Palestinian people need help.


The recent flair up of violence is a result of entrapment of Palestinian people and an escalation in racist anti-semitic policies by the extreme right wing Israeli government under Benjamin Netanyahu.  Attacks on christians have escalated, and the attempts to weaken Israeli courts to suppress the rule of law for the benefit of some political elites are signs of a failing Israeli democracy.  

But there is a wider context than just the injustice done by this anti-semitic Israeli government. The Palestinian leadership is very aware of a growing desire in the Saudi government for rapprochement with Israel in order to gain a concession from the United States to fast track development of and support for a civilian nuclear programme within Saudi Arabia.  But of course Saudi want to enrich uranium within the kingdom which sets up the possibility of nuclear weapons development. And Saudi desperately want these weapons because they know their biggest rival Iran is currently enriching uranium and likely to have a nuclear weapons programme. 

The Palestinians are very aware that their rights and needs for restorative justice, after the atrocities and cruelties they have suffered under unlawful Israeli occupation, are a bargaining chip in the eyes of Saudi Arabia for what Saudi view as a greater existential problem for them, nuclear neighbours. 

Israel, a nuclear state, also know this and the aggressive anti-semitism of this Netanyahu government, ethically cleansing Palestinian semitic peoples from their traditional lands in the occupied West bank, is partially a result of Israel trying to maximise what they can get out of that Saudi fear in the negotiations.  Netanyahu is trying to create realities on the ground that become justifications for continued injustice solicited in treaties. Provocatively he went to the United Nations displaying a map showing the complete annexation of occupied palestinian territories with no two state solution that has been voted upon and endorsed in the UN. Rubbing his negotiating power in the UN’s face. 

And of course Saudi’s nuclear dream is Iran’s nightmare. And Iran is the biggest funder and supporter of Hezbollah in the Gaza Strip. So the desperate Palestinian leadership in Gaza know they must try and change the conditions on the ground so that their sufferings of injustice are not lost to Saudi strategic goals. They have a willing supporter in Iran. 

And the United States is encouraging all this because of their domestic political needs based on a fever dream of peace in our time without holding anyone to account for injustice. Appeasement is alive and well in the face of an arrogant Israeli government’s racist anti-semitic policies and aggression towards Palestinian peoples. 

Mehdi Hasan covers some of these issues and more in his insightful Youtube clip – “Worst foreign  policy deal of my lifetime.’ Is Biden going to risk American lives for Saudi Arabia?’


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  1. Ahhh brothers in arms for Hamas!….seems you and John took the kool aid when youngsters.

    Firing 1200+ missiles into Israel and now moaning that Palastinians are vulnerable, what did you actually expect to happen?

    Would be funny if it wasn’t the fact you believe what Hamas did was righteous, did you not view the massacre of women and children that was filmed?

    • Yes, the Palestinian people are dreadfully oppressed, and have been for 75 years. The only possible answer for Israel-Palestine is to establish a unitary state with equal rights for all its inhabitants.
      But to dismiss Hamas’s killing, wounding, and kidnapping of civilians as ‘The recent flair-up of violence’ is disgraceful.
      Hamas is playing its own game, and it is sly and dishonest to try to portray Hamas’s violence as an uprising of the Palestinian people.

    • Hi mr ‘I’m right.’
      I in no way support the killing of women and children or any civilians by either side.
      I assume from your comments you do.

    • Ok I’m right.
      Not all Palestinians are Hamas
      Pretty sure not all babies and children are terrorists.
      Yes what Hamas did was terrible .
      And what the Israelis have been doing to the people of Gaza for decades is terrible.This hasn’t happened in a vacuum
      It’s happened because we’ve all turned a blind eye to the open air concentration camp that is Gaza and Israel has slaughtered Palestinians with impunity.
      For all this violence to stop,Israel, from its position of power and might needs to stop stealing land and treat the Palestinians like human beings
      You don’t respond to atrocities by committing atrocities.
      That just makes you the terrorist
      Enough is enough

    • Israel’s License to Kill: Genocidal Campaign has Been Unleashed in Gaza

      “The media has been running the beheaded babies story day after day, when their single source is one soldier, a settler associated with some of the most violent anti-Palestinian figures on the West Bank. 
      As has happened many times in the past, the media has turned a lurid accusation into fact, without having any credible evidence that it is a fact but still repeating it irresponsibly day after day as if it is true. Neither is there evidence of rapes or of 260 young people being killed at the ‘rave’ near the Gaza fence. ……….

      The consequence is to license Israel, in the eyes of the public and the politicians, to do whatever it wants to do in Gaza, where within a few days Israel had already killed hundreds of children.  
      Their deaths, their bodies buried in the rubble of destroyed apartment buildings, unlike the slander set loose by this single extremist settler wearing a military uniform, are a verifiable fact. 

      Since 1948, Israel has killed many thousands of children, even babies in arms. On the West Bank, it kills children frequently, in Gaza and Lebanon it kills hundreds every time it invades but only on the rare occasions when Jewish children are killed during a Palestinian attack, it seems, is the collective ‘west’ outraged. ”

  2. Firstly I would like to give my condolence to the innocent civilians killed through these terrorist attacks on Jewish settlers by Hamas equally condemning Israel military response that for decades has been disproportionate against the indigenous Palestinians.

    Hamas is allied with the Muslim brotherhood that has ties with Al Qaeda, ISIS, who has and may still receive funding from the US govt and its allies in the region noted in the Timber Sycamore report. Hamas has been allied with Al Qaeda groups in Syria to topple the Syrian govt and president Bashar Al Assad which funny enough that the US, and Israel’s policy in Syria. It’s now being reported that the Egyptian govt had warned the Israelis about a coming attack but was ignored?

    IMHO having thought this through from the initial attack believe that this was an inside job because this was well orchestrated and went undetected against a militarized country that has the latest technology. The question is why and what do they want to achieve?

    • OH…FFS

      It was Israel that fired all those rockets eh?

      You really need to stop watching Islamic propaganda YouTube videos, you are sounding more and more radical by each post you make!

      • OH…FFS I’m Wrong, use your fucken imagination? An inside job could mean their close allies like the Yanks! They’ve everything to gain from this attack and in some sick way the Israelis too because it gives them the red light to murder as many Palestinian justifying their disproportionate response and erasing them from Palestine, also rightfully eliciting sympathy from other nations.

        The Israelis have been bombing Gaza since the attack whilst some of the Israelis hostage are held captive in Gaza underground tunnels. Most of the Hamas fighters are either underground in Gaza, killed or have left for Idlib Syria where they’ve been situated fighting alongside jihadis supported by Turkey & the US, trying unsuccessfully to overthrow Syrian president ‘Bashar Al Assad’ regime.

        There’s to many possibilities and IMHO need to be explored because Hezbollah situated in east Lebanon wouldn’t have killed civilians like Hamas
        did and were fighting alongside the Syrian regime which would of put them in opposition to one another.

        The zionist have no problem murdering jews as was the case in the bombing of the King David hotel Jerusalem July the 22 1946 about 91 people of various nationalities were killed, including Arabs, Britons and Jews, also the attack on the USS Liberty June the 6th 1967 during the six day war in international waters off Egypt’s Gaza Strip which left 34 Americans dead and 174 others injured to achieve their goals.

        Remember not all Jews are zionist and not all zionist are Jews

        Free Palestine.

    • Nathan piss off, you never want to discuss the issue just slag off Minto.

      Peace talks, you mean the US Israel against the Palestinians

      Read a few things and find out about the so called peace talks of the past.

      One state with everyone in it with one vote that will happen one day.

    • John huh…..still, peace does not exist here. This is a foreign entity wanting to annihilate the locals, with the corridors of world power ambivalent, to put that nicely, to this situation. When a foreign entity has advanced as much as it has, in the short time they have being there, and the corridors of world power ambivalent to these actions, then a call for peace is…….

      • Maybe they only take notice of the surname and do not realise that different people can have the same surname? It’s kind of irritating though.

      • Some are unsubtly suggesting that it is John Minto pretending to be Stephen.
        As one who has marked many English essays, I would say that Stephen and John are not the same person, and that those who think they are the same are shallow fools. Wishful thinkers.

  3. There will be no peace whilst hard-line Jewish religious nuts progress their plans to build a new temple on the mount. That requires the demolition of Islam’s third most holy place.

    Given the religious intractibility of both sides the scenario is going to be an existential sore that won’t go away.

    • You are correct.
      Sam Harris talks about this dilemma and he is right we need to find better solutions than killing each other.

      Maybe we can all learn from this and also reject the proposition that Russia has the right to kill babies in Ukraine. (Supposedly to protect the right of sone who live in Ukraine to speak Russian.)

      • you seem to be shitting out a two front stream of propaganda JKT ….. Israel has deliberatly slaughtered over 500 children now ,,, to effect their goal of ethnic cleansing.

        A war crime ,,, that you probably support.

  4. Settlements are illegal under international law – that is the position of the UN Security Council and the UK government, among others .Israel rejects this.

    Collective punishment is a war crime. Knowing that Hammas is in tunnels underground but the Israelis bomb people above ground knowing the enemy is undeground is a war crime!

    • None of villagers attacked by Hamas where settlements or settlers, they where Israel proper( q1948) , many of the kibbutz’s where left wing and praceniks in their nature

    • Balfour, Picot & Sykes did it!
      The French & British carving up, carving out the Russians and the Arabs specifically the Turks from the area while double-crossing the Saudis and Turks. Colonial meddling in places they don’t belong. Where have we witnessed this before?

      • Don’t forget Israel is a colony of Europe, started by Britain, and backed by Europe & its other colonies.
        The “Middle East” is only “unstable” because Israel was never meant to be what it is today. A remnant of the history of what Europe was like in the 1920s Germany is now.

  5. Look Nathan read a bit, get up to date on your history and then we could have real dialogue.

    Israel a Beachhead in the middle east – Stephen Gowans
    The Palestine Laboratory – Antony Loewenstein
    The Last Earth – Ramzy Baroud
    The making of Hamas’s foreign policy – Daud Abdullah
    The Great War for Civilisation – Robert Fisk
    The Question of Palestine – Edward Said
    The biggest prison on earth – Ilane Pappe
    On Palestine – Noam Chomsky
    The Ethnic cleansing of Palestine – Ilane Pappe
    Palestine a four thousand year history – Nurma Masalha
    The Invention of the land of Israel – Shlomo Sand
    Freedom Next Time – Resisting the empire – John Pilger

    • Michal – Nearly every author on this list has been discredited, such as Noam Chomsky nasty suggestions for anti-mandate people, Robert Fisk is now a war hawk, Antony Loewenstein called Jewish people “Nazi’s” if they do not agree with him…Go live in Israel, then start lecturing me.

      • Neihana, ‘Michal – Nearly every author on this list has been discredited’
        Edward Said is discredited how so?
        Illan Pappe is discredited how so?
        Daud Abdullah is discredited how so?
        John Pilger is discredited how so?
        Ramzy Baroud is discredited how so?
        Stephen Gowans is discredited how so?
        Shlomo Sand is discredited how so?
        Nurma Masalha is discredited how so?

        Please leave detailed explanation thanks.

    • I consider myself a liberal and I would leave them without power, food and water until every single Hamas leader and soldier surrendered. If they don’t then they can starve.

  6. Fantastic effort @ J.M. Now let’s see if our all bought and paid for Right Wing MSM can add to that.
    And what is it with Americans and their Vaudeville Act AKA their politics and ancient white men? Are we sure Biden’s still actually alive or has the Military Industrial Complex pumped him full of embalming fluids then propped him up with a tomato stake? We should watch for any blowfly crawling untroubled across his blank eyes.

  7. Heartbreaking to see American officials crying on TV, sobbing as they pump even more WMDs into Ukraine and Israel. This may be difficult to accept but heavily armed fanatics in Ukraine and Israel aren’t actually the victims, it’s the Americans that feel the most pain and need the most sympathy at this juncture, they have sacrificed the most because they have no choice but to arm the world. And it hurts them tremendously.

  8. there’s only one argument…decapitated babies..pallys should blame hamas and hand over members…but they don’t do they…

  9. What about the Palestinian parents shielding their loved children from Israeli bombs and forced genocide and torture of the Israeli US backed right wing government against the Palestinian people that goes on every day.

    There are two sides involved in this conflict and only one is portrayed as innocent victims by western propaganda media and that is the Israelis when their own violence and hatred is re directed back at them.

  10. Whoever is in the right or in the wrong is quite irrelevant if we wish to continue calling ourselves human beings , if we intend to inhabit this planet earth into the future or just drift hazily into a strontium 90 infused ruin. You are quite correct @J.M. Palestinian people need help Negotiating the minefield laid across the world of definitions is another thing but as I read it, Zionism is quite a different thing from Jewishness and there are human victims on both sides of the wall. However, a cruel apartheid exists for Palestinian people for which there is no Nelson Mandela, no Janis Joplin, no Che Guevara, and the music mafia cancels Roger Waters- why? because the Paladin/Pegasus spyware which Snowden warned about indirectly funds the war machine via the ridiculously outdated DMCA (ridiculously outdated due to current in use tech. eg:
    Mr Google says: “From 2019 through today, only the military has had Pegasus, four people with knowledge of the contracts say. And during that time, the spyware has continued to be deployed against journalists, human rights defenders and an opposition politician, according to Citizen Lab’s analyses.”18/04/2023.
    Amnesty International was forced to backtrack on their criticisms of the use of the tech and suddenly every user is hiding behind the new AI excuse, kind of like ‘the dog ate my homework’ one. Not sure how to help Palestinian people other than donating money to Red Crescent.

  11. This is not a war, this is a genocide.

    1.1 million people have been given 24 hours to flee Northern Gaza and Gaza City to the mostly open area past the Palestinian Wadi that bisects Gaza.

    The Israelis can’t wait to begin their genocide.

    Video footage of the carnage resulting from an Israeli airstrike on a column of fleeing civilian refugees on a roadway designated as a safety corridor by the Israelis.


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