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  1. An example of the problem that obstructive legislation is having on gay men and women’s
    communication, choices and lives. This authoritarian and puritanical control from above is badly affecting people – it is bad legislation being forced on good people. Names changed to protect people from harassment from the colour-shirts.

    …AB a former policy advisor at MoT, says staff were told to use the term “same-gender attracted” and not “same-sex attracted” about gay men and women during a rainbow training session delivered by InsideOUT.

    AB—who has a lesbian family member—asked the presenter if she thought lesbians should be willing to accept male-bodied people with penises as sexual partners if they identify as women.

    Explains AB, “I know lesbians who feel silenced and bullied for saying they’re not attracted to males who identify as women. I wanted to add their voice to the conversation, and say they should be able to say “same-sex attracted” without being shamed.

    In response, she was told by the InsideOUT presenter that saying “male” and “penis” was “part of the problem” and “part of the narrative that trans women are a threat”.
    AB was then reprimanded in a letter and in a subsequent meeting with the Deputy Chief Executive. …

    Is this whole thing about trans people actually a turnoff campaign against men and males by women who are delirious with unaccustomed, unbridled power?


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