Political Caption Competition


SPOT THE DIFFERENCE: One is an angry bitter rich fuckwit who lies! The other is Chris Hipkins.


  1. Luxon …(think bubble)…”I’ve spent hours in the mirror practicing my Mussolini /Muldoon /Trump look…

    I’ve spent hours learning my ‘low hanging fruit lines’ lines

    I’ve spent hours revising my fav book ‘How to Win Friends And Influence People’

    ….and yet everyone’s laughing at me…..I don’t get it…where did i go wrong?”

    Chippy …(think bubble)….This guy’s a dick!!

  2. Guys in ties
    one lies
    does not care how you die
    One tries
    But flies in fear
    from what we need
    does not heed
    the the bleak injustice of the skies
    and eats his pies.

  3. Colour Coding:

    Dictionary Definitions from Oxford Languages ·
    colour code
    gerund or present participle: colour-coding

    Mark (things) with different colours as a means of identification.
    “each unit is colour-coded for clarity”

    Have we got dumber?

    I remember a time in New Zealand where we didn’t need to colour-code our politicians’ ties for clarity of who they represented. As soon as they spoke we knew.

    Have we become so stupid that our politicians have to be colour coded?
    Or is it, that their policies have become so similar that we need the colour coding to distinguish which is which?

    I wonder?

    If they swapped ties would it affect the outcome of the election?

    • Don’t be ungrateful to trends. That they still have colours is good. Not like the major clothing and car colours (and houses) – beige, white, grey or black.

  4. Chippy has been minister of Health , Police , Education….his expertise in these portfolios are on display everyday in New Zealand… Why would anyone vote for Luxon when we can have a continuation of all the great qualities Chippy has displayed. …..

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