100 exploited migrant workers caught in South Auckland slum


Major criminal investigation after dozens of migrants discovered living in squalid Auckland home

A major criminal investigation is underway after dozens of migrants were discovered crowded inside a squalid three-bedroom home in south Auckland.

It’s alleged the men paid thousands of dollars for employment agreements with local recruitment contractors, but since arriving they’ve received no work or pay.

On Sunday night, the men called police after their food ran out and they were forced to turn to begging.

Turns out the number is closer to 100 exploited migrant workers!

Surprise, surprise, as the country relies on mass immigration by exploitable migrant workers…

Number of migrants to NZ highest in three years

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The latest annual net migration gain is the largest in more than three years, according to Stats NZ data.

The net gain of 86,800 people in the year ended June was the biggest since May 2020.

It was made up of a record net gain of 121,600 non-New Zealand citizens and a net migration loss of 34,800 New Zealand citizens.

New Zealand’s highest annual net migration gain was 91,700 in the year ended March 2020.

Stats NZ said the recent gains were driven by citizens from India, the Philippines, China, South Africa and Fiji.

…we see more and more mass immigration scams that rob the desperate and the vulnerable.

There are 27 000 of these worker visa bosses, the State only has enough resource to police 3% and of the hundreds of investigations, only 2 of the 27000 have lost their exploitation licences.

It’s a joke system ripe for exploitation and will only see more migrant workers exploited, but as long as the Big Bosses of NZ Industry are happy, the desperate and vulnerable migrant workers can go fuck off.

One way to stop this exploitation is enrol every single migrant worker automatically with a Union so that every migrant workers is a Union member meaning this exploitation can’t happen in the first place.

Why can you have a system totally ripe for exploitation remain in place knowing there is no way to police any of this?

NZ’s economic success is built upon stealing Māori land and NEVER fully paying it back alongside low wage migrant worker exploitation.

Welcome to the land of the wrong uptight crowd.


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    • Henry Filth – Yes, and start treating those scum bags who exploit those people like we do against other criminals, ie…sell their assets, lock them up, then deport them

    • Because it gives the appearance of safeguards and government having overall control of numbers, which pacifies the unions and anti-immigrant left, while enabling just enough new workers in to make up for those fleeing to better wages and lives overseas so the economy doesn’t noticeably seize up.

      • “Anti immigrant left” versus anti wage growth right that encourages people to leave country in the first place.

        • The right would much rather pay high wages if that was matched by productivity growth.
          Unfortunately, we are a low productivity nation. Hence low wages.

  1. Compulsory Unionism – heck while you are at it bring in rent and price controls. Ban overseas funds transfers and rename the country the People’s Democratic Republic of Aotearoa.

    Or we can just accept the current regime is another brainfart from the current government.

  2. This is not so much the result of intentional exploitation, more our imbecilic immigration minister/s who could not run a bath, much less create coherent legislation.

    According to an immigration lawyer on AM yesterday there are no checks to “employers” self declarations which opened the door for fraudulent players. The government was warned!

    Shit oh dear, this “flagship” policy put into action by Labour is so obviously flawed, one truly has to wonder about the calibre of our ministers! Its simply unacceptable! Justifiably the NZ Government (us!) should compensate these victims for our governments stupidity.

    Andrew Littles response was typically brain dead as per usual. I can only hope he’s booted out come October!


  3. This is the same government that says their oversight of the appropriate ministry will make sure GST is not included in the price of fruit and veg in supermarkets.

  4. Labour has had 6 years to sort it out but it’s got worse with the hug a crim approach. Can’t think of any prosecutions where hundreds of thousands and millions being made from these visas scams have been recovered via proceeds of crime and the person put in prison and deported in these constant visa employment scams.

    Should be pretty easy to prosecute as the migrants come under the accredited employer scheme but surprisingly nobody ever seems to be held to account who brings these migrants in, and if caught the only one out of pocket tends to be the NZ taxpayers as more people with few prospects NZ visas and charity and benefits from NZ which isn’t really helping stop the problem, but more making it worthwhile to take the chance!

    With NZ love a crim attitude and 100,000+ free visas a year, NZ government jobs and councils full of scammers making a fortune with government jobs. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/council-executive-who-gave-7m-sewage-plant-contract-to-cake-decorator-guilty-of-corruption/KWZZF4TN6NGBLGSQ65XQY4SUCA/ Happening forever and no lessons learnt from Joanne Harrison. The scammers get to executive levels no problem in NZ government roles! https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/117926188/fraudster-joanne-harrisons-hidden-history-the-life-and-crimes-of-a-milliondollar-conwoman.

    Think about it and weigh it up as a scammer, NZ is hugely popular now as it seems you can make 7 million in a corruption scam and if worst comes to worst, only costs you home detention or a few years in jail! They might as well green light corruption here.

    Unlike OZ, NZ does not deport migrant criminals as soon as they offend, thus the migrant criminals are all piling up as we don’t deport our own migrant criminals, while every other country seems to be able to deport them back here as it’s so easy to get a NZ passport.

    Money laundering. No problem, hundreds of millions and it’s just a short stint in your multi million dollar penthouse. Of course you get to keep NZ citizenship! https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/william-yan-aka-bill-liu-to-keep-nz-citizenship-despite-money-laundering-conviction/YMYXI6UP6MG6UTYBNQO2SLRGJE/

    Law abiding NZ citizens are leaving to escape the crims, more and more are sick of being scammed here or their life put at risk by fake drivers on the road, violent outbursts aka axe attack in Albany, mall terrorist, mosque terrorist, bank and telephone scams etc.

    Wonder why so many crashes – especially involving trucks in NZ?
    Driver licence scandal: hundreds of licences chucked out after officer accepted bribes for passes

    There used to be smaller amounts of meth and other drugs being imported in NZ, but now when you can get NZ residency from prison like Sroubek it’s a good way to make a lot of money. Don’t forget you get a reduced sentence if you are a drug addict too, so great recruitment drive for gangs as low penalties for helping!

    • Thanks savenz I hope you get your opportunity to bring your expertise to light somewhere so it can be used as a beacon lighting the way to better policy. Hope!!! Does everyone else know the mechanism that pervades so that Labour’s lower class helping arm and desire dropped away back when – 1984? What was the machinery, the leverage, and how was it applied? Did Ian Wishhart do something on it or was he a phony turncoat as well? Who gets the payoff, the moolah now? Is there a direct blackmail – withdrawal of election funds unless Labour complies or revealing something that is embarrassing on Labour leaders?

  5. God where are you? How in a supposedly moral country could we set up systems that enable this sort of thing to flourish. What a load of s..t our systems are and taint all the lovely people who administer them!

    Song on theme but slightly lighten the mood:
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    Someone’s been sending me flowers
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    every new day brings another bouquet
    but I just don’t know who to say thank you to

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    down through my chimney they fall
    sometimes at night when I turn out the light
    they come through a crack in the wall
    now that my house is a garden
    bursting with blossoms in bloom
    I stand there for hours admiring my flowers
    I’d like to lie down but there’s just isn’t room

    someone’s been sending me flowers
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    if I see another bouquet I’ll go mad.

    He started by sending me bluebells
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    each faded bloom had a nasty perfume
    besides being grey they were papier-mâché
    there followed a garden of fungus
    and then as a tropical treat
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    the cactus corsage touched me deeply
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    I felt much the same when the rock garden came
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    somebody madly adores me
    I know not whom to suspect
    since I cannot afford to be madly adored
    I do wish you’d stop sending flowers – collect
    Writer : Sheldon Harnick

    • Well many of the people that exploit, claim God is big in their lives. In fact some of them have Gods that seem forever short of cash

  6. Exploiter people farmers need lynchin’, exploiter slaves need deportin’… keep it comin’ until the wheels fall off.

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