Willis’ Resignation Call Means Only One Thing – $2 Billion More Cuts – Labour Party


Massive cuts to public service are on the cards as Nicola Willis has promised to resign if she doesn’t deliver tax cuts but is refusing to make the same commitment if she doesn’t raise enough income from her bungled foreign buyer’s tax.

This clearly shows that any tax cuts from National will have to be funded by deep cuts to the services New Zealanders rely on.

“Not even Nicola Willis is prepared to back her dodgy costings for the foreign buyer tax which means the $2 billion shortfall will have to come from even deeper cuts to public services,” Grant Robertson said.

“The scale of these cuts is massive. The $2 billion dollar hole in National’s costings is the equivalent of paying for about 3800 senior nurses, 4000 teachers or 2700 police every year.

“National have already said they will cut 6.5 percent from many government programmes, these further cuts will see services that New Zealanders rely on under threat.

“Nicola Willis’ commitment to cuts by Christmas should be deeply worrying to everyone, particularly given her coalition partner ACT promising to slash 15,000 jobs.

“Taking that many jobs out of the New Zealand economy is both destabilising and dangerous at a time when we are turning the corner into higher growth.

“Those 15,000 jobs will affect 15,000 households and families. It is staggering that David Seymour simply doesn’t care about those people.

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“If elected the National / ACT / New Zealand First Coalition of Cuts would be a slash and burn Government, immediately throwing 15,000 jobs on the scrap heap to pay for their ropey tax cut plan.

“Nicola Willis and Christopher Luxon’s economic credibility is shot. They are constantly saying they are “rock solid” in their costings, but none of it adds up – their rock-solid rhetoric is turning to rubble. They need to front up and be honest with New Zealanders about their policies, and which public services will be slashed,” Grant Robertson said.


  1. Grant Robertson has absolutely hit the nail on the head.

    It’s a nothing vacuous throwaway line promise for Willis to make when stating that she will resign if the promised tax cuts do not happen.

    A definite promise to resign from all politics if their ‘projections’ to sell all those houses to Chinese ‘investors’ doesn’t materialise would be putting your money where her mouth is.

    However, despite any of the disingenuous promises, it shows that these charlatans have no qualms about selling New Zealand off to people who have no passion this particular country, or any other country, for that matter.

    So long as they can finance their pet political party to fire up our housing market casino again, and make lots of money off our people, then it’s going to be ‘fuck you Jack i’m allright’ . Business as usual.

    What a shambolic bunch of clueless wonders the National Party are!

      • National – Brightline test 2 years.

        National – Openly encouraging Chinese house buying ‘investors’

        National- sold – off state houses without replenishing stocks

        National- Taken several millions of dollars in donations from wealthy Chinese.

        National – Backed by ‘The Blue Dragons’

        Labour – Brightline test extended to10 years…5 years for new builds

        Labour- Ban on foreign speculators

        Labour- built more houses than any other government since Labour’s Michael Joseph Savage

        Labour – Taken a couple of hundred thousand dollars from wealthy Chinese

        Labour – Not backed by ‘The Blue Dragons’

  2. The Daily Blog has been on fire lately with many fantastic articles, especially Martyns incredible articles regarding the Trainwreck policies of the National Party & the venal, hateful Act Party who bash benes to chase $5 million in Benefit fraud costing the Govt $53 million but won’t go after the Rich, white collar criminals stealing billions! Let’s get NZ back on Track, farts out the National Party election slogan but National are the Bastards who ran the Country completely off the Rails the last time they governed & due to their rampant incompetence, it’s taken Labour the better part of 6 yrs in Govt to try & repair the mess left behind by the last National Govt under John Key! This is our Election cycle pattern, National win a Election, they fuck up the Country by mismanagement & incompetence, create a fucken mess then leave it to fed up NZers to vote them out by turning too Labour in desperation & who they vote in to repair the damage caused, then Labour who spend years putting the Country back together again, but ungrateful Kiwis who have no muscle memory of the good things Labour has accomplished & the things it did to repair the damage caused by the National party & they then spitefully put the boot into Labour & turn back to the National Party again, vote them back in & the abusive CYCLE begins all over again, it’s like a abused & bashed up wife returning to live with the abusive husband who beat her up & as predictable as the Sun coming up in the Morning, NZers are the dumbest bastards on Earth!


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