Political Caption Competition


Here is the way it really is in NZ


  1. What sort of hedges have been allocated as suitable for human habitation? Can you buy one when your children get married so they will be available when a family comes as a family nest like birds?

    • I do like instructions that are easy to follow. As a simple human being I am bewildered at the mess we are in, and after all that eddication too. And the worst comes from a university eddication, which I’m supposed to revere and spend a lot of money to get or miss out. There’s a saying, probably about some uni achievers: Oscar Wilde is credited with the quote “The cynic knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” Poor old Oscar, trapped by human guile. So thanks Pat for that clarity.

  2. the thing petty capitalists have to understand and absorb is corprate landlords are coming for YOUR assets….

    to misqoute george carlin ‘it’s a big club and YOU’RE NOT IN IT’

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