropped Nukes to end the conflict in Ukraine quickly enough, no wonder the Union movement is turning to shit with Staunch unionist idiots like you claiming to be Russian experts & as a so called Human rights activist, judging by some of your nutty comments, your pretty good at supporting the Neo Nazi’s & Azoz Battalion Banderite bastards in Ukraine but I suppose Justin Trudeau is your best friend, you both share the same traits of having a rascist & pathological hatred of Putin & it’s Leadership & the Russian people but you don’t have a problem honouring the War criminal Comedian actor Zelensky who has sent 500k Ukrainians to their deaths in one year or your support for the Neo Nazi’s & murderous SS thugs now running Ukraine! And here’s a heads up for you Pat, Putin & his Russian people don’t give a flying fuck what the West thinks, they will do what has to be done to secure Russia’s Borders & the Ukrainian conflict will be settled on the Battlefield, not according to your fever dream prediction articles of blah, blah bullshit?


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