The conditions of Posie Parker’s return to New Zealand

'Pure Trans Joy' - How the Spinoff saw the Posie Parker mob violence vs reality

Posie Parker to return to New Zealand in September: Will border officers let her in?

Controversial anti-transgender activist Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull, otherwise known as Posie Parker, is set to return to New Zealand in September – but her entry is not yet secured.

Keen-Minshull, a self-described women’s rights activist, said she was returning for a court hearing for the person who allegedly assaulted her at her March rally in Albert Park, Auckland.

She penned an open letter to Prime Minister Chris Hipkins yesterday, asking him to guarantee her safety.

Immigration New Zealand general manager Richard Owen said Keen-Minshull holds a New Zealand Electronic Travel Authority (NZeTA), allowing her to travel here without applying for a visa in advance.

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Posie Parker can still be denied entry into the country if she is considered a threat to public order, and based on the madness of her last visit, that must be exercised and her entry prevented.

The issue here is not Free Speech, the issue is public safety.

When the woke mob chased her from the Town Square, the woke cheered ‘Pure Trans Joy’ without appreciating that their cult like violence on the day changed the rules.

The Right witnessed that performance and know now that violence is allowed and every religious fuckwit, feral antivaxxer, Anti Co-governance bigot and Qanon sovereign sheriff are all lining up to fight the woke.

Remember, The Spinoff and their woke media newsrooms are still telling you that the protest wasn’t violent, TDB was there, we have the footage…

RNZ, Mediawatch et all will tell you the images you see with your own eyes above were not a mob violently attacking Posie Parker.

According to the apologists it was, and I quote, ‘Pure Trans Joy’.

The Spinoff and their woke media newsrooms are fucking liars and they have glossed over the violence because you know, “heteronormative white cis male privilege”, the danger of course was that by legitimising political street violence, the rules have changed and they have changed so much that Posie Parker should only be allowed back into the country under very clear conditions:

NO public event in Albert Park or any Public space.

If she wishes to speak, it must be in a venue that can be managed and policed properly.

If we allow her in and she pulls the same fear grift stunt she did in Albert Park, it’s going to trigger a spasm of political violence because the Woke are so arrogant that they can’t back down and the feral right want a fight.

Add in the possibility of some nutter going troppo and bringing a gun to this, and we have an event 3 weeks out from the general election that could destabilise this country.

This is what we have become, this is who we is now.

Thanks wokies, we get it, your manufactured self identity is more important than our shared humanity.

You fucking clowns.


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  1. Parker shouldn’t be allowed in. Right-minded men are going to show up and defend whatever event she holds, and the police will arrest them for defending themselves against the weirdos.

    • NZ not a safe place for woman anymore it seems. NZ is going back 150 years where men told woman what to do and think and didn’t let them having a voice.

      Our government seems more interested in criminal and rapist rights than victim rights these days.

      Safer online services and media platforms proposal will silence women – Women’s Rights Party

      • Nastily slurring women as TERF’s, Nazis, racist, — these words are now utterly meaningless.

        And the anti-democratic rhetoric of:
        “With Us or Against Us! No Negotiation! No Debate!” regarding dangerous, delusional, “gender identity” where “Trans-women Are Women” in every circumstance – taking primacy in law, education and everyday life proves to be dangerous and irrational. In fact, it is monstrously dehumanizing, superstitious, and backwards.

  2. Or perhaps the people that live here could just act like grown-ups and behave themselves? The only people threatening public order was from the deranged trans allies. Perhaps we should boot them out of the country instead?

    • Ernie. Boot them out of the country instead? Not so easy to do. Leader Lal is an immigrant anyway, as, I think, is that other bloke, and Government owned Kiwibank appointed Lal New Zealander of the Year, and without transgender extremists the Ministry of Education would lose its genderID advisors to help them prematurely sexualise, confuse and damage school kids, by infusing them with non-scientific ideology, which could lead to big losses for the powerful pharmaceutical industry which provides puberty blockers, hormones, anti-anxiety meds and anti-depressants. Money rules.

      And don’t forget that various media and Green and Labour politicians did their best to fire up the transgender community beforehand by telling lies about K-J K, and presenting biological women as an existential threat. Some of us avoid threats, but this lot converged on Albert Park to meet the ladies head on and not only celebrated terrorising them, but announced, via Marama, that white cisgender males are the promulgators of violence, thus scoring an insane double whammy. It’s surprising that anyone wants to come here at all really, apart from rich foreigners buying citizenship and bolt holes.

      • name the schools in question sw preferrably with locations yes I’m asking you for the details of what you so vociferally oppose

        • Absolutely any school that has adopted the MoE material on this subject, which they are encouraged to do?

          Message after message that promotes the stupid and non-progressive idea that if you are a gender-non-confirming boy or girl (ie an effeminate boy or a tomboy) then you are born in the wrong body and need help and have something wrong with you. In 2023, we are telling LGB kids that there is something wrong with them. Unacceptable.

          All schools are encouraged to adopt this material. We have no idea how many have.

          • It’s worse than that. Even kids who think they’r ok, or don’t really think much at all, are being told eg that just because they have a penis, it doesn’t mean that they’re a boy, or a girl self-conscious about her budding breasts can be told that this means that she is a boy, trapped in the wrong body. Children with gender ID issues, invariably have other concomitant mental health issues, which may give rise to, or find expression in gender identity issues. Tragically, prioritising gender changing, doesn’t address the other issues, and can exacerbate them.

            The closing of the once well regarded Tavistock Clinic in London, in face of the court cases proliferating from once-were – girls or boys, whose lives have been irrevocably damaged, should be heeded as a warning to tread softly, and not barge in with ideology, or treatments, often with scant, if any, basis in medical science.

            Sex education is one thing, but this is different dimension altogether.

        • Gagarin Hutt Valley High is one school where third form parents have been censured by their kids for not being sufficiently gender fluid. I suggest that you talk with and listen to your children and grandchildren, and make an OIA request to the Dept of Education and peruse the curriculum for yourself.

      • Here we go again. Yes it’s all the big bad pharmaceutical industry. Give me a f’ing break. If it’s funded in NZ there’s a very high chance it’s generic and cheap as chips. If it’s not the molecule will be used in other indications. You can’t seriously look at our funding history in NZ and tell me the pharma lobby is powerful. Shitloads of people have to die before we even get funding. Ironically the most political pressure to fund comes from charities representing primarily women’s diseases ( ok men do get breast cancer but…)

        • Yes the gender affirming medication is old stuff. In fact it is the same drug given to Alan Turing, after he was found guilty of homosexuals acts. He had the choice of going to prison or experiencing chemical castration through the drugs now prescribed for kids with gender Dysphoria

          • Right, so whatever this massive conspiracy in NZ is that Snow White is promoting, is nothing to do with “the powerful pharmaceutical industry”. Makes a great script but not associated with common sense

      • Oh come on Snow . I am a woman and no way do I want this trouble maker representing me. So please speak for yourself in your generalization of her motives. You promote an extremist and deny our children choice. Wherever she goes she causes trouble for her cause. She gets more publicity this way. There are children who are forever traumatized not being able to truly identify who they are. Yes children can be very confused at times but what is your answer to their confusion “Posy Parker”. She is hateful towards trans people every step of the way. These people face hatred contempt and discrimination every day ,their psychological health always at risk. They die young and you hold up this woman as our saviour . There are many more women in history worthy of your support . You and your ilk do these children/ young people a great disservice and with comments and people like Parker they will forever be hiding in fear in the closet.

        • I’m curious. You say you are a women so I am curious what you define a women as? I don’t believe that you have ever listened to PP.

          • Kim I have absolutely no desire to explain my womanhood to you. I have listened to Posy Parker being interviewed by Dan Wooton and read her various diatribes in the British media of . I have seen her riotous behavior in America . If her supporters can’t see she is a con artist and only in it for her self gratification then that’s yours and their fault. Don’t belittle me in your argument . You belittled yourself in that your two assumptions about me were wrong.

            • I simply asked you to define a women. You can’t can you because you know your answer goes against nature and indisputable truth. And you cannot debate truth because no matter what you say truth is always truth. I never asked you what u are down below. Although that seems obvious now.

              • More assumptions Kim. I am pleased you are confused because at the end of the day its my business quote “ what I am down below”. There in a nutshell ( ha, ha!) is your misguided version of women.

                • I’m not confused. I know exactly what a women is. It’s a “Adult human female”. Convince me I am wrong. That’s not to say that trans women don’t exist. Its just that they are not female.. and never can be.

                  • Great description Kim very far reaching interpretation of a woman. I really appreciate your 3 word explanation of a woman. Not so easy is it. Remember Kim assumptions are dangerous and unkind. Assumptions are throw away lines designed to hurt and humiliate.

  3. I would hope that those that stoked the fires of the pure trans joy mob that went to beat up woman , which including some of our elected officials are trying to deescalate the situation ,

    • Scott. “ Deescalate the situation” is an excellent idea. We need more safety valves, not censorship, or politicians trying to curb freedom of speech. No more ignoring Parliamentary protestors like the fools on the hill did previously, nor muzzling of the media reporting on them.

      A designated speakers’ corner or two in every town, would be a good start. Lovely tiled Pigeon Park in Courtney Place, Wellington, and maybe another; Hagley Park, Christchurch; Caroline Bay in Timaru; market places in Auckland. Let the people speak. Some are probably very good, and if they’re not, nobody’s compelled to listen to them. Just not too near captive bus stops or queues.

      An enterprising town council could have its own security people hovering if necessary if the police have still not overcome their odd aversions, but regular scheduled talking places could only be an improvement on the idiots in Parliament and the numskulls on television, and become commonplace.

  4. Martyn – Agreed- Let her in, and empty the Auckland Police holding cells just in case, and name and shame the scumbags that attack women

  5. I agree with you Martin, “this is who we is, now!”.

    But I do not want to be this.

    Let’s expect any person who travels here to demonstrate restraint. At the same time let us expect restraint from all our citizens. Let’s rebuild our image as a tolerant society. That is the Kiwi way. Surely our security services should be up to the task to keep us all safe and secure.

    If our security services are not up to the task then let’s change that our way (Democratically) and not the way that Russia and …. Niger and so many other countries deal with these issues.

    “Jesus weeps!” TDB.

  6. If the victim of a crime is denied entry to witness the trial against the accused, then this country deserves to be set on fire.

  7. She has to appear in court so… Let her in so that she can face her attacker face to face.

  8. Nope.

    She must be let back in.

    And the police must contain the mob.

    We must not let any group in society use violence to control the information that other groups can access.

    If we do that, democracy has failed and the state is illegitimate.

  9. If NZ can not guarantee safety because last time they allowed and incited a trans activist mob to attack woman speakers and listeners, then that says a lot about how our government is controlling free speech here against woman.

    More victimisation if the victims of the trans mob are not allowed to go to court in NZ to face their perpetrator which is a foundation of criminal justice in NZ.

    If the government had kept out of it and had the police activated properly, then government may not have had the problem with people punching out elderly woman and throwing liquids.

    Government officials never censored Marama about her saying all white, cis-gender men are responsible for all violence while minimising the pro trans attackers actions of violence and against freedom of speech.

    • savenz. With authoritarian Ardern gone, the government should have quietly shelved all her initiatives to control freedom of speech. They still should. Marama’s disgraceful contribution came because she knew she’d get away with it.

  10. Violence seems to be increasing in NZ with the government agencies and media seemingly allowing violent crime to continue while then pushing more revenue gathering and paper work into the space aka gun laws that gangs and the criminal class do not seem to fall under as they have illegal guns.

    Granny reported “We believe that this was an isolated incident and there is no ongoing risk to the community,” Bolton said.

    Not really isolated if there was a gun attack a few weeks ago, in a similar area of CBD, that killed people 2 people and themselves aka Matu Reid.

    Police and Government are going in the wrong direction for safety because they keep stopping freedom of speech for non violent people as a priority, while helping the violent actions that increasingly people feel they can do in NZ.

  11. I thought we are all immigrants Snow white or is that line only rolled out for Maori. Also, our Police force are not babysitters and have better things to do. If Posie wants to talk she could do the same as Julian Batchelor hire a private venue, have her own security at the door and screen/vett people.

      • JKT “ The police are there too keep us all safe.” Well said. Covid iP seems to think that the police should just protect people who bring in money, which is very venal of her, even if it’s what Hipkins, Coster, and the loquacious Green girls think.

  12. Posie is welcome like any other person, but she needs to BYO her own security, hire a private venue and she can do a Julian Batchelor screen/vett participants as our Police aren’t babysitters. Why should our taxes be spent on protecting her.

    • More importantly, why should our taxes be spent stopping freedom of speech and helping violent, entitled trans snowflakes that can’t seem to control themselves.

      Not just this issue, more and more living in NZ seem to feel entitled to disrupt others and be violent to others here via shooting, knives and punching others, not letting anybody have a different point of view or debate issues and using intimidation to create a culture of fear of speaking your mind.

      Our taxes should be spent on stamping out violence and entitlement than worrying about a speaker who is speaking for woman. Letting the violent and entitled trans get away with frightening people speaking here is the problem – especially as what Posy is saying is completely mainstream and the norm for woman!

      • Save NZ you need to save your vitriol for the Brothers of John and Howard Temple
        (Glorivale leader) child molesters and pedophiles abusing their powers.

    • Right on Michelle. Pop stars, sports people and DJ’s should also provide their own security. Taxes shouldn’t be spent policing football crowds and concert groupies. Private security stopped Parker being trampled on and the others should pay up including accident causers, and all drunk drivers.

      • Yes Pip but there is a clear difference some of those groups bring money to our cities, whereas Posie is bringing division, hate and in hard times we don’t need her foreign poison.

        • Wrong. She was invited here to help New Zealand women to have freedom of speech. In such events overseas, Parker introduces the local speakers, and says little herself. Letting Kiwi women talk isn’t “ foreign poison”. She didn’t have the chance to say anything at Albert Park, and neither did the New Zealand women who came along hoping to be able to speak about what matters to them. They were all silenced.

          I’m not sure how police resources spent stopping, processing, or chasing drunk drivers brings money into cities, or why tax payers should have to foot the bill for law breakers like these.

        • Having been cancelled, Posie is bringing the opportunity to speak up about how gender ideology is impacting on them.

          This should be welcomed by everyone who believes in democracy and women’s rights

  13. She probably needs to hire an indoor venue. I am sure there are plenty of council’s keen to earn Abit of Xtra revenue. Rather than fleece in ratepayers

    & Let the Free Speech Protection Squad check her speech before she speaks, so she doesn’t offend anyone and is inclusive.

    • Freedom of speech.
      There should be no obligation not to offend. That constitutes censorship!
      That is exactly where all this shit started! Stop being so precious.

    • Why she doesn’t hire an indoor venue is because she gets cancelled at the last minute and then it’s too late to get a permit for outdoors.

      This happened to SUFW in NZ and they had to go to the High Court to ensure their meetings could proceed

    • Yes of course Garagin. But not through violence and intimidation.

      You can say someone is talking b shit, but it better to put forward a good argument. I have yet to hear one from the tras

  14. Joseph, anyone watching that clip would feel outrage and sadness. And they would jointhe fight against this harmful ideology

  15. Her coming will lead to more nails being put into the Greens coffin as they will be at the front of any protest and will be seen as deniers of free speech .

  16. Posie should be allowed to speak anywhere she likes. These mentally ill THINGS that attack her and her supporters are nothing more than human excrement!

    I intend to go along to her next public rally, so I can hear what she wants to say.

    • Referring to any human being as a “thing” or as “human excrement” is disgusting. You can have a gender-critical viewpoint without turning into a cockwomble.

    • Well Zelda aren’t you just the perfect one. You are disgusting and shameful and Posy Parker is also disgusting and shameful for promoting people like you and your ilk promote hatred for everyone. However the most shameful thing of all is that Posy Parker is taking all you zealots for a ride with her own twisted logic of supposedly supporting women’s rights. You lot are all too thick to see it though, because she is only promoting herself .

  17. I wouldn’t be surprised if Posie visit at this time is politically motivated as the timing is just before our election and we know she does not have to appear in court as AVL is widely used.

  18. If she is allowed back in this country, no one can guarantee her safety. She is a fascist and fascists do not deserve protection. Spreading her evil is not what we need here, we have enough with Brian Tamaki etc.

    • I would ask you to elaborate on why you think Parker is a fascist, but I am pretty sure I know the response I would get. Like similar to the male British cyclist who was competing in the British women’s olympic team. When the olympic committee changed the rules, he accused them of genocide

    • The real fascists are the trans activists and their enablers who are trying to rewrite history, change language, politically mandate their delusional fantasies and employ violence to dissenters.
      Get your facts straight.

    • Fascists are people who shut down any debate or dissenting opinion and punish all transgressors against this. I think you’re confused on who was being fascist. Much like those who claim that banning and censoring dissenting opinions are protecting themselves from fascists. No, you are the fascist.

      The only way to deal with idiots like her who are peddling secondary agendas is to expose them to light and show all the problems. Then destroy them by coherent argument. Not violence, idiocy and mob rule

  19. There must be an acknowledged difference between a Woman and a Trans women. This bulshit hasd gone far enough. All the surgeries and drugs on the world cannot make a Trans women a natural born women with XY chromosomes… ever, full stop, end of story. That’s just a fact and when indisputable facts can be changed with feelings we are all screwed. Which is pretty much all that PP says if any of you took the time to listen.

    • Kim 100% And yet all the major Parliamentary parties passed a gender ID Bill enabling gender to be changed by a simple annotation on a certificate. That’s all there is to it, simple as … simple as a science defying pollie from Invercargill.

    • The trans ideology playbook is lifted directly from the Maoist counter enlightenment.
      It’s straight from the cultural revolution.
      Change the language and natural order overnight then shame, cancel and punish dissenters as a warning to others.
      Teach the new order from the top down in spite of everyone knowing its bullshit,.
      Rule by fear, punish publicly and reinforce with government education.
      We have seen it all before and the end game is not pretty.

      • Mao wasnt exactly a supporter of LGBT.

        But the CHinese cultural revolution was largely correct. Some aspects of traditional Chinese culture were backward and reactionary and needed to be swept away.

        We are simply sweeping away backward and reactionary attitudes, such as traditional gender roles, and Biblical supersition and building a society based on kindness and human need/well being.

        • No you are not. You are a small minority trying to legitimize your own idiology in the face of self evident truths. And you don’t mind using violence to achieve it. Wear a dress if you want too. Have your genitals removed or mutilated if you choose to. We might feel sorry for you but no one wants to stop you. But… we don’t have to accept a lie just because you are desperate for it to be true. And you cannot force us too.

  20. Im sure Brian Tamaki will welcome her with open arms. He and his thugs would jump at the oppurtunity to bash LGBTQ’s, though TERFs might find his record on coddling wife bashers problmatic.

    Anti LGBT-ness is strong with you guys today.

    • You do realize it was the gender critical women who got bashed and intimidated don’t you Millsy? And a number of those women are lesbians?

      Where do you stand on those lesbians being kicked intimidated?

      • Anker I think it’s fair to say that it’s all biological women who transgendered persons seek to intimidate, while also wrongly claiming certain proprietary sexual rights over lesbian women, which are simply not their’s to be making.

      • You supported those anti vax protestors wanting to murder young female reporters at Parliament. So dont you fucking lecture me against violence, Karen.

    • Tamaki is hardly a supporter of women’s rights now is he?
      Your attempt to join the dots is patently transparent and feeble.

    • The only documented bash being given out is from trans activist thugs against women.
      Continued repeating of untruths does not make them true.

  21. Bomber you are a hypocrite. You know the media and the left created this situation and now you want to ban people because of public safety. Shame on you. Sounds awfully like, ‘we only want people to be able tospeak if they agree with us’ to me. If it’s a public safety issue, why not ban the trans activists who are the proven perpetrators of violence!! Your opinion of Parker doesnt change the established facts.

  22. Banning someone because the people who object to them is just giving in to the poor behaviour of the protestors. What’s going to happen the next protest at that rate. Free speech and silent, peaceful protest.

  23. She and all the idiots should come. Somehow this issue is over. I don’t like their opposition drowning out folk like it’s a response of a human.

    You must jump from left-winger to left-winger in your comments. Bad side of free speech. Right-wingers are the dead matter between intelligence.

  24. In times of danger, insecurity, and economic instability a scapegoat is needed for the masses to psychologically satiate themselves. Mostly men hate a woman speaking out against mass delusion, especially in NZ, clearly. In New Zealand today that scapegoat is Parker and the women who wish to speak in public spaces about their eroding rights. Leave women alone and let women speak.

    • “Mostly men hate a woman speaking out…”
      I think that’s unfair and doing your cause a disservice. Many men (most?) want safe spaces for their women.
      Any man I know who saw the video footage of the assault by the trans activist is revolted by that behaviour and sides with Parker.
      Parker should have her rally and police should do their job and keep the peace.

      • Keepcalmcarryon. Well said. The fact that Posie Parker was actually invited to come to New Zealand by two Maori women, apparently from Auckland, to help women find their voices, is a pretty damning indictment about the place of women in New Zealand society today. She gets dumped on for being a Brit,which is semi-tragic, if there was no one readily identifiable available here in New Zealand to do what she’s doing.

        She’s done us a great favour though, in hilighting the transgender ideology being promulgated in the school system, which is apparently the issue which propelled her, as a mother, to become a public speaker and to help others to do the same. The fact that politicians tried so hard to ban her and to discredit her, is at the very least quite bizarre.

  25. New Zealand. The country where it isn’t safe for women to speak in public because of erm, violent men. What a fucking state.

    • Because of the government too, Taffy. The same government which kneecapped the independent voice of the Commissioner for Children, and put its own stooges in instead. The government which tried to stop Posie Parker from entering this country at all, and whose Minister, Wood, said that she had “ an incorrect world view.” The government which is following Ardern’s dictate to halt freedom of speech. That government. The one which says that somebody has an incorrect world view without saying what that world view is, and why it is incorrect.

      • Free speech is a cudgel used to bash minorities into submission. The countries with the greatest records of race, and social progress have supressed ‘free speech’, that is because too many people want to whip people like you into a frenzy to oppose it,

  26. The LGB need to be more vocal in opposing trans ideology than they currently are.
    Trans dogma is deeply homophobic and after expunging the rights of women they will move onto them.

  27. So…Who has the right of way on things women…..actual real women , or men wearing dresses….??

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