TV One Poll highlights weakness of National + ACT + NZF



The Alliance of Arseholes, ACT + NZF + National are promising a period of instability not seen in NZ politics for some time.

The extremism of ACT is costing them support finally as voters who were protest voting ACT start to appreciate how extreme the party really is.

NZ First are barely over the threshold when they should be 8%, and this is because Winston has plunged so deep into the Antivax movement.

Labour stem the bleeding and need to aim for 32% and they are back in the game.

The Greens just have to be slightly less spineless than Labour and they can walk away with 11%.

The whole election is on a knife-edge and all the wins and loses are within the margin of error.

National over poll by 6 points, Labour under poll by 4.

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The Maori Party will be the surprise on the night and the debates will matter more than ever.

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  1. Bwhahaha the meltdown continues !
    I think the woke numpties are going to find that the so called “anti vax” vote is a mixture of anti mandate and anti state over reach anti imported global insanity and conservative voters and is larger than wokey tokies think.

    Seymour is being pulled back by NZFirst, “on the spectrum Seymour” overplayed his dumb hand by first attacking Peters, and then threatening national and voters if the arrangement never went his way he won’t provide supply. He’s turned off PLENTY.

    Peters is right on target, he’s rounded the corner perfectly and will pick up steam down the straight.

  2. I wish I had your optimism but National being overpolles by 6 points and Labour under by 4 was a very specific instance in 2020, if anything it might be half that if you’re lucky which would likely still put National a good 5 points or so ahead and the right would be well ahead of the left if Winston gets in… But hey Imma still vote since that’s the only thing you can do in a situation like this

  3. Ahh no, the election is so far from a knife edge, its like saying Kim Jong Un will be voted out next North Korean elections. Labour are history!

    What the poll shows is National voters who were penciling in ACT are listening intently and Seymour basically shit the bed telling the world that ACT are out to destabilise a National led government by supporting it only in confidence on a case by case basis. Big big mistake David. None bigger for any party so far this election.

    It also confirmed, conversely, that no one is listening to Labour and honestly, their – we’ll train a cagillion doctors by this time next year to compete with Nationals policy was just laughable. Labour, 6 years in and in charge of a gigantic health sector crisis are going to address the doctor shortages? They’re now just making shit up. So they are headed towards 22, not 32.

    I wonder about the debates. Hipkins is like Porky Pig stuttering incoherently during a Hosking interview and to be fair to Hosking, his questions are at times quite reasoned, and his questions are forewarned, its just Hipkins is hopeless on the spot. But for all that, if David Cunliffe taught me anything, few people take note of debates.

    The Greens have found the secret, shut the fuck up and don’t remind us what sickly impractical woke creeps you are. But even now, that’s waining.

    ACT’s law and order policy however may reverse their decline. Its popular.

    • Yeah X Ray, the bajillion doctors is a hypocritical joke.

      I seem to recall about 18 months ago, Auckland medical school (Des Gorman perhaps) offering to train an additional class of Doctors for little more than it costs now as one potential way out of the crisis.

      That wont be necessary says Little “We have it under control and are confident our measures will work”. (Paraphrased) He was speaking about the new and improved health immigration category they were putting in place which unbeknownst to everyone was not actually put in place for a further ten months from when they announced it and has delivered something like a handful of Doctors since then.

      Truth is they knew they needed to train more Doctors but I suspect Iwi wanted the school in the Waikato so it could train more Iwi and local doctors so this whole thing got delayed by about 2 + years. And to be fair to Iwi, this may not be the case, the most likely case is sheer incompetence on the part of Little and the Labour Govt.

      • Why didn’t National /Act train more doctors Fantail as they flooded the country with immigrants? Why is it’s now Labours problem to fix Nacts problems?

          • John, Bob or Bob the first, whichever it is, tell that to the nurses and teachers who have had the biggest salary increases in history. “done nothing” is plainly immature, just like your 3 names.

  4. Given the relentless media channel support for the Natzos and Act, (Winston being a little more difficult for them as he is for most), it is amazing Baldrick and co have not risen higher in these polls. Hint: 10% or more undecided is still a factor in this election as post COVID grumpiness and alienation hangs around like the deadliest of dog farts.

    Greens and TPM are positive and doing well, but Labour needs to go in hard to make up for its Caucus timidity and gutless Cap’n’s calls. Is giving the memory (she is not PM anymore you munters) of Jacinda a serve worth losing free prescriptions, minimum wage freeze, and claw backs of Living Wage, FPAs, Bus Driver pay and contract letting, PPL improvements, early child hood improvements, public transport half price fares, etc.?

    That is the decision for many thousands to make–indulge in revenge voting which entails a nasty drop in the social wage for the whole working class, along with conflict not seen since 1981 if Act take on the Māori world. Or, support a Labour led Govt. which will be heavily influenced by Greens and TPM with a chance of rolling back the Cap’n’s calls.

    • Yep. This concept of the ‘revenge voter’ seems to be a relatively new phenomenon.
      Not only really childish but its like turkeys voting for Christmas. I hope if and when it turns to shit, those turkeys don’t come moaning anywhere near me. Sometimes I wonder whether Dunning and Kruger did their research in ‘lil ‘ole Nu Zull that punches above its weight. But yea nah, probably not

    • More of Labour /Greens would be a nightmare .
      Went to a meet the candidates in Chch last night and the Labour sitting MP had no answers except excuses for the country’s poor state

    • Yeah, surprises like how has National stayed for 6 years in Opposition and done NO homework on costing their stupid promises or even determining if their policies are legal?!
      To pay for their tax cuts for the rich, they have to sell $20 Billion (yes, you read that right, $20 Billion) in property to fund them (

      When challenged on this point, they can’t answer. It’s nuts.

      National are a complete fraud.

      • Labour broke the law numerous times, and no-one has even mentioned it during this election cycle. Parliament is sovereign anyway, “illegal policies” can be made legal or – as Labour did – just rammed through.

      • National are utterly useless and wont be particularly good for NZ but they are still better than what we have now and almost every voter in NZ knows it.

        • Very sill comment Fantail, even for you. Almost every voter remember National’s low wage economy and the homelessness and poverty crisis.

      • Yes but if you listen to Xray, Jase, they’re electable, how fucking nuts are some people! I suppose you are if you listen to Hosking.

      • Ill match you with a billion trees, 100000 kiwi build houses, end of child poverty, light rail to Mt Roskill by 2021, and harbour bike bridge just for starters on BS

        • We can’t go back in time and affect previous elections.

          But we can all effect this one!!
          So – which party is making promises with NO costings or bona fide advice to say they are even legal??!!!
          That’s right – the self-proclaimed “fiscal safe pair of hands”.
          A complete and utter shambolic fraud.
          Did NOTHING with 6 years in Opposition and heaps of bribe money from their rich donors to prepare. Sorry, but that’s just lazy and incompetent.

          I refuse to let “but…but…Labour…” be any sort of argument.
          If that’s all the Nats have got, then God help us.

          • I think Jonny lost the argument with ” we will close the wage gap with Australia” whilst promoting a low wage economy.

          • the self-proclaimed “fiscal safe pair of hands”. – lol

            Safe for their backers. At least Labour screw up for everyone – National will just screw you.

  5. There’s pretty much no path for a Lab govt now, the only thing more chaotic than Nat, Act & NZ1st would be Lab, Green, Tpm & NZ1st. Its all over might only question is how far right will the next govt be.

  6. If Labour can attract an election vote over 20% I’ll be relieved.

    Through anger and apathy a lot of base Labour voters will stay home.

  7. Why if National are the great panacea are nurses, doctors, teachers, etc required to strike to get an income on par with Australia?
    Rhetorical question really as we know they promoted a low wage economy and it is only Labour that has a sympathetic ear to the strikes.
    National had 9 years to support the work force but chose to support businesses to increase profits without lifting incomes.
    New Zealand need to be very wary at the ballot box that we will return to the days of unsustainable incomes. History has proven this, of this there is no dispute.

    • Precisely. National isn’t interested in actual workers, people who work, even doctors and other extremely well-qualified people.
      Nact are only there to ease the way for their business owning donors.
      People with real education and qualifications get ignored or exploited as badly as run of the mill workers.

      The fact that Luxon still hasn’t bothered to look up the meaning of ‘bottom-feeders’, tells us that he’s not interested in people who do the actual work to keep the country ticking along.
      It’s an unfortunate phrase which means exactly the sort of people he wants to help. People who will pursue money-making opportunities even when they only sell rubbish like vapes and fast food.

  8. Labour are terminal.
    Winston will only rise now he is over the threshold as the reticent punter decides that a vote for NZF is not now wasted.
    The mortgage belt have brought into the Nats tax package.
    All votes taken off Labour
    Labour are treminal

  9. Polls are a way for the right wing and media to influence elections.
    Polling is completely unnecessary. I thought elections were supposed to be secret ballots.

    Polling companies and their spurious polls create jobs for the boys and girls and keep newsreaders occupied with pointless speculation.
    The self-important ladies on the TV news channels making their nonsense predictions are trying to influence people who are not sure. They try to show a trend happening and the unread jump on their band-wagon.
    Polls are harming our democracy and should be illegal.

  10. White nationalism has been a trump card for NATZ, ACT, NZ FIRST to politicize this current election cycle. Divide and conquer still works so why change the formula.

  11. Martyn you need to record a blues album …. You can style yourself as Howlin’ Martyn B and play some blues guitar left handed…. First album: I dream in Che’s of Red…. Emphasis on Dream

  12. I see the Clones above are restless. Clones? Please… since you have nothing of value, humour or information to impart can you just shut up and fuck off? Please? For me? Disco away and do us all a favour little Ants?
    National, from 1936, gave us a gaslighted agricultural primary industry brainwashed into thinking their National Party political representations were legitimate and in good faith. Instead, 87 years later, our once was sustainable agricultural infrastructure is now a toxic, dead cow walking while pissing and shitting milk boosting chemical’s into filthy soils, creeks, streams and rivers.
    Is this why our Over Lord deep state politics tried to sell us to microsoft? You must read this you non-clones and while you do so, remember: Our politics is still entirely neo-liberal. The natzo’s, labour, the oily greens, the Maori party, ACT, NZ first…. ARE ALL STILL neo-liberal.
    Here it is. It’s a good un.
    RNZ. Today.
    ‘Ambitious tech project partnering US giant and govt agency founders’
    MBIE is among government agencies that worked on the ‘lighthouse’ projects with Microsoft.
    Here’s my bet.
    Did the Crown tell The Good ol Boy Kiwi crim’s to pull their fucking heads in? Were we reminded that we’re still a Crown entity and Maori have a * Treaty. We’re not a fucking creepy bill gates plaything. Yet.
    * I know. Not perfect but better than nothing.

    • Wut? You’re becoming increasingly more incoherent. I have no diea what any of that means wrt the upcoming election.

    • drones mate – autonomous drones – looking for someone or something to blame. the amount of sore loser butt hurt I’ve witnessed the last 6 years shows me who the losers really are,

  13. All I see from the Left is excuses and woksterism. Take pressure on house and rent supply for instance. Labour could have eased this by restricting immigration which would no doubt have had wokesters screaming racism etc.
    Or Health, years ago it was obvious doctors and nurses were in short supply. All we had to do was pay for their training more of them and bond them to pay it off in NZ. Now they graduate and rush offshore to be able to pay back their loans. But no, doesn’t fit in with Treasury ideology of “free labour mobility”.

    On the Right, it’s all over to the market and because profit is king all they will do is drive up interest rates, maximise corporate profits for necessities and strip benefits to the most vulnerable.

    Neither side is talking a grand vision of the future with a strategy to get there. Welcome to the “Uni-Party” state.

    • Yes Nick J, that’s pretty much as I see it too. At least 20 years ago there was talk about the need to train more doctors, but we relied on importing the deficit and now complain when Australia ‘steals’ our graduates.
      When Helen Clark left office we had 3 biofuel refineries established, National wiped the biofuel requirement so now we have none; Labour has willfully stood by and allowed our crude oil refinery to close.
      I can’t trust either of them to do what’s best for Aotearoa, all they want is to chase corporate dollars no matter any other costs.

      • Indeed Peter. The fuel and refinery problem is totally out of sight because it is a ton weight hanging over our heads on a thread and nobody is looking up.

    • Ditto Nick J. Does seem that ‘reason’ has failed. Whatever the ideological banner. Many would argue however that the ship , whoever the captain, flies the same flag, neoliberalism or some version of it. A grand vision for the future? If only. One step forward, two steps back.

    • National or ACT voters as they worry that a high poll for them will stop people coming out to vote. I have seen it discussed online but who knows with it this close to the election and Labour polling so badly, maybe it’s Labour doing it in the hopes of motivating its couch sitting supporters.

  14. What sort of government allows people with criminal convictions and references from cats as part of their immigration approach for new residents? Not a competent government or a safe one to create policy.

    “Immigration officers say they’ve been told to ignore criminal convictions and investigations, not to read supporting documents on visa applications, and not to check work visas at the border in a “light touch” drive to grant more visas faster.

    Multiple past and present Immigration NZ (INZ) staff have told Stuff about their concerns with what they say is a completely dysfunctional visa regime that has allowed rampant fraud – including visa staff themselves exposing the flaws by using pictures of cats and dogs as supporting documents in a dummy visa application that was allegedly approved.”

    Immigration staff are told to:

    “They were told to ignore criminal convictions and investigations when granting visas and residency to individuals.

    They were told not to open and check attachments on visa applications as this would delay processing times.

    Some visa staff concocted an application and attached photos of household pets instead of supporting documents to prove that attachments were not being read.

    Border staff told not to query work visa holders and accept them at “face value”.

    Staff told to take a “streamlined” approach to visitor visas.”

    Officers were warned if they did not consider enough applications in a week and given ‘shout-outs’ if they processed the most applications.”

    Shambles of our visa regime: Immigration staff reveal their truth

    • It’s not JUST a shambles with the visa regime At SaveNZ. It’s a shambles with just about everything in MoBIE.
      Everything from policy analysis to enforcement activity.
      I feel sorry for the poor worker bee public servants doing the hard graft in that bugger’s muddle while their managerialist overlords are able to carry on as they do without any consequence.

      INZ and the Labour Inspectorate need to be peeled off from the aegis of Mobie and rebuilt from the ground up.

      And it’d probably be better if some of the enforcement activity was put into a proper border force under Customs.
      Everything MoBIE touches since its Steven Joyce?Jonathan Coleman vanity project creation turns to shit.

      THe whole idea of it was a load of shit. You could argue that its sociopathic to be treating people (potential immigrants, partners of kiwis, refugees and others) as a bizzniss

  15. Still a long few weeks for ACTional to get through. I suspect the ever present central NZ rump are going to lose patience with smooth talk, slogans, and squashy numbers. It’d be nice to have a better option than Labour, but slow and steady is always going to be more attractive than fast and stupid in NZ. Luxon has ‘Man In A Smart Blue Suit’ absolutely nailed, and good on him, but he’s got the scent of sincere bullshit about him. I don’t reckon NZ’s rump are into that. It’s going to be close, mighty close, but settling house prices for the children of Boomers, steady progress on social housing, education, health, policing, crime and punishment, etc etc is going to win out over nonsense like – we’ll evict naughty tenants, destroy the RMA, pretend we can lower taxes and still have public infrastructure by selling lots and lots and lots of aspirational properties to foreigners!

    • Luxon has failed on every occasion to show any political intellect. It says so much about the people of NZ that buy into NZ’s appalling right wing media narrative. Tax cuts are Nationals great policy, now where have I heard that before? How about every election.
      Never mind, once they inflict their low wage economy on us, they will become a one term government.

      • Yeah, don’t loose heart chum. I don’t think NZ is fooled anymore by the old “you can have more for less” stuff. It’s not gunna fly. It looks pretty good when you’re in opposition and can lob silliness into anything, but it’s election time – now you gotta look credible. Actional don’t, and they can’t, because their big money backers need them to hedge – only for a few more weeks fellas! Yeah, those few weeks are gunna get tougher by the day.

      • Ardern was a political PM who gave the country nothing at the end of the day but hype. Luxon is a person who was a good CEO and will bring a business mind to lead the country to a good outcome foe all.

          • Trevor, you’re starting to sound troll like.
            But I’ll qualify my statement by saying mine is an opinion. Ardern has spades on Luxon for credibility. I wonder how Luxon will react with such vitriol and appalling abuse hurled at him as Ardern was?

          • ” Luxon was a good CEO”

            Peter you see this all the time from the right wing supporters.

            Like Brash the reserve bank governor and the shyster Key the currency trader are sold to the electorate as men of the people and how they represent hard working New Zealanders. Its bullshit but the Hobbits and Trevor buy into the narrative that somehow because of the vulture capitalist system they represent like Luxon they have any understanding of the reality of life for so many in our communities and despite the marketing campaign in 2008 that Key was raised by a single Mother in a state house and that somehow that qualification meant he was a man of the people who knew about struggling with nothing when in reality he was a financial parasite who used the unregulated financial system we have to enrich himself and his donors and supporters.

            CEO’s are well remunerated and are the main beneficiary of huge bonus pay outs like the CEO of Quantas that has pocketed $24 million dollars.

            Just because Luxon was a CEO doesn’t mean he gives a shit about normal under paid working people….he doesn’t have to other than to deceive the idiots like Trevor that he is one of them.

          • Trevor wears a blue eye patch – it’s so tedious. When anyone questions Team Blue he instantly assumes you’re on Team Red. utter nonsense on a par with that Bob drone

          • If you look at Air NZ time under his control you will see
            Record profit
            High customer satisfaction
            High worker retention and satisfaction
            Still looking for any company or country well run by any of the Labour team

            • It’s easy to make a profit, cut services and costs (wages).
              Preceeding CEO’s (Ralph Norris & Rob Fyfe) did the heavy work of rebuilding. Luxon inherited a rebuilt airline, so no achievement on his part (if your claims are correct).
              Remind me how long he was CEO for?

            • society isn’t a business – if it was we’d be euthanasing the weak and moving them off the books. is that what you propose?

              • Exactery!!!!
                Yet the neo-liberal pendulum has caused a swing so far right we now have an entire Ministry devoted to its cause, and it’s now Norman Normal (in this space, going forward).
                (and he’s so tuff, it probably IS what he proposes, as long as he can do it anonymously)

          • Well, Jacinda Ardern appointed him to lead the business working group during the pandemic so he’s clearly highly regarded in those circles.

            • ” Well, Jacinda Ardern appointed him to lead the business working group during the pandemic so he’s clearly highly regarded in those circles. ”

              Exactly there is not much difference between the two of them.

        • “Good CEO” is a contradiction in terms.

          A CEO is the last sort of person you need running a country (hint: a country is a tad more subtle and complex than a state-subsidised airline).

        • Yip. I hear ya man, but I don’t reckon business people have done too well at running NZ. Key left the place in a shambles, Shipley (?!) . . . . yeah, less said about THAT the better. Bolger, a farmer, on the other hand, and English (the great lost opportunity) also a farmer. . . . nah, the last thing NZ needs, or wants, is some Queen St farmer in A Smart Blue Suit. Liebour may churn your chains but they spent massive amounts of hard worker’s tax on eradicating M Bovis because they “get” what makes our country special. Liebour might turn your turf, but they made Canada honour its TPPA obligations. Liebour might be too woke to poke, but they’re not running some sell off to fund a tax cut for downtown speculators. Could be wrong, but . . . . yaknow?

        • Luxton a good CEO? I wouldn’t really know but from all accounts he was ok in the eyes of the Board and for the back pockets of shareholders. That surely counts. But no guarantees for that kind of success as PM. On another level I heard from a friend of a friend (yep, we’re on swampy ground) who had something to do with him at AirNZ, that he’d rarely turn up when a long standing employee of some importance was leaving, and if he did, wouldn’t stay on for a few drinks. Not really one of the gang. Probally not his thing. But a lot of CEOs would take the time. Bet your only dollar though he had his own allegiances. If he does become PM I wouldn’t be surprised if much the same played out. Certainly looks that way with all the big donors pitching in behind him.

      • Yep the public , I think ,have pegged Luxon as an egg and now Willis as innumerate the Nats should be steamrolling this that their not says a fair bit …

  16. If a National/ACT coalition looks inevitable, I will be very tempted to party vote NZF just to screw with them. IF NZF get over the threshold, National will likely need them to form a government. Anything to dilute the influence of ACT in parliament, even if it costs a few Labour/Green/Maori seats.

  17. National and ACT may win this round, but the public will not stand massive service cuts, and they will be out in 3 years.

    The right was tossed out ofter only 1 term in South Australia in 2022, and Queensland in 2015, and Mike Moore almost snatched back power in 1993.

  18. I think LINO are quite happy to lose this election because they long ago gave up on being a genuine Labour Party. They can do very well sitting on their rich chuffs in opposition. They don’t care.

  19. It’s past time for a true Socialist Party. The Unionists are never going to deliver as they are dependent on the Conservatives for their existence. bloody peasants trying to run the estate. fuck the estate.

    • Exploiters and criminals being accredited for employer visas, while Labeen laises with the people who are the exploiters and the criminals on what to do!

  20. Martyn, Martyn, Martyn, if you knew your ‘Adventures of Asterix’ better (10 X a book) you’d know Obelix called it a ‘slipped chest’.

  21. I wish we could get it over with and be able to vote now. I’ve heard enough of all of their bs. Let’s get it over with.
    As long as Winston gets into government. Seemorebutt is going to have a tantrum! That’s what I wanna watch! He’ll spit the dummy and cause another election! Now that’s something to look forward to.
    Meanwhile, the asylum in Wellington will get nuked by Kim un Jung by one of his new ICBMs by accident I hope.

    • Yeah, Winnie of Muldoon, will be a check Seymour of Friedman will wrestle against. And Luxon of focus groups will welcome.

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