The Daily Blog Open Mic – 4th August 2023

Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

The Editor doesn’t moderate this blog,  3 volunteers do, they are very lenient to provide you a free speech space but if it’s just deranged abuse or putting words in bloggers mouths to have a pointless argument, we don’t bother publishing.

EDITORS NOTE: – By the way, here’s a list of shit that will get your comment dumped. Sexist language, homophobic language, racist language, anti-muslim hate, transphobic language, Chemtrails, 9/11 truthers, Qanon lunacy, climate deniers, anti-fluoride fanatics, anti-vaxxer lunatics, 5G conspiracy theories, the virus is a bioweapon, some weird bullshit about the UN taking over the world  and ANYONE that links to fucking infowar.


  1. Too many New Zealanders choose to ignore the horrendous Howard Temple Glorivale leader and The Brothers of Johns who were major rapist and pedophiles that abused their power over innocent children, ruining their lives. Yet instead many New Zealanders are putting the boot into ram raiders who are mostly young teenagers, and they want them all locked up. The hypocrisy is rife in our country.

    • Wilful ignorance. We need to find that wil and put him/her in a disciplinary class!
      We need to be taught philosophy not religion as a brand, and learn to discuss amongst others, question, opinionate, defend ideas. Learning to think around situations, actions, our own and others; form firm self-knowledge, ethics and goals. ‘Know thyself’ –
      ‘The proper study of mankind is Man’.

      What did Schopenhauer mean by the will?
      Schopenhauer used the word will as a human’s most familiar designation for the concept that can also be signified by other words such as desire, striving, wanting, effort and urging. Schopenhauer’s philosophy holds that all nature, including man, is the expression of an insatiable will.
      The World as Will and Representation – Wikipedia › wiki › The_World_as_Will_an..

      The Chinese have a long, ancient history – what can they teach us? This is interesting.
      Your own book, The Path, has quickly become a bestselling book. There’s obviously a wider audience for Chinese philosophy books. Could you say something about your book and its reception?
      I think you’re right, there really is an interest out there, now, in understanding Chinese philosophy and its complexities. The goal of the book was to take what seemed to work well in the classroom and bring it to a wider audience. I’ve been really excited by the response.
      [The Path, 2017, by Michael Puett and Christine Gross-Loh. Michael Puett teaching a course on Chinese philosophy at Harvard.]

  2. Gerontocracy Rampant

    Why Trump will win.

    Though Trump is not much younger, 77yo to Biden’s 80, mumbling and stumbling on the campaign trail will doom Biden.

    …..Gerontocracy crept up on Washington slowly but inexorably. Biden, elected to the Senate in 1972, has been a public figure for half a century and, if re-elected as president, would be 86 at the end of his second term. At a recent commemorative event at the White House he hosted Bill Clinton, who was president three decades ago – but is four years his junior….

    …..A CNBC All-America Economic Survey in December found that 70% of Americans do not want Biden to run for re-election, giving his age as the principal reason….

    BILL GALSTON, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution thinktank in Washington, is a 77-year-old grandfather and former policy adviser to President Clinton

    “…. it is not the “consensus view” among Republicans that Trump is too old to move back into the White House. “There’s a lot more support inside the Democratic party for the proposition that Biden is too old, than there is inside the Republican party for the parallel proposition that Trump is too old,”

    Declaration: Pat O’Dea is a weary 64y.o., going on 90.

  3. His Council is determinedly standing behind him, and not with a stiletto either.
    …Gisborne District Council principal scientist Murry Cave has been instrumental in assessing land and properties following Cyclone Gabrielle, fronting media and dealing with affected parties on the ground…

    “Wish we had John Key now rather than the idiots currently in charge,” a 29 December post read.
    Cave also defended being white and male, labelling Green Party co-leader Marama Davidson “racist” following her comments at a March protest against an anti-transgender activist.
    He used the term “abuser” multiple times against people who disagreed with him on different topics…

    While I don’t agree with him, criticisms of government that has been slow to help Gisborne when Labour had a majority can be understood. And the grass always seems greener over the fence. The way that NZ/AO is being run down in plain view, and it seems nothing can be done, is fracturing our nation’s spirit, morality and solidity.

  4. Here is a real-life story that’s full of violence better than a James Bond movie. These people have been on the run for a long time and it is an exciting story of heroism.

    Can someone be bothered to take an interest in them? They have been presenting their case for decades and it is rarely heard of in our state of huge communication – it gets pushed to the side.

    After this make sure that you look at the Palestine posts on TDB – every day.
    That is if you have time after reading the instructions on how to use your new computer-comm-device. And taking a great interest in space exploration and new devices under development. Our souls are for sale. What price yours?

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