Political Caption Competition


CHILD: The mean lady behind you ate one of our lambs live!

CL: Shhhh. She’s listening!


  1. wunderkind: a child prodigy. also : one who succeeds in a competitive or highly difficult field or profession at an early age.
    National stripling let loose to sweep in uncluttered rural setting – experiencing session of ‘training wheels’ and appropriate gestures.

  2. This photo brings back memories when I was 12 yrs old at Avondale Intermediate school back in the 1970’s & another ugly, short, bald headed National Party Leader accosted me & said “Sonny, which way is it to the Teachers Staffroom” & I pointed to the Location, just like this Boy! It was none other than Rob Muldoon & I have never forgot it, I’ve detested National & its Leaders ever since & I’ve never voted for them, ever!

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