BREAKING BAD ACT wants domestic meth production to soar – their most controversial policy to date!


BREAKING BAD ACT have decided to back the local meth production industry by bewilderingly wanting the banned meth pre-curser Pseudoephedrine back on the shelves!!!

Fear that setting up your own Meth Cooking company might attract unwanted attention from other criminal organisations?

Don’t worry!

ACT has you covered by allowing the sociopaths favourite toy machine gun back on the market while dumping the Gun registry so you willl be able to keep you Meth Cooking company under the radar from the police.

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For too long meth has been produced offshore by Triad and South American cartels, ACT demands to know why should all that meth money be made by foreign criminal organisations when there are so many desperate kiwis trying to make ends meet here in NZ and what better way to help the domestic Meth Cooking market than allowing Pseudoephedrine back into the country and over the counter while providing the machine guns to protect your turf!

ACT – the Party that knows the price of everything and the value of nothing!

Just to be crystal meth clear here, ACT’s solutions are MORE machine guns and MORE meth precursor ingredients?

The market will work out the rest will it?


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      • I am law abiding and the gun legislation does not inconvenience me. I occasionally need a gun for rabbit control (for when the dog does not get them all) but find it easy to get friends with the appropriate licence to solve that problem for me. Some people for ego reasons want massive guns easily available while they also want minimum tax to pay for things like mental health and are unable to understand that letting unstable people get rapid fire weapons is dangerous so a sensible government has to protect them from their own stupidity. Look at the French revolution for an example of what ACT’s policies will cause.

      • Drivers Licenses. Car Registration.

        Gun owner licenses. Gun registration.

        It’s not rocket science! ACTs adverts have NZ space rockets but they think gun rego is in the too hard basket.

    • the current law just annoys “spoilt, lazy” law-abiding people with head colds , as there are many ways of dealing with a “head cold”, and most of them far superior.. I’ve never found it necessary to take a hit of speed to get over an illness, so why is it all so hard to just stop using addictive drugs for mild illnesses? Hmmmmm..
      BTW boys and girls, puppies and kittens, it was the Key government that banned it’s sale, taking effect in 2011.. So go and sneeze in the mirror..

  1. I actually wonder if Act donators and lobbyists are actually meth dealers . Maybe they are looking for the gang vote !!!!

  2. Oh look ,,, a gaggle of Actoid s are making stuff up and agreeing amongst themselves over their incorrect assumptions …..

    Rat in a rage- “No one needs to do that anymore, it wouldn’t be cost effective for a start.” ,,,,, a) The practice of requiring identification with the resulting name entered onto a list or registry ( the rats personal bugbear/hate) that the police cross reference effectively stopped AoNz retail sales being the backbone of our Meth supply ,,,,,

    and b) with one package of pseudo-ephedrine medication producing about one gram of meth the mark-up/profit is huge and this hone-grown supply industry would be back with a roar under Act ‘policy ,,,,,

    and c) most AoNz meth cooks would not have international connections to make points a) & (b irrelevant.

    Rat in a rage — “Hence the current law just annoys law-abiding people with head colds” ,,, As it is easy for law abiding people to purchase a singular package of pseudo-ephedrine medication for their genuine head cold symptoms,,, by the simple act of producing identification ,,,,, then it must be the chemist shop/police registry that annoys the hell out of the rat rodent.

    Trevor and Ada ,,, presumably being (right wing) ideologues ,,,, would not recognise the truth unless it fell on their heads from one hell of a height, and even then probably not….. they should know better to back up what some squirmin vermin squeaks out through his rat teeth though.

    Finally the consumption of speed/meth/amphetamines allows one to drink huge and even what would otherwise be fatal amounts of the drug Alcohol ,,,, perhaps Acts Meth relaxation policy is a leg-up to their favorite patrons, the booze pushing industry ? 😉 :0 😉

  3. Luxon and hipkins also said they would prob do this … why not mention that they all voted for the therapeutics bill under urgency less than 2 months back.. they are all Pharma stooges

  4. Cheaper and faster to order it finished by the kilo from The triads than buying up cold and flu tablets to do a hill Billy cook .

    • No 1 ACT Fan Club Member Rat does not understand that your average gangster or wannabe gangster does not have the level of expertise to contact offshore Central/South American/drug cartels/Asian Triads for supply, he and his m8″s are going to be buying psuedoephidrine from the local pharmacists or robbing/ram raiding the pharmacists at night to get their hot grubby little hands on the active ingredients for a Hill Billy Fry Up.

  5. Maybe ACT voters/cookers need a reason for all the guns they want to keep – to defend their meth labs from each other?

    • Hit the nail on the Head AB, guns in the underworld are mainly for protection and intimidation purposes, sometimes they shoot up rival gang members houses, however often they get the addresses wrong, and sometimes shoot the wrong people like the poor mother in South Auckland, collateral damage is what I think they call it.

  6. So we shouldnt have about the only effective cold / flu medication because a few crackheads might make some meth… at far greater cost that buying cheaper imports… Act are right on this.

  7. It’s already available on prescription so there is a way of accessing it if your cold is that bad. Having said that it’s a pain in the backside to have to go to a GP for a head cold. Let’s face it, it certainly works.

    The pharmacists interviewed didn’t seem into the idea of making it pharmacy only again so that’s probably a good gauge of it being problematic. They are usually keen to make a margin on foot traffic.

  8. I must apologize that the last National/Act Governments law change , which they introduced in 2011 slipped under my radar ,,,,, prior to the Nacts making it prescription only it could only be purchased with ID and the buyers name entered onto a list/registry ,,,,, which worked just fine for preventing multi-buying to supply Meth cooks.

    So what Act are proposing is to return to ‘registering’ (one of the Rats favorite words ) buyers names for off the shelf but non-prescription cold medication.

    Poor old Cricklewood having to suffer his head colds because Act were wrong on it back in 2011 ….

    ….. and because ‘Registers’ do not work in Acts world ,,, they will probably get it wrong in the opposite direction this time ,,,,,

    Perhaps their stance is Registers are fine for everything EXCEPT for fire-arms ????

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