Auckland Central Debate – Winners & Losers


Chloe Swarbrick ‘taking nothing for granted’ in tight Auckland Central race

The Greens are only two points ahead of National in the latest poll for the electorate seat – but incumbent MP Chlöe Swarbrick says the result is not a foregone conclusion. 

Swarbrick prized the seat off National last election, winning by only a few hundred votes and becoming only the party’s second candidate to win an electorate seat.

A Taxpayers Union / Curia poll last night had her in front on 26 percent. but National’s Mahesh Muralidhar is only two points back on 24.

Labour candidate Oscar Sims is on 12 percent.

Swarbrick defended the poll result, telling RNZ’s Checkpoint it was the highest-ever polling by a Green candidate in an electorate seat.

She was not surprised by the result, saying they were taking “nothing for granted”.

Party vote 2020 was: Labour 46%, National 21%, Greens 19%, Act 8%.
Party vote from the Poll is: Labour 26%, National 37%, ACT 9% and Greens 23%

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Chloe – 26%
Mahesh – 24%
Oscar – 12%
Felix – 2%

It’s interesting that National have jumped into the Party vote leadership and Labour have slipped to 3rd.

The night was another entertaining debate but I think everyone viewing saw that Chloe was head and shoulders above every other candidate.

She is a unique once in a generation politician who is intellectually miles ahead of all other candidates.

She has worked tirelessly during the flooding, she has been front and centre in terms of civil defence and resource allocation during those flooding events and she has been seen as a pillar of the community.

If Auckland Central voters seriously elect anyone else, it would be the worst act of self mutilation since Van Gough.



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    • Win or lose. I think there is little chance of Chloe Swarbrick “flaming out”.

      In or out of parliament, Left activists like Chloe Swarbrick will have their work cut out organising against the Right Wing assault on the natural environment and social fabric and people of this country, by the Nat/ACT/NZF coalition, on behalf of the profit takers.

      In or out of office, I expect Chloe Swarbrick to be in the leadership of this fight back.

      Flame On

  1. “The Greens are only two points ahead of National”….with 29% undecided.

    It’s a battle between the hippies on Great Barrier, the Tory wealth on Waiheke and the ‘dinkies’ flatting in the CBD.

  2. Chloe seems a good person and her Party has some good ideas but they are lead by 2 dreadful people One is a weak person who has achieved little and the other is a racist who has pushed away older white makes by her hate.

  3. Let’s not forget Chloe Swarbrick has also been on various news outlets (RNZ etc) countering Wayne Brown’s attacks on Auckland’s vital services!

    She was also working with community members to try and prevent a local cultural asset, the St James Theatre, from being demolished – which the government ended up contributing funding for it’s restoration!

    I am sure there are many other good things she’s done as well; those are just a few I’m aware of.

    The fact is, she has worked her backside off for her electorate, and absolutely deserves the trust of people there to continue in her work.

  4. Chloé is an awesome kiwi. She’s powerful, intelligent, quick-witted, hearty-as. I’d have her in my corner any day. She will work megga hard to represent her electorate AND our country. Mighty Chloé! She’s a real shiner.

  5. Let’s not forget Chloe was one of the drivers of the so-called Conversion Practices legislation that criminalizes parents and doctors who are reluctant to medicalize a child’s gender dysphoria.

  6. Chlöe deserves re-election on merit and performance. She’s a lovely person and hard worker for Auckland central. Anyone with their heads truly in the 21st century would do well by voting her back in.


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