7pm Tuesday live-streamed + simulcast Freeview 200: Auckland Central Debate



Folks, The Working Group (NHS best weekly political podcast NOT funded by NZ on Air) are now into our season of live debates around NZ as part of our attempt at providing more democracy this election.

Last week we had a roaring debate in Northland, the week before that a rambunctious Party Debate, the week before that Ilam and the week before that Napier.

Last weeks Post Leaders Debate live from Backbenchers was viewed over 100 000 times on various social media platforms and this week promises to be bigger with the Auckland Central Debate live at 7pm on Tuesday night between:

Chloe Swarbrick – Greens

Mahesh Muralidhar – National

Oscar Simms – Labour

Feliz Poole – ACT  

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We will be releasing a unique Curia Poll for Auckland Central. Will Chloe maintain her lead?

Register your attendance here. because this will sell out!

It’s $10 on the door or watch live for free on Facebook, YouTube, JuiceTV.live, The Daily Blog or Juice TV Channel 200 Freeview and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube 

That’s 7 live debates across NZ with unique polling live-streamed and simulcast on prime-time TV!

NO other independent news network is even close to doing what we are attempting this election, and all done without one red cent from NZ on Air!

It will be politics done differently.


  1. So is Auckland going to debate whether it’s real or a mirage?
    Someone, please ask. “First question. Auckland? Would you exist without free, agri-exports earned currency to wade knee deep through? Second question: Those tallest, fanciest buildings along the waterfront? Why are they all foreign owned banks then? And finally; Those beautiful mansions sheltering Ferrari, Bentley, Range Rover, Audi, BMW etc in Herne Bay and Remuera, the mansions with the best views of the bank buildings along the glittering waterfront? Why are the mansions infinitely fancier than the modest houses in Gore, Invercargill, Dunedin and Christchurch, yes, those towns, where the service providers to our Agri-primary industry live? “ I’m asking for my dead mother and my dead father who spent their *entire lives labouring to provide Auckland’s up-trickling wealth so Auckland’s hyper-elite super-flash could watch my parents die in poverty. Think an Opera where shit gets real?
    * Is being born literally on a farm then literally dying on a farm qualify as being ‘entire’?
    Auckland, is a logical fallacy. Let’s remember that.


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