TV3 Poll: Labour meltdown – National soar, ACT stall & Greens Fly


Labour – 26.8

National – 40.9

Greens – 12.3

ACT – 10.1

NZF – 4.6

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MP – 3.1

The next election is 5 weeks away on Saturday, 14 October 2023.

Shit just got real and the consequences of incremental meaninglessness from Labour alongside the crypto-fascism of a National/ACT Government mean you want to cry or scream as a voter.

NZ First’s bizarre voyage into antivax culture war graffiti isn’t the vote winner Winston hoped for and he’s changed tact to garden variety antiMāori bigotry to ensure he gets over 5%.

It’s as charming as a children’s burns unit.

The Maori Party continue to bubble away as the surprise of the night while ACT want to give sociopaths their favourite submachine gun back.

Labour continue to surprise everyone by their incremental gutlessness while the Greens are surprised to find all they need to do to reach what Russel Norman gained as Leader in 2011 is be slightly less spineless than Labour.

Comrades we are 5 weeks out from the 2023 election, here is the current Election Battlefield 2023 as TDB sees it.

It ain’t over till the fat blogger sings!

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  1. The commentors on here will be loving it. The resent every single cent being spent on making peoples lives better and just want tax cuts and for businesses and farmers to fire workers en mass and pour what they like down the drain.

    • Hows $54,000,000 spent on the bike bridge grab you Millsy? Fifty four million dollars just pissed away, nothing to show for it. Nothing!

      • Short memories are a wonderful thing.

        The bike bridge feasibility study was demanded by the St.Heliers, Kohimarama, Herne Bay, Takapuna, Northcote Point, lurid Italian Racing Team lycra padded crotched garbed cafe cruisers who gathered in their hundreds and illegally burst through a police cordon and rode towards the Harbour Bridge protesting about how they should not be denied the right to be able to ride from the city to Takapuna for a morning coffee.

        It was pretty obvious that it was going to be extremely difficult to attach a bike lane to a 65 year old bridge but protest they did even phoning the media to be there.

        The only way to pacify the whining, spoilt ,coffee infused dummy suckers, and shut them up, was to initiate a feasibility study. That costs money!

        Maybe those whiny privileged people should pay the money back to the taxpayer!

        No! Instead, those same ‘squeezed middleclass’ tantrum throwing whiners complain that the government has been wasting ‘their money’ money and want a tax break !!

        • Unsure if you think I’m a bike lobbiest, I’m not. But otherwise
          I agree with your comment that these gold medal winning manipulators were playing to their inside man, Michael. My point was we can’t fund cancer drugs first world countries can because we have ministers like Wood who think money grows on trees and believed it was his god given right to blow it. And Millsy can never see this and it what idiots this government are!

      • At least with the Buyback, they spent over $200 million to lots of people new guns & created over 100000 ghost semi-autos. That’s a Labour success for you. The Registry will waste even more.

      • At least with the Buyback, they spent over $200 million to buy lots of people new guns & created over 100000 ghost semi-autos as well. That’s a Labour success for you. The Registry will waste even more.

    • Millsy….you can always move to Aussie, there is a Labour govt there to save your sanity.
      Ohhh wait, I’ve seen some of your posts, nope that sanity ship sailed a while ago I’m afraid.
      Labour will be lucky with 25% on election day, even I will be surprised if they get below that mark, but still wonder who next Labour leader will be on 15th Oct?
      Who would want that poisoned chalis, you guys maybe stuck with chippy!
      No complaints from the right on that, he is a gift that keeps on giving.
      Unfortunately for him he is associated with Ardern, and no amount of washing will get that nasty stain out.

    • 30,000 more people on surgery wait list than when Labour came into power.
      25,000 on Kāinga Ora’s wait list currently without a house, tripling in size since Labour came into power.
      Announced in 2017 the promise by Labour to build 100,000 homes – by September 2023 only 1834 built, or 1.8% of that promised.
      NZ has the worst current account balance in the OECD.
      And the highest OCR rate in the world.
      Net debt has gone from $5.4 billion in 2019, to $78.7 billion in 2023.
      211,00 kids living in benefit dependant homes, which is 39,000 more kids than when Labour’s government began 6 years ago.

      The list of Labour failures is long. Worst government ever.

      • BG, millsy is funny,more funny than the time my Grannie got her apron caught in the wringer.We need him to continue to comment.
        Post election perhaps a give a little fund for millsy?

  2. Wait till the Prefu comes out and people realise just how bad Robertson and Orr have managed the economy.

    At this rate Luxon could murder a baby lamb during the leaders debate and still get through….

    • Which makes it all the more remarkable that we can’t afford tax cuts. Worse still National knows it.

      • Hilarious NSC admits the cupboard is bare after 6 years of neglect by the Labour Government.
        Good on you NSC.

  3. TPM released their justice policy and that should scare the living daylights out of any sane voter. And I’m in no doubt that would be the path woke Labour would have us go too!

    • It’s strange that Hipkins dismisses Winston (after Winston apparently already dismissed Labour, so not sure how that works?) because NZ Firsts policies are not compatible with Labours yet they’ll be happy to go with TPM?

      Now I’m no fan of Winston (he has standards and if you don’t like those he has others) but I wonder why has the media left this story alone? So Labour are more than happy to partner with someone who is openly racist, wants to clean all the prisons out and cannot even get more than 20% support of the race they tell everyone they’re representing?

  4. Only about 4 people watch Q & A or even know what it is. So the debates are not going to really matter.

    Voter peeps see a PM in waiting, who has lots of energy and is giving tax relief and has a strong team around him.

    • yep – 4 ex National leaders – watching to see if Luxon has serious credibility issues just like they did. and they won’t be disappointed. Conservatives are bereft of ideas. ACT are the only right wing party worth anything and that’s not saying much.

  5. Millsy if you are a middle manager your in trouble. Luxon and Seymour will bark out orders and endless KPIs to them.

    But if you are a Frontline worker you will he fine under Luxon. Probably do better.

    • Marco don’t you realize the frontline worker will be doing their own work plus the work of the sacked back office worker. This is all for unworkable tax cuts for the rich, Why won’t they release their foreign buyers modeling numbers . I know why its because its not going to work because the numbers just don’t add up.

    • Marco, your last comment is completely wrong, by every measure front line workers are worse off under National, fact.

  6. The fact that the polls are up and down like a whore’s drawers tells that us that they’re basically bullshit. Que sera sera.
    There are various possible reasons:
    > The sample size is too small.
    > The responders are taking the piss and not replying honestly (what I do LOL)
    > The reliance on cell phones means they’re contacting people who either are ineligible or not registered to vote.
    > The pollsters aren’t truly independent.

    (Last time I looked at a dictionary, the fascists were people who were race obsessed and wanted to segregate people by ethnicity. So, who is that in NZ?)

  7. BOOM your worst nightmare is happening .
    While 5 weeks can be a long time in politics I have the champagne in the fridge .

    • What the hell for Trevor? Awful Labour being replaced by a National government whose flagship policy is to drive house prices in areas like Auckland through the roof? A lot of people were complaining when this happened under Labour. I guess you are a glass is half full ( of nitrates) kinda a guy.

        • Are you blind Pope? That’s what they are using to fund their tax cuts. The cuts in government revenue and prevention of cutting frontline services hinges on foreign buyer numbers (you know the modelling they won’t release) and property transaction over 2 mil. How people can’t work out that this will encourage higher listing prices is beyond me. Anything currently north of 1.6 mil you would be mad not give a nudge upwards

      • so right there Queeny.
        Brent crude i s predicted to reach $100 U.S. by December.
        We are totally fucked!!!!!
        I will only only be able to afford Lindauer when it’s on special.

      • You choose your response to a democratic election, if you want to go down a road of depression and negativity, your call, does not mean your feelings are reality, cheer up Nz ain’t that bad and won’t be after the election either, Many ( the majority) as polls will feel it’s going to get better, so collectively we are all happier

  8. The concrete shoes have now set.
    The anti Labour vibe is self fulfilling.
    Labour will learn from this but it could be 9 years.
    In the meantime we will suffer.
    Thanks Labour.

    • Labour didn’t learn anything from their previous 9 years in the wilderness. What makes you think that “this time it’s different” ? I predict the usual echo chamber of socialist envy & blameshifting.

      • X-ray….the PREFU is tomorrow, by all accounts it will be grim reading, and Labour will NOT be getting any poll bumps tomorrow.
        I’m wondering which countries Robertson will list saying ‘we are doing better than these countries’…we don’t live in Venezuela, Zimbabwe or Greece Grant, we live in New Zealand!!

    • How will you suffer, does labour make your bed every morning, get a grip and get on with your life and stop thinking any party or politician gives a rats arse about any individual or makes that much different, take responsibility for yourself

      • Perhaps you are too young to have any clue how governments affect their citizens and country.
        Get off tiktok and open a history book.

  9. I’m surprised the lefty commentators on TDB are surprised and ‘shocked’ that Labour are sinking, Martyn has had about 20-30 posts over the last 4-6mths saying Labour are moving away from the typical working man lefty and indeed their broken promises and with Labour having an unprecedented majority in parliament did not do anything ‘progressive’.
    Why all the surprise and angst now?
    The right seen it coming, were you all in blinkers?
    Martyn has been raging on for about a year that ACT was the natural home for the voters that despised the woke policies that you were all happy to accept and indeed ridiculed anyone that bemoaned said policies/direction.
    You reap what you sow…..

  10. ” Labour continue to surprise everyone by their incremental gutlessness ”

    You would be forgiven to reach the conclusion that LINO and Chipkins are throwing this election.

    The MSM have decided that the NASTIES have it in the bag with all the pro Luxon coverage just about everywhere including his appalling performance during Q+A on Sunday.

    It just feels like LINO just aren’t in it to win it despite regaling us with their marketing campaign ‘in it for you ”

    Mike Moore fought harder than this in 1990 knowing they were history and went on to lose in a huge landslide and the anti Labour hatred being just as strong then as now.

    The fact that the Nasties will form government by default shows how damaged the entire political and economic system is in this country.

    Time is against LINO and the panic in the caucus will be mounting by the day.

    The big question now is Winston and whether he will make it back to disrupt a right leaning government and interfere with Rimmers planned poor peoples austerity program as they take from the poorest to give back even more to the rich and upper class.

  11. Not one single thing has gotten better under Labour. They are no longer the party of the working class. NZ is in the worst shape in history. Why would anyone want to vote for more of the same?
    I don’t vote left or right. I vote for what is best for me and my family. Labour has made all our lives and our future really quite dismal. I won’t be sad to see them gone for the next 20 years.

    • Dale, minimum wage ,fair rights agreements ( all fought against by NACT and will be repealed under NACT). massive wage increases to teachers and nurses, more police on the beat, low unemployment. More state houses built than sold. Healthy home’s initiatives ( fought against by NACT. ) wage subsidies during covid which kept people in work and kept the very businesses going that are now against the labour government. People are considering voting for tax cuts for the wealthy, does that make sense for working people when they get almost zilch. Also the wealthy tax cuts are inflationary which is not good for working people. Do you seriously think that a NACT government is for the workers. Their tax cuts will make many squeezed middle workers unemployed (did they model in the cost of redundancy for these public servants) sadly they will become bottom feeders when on the dole.

      • Queeny if only New Zealand and its corrupt right wing media had put those list of achievements in social media, in print and digital platforms, then Labour would be on 60 %. Alas the top 1% and their donations to ACT and National have achieved what they set out to do, flood the media with sensationalism.

    • While I despise this labour government lets not get hyperbolic. The country was in far worse shape in the 80’s when we had a run on the dollar and a constitutional crisis.

      • ” The country was in far worse shape in the 80’s when we had a run on the dollar and a constitutional crisis. ”

        That run was deliberate and payback for those who supported Douglas and his free market reforms. Lange confirmed that Roger Douglas tipped off the currency market of the 20% devaluation program he would undertake at the end of July which cost New Zealand taxpayers nearly a billion dollars and signalled early on where he was heading with the neo liberal takeover of the economy.
        Lange commented that it showed him how mercenary other New Zealanders could be after receiving tips from Roger cashed in with no regard to the damage being inflicted on the New Zealand people.

        This is NOT a Labour government just an acceptable vehicle for neo liberal enablers to use when the tide runs out on the Nasties and they need a slightly more social democratic alternative that won’t threaten the principles of the free market.

        The UK . The US and Canada are just some examples of that and to a lesser extent Australia.

  12. Let’s face it, we were probably lucky to get the second term.

    This is the lefts own fault. All the woke, nanny state, tax you to death, micro aggression, anti free speech, faux outrage, virtue signaling drama has destroyed our main party.

    Will we learn before the Nats have won at least two terms? Doubtful. In fact I think the left will be more loopy and unhinged. Clint Smith, Neale Jones, Dave Cormack and the rest of the professional managerial class, should never be listened to again.

    Get back to your grass roots base Labour!

  13. There can be little doubt that Chris Hipkins has alreadywritten his mea culpa speech.

    I can hear it now:
    “People are hurting. “Mistakes have been made”, “I should have taxed the rich and make a fairer tax system” “I should have taken GST off food”

    Look for Chris Hipkins most common catch phrase, “I want to apologise.” to get another airing

    • Pat will Willis and Luxon release their tax modeling, will they apologize to NZ when their tax cuts will make inflation last longer shades of Liz Truss. Can someone please explain how they will lower the price of food and every other commodity, if it could have been done do you seriously think Labour wouldn’t have done it. One of the answers would be ask all the businesses that took money during covid for the money back . They are now making profits thank you very much so can afford it. These are the same businesses that are now moaning about the very same government that saved their arses during covid. Luxon and Willis do not have solutions all they have is hyperbole and slogans. None of their policies are costed or measurable. Has anyone asked Shane Reti if his GP practices will benefit from the vaccination pay out in their health policy , a nice little earner for him, sounds like a massive conflict of interest to me, was he in the room when they made this policy , asking for a friend.

  14. Nats and ACT are “cryptofascist” are the Martyn?

    As for LINO, they’re not “incremental” – they’re excremental.

  15. Hear the cringeworthy Natzos and their unbelievable hype: ‘NZ is in the worst economic crisis ever’. What a load of crap! Labour has done some things right. Not enough but give them credit. The Nact supporters conveniently ignore that the world’s economies are in crisis due to COVID and Ukraine war. Even China is in trouble and the UK is a basket case with the additional baggage of Brexit. How would you like to pay the horrendous energy bills the Brits have to? The problem with Nact is they can’t see beyond their backyard. They have no idea of the world. We live in a democracy and perhaps the other lot deserve a turn but it won’t be long before their failed policies will cause a far bigger disaster than anything we have now. I will continue voting Green but I think TOP deserves a look as well as it was founded by an economist who knew his discipline well.

    • Yes and to hear Luxon sideswipe a direct question on Nationals economic policies by saying Robertson will go down as the worst finance minister in NZ history clearly shows how clueless he is. But Luxon is no politician, that is why he has no detail to any of his answers and has Willis always whispering in his ear.
      NZ is in serious trouble when National take over just as it was when they left Labour a massive mess to clean up.

    • The majority of the National lineup have overseas experience including Luxon,so your comments confuse me Ovod?

  16. ” by deliberately splintering the working class into tiny identities and thus undermine unity ”

    The working class isn’t splintered they are still here just ignored by the current NZLP who no longer identifies with them and supports the managerial class and the wealthy by refusing to consider any move to a more fairer tax system as one example.

    The free marketers and unregulated capitalists infiltrated the party and now represent a neo liberal alternative that governs when the Nasties are no longer a viable option. And never like the current government change or advocate changing the current unregulated economic system.

  17. What’s with journalists using this new “lessness” word crap lately?
    I mean is “meaninglessness” not the same word as “meaningless”?

    The other one is “Homelessness” used very well by the Rotorua Mayor.

    The extra quantity is a syllable not really needed.

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