Chippy needs to stop apologising and start fighting


This narrative that Labour are using misinformation or disinformation has the sinister tone of conspiracy to it and rather than apologise, Chippy should start fighting.

Each of the supposed examples of propaganda, from the disabled to the minimum wage to the interest free student loans are all ACT Party fantasies and worth criticising!

Labour should double down and argue Luxon is such a weak leader he will fold to David Seymour and that’s why voting National enables a far right agenda to Trojan horse into Parliament.

Chippy should be re-setting the agenda, not accepting the one ZB and Jenna Lynch gives him!

Rather than agree to the framing, Chippy needs to double down!

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The lies politicians tell bore me, I’m far more terrified by their promises!

A National ACT Government will be a far right romper stomper ideological rampage the likes this country seen since the yellow Roger Douglas leapt over the slow red Lange.

The orgy of crony capitalism and privatisation agendas brewing in the background is immense.

The self interest by the Real Estate Pimps who are donating millions to National who will remove the foreign buyers ban and give landlords the right to throw you out onto the street is obscene!

National will steal money from 2 year olds, public transport and climate change funds to give rich landlords a $250 per fortnight tax cut, that is the opposite of the Egalitarian NZ!

It’s venal and ACTs demand for a racist referendum that will incite conflict is driving NZ towards a race riot.

All the while the economic and environmental meltdowns will get worse and worse.

ACT and National’s extreme hard right policy responses to the challenges  we are about to be hit with will terminally damage a part of NZ and will generate a terrible backlash.

Labour needs to stop apologising and start fighting!


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  1. It’s CHipkins’ own side that are causing him problems, not the NACTs.

    And he can only fight with what he has. Which isn’t much.

    • “…It’s CHipkins’ …” Hey! “Chipkins ” That’s one of mine you little shit. No stranger to hypocrasy then yadda, yadda ada?
      All PM Hipkins has to do is allow the truth to set him free. Drag roger out of his crypt by his *moustache and kick an admission out of him. I’d love to see that literally but metaphorically would do.
      The Labour Party isn’t THE labour party of the good ol days. roger the ex Labour finance minister traitor saw to that and the national party, the wart that grew ACT off the very same chaos the National Party itself created within our primary industry after roger opened the back door to it is in a desperate bid to keep the truth away from the empty eyes of the mystified masses.
      All Chris Hipkins has to do is to simply tell it like it is. Sure, there will be designer tea cups hurled, their will be hairless kittens kicked, there will be wailing and moaning echoing out of Remuera and all the thieving little Kiwi-As multi-millionaires will join the little multi-billionaires to roast like Christmas turkeys in the worlds largest oven, Australia, but hey. We don’t need them and they won’t be missed. See? It’d be a win-win situation and the rich like winning no matter who they fuck over and for how much. Just ask the natzo’s and it’s inbred cousin ACT ?
      * I know. He’s shaved it off but to me it’s still there, smelling of National Party arse hole.

      • Seriously @CB, you’e wasting your time taking on @fucking Ada. It’s so rusted on tribal right, it’s like something out of the Ark. It’s the kind of thing that doesn’t want to turn out like its mother, but which (witch) as turned out liking a spitting image. It’s probably even got a partner called Burton that keeps telling it hoe beautiful it looks ( and that’s on a good day ).

    • Ada the problem is ,it’s all one sided. Chris Hipkins is being forensically checked on a daily basis and absolutely nothing passes the so called political trolls aka . journalists. This is all happening while Luxon and Willis are selling the biggest lie of them all ie. “ how are they REALLY going to pay for tax cuts “, another big question is what are they REALLY going to cut.

    • 1984 was when what I term Old Labour was parasitised by National by using a traitor called Roger Douglas, a two term Labour finance minister double agent who destroyed Labour’s reputation thereby getting rid of any opposition to National thereby removing all opposition to the overtures of the now multi-billionaires and multi-millionaires. Graeme Hart could help explain that. Once the national party deregulated trade unionism all was lost, effectively. Roger Douglas then went on to form ACT with another dodgy fuck called derek quigly, No. I’m not making this shit up. So when I read the squeaks from the rat in his cage, I know that old days are alive and wriggling. And now the internet. Aye Boys. You must be doing little rat turds all over the cages you built for yourselves.

  2. I thought it was the job of the cis white males to apologise for woke sins of white privilege. James Shaw wins the gold medal for this. Chippy isn’t normally apologising, but maybe now he’s falling in polls, he has to.

    The problem is, Labour and Greens don’t apologise for the big mistakes in policy to the public which has created massive debt to NZ and divisive policies creating a crime filled, dysfunctional service NZ that can’t get anything done from health care waiting lists to potholes on steroids, inaction on climate and absent trains and ferries inspite of 10% petrol tax in Auckland , but do apologise for woke sins from century ago with a subjective woke interpretation of that history, linguistic gymnastics everywhere, signs and virtue signal overloads and bickering over tiny slights.

    • saveNZ “The show’s not over ‘til the fat lady sings.” Done, with Verrall seemingly prioritising practising medicine according to the ‘principles’ of the Treaty, rather than based on long-established proven medical science. Auckland’s woke diversity-decorated cop car won’t stop women getting beaten up, let alone ram raids, but banks, supermarkets and power companies will continue to prosper, so that who politicians should be apologising to, apart from the children of the future, and planet earth, is merely a temporary vote-garnering conundrum. Any anger should be directed at the whole useless lot of them.

      • Woke are crazy and governments are captured.

        This Canadian black school trustee defended another’s freedom of speech but was accused of being a white supremist – even though he is black.

        Meanwhile cancel culture is everywhere and growing stronger and more ridiculous.

        “The onslaught of the College of Psychologists of Ontario against Canada’s most distinguished public intellectual, Professor Jordan B. Peterson, is an embarrassment and a disgrace to the entire country, and a direct threat to the civil liberties of every Canadian. Dr. Peterson is followed by many millions of people on YouTube and X, formerly Twitter, Instagram, TikToK and elsewhere. His first non-academic book, Twelve Rules for Life, has sold more than 10 million English language copies, by far the best-selling non-fiction book in Canadian history. His YouTube videos have had literally billions of views. Yet he is at risk of losing his license to practice as a clinical psychologist in the province where he resides because of the complaints of six people about the “harm” done by his online opinions.

        The majority of those who claimed to be “harmed” were not Canadian residents and none of them had professionally consulted Dr. Peterson or knew anyone who had. The complaints were vicarious.
        Of the offending tweets, two were about Justin Trudeau, one about his former Chief of Staff, Gerald Butts, one about the conduct during the truckers’ protest of a woke Ottawa city councillor; another was about physicians who performed breast surgery on healthy women and girls, and about a well-known movie star who expressed gratitude for having undergone such an operation. Jordan Peterson’s podcast with Joe Rogan was also the subject of a complaint, particularly Peterson’s description of the “idiot climate models of the eco- fascist apocalypse-mongers and wannabe tyrants.”

        Conrad Black: Canadians must stand behind Jordan Peterson’s fight for free expression
        If professionals can be publicly humiliated and threatened with expulsion over political opinions, everyone in this country is at risk.

        It’s funny how anybody who does not agree with woke are accused of being white supremacists and cancelled from their jobs. Doesn’t matter what colour you are.

  3. Interesting that the torytrolls like Ada, Rat in acage and nathan post pointless opinions in Seymour type one liner slogans but never with any backup data. Go to kiwiblog or Slater’s whatever page for that stuff.

  4. Who is he fighting?
    Luxon is not the enemy but the alternative.
    His real enemies are Seymore who is sucking up the working men who cant identify with any one in the current labour team.
    Winston who is sucking up the old egalitarians who dispair at the loss of NZ the way it was in their youth.
    But the biggest enemy of all will the multitude who can not vote for 3 more years of labour and as such choose not vote at all. These are people who will sink poor Chippy.

  5. Seymour frame this election under the guise of equality peppered with the Part-Maaari meme. His party will only be in govt for one term because it will become apparent that electing ACT has nothing to do with equality!

  6. Tempers getting frayed. Anger doing it and disappointment too. Those who loved old NZ/AO – with a jaundiced eye – we weren’t perfect but parts of us were really good – have now got to show politicians how to fight, how to help by being a bridge over troubled waters. The politicians are doing just what we are doing, leaving the governing and doing to others – oh it’s too hard.

    The Oothers, *Maurice Gee’s ‘The Halfmen of O’, are stripping us, making money from both selling us sugary things, denatured goods – white bread with added chemicals etc, fizzy drinks with no sugar but sweet chemical, RTDs that make alcohol a desirable drug, and then they make money from treating the illnesses that arise. And of course the biggest plaint is caused by the reliance on private provision of everything and overbearing rules and regulations that prevent individuals from showing initiative eg you can’t cook goods for sale except in a certified kitchen for commercial use. And this in a country known for its deregulation – but this doesn’t apply to ordinary people trying to manage and overcome the loss of basic business to corpse and loss of full and part-time jobs to immigrant labour, often exploited despite promises. Government has been complicit in this deceit and ravaging of our local supply businesses which grew to export.

    So we need to start new initiatives for ourselves. Otherwise we’ll be like the song in Les Miserables of Empty Chairs and Empty Tables.
    …Here they talked of revolution
    Here it was they lit the flame
    Here they sang about tomorrow
    And tomorrow never came

    (But in Les Miserables they did something besides talk.
    They lost. But if we turned our anger, even despair,
    into some positive thing, gathering together in
    ‘development’ style projects, some will continue and
    those who are left have skills and ideas to carry on .
    What we need are people of the same mind committed to
    helping each other to finish some worthy project then we
    could do something better than this next verse. We need
    people like Shackleton’s group in Antarctica, working together
    not splitting off into the next new idea they’ve thought,
    before the last one they agreed with is finished!!)

    …From the table in the corner
    They could see a world reborn
    And they rose with voices ringing
    And I can hear them now
    The very words that they had sung
    Became their last communion
    On this lonely barricade at dawn…

    (You notice they still lost, but they got up
    from the table and tried. Life is surprisingly
    gritty when one reads history and how
    people were affected and lived behind the
    showy and dramatic historic events.)

    Can we set up a blog for ideas that can be registered, calling for people in their own locality and ideas for the group that will aid the people in their area? Farmers markets could be an example as a start. Every town should have a market where people can sell things at no
    great stall fee, and buyers meet and talk and can have a non-alcoholic drink and something to eat.

    If you haven’t got a market, that’s a good start. It needs input and organisation though allocating places for stalls etc and cleaning up after. The Council will want a small fee and their permission. So getting behind NZ/AO 2023 means DIY just to hold together so we can face the difficulties coming with esprit de corps (French for ‘: the common spirit existing in the members of a group and inspiring enthusiasm, devotion, and strong regard for the honor of the group’). We have had it in the past but now? What are we???

    * The Halfmen of O by Maurice Gee (A young adult book – note these are excellent reading for now when some of us have to grow into sadder, wiser people and face shattering, traumatic change.)
    Two young NZ/AOs who find themselves transported to the world of O where they must confront the terrifying Halfmen, a race of humans who, through the misuse of magic have split the evil half of their nature from the good.
    Not bad eh – Maurice Gee envisaged stories that displayed a fair understanding of our natures.

  7. ” Labour needs to stop apologising and start fighting! ”

    Its a war and Chipkins can’t win without having the troops onside that he hasn’t looked after , paid and housed and over promised and under delivered for six years.

    A real general would have laid the groundwork for the coming battle some years ago and executed a strategy to take aim at his enemy’s weaknesses.

    The team of believers they had to take them into a third term with momentum have gone and apologising just seems weak and ineffective five weeks out from the election.

    So much had been possible since 2020 but they threw it away.

    Only Parker could see the writing on the wall.

  8. I hate him. Labour did a personal charisma thing 6 years ago that has fizzled to nothing, as we all forecast.

    The only surprise is to these central office freemarketeer ‘activists’. Now a hangover. I prefer ideological charisma, as per Norman Kirk.

    I admit the good things that happened under them and will continue to vote for the Left. Which I suppose is a good conclusion for them. A Rightie BAC ecstatic, like Luxon at the mo’, scares me.

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