Taxpayers’ Union Northland Electorate debate hosted by The Working Group



Folks, we are now into our season of live debates around NZ as part of our attempt at providing more democracy this election.

Last week we had a rambunctious Party Debate, the week before that Ilam and the week before that Napier.

This week we go to the crucial seat of Northland where Shane Jones will try and take the electorate from Willow Jean? Will National win? What about ACT? What about Matt King?

Labour – Willow-Jean Prime 

National – Grant McCallum

ACT – Mark Cameron

TDB Recommends

Green – Reina Penney

NZF – Shane Jones 

Democracy NZ – Matt King

Register your attendance here. because this will sell out!

We will start the debate with the only poll taken for Northland!

It’s $10 on the door or watch live for free on Facebook, YouTube,, The Daily Blog or Juice TV Channel 200 Freeview and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube 

That’s 7 live debates across NZ with unique polling live-streamed and simulcast on prime-time TV and now live streamed on the front page of the NZ Herald.

NO other news network is even close to doing what we are attempting this election, and all done without one red cent from NZ on Air!

It will be politics done differently.


  1. Martyn – I hope for Labour’s sake – Willow – Jean performs well…the last few debates, the Labour candidates have not performed well.

  2. So pleased I didn’t bother to drive the 2 kms down the road to that shit fest.
    How f’in embarrassing for every NZer and Northlanders in particular, evasions, non answers, platitudes, worn out canards.

    Not a single candidate in that room was worth voting for but the winner of the award for Moron First-Class with Gold Bars goes to Matt King.

    • Where did you manage to watch it in the end?
      Can’t find any place bar You Tube and that’s glitching like a meth addict so gave up.

      • 45 minutes was easily enough to reach that firm conclusion. Hell, simply candidate introductions and one round of questions would have been easily sufficient to read the general caliber of candidate and of the standard of information and debate that lot were capable of delivering.
        Although I will concede that W J Prime at least stood out from the rest as making the better stab at serious discourse.

      • PS. I just endured the glitching. Sometimes the audio was reasonably continuous with stills of visuals from up to 60 sec earlier still frozen on screen for extended periods. Tried here and YouTube only.

  3. That arsehole audience : What a pack of racist morons . The true rump of fuckwit pakeha New Zild. They don’t deserve a governmnet who gives a damn about them. The hilairous thing is that they will all be voting in a govt that is so against their interests, and they seem to have no idea.

  4. Willow -Jean Prime was the standout candidate by a mile .

    Stayed on topic and articulated her case well.

    Hearing her talk makes you realize that they have actually done a lot for that ungrateful bunch up there, considering what they inherited from National, the two and a half years of disruption with the pandemic, and the massive consecutive extraordinary weather events.

    National’s offering nothing except falsehood complaints. Jones made some reasonable points on the odd occasion and the others were just talking straight out unhinged garbage

  5. Four subjects were debated in the Auckland debate

    Only three subjects were debated in the Northland debate

    Why was that?

    Climate change was subsumed into the debate on Roads, Roads, Roads?

    Northland had been predicted to be badly impacted by climate change….

    And has been….

    And it will only get worse….

    Because climate change was made a sub-topic in a debate on roading, climate change could be ignored and/or minimised by the speakers. And was.

    And why the concentration on roads?

    A single, twisty, slip and wash out prone, rail link to Northland, rickety aging wooden bridges, on a route laid out in the 19th Century, barely fit for freight, let alone passengers?
    With no connection to Northport?
    Northland will always be an economic backwater until the rail connection to the rest of the country is made fit for purpose.

  6. I was so ashamed of Kerikeri. Appalling, misogynistic behavior towards Willow-Jean Prime who maintained her dignity in the face of shocking behavior.


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