Why National’s Housing policy is a recipe for homelessness, lower home ownership and prison riots

This is a recipe for National Party homelessness and ACT are promising to build the prisons, so state tenants get kicked out onto the street, straight into the prisons? It's the Right wing circle of life.



Let’s be very clear what National’s Housing policy will actually generate.

They have had millions in donations form the Real Estate Pimps and it is the speculators and the mega Landlords who will benefit while renters suffer.

National will give Landlords back their tax loopholes and give them the right to evict.

National will stop building State Houses and will start kicking unruly tenants out onto the street.

This is a recipe for National Party homelessness and ACT are promising to build the prisons, so state tenants get kicked out onto the street, straight into the prisons?

It’s the Right wing circle of life.

National’s acquiesce to Landlords on top of tax cuts funded by robbing 2 year olds, mutilating public transport and literally stealing from the climate change funds are compounded because National is setting the stage for a mass privatisation and real estate feeding frenzy which will lock generations out of home ownership.

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Look at how the privatisation agenda is already slowly building in the background where no one is noticing…

Winton property developers

The most politically controversial business Joyce has joined is the major property developer Winton, a company that is currently locked in a legal battle with the Government. Winton claims Kāinga Ora is stymying its “Sunfield” development plans in South Auckland by not giving the company a fast-tracked development under the new Urban Development Act. In appointing Joyce, the company put out a press release to say that Joyce “has not been appointed for government relations or political lobbying.”

The company is associated with some big donations to the National Party. Back in May 2022 the party received $52,000 from a holding company called Speargrass, which is owned by Winton’s CEO Chris Meehan. This year Meehan has donated $103,260 to National and $50,000 to Act.

National and Act have both come out publicly this year in favour of Winton in their fight with Kāinga Ora, with the parties’ respective housing spokespeople Chris Bishop and Brooke van Velden issuing press releases pushing Winton’s case.

National had already received the first donation when Bishop went public with his support for Winton, but he failed to declare this. In fact, Bishop later told Newsroom that he wasn’t aware of the big donations and could not give further comments due to Winton’s court case. He also told Newsroom that there was no conflict of interest, and any question of whether the property developer would get a meeting with an incoming National prime minister was an issue for after the election campaign.

National’s foreign buyer tax policy

When National announced that its new tax policy would involve a partial abolition of Labour’s ban on house sales to foreign buyers, political commentator Matthew Hooton suggested in the Herald that, “incredibly”, the policy had been created “with the help of lobbyists” for “the property-development industries”.

Certainly, property companies would stand to benefit from National’s new policy as, if implemented, all properties worth over $2m could be sold to foreign buyers, increasing the market and demand for the houses being sold by property developers.

This week Hooton has expanded on his claim that National designed the policy with the help of property developers, pointing to Winton and its close relationship with National, and suggesting that property developers have been able to help shape National’s housing-tax policies. Hooton says, “It may well be that National has thought through its tax policy much more carefully than it has been given credit for.”

He points out that the new policy could raise a lot of tax revenue and profit: “If Winton, say, sold 5000 residences for $2m+ over four years to foreign buyers, that alone would raise half the $20b of houses and apartments National needs to make its books balance. And, of course, some would be worth more than $2m. Some of the properties Winton has in its pipeline are planned to be sold for $10m+.”

Hooton therefore suggests that with a change of government, and a new minister in charge of Kāinga Ora and housing, there might well be a law change and the green light given to property developers to proceed with high-end developments.

…housing for the poor will be pushed aside for millionaire housing developments.

The venality of National using housing to line the pockets of their wealthy Real Estate Pimp mates is bad enough, but allowing an orgy of speculation to eclipse the social obligations of housing the poor will cause irreparable damage to the Egalitarian foundations of New Zealand.

Something very evil is about to go down if National and ACT form a Government.

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  1. Arrrh ahem. Labour stopped building social housing and privatised it! They only deliver ‘spaces’ and temporary accommodation and rely on the private sector to build and then KaiangaOra leases the spaces and accommodation places from private investors or iwi parasitic corporate investing Ponzi Scam artists by a thing called Rent to Buy! You buy equity every rent day which changes weekly because the value of the property fluctuates weekly ffs!

    The sooner NZ gets hit with a nuke…

    • Go & get out of your House pal & have look around, have you seen the amount of Social Kainga Ora Houding going up in Avondale, NZ, all built under a Labour Govt! Think before making such dumb comments!

  2. The problem is that the electorates isn’t privi or just can’t be fucked looking into this shit. The race debating political football has clouded this discussion purposely imo to hide this collusion between ex-National MPs and elite real estate business working hand in glove to enrich themselves at the expense of ordinary NZers. This is our ‘Israel lobbying govt’ moment that needs to be highly scrutinized because this isn’t about benefitting all NZers just a tiny few who have unbelievable wealth.

  3. If only Labour had done some work prior to 2017 on what the barriers to delivering KiwiBuild would be, they could have changed so much legislation into being pro-building rather than anti-building, then the Nats could never have turned the housing supply tap off again.

    • So by your admission National completely fucked up housing with rampant immigration and record sell offs of state homes. Cheers.

    • This seems a common argument that is completely bogus Ada. National and Act got to be arseholes all by themselves. Labour doesn’t set their policy for them.

  4. All we must, absolutely MUST remember leading into this election specifically is this. Fucking national did this to us. All of it. Those bastards have caused all our unnecessary fear, misery and pain. They’ve single handedly and deliberately crashed us and our AO/NZ into a swamp of debt, hardship and suffering on our Paradise AO/NZ and as we few survivors try to swim through the vile sewage they excrete daily via their foreign owned mafia-banks and the rich psycho-cunts who self-legitimise their crimes via their corrupted MSM they keep pushing us back under while demanding ever more money from us to feed their bold, arrogant and insatiable greed, and of course, to keep us compliant and powerless lest we suddenly come to understand what they’ve been doing to us for generations.

  5. Someone needs to ask Luxon or/and willis is they are aware of any large scale development plans with average price points of over 2 million… by someone like … wilton. Something tells me that that is why they will not release their costings. They seem a little toooo confident in their policy not to have a ace in the hole.

  6. At least she (Jacinda) admitted there was a housing problem unlike Key he denied it for 9 years and then sold 1500 state homes and introduced us to his new housing policy called motelcalefornia.

  7. Why should bad behaving tenants not be kicked out .They are bothersome neighbors to good tenants so why put the bad before the good .This seems to be a Labour problem of looking after the criminal not the victim.
    If I borrow money to start a business I can deduct the interest so why if my business is being a landlord should I not be able to claim interest on the mortgage.

    • Trouble is Trevor, the landlords don’t want to pay tax on capital gains. Yes, a business can claim tax relief on interest when purchasing an asset. But, if the business sells an asset for more than its appreciated value then that business pays tax on the ‘profit’. Landlords want their cake and eat it too.

    • In some places like Queensland, they had what’s known as move along laws. So police could go to gatherings of homeless people, and get them to move along. But they still have to be somewhere.
      Like Nacts policy of kicking unruly tenants out of state houses, is a very precise and understandable policy. And then putting them at the bottom of the emergency housing wait list, is also a precise and easily understandable policy. But after kicking them out, they still have to stay somewhere, and Nact policy at this point is not precise, and is not explained. Why doesn’t Nact also have a precise policy on where they will go, when kicked out. On the day they are kicked out. What’s their answer? Nact are good at the easy answers, but not the hard ones.
      Does anyone remember the number of tenants made homeless by the meth testing wild goose chase pseudo science evictions, under the last Nact dictatorship scorched earth social housing policy.

      There seems to be a pattern here. Nact has plenty of help for speculators and landlords who are their big donors, but is not so kind to tenants. And Nact want to reverse industrial relations laws and import cheap foreign workers to put downward pressure on wages, and increase unemployment.
      And finally Nact wants to get tough on beneficiaries along with building more gaols.
      Does any sane person really think these policies will NZ a better place, or a worse place. Apart from obviously the rich landlords, and rich developers, and the plain rich.

      This is not a fiscal hole in the Nact policys, it’s a logical commonsense hole. And needs a please explain.
      But since Nact want to look tough at all costs, to crack down on the gangs, of whom many came here from Australia during the last Nact govt, and now want to send raptor police into tangi gatherings, to take gang patches off mourning people, then commonsense is obviously in short supply.
      I would feel more comforatble if Mark Mitchel makes an election promise, that he will personally lead these teams of police into the tangi gatherings himself. He’s got the training. He can set the example.

      I’d not vote Nact simply because of their policy of resuming cruel live animal exports, let alone their other stuff. And anyone who wants a reminder of how utterly utterly utterly the economic record of Labour is, can see the evidence with this link (www.labour.org.nz/our-record).

    fulfilling the wishes of the rightwing think tanks(wrong word we should use’pressure groups–that’s what they are..)..who funnel us money to them

  9. The Central government can buy damaged houses that are livable but unsuitable for ongoing insurance. Use them as state housing and if people have to be moved out eventually and the property abandoned. they will have had some years of reasonable living. Set up little groups nearby that can support each other in an emergency. They are available now so go for it.

    Also there should be an Official Co-ordinator with an overview who can put in a request to departments and agencies for houses and resources that are available, to enable an overall project. They could be snaffled or borrowed if not used, even when uncertain of exact use if would probably be within their requirements.


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