Wait – WHAT? National beg you to save them from the Winston problem they created?


What on earth is going on?

Election 2023: National warns ‘very real possibility’ of no-deal with NZ First, sending voters back to the polls

The National Party has ramped up its efforts to try to stop NZ First holding the balance of power by raising the prospect of a second election, warning there was “a very real and growing possibility” National could not get a deal done, or of a hung parliament.

It comes as polls show it is increasingly likely National will need both NZ First and Act to form a government, despite National leader Christopher Luxon’s pleas to voters to deliver a clear two-party hand to him.

National’s campaign chair Chris Bishop said there was a scenario in which the left and right blocs got 60 seats all – “that chance is a real one and growing.”

“The second scenario is when there is essentially a hung Parliament and NZ First is in the middle, but it is just impossible to do a deal between National, Act and NZ First. That is a very real and growing possibility and that would necessitate, essentially, a second election.”


Nation refuse to rule Winston out, then they rule Winston in and as he gains power they are now begging voters to stop Winston or else there will be a second election?

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These people are fucking muppets!

COME ON – National have been bigger clowns before their Government has even won!

This is a humiliating embarrassment for National and a reminder why you must vote Labour, Greens or Māori Party or else you will get an ACT/National/NZ First grudge fuck.


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  1. The NZ Public will listen to John Key and follow his sound advice and vote in a NACT Government, for a strong stable Government.

    • One can only hope but at the end of the day if a large percentage want NZF to have a voice then it is not right to rule that bloxpck out even if you do not agree with them .MMP was sold to us all as representing a chance for more voices to be heard

    • Why would they listen to someone who chairs one of the biggest money making machines in NZ. That same machine adds to the misery of the squeezed middle by upping interest rates and bank margins with no regard for either the country or its people.
      Also his government was one of broken promises, inaction and corruption.
      The corruption relates to the people who were allowed to benefit from their positions on the Christchurch rebuild projects and probably others we don’t know about.
      Gerry Brownlee would seem to have done pretty well for a school teacher.

    • Ngungukai are you a cheap AI creation. No one speaks like that in real life!
      The National Party Social Media army really needs to up it’s game 🙂

    • I like your sarcasm Ngungukai!


      What National are trying to do is outrageous…. Telling people not to vote for a party that they have already said they would work with…

      Clearly Luxon thinks that he would not be capable of handling the 3 headed monster ..

      His skill set is nowhere near where it needs to be to run a country…let alone in an MMP environment.

      They would be the worst Government in New Zealand’s history…. worse than Key….worse than Richardson …worse than Shipley ….that would take some doing, but that is one thing that they’d do with ease.

      Labour /Greens/TPM candidates have all impressed, demonstrating how far ahead they are in their thinking and detail of knowledge in all the different debates held. I can’t think of a single debate where ‘the right’ have sounded as, or more, competent…Not once!

      I was at my local cafe this morning and one of the local’s, who freely admits that he normally votes for National, (as a matter of habit more than any other reason), dropped today’s paper on my table and said..

      .. “read this …front page as well”…he went on….”i’m 77 and i’ve never ever seen anything like this before during an election campaign…National’s completely lost the plot trying to tell the electorate not to vote for N.Z First and Luxon doesn’t ring true to me. I’m not happy about this at all. That is so bad and so wrong.”

      I asked him what he was going to do… his reply…”for the first time ever…not vote for National…you just can’t be having that carry on…i have children and grandchildren to think about.”

      True story.

    • See that little dip in National’s polling right after the reappearance of John Key? Coincidence? He’s possibly still the most detested man in the country. In contrast, LINO have wisely kept the equally detested Ardern well away from their campaign.

    • I will ignore the smug arrogance that underpins your statement, as you have already shown yourself up as the type of ignoramus that is the backbone of the reactionary tory support base… It is only fitting that you should be quoting the very person who’s only job was to destabilize the country based on nothing more than greed, and adherence to a ruling clique that hasn’t the slightest care for a single one of us “peasants”, which includes “reactionary geniuses” such as yourself, that not only make their job easier by throwing yourselves willingly over the cliff, but are willing to sabotage any attempts to introduce reason and rationality into the mix…
      I’m only commenting thus to congratulate you on your utterly brilliant demonstration of why NZ needs to clean such dross such as tory politics is founded upon, out of their lives, once and for all…
      Any group willing to use the same type of rank dishonesty, and indulge willingly in the rank corruption that is at the heart of tory politics has no place being in charge of the society they have no real connection with.. Remember who it is that is financing these cretins, and where the most powerful and wealthy actually live… It ain’t here…

  2. One can only hope but at the end of the day if a large percentage want NZF to have a voice then it is not right to rule that bloxpck out even if you do not agree with them .MMP was sold to us all as representing a chance for more voices to be heard

  3. People are voting NZF because they are sick of Nats and Labour so the more Seymour and Luxon do this, the more votes go to Winston.

    • Agree +100% however what I don’t understand is why NZF and Labour are at odds with each other, I thought the 2017 Coalition Government was quite productive and worked well until everything unravelled b4 the 2020 Election.

        • the great tragedy that is mmp, it keeps on playing :banjo: I’m guessing NACT won’t need him on the day. if the left votes, the left wins.

    • I agree. The naughty voting public are enjoying the double whammy thrill of punishing Labour, and making the big money boys pay tribute. It’ll be chaos and silliness. That’s what they’re after. Hopefully NZ’s middle will swing back to boring old reliable steady Labour.

  4. After reading that I thought it was my tinnitus getting rowdy but it was instead all my alarm bells are ringing.
    Not only is National our agrarian primary industry go-to exploitative Machiavellian Liar of no choice at all but it’s also the crucible of neo-liberalism. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know, Roger was a two term finance minister for Labour but just look at what he did to Labour? Where is Old Labour? I can tell you. In a shallow grave beside David Lange.
    All this baton swapping and ball cupping interspersed with little hissy fits and foot stamping shouldn’t deflect us from the cold hard reality that we’ve all become hypnotised servants to political slavers who are in turn servants to multi-billionaire and multi-millionaire Grand Masters and they, in turn, slobber at the feet of the banksters who in turn slither about sniffing at the U$A Fed Reserve.
    In finance, as in families, everything’s connected to everything else.
    In short. We’re being played. Politically speaking, suspect everything and trust no one. Especially when everything’s as fucked as it currently is.

  5. I think there are a few people who can see the writing on the wall and wouldn’t mind a front row seat at the Chris/Dave/Winston show – where the handbrake is firmly applied.

    I also think it’s pretty dispiriting to see a clutch of professional MMP-savvy politicians proclaiming that they don’t have the skills to do MMP coalition politics.

    Are they tears of laughter or tears of frustration?

  6. Here’s another Capt. Pugwash moment where Cluxon needs to be saved from himself again.

    Won’t he be a great PM!
    The proposed Ministry of Space must be already in operation…in his head.
    Having run a VERY SMALL airline he feels qualified for everything.

  7. Parliament is deemed a “house of representatives” Winston legtimately represents the old boomers, NO ONE ELSE even talks about them
    They see this, they hear this, he is their man, he is back for sure.

    Now next Sunday when the Chris’s are having their cornflakes and the people have delivered each a couple of seats short of the top job, what are they going to do?
    Say “sorry people you gave us the wrong result, neither of us can govern, lets have a new Election to get the result WE WANT”
    Or get on the phone to Winston to try and hack a deal?
    It clearly will be the latter, being Prime Minister and being a proven liar will be a more acceptable outcome than dying in the ditch and facing the wrath of the people in a second election.

  8. Not enough people are voting National ( at least in the polls) because not enough people are stupid. Full of sh*t on their tax policy, on both the maths of it and who will get any real benefit. They are so in bed with the real estate crowd that they have to weather the non existent storm from the media rather than produce any basis/workings. Five minutes of Nicola Willis voice and the media just wave the white flag and move on

  9. Election time is silly time. I’d recommend turning off from the rivaling that most media incites, and tuning into what the heart directs.

  10. 6 years in Opposition.
    $5 million in donations/bribes.
    Zero costed policies.

    Now dictating how people should vote because they realise they’ve blown it.

    Not a government in waiting.

  11. Even people on the right should be mad at National for phoning this whole election expecting they could ride the anger at Labour to victory

  12. We’re not talking big ideas or policies. We’re talking bloody Winston. Winston this Winston that. We’re not even talking any if his policies. Just bloody Winston. Every fucking election it’s the same shit. MMP as it stands doesn’t do us voters any favours. Something has to change to stop this crap.

  13. Am I the only one sick of bloody Winston? Every fucking election the same shit. Winston this Winston that. This MMP system is not right when we spend more time before the election talking about ‘king making strategies’ than policies and ideas for the future. What are NZ1 policies???? Exactly! Nobody knows or knows the other candidates for NZ1. Winston Winston Winston bloody Winston. Having said that, Luxon and National are utter dumb fucks not being in the 40s by now. What a bunch of incompetent idiots.

  14. Bahahaha, you can really smell the desperation & panic setting with the Right, the narcissistic little twerp Seymour is proving to be a unlikable, arrogant asshole with the effect that Act is plunging into the single digits in the recent polls & National is panicking, caught out by its Tax cut scam so in desperation they turned to John Key too polish the National Party turd & to endorse the Nats fraudulent Policies? Now with these flip flops regarding Winston Peters, the Nats credibility is in tatters, NZers are finally coming to the realisation that these clowns are fuckwits who couldn’t organise a boozeup in a brewery & that it’s better the Devil you know in Labour, than the Devil you don’t with the Alliance of Arseholes of Nats/Act/NZF? It’s bloody glorious & as Martyn is wont to say, it ain’t over till the Fat Lady sings?

  15. ” Last month, National Party leader Chris Luxon proudly declared that he would work with Winston to oust Labour. Today, his party is trying to threaten another election if he’s forced to do what he said he would do ”

    ” This is an arrogant and contemptuous attitude, both to democracy and their potential coalition partners. And it conflicts fundamentally with the strong convention in Aotearoa that politicians must accept the election result and try and make it work, no matter how much they dislike it ”



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