Political Caption Competition


National Party Transport Policy


  1. National announces solution to dirty dairying with their “You can’t farm on coast-to-coast asphalt” policy.

  2. Nationals comprehensive plan to target homelessness…build more roads and give tax cuts to the rich.

    • Gnataxe innovative plan for pakeha not entitled to any land or housing or consideration under democratic government for all! The mowing strip along highways to be divided into small lots and huts allocated to the ‘indigent’ (majority) who will be responsible for the upkeep of the piece of road on their boundary. Smart finking by finks. New land wars arise when many Maori not allocated any space under land deals to iwi, then find are not entitled to roadside leasehold.

  3. A delectation by some innovative restaurant – chocolate covered cheesecake in our unmistakable NZ/AO shape (before further pieces of coast chewed by storms and rising tides). Eat it while its fresh, it won’t keep.

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