Posie Parker is returning to NZ in September – why officials must block her entry

We urgently need de-escalation in this. Preventing Posie Parker from entering the country again would force a de-escalation.

'Pure Trans Joy' - How the Spinoff saw the Posie Parker mob violence vs reality

Oh sweet Jesus no…

…Posie Parker returning to NZ is the last thing this nation needs and because of the mob violence generated by the woke last time, officials need to step in and prevent her entry.

The last time she was here wasn’t a protest, it was a fucking Mob, and if this Toxic Trans Troll anger grifter had slipped a second time, the Mob would have trampled her to death.

Don’t believe the lies of the Spinoff and their media mates that it was a peaceful protest, look at the fucking footage…

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RNZ, Mediawatch et all will tell you the images you see with your own eyes above were not a mob violently attacking Posie Parker.

According to the apologists it was, and I quote, ‘Pure Trans Joy’.



This time immigration NZ has to step in and refuse her entry.

I know, I know, I know, bowing to the woke Lynch mob is a capitulation to the thugs veto, but a second visit would lead to a riot and we can’t ignore that now.

The woke’s reliance on cancel culture and deplatforming has generated a movement incapable of persuasion and instead now justifies street violence as a means to an end.

When respected commentators are actively defending street politics that lead to the mob violence we saw at the Posie Parker protest, we are already on a slippery slope.

The Left minimised the Mob violence WHILE justifying it!

They screamed ‘Pure Trans Joy’, while the rest of the country saw a mob assault and literally chase a woman from the town square.

I’m no fan of Parker, as far as I am concerned she is a fear grifter who loves this reaction and attention. I think she is inflammatory and grotesquely offensive, however she is a manifestation of a cancel culture where these issues can’t be debated without woke social media lynchings.

If Posie Parker returned, the woke could not help themselves and would once again turn up wanting to rumble, the problem now is the far right have seen the rules changed and can now enter the fray behind the noble defence shield of Free Speech rather than their darker motives.

5 pissy little white kids dressed up as Nazis for a protest no one thought would turn into what it became is one thing…

…every far right nutter with an Axe to grind prepped and ready to turn up to a fight is completely another.

The woke are drunk on their own sense of power after the Posie Parker deplatforming and are justifying the violence, if Posie Parker is allowed back in the country, there will be a riot and as citizens of a liberal progressive democracy we must do all in our power to stop the woke dragging the rest of us into a very dark place.


Immigration NZ must step in and decline her entry because we can’t trust the hysterical self righteousness of the woke activist base who want conflict on the streets and a darker political anger from the right who are gleeful in manipulating the defence of free speech into social conflict.

This is where we are now. This is what we is.

We urgently need de-escalation in this. Preventing Posie Parker from entering the country again would force a de-escalation.


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  1. Terrible argument for punishing the victim- in case the woke violence alienates swing voters just before the election.

    • I agree with everything Bradbury says … except the appalling suggestion that Posie Parker or whatever her name is ought to be denied entry. What price free speech: the right to speak, the right to be heard, the right to hear?

      • Right. Where are the rowdy demonstrations from people angry about mass Internet censorship, mass warrantless surveillance, and trying to lock people up (or cancelling their visa) for thought crimes?

        At some point the repression will just become too great for people to bear. The fake protests, manufactured by the liberal political machine, will be replaced with very real ones — like the Yellow Vests, the pension strikes, the Dutch farmers and the Canadian truckers.

    • Why should we have to waste police resources on a riot that someone from overseas is planning to come here and stir up?

  2. So the self-righteous woke activist base wins – again. And what of George Orwell’s “If liberty means anything at all, it is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear”?

  3. I’m not sure what will hurt the government more , denying her a visa , or letting the trans crowd attack her again ,

    • Yes, a no-win situation for the government. I’m waiting for claims that some shadowy “far-right” organization is funding her visit, to destroy LINO’s electoral chances.

    • Possie should hold her rally at 8am in the morning like how Jordan Peterson shook off his constant woke mobs.

      • I was told that immigration NZ has made that a condition of her visit to NZ.
        Public and private speech will only be protected between 6am and 8am. Let sleeping dogs lie……

        English is such a stupid language…..

    • Enabling violence has become the NZ way. Hug a crim, they didn’t mean it, etc. Words are more scary and taken more seriously apparently to the left, than violence.

      What’s breaking a woman’s bone in her neck behind doors, it only becomes more serious when they pick up arms and stop construction.

    • Scott If no tax payer or tax payer funding, or free bus trips, are laid on for the anti-women terrorists this time around, violence shouldn’t be too big a problem.

    • Correction. Tax payer or rate payer funding better not provided to shut women up, not just no tax payer funding; use the money for little girls and grannies to have penis-free lavatories.

  4. Don’t take the distraction bait, kids. Unite the working people around a common platform in a new Third Party. Focus on the major issues (the economy, foreign policy, civil liberties), not the divisive clowns and their psyop-style circus. Take back the labour movement, and kick out the crooked bureaucracy.

    The same goes for all you Tory lurkers that read this newsletter. (Is there actually more of them than Labour people?) You all must know the populist conservative base has no future inside the existing parties, a festival of warmongering globalist R.I.N.O’s. Be a real patriot and make your country great again. Connect with the mass populist parties of the world, then form your own Third Party, and drain the swamp for good.

  5. Martyn – Let her in, the last time showed the rest of the world some of our feral protesters, this time – the Police must do their job – and protect her right to speak.

  6. I think we have enough capable people who genuinely care about women’s rights without this shit stirring individual coming back. She is an idiot, as are the people dumb enough to invite her if that is in fact the case. I don’t think you should stop her coming though. Reactionary Bratwurst, Anker et al can go along and have their t shirts signed, possibly a selfie.

    • There were genuine and capable women at the Let Women Speak event who were going to speak but got shut down

      • Well I agree that’s not right. I don’t think we need this individual here to speak for them but blocking her entry makes no sense

        • Wheel. The fact that Kiwi femmes were silenced, with the connivance of pollies, police and press, surely shows why K-J K was invited to come here in the first place, to help all New Zealand women find their voices.

          If at first you don’t succeed, then try try again.

          • But why invite the English version Of Majorie Taylor Green? “All these women being silenced” Really? You don’t think its more likely Albert Park was shit going sideways rather than some massive coordinated effort to silence women? Look at the elements that were there. Davidson might be an idiot but there was an even bigger idiot shoving a microphone in her face. Brian Tamaki’s mob were probably there to tell women to get back in the kitchen. There were enough feral types supposedly on either side of the issue for things to go wrong, and a police presence that didn’t step in as was needed. I wasn’t at Albert Park but got to see enough mainstream media coverage to conclude that there were non binary elements that were beyond out of line. Yes they were definitely trying to silence Parker but as part of some coordinated effort? I disagree.

          • Snow what on earth does this troublemaker bring to the table, common sense or anarchy. This woman is a narcissist nothing more nothing less. She does not and never will speak for me. She causes trouble wherever she goes. She couldn’t get out of NZ quick enough the last time she was here. Seriously Snow this woman does not deserve support or respect . She does not stand for women she only stands for number one herself

        • She is the poster child of mouthy staunch old school lesbians, god bless em, whos rights and standing are the very ones being expunged by millennial men.

        • Well you are entitled to your opinion about whether Posie comes but that is all it is.

          Remember she is coming because her assailant is appearing in court that day.
          Surely natural justice says she has a right to be there.

          • Yes she should be allowed back but are you suggesting she, or someone, is forking out a load of dosh to come all the way from the UK to face someone who threw tomato juice at her? Not so convinced that is the primary reason but each to their own.

    • So free speech should be limited to those who are not idiots.
      Where will that leave Martin Bradbury, you and I?

    • Good job we have randoms on the Internet to advise govt on which women’s rights are acceptable and who should be banned from the country for being an alleged idiot, eh?

    • Womens rights and language are being expunged, misappropriated and mocked before our eyes for reasons of commerciality, perversion and ideology. Never a good mix.

  7. Nah. Let her in and bring back the bash! Utu is needed to make good on rebalancing the scales.
    The woke lynch mob will piss their pants.

    All will be good in the world. Women without dicks will be able to have their day in court.

    The Juicer and the Basher need to do time in prison.

    The alphabet people are tired of being used by the 1 percenters, the trans blokes.

    Time to put this shit to rest.

    • Wow, bashing LGBT people. Really? Clearly obvious you are a devout Christian who wants to eradicate the LGBT community.

    • Yes. Let the fanatical, delusional, dysphoric, schizoid woke trans misogynist mob, their media enablers and MP handlers be given the final coup de grace with the return of PP.

    • When multiple rapists get home detention, you want someone born inter-sex to do prison time (which one) for pouring juice on someone?

      • Throwing juice on someone should not, and won’t be, an imprisonable offence. A fit, strong, healthy young man punching an elderly woman in the face and fracturing her cheek bone is a different matter. I’m still not convinced that prison is the right choice; I’m no fan of prisons.But the proverbial slap on the wrist with the wet bus ticket was clearly wrong.

        And lets not forget where *all* the violence came from. I don’t consider Shaneel Lal’s hurt feelings to be violence.

    • Watch the numbers of comments climb, feel the love & understanding grow, nothing like transphobia to bring communities together.

  8. There would be no reason to be concerned, if the police simply give an indication that they won’t arrest anyone defending Miss Parker. Riots only occur when the fake left liberal dogs who whine about ‘class reductionism’ know that they can get regular blokes arrested if they force them to defend themselves and others.

    Of course they won’t do that.

  9. It’s time some people in nuzld grew up and let some voices they might oppose, be heard by those who want to hear them.

    Just like gay marriage didn’t make the sky cave in, neither will this.

    The wokesters are worse than the rednecks that were against gay marriage, they’re just too detached from reality to realise it.

  10. NZ needs to have this discussion not ignore it. Why has NZ become a place where a woman can’t voice her opinion in public? Don’t ban her entry! Increase the security and arrest those who may incite violence. Geez!

  11. Denying her a Visa could create more division in NZ. Her in NZ could create more division in NZ. Personally I always say what goes around comes around so let it play out. I take no sides on gender other than respect for all people and free speech. But I lose respect when law & order is broken no matter what you support or don’t.

  12. Parker was invited to NZ the first time by a lesbian to speak on matters important to feminists and women generally, was attacked by a woke mob spurred on by transgender activists so mindlessly over sensitive and self-centred that they see any support for anyone other than themselves as actual literal genocide, and now
    the best way to deal with the situation is to ban the pro-women speaker just in case a trans-activist gets upset again? And the one certain thing in life seems to be that a trans-activist will get upset and scream genocide at the slightest provocation.

    The trans-activists have started this battle, not our treasured women and their supporters. I don’t care if someone is trans, I do care that my wife and daughters have the right to spaces where they feel safe without some ‘womans’ penis in their face. The trans community is being damaged by a small bunch of highly vocal radical activists such as Lal who are irritating the hell out of the vast majority of the rest of the population, and are doing huge damage to their own cause.

    The woke need to understand that just because they yell the loudest it does not mean they are winning. If it came down to a real fight between the handful of trans-activists and their allies against ordinary working males protecting their women and the alleged TERF class, the fight would be short and extremely decisive. Why do the activists do so much to try to start a fight they cannot win? They need to accept that a large part of the NZ population still believe in the basic biology reality that XX=female XY=male with a very small number of intersex people. Most of us are very happy to accept people to live however they feel comfortable, but that ends where their comfort negatively impacts others.

    • Are you Christian by any chance? And aren’t you on record as wanting abortion banned.

      And the moment you took Posey’s side, you became an enemy of those wanting bodily automatically. You are an enemy of the LGBT community. I bet you are a paid up member of the Destiny Church

      • Hey Milsy, you do realise that the L in LGBT are the lesbians? You know the women that have no interest in a man’s penis?

      • And what’s worse. Why was Posie so opposed in NZ? Because of what happened in Australia. The Pro Posie Brigade won’t accept that, NZers did want a repeat of what happened in Australia. And another fact. It was more Natal Born women than Trans People opposing Posie in here. That fact is ignored by the Anti Trans Posie supporters and Right Media and Christian religious lobby groups who also supported her. There were woman even in their 60s opposing her. I even had a woman friend of mine say to me “We don’t want that vial odious woman in the country.” Parker does not support teh majority of women in NZ. She supports a minority radical element!

    • You treasure women until they want to access abortion and birth control and go ‘child free’. Same can be said about everyone else here

      • Hey millsy, great to see another one of your weird accusations. My older sister is child free, and my daughters are child free, and many female friends are child free, and I love and treasure them all!
        I really do wonder how you get so much extra information out of our posts that no one else can find.. including those who wrote them??? Are you merely attempting some kind of ad hominem attack on other posters, or do you genuinely believe this is what we are saying? Or do you believe you have some inner knowledge of our lives? Your posted replies are fascinating in their frequent apparent disconnect from the content of the originals.

      • You make some very strange assumptions. You actually raise some of the battle-cries of 2nd wave feminism – the right to be childless, the right to abortion and birth control, women’s right to bodily autonomy – while attacking anyone who disagrees with you as “Destiny Church”, generically “Christian, or “wanting to eradicate the LGBT community”. I assume you are either unaware, or aware (but in denial), that many of the most high profile critics of ‘gender ideology’ are one or more of lesbian, childless, and defenders of those 2nd wave feminist achievements/campaigns including abortion rights, access to birth control and women’s bodily autonomy. That the left has in large part gone down the gender ideology path, and some on the right have opposed it, does not make any of the above untrue. Every MP in every party voted for gender self ID (the BDMR amendment) and only 2 voted against the “Conversion Therapy” Bill. That doesn’t mean you’re automatically an Act voter.

        I spoke up (in my small way) for gay rights in the 70s, when I was in High School and it was still illegal to be in a gay male relationship. It wasn’t so cool and trendy then, and to my shame, I ducked one more below the parapet. I marched for homosexual law reform in the 80s when it still wasn’t trendy. I’ve supported abortion and birth control rights ever since I knew they were an issue.I supported gay marriage. I supported the prostitution law change although I believe now that was a mistake – that there are better ways to address that issue. I’m not, and never have been, a Christian, let alone a supporter of Destiny Church. I’m a Marxist. I still absolutely support the rights of bisexual, gay and lesbian people.

        As a Marxist materialist, I believe that the science trumps a person’s feelings. I don’t believe TWAW or TMAM because the science says otherwise. I believe trans people should have legal protection, should not be subject to violence, and that their rights are, indeed, human rights. But I also believe that in our misogynistic and patriarchal society, where rape and sexual assault are all too frequent and all too frequently go un- or underpunished , women have the right to safety from men, and that includes men who say they are women. The violence that occurs against trans people comes overwhelmingly from men, so it should not be women who are asked to give ground.

        Men in the gay liberation movement never said, “we’re no threat to women; we should use women’s facilities.” they said “we should be safe and respected in men’s spaces”. The same should be true for those men who want to present as, and dress in the sex-stereotyped attire of women. They should be safe. But not at the expense of women who had to fight, and once again have to fight, for such basic facilities as women only toilets.

    • The ordinary working men protecting their women .. you do know our levels of domestic violence right?

    • “Let the maggot in”. Nasty stuff Let.

      But disgusting slurs is what types like you specialise in.

      Your not capable of mounting a decent argument against the issues.

  13. Bomber simply doesn’t get it.
    Lacks the requisite chromosomes.
    We might just have to resurrect our old anthem.
    I am woman….hear me roar.

  14. Ban her and we bow to the thugs. Let her in and demand that the cops protect her not stand iidly biu

  15. The racist homophobes on here will love this. The commentors on this site, like her, see the LGBT community the same way the Nazis see the Jews.

    Not even Kiwiblog commentors are this homophobic. And racist too. Apparently all Maori are just criminals. Kinda thinking along the same lines as the GOP. They see all blacks as criminals.

    • If you are referring to me Millsy as homophobic, stop right there. I have already told you one of my closest relatives is gay and I hosted her civil union. So just bloody back off.

      I am sorry but for whatever reason you don’t seem to understand what the issues are with gender ideology and tras rights activists. Google the LBG alliance versus Mermaids (a trans promoting organisation). LGB alliance won their case against Mermaids.

      In reading this you may begin to realize what he issues are

      • A lot of Gender Critical feminists are moving onto the gays as well. Opposing LGBT clubs at schools, ‘defending’ the ‘right’ of business owners to refuse to serve gay customers, opposing same sex adoption and surrogacy, Look at the Twitter feeds or Maya Forestater and Helen Joyce. Moving onto gays.

        • Sure social conservatives will seek to ally the no transition of children movement to their own, no presence of CRT or LGB or sex education in schools programme.

          And some of the gender critical “feminists”/women will be sympathetic and some will not.

    • You miss the point Millsy – comprehension doesn’t seem to be your strong suit. The issue is no cocks in the girls’ changing rooms. End of.

      Furthermore, when I watched some videos of “Posie Parker”‘s speeches, her bottom line is no more than the above, together with the fact that women have no wish to be pushed around again by enraged males (defined as either biological/sperm producers) who are prepared to bash women who stand up to their wishes.

      She may be a show pony, but it’s often the show ponies who first stand up to be counted.

  16. If the police did their job properly it shouldn’t take too much practical organisation to have safe spaces, corridors, fences, barriers or marshalls, in place to keep this speaker safe. The Uk cops do this at Hyde Park cnr for her, and the Swiss police did when she spoke in Geneva recently. In Vienna or somewhere, she spoke causing less of a ripple than the Mayor of Wellington’s dog.

    Tough luck on the Labour and Green politicians who lied about the lady last time, and the gutter media who boost their circulation by being sensationalist and fact averse. Parker and Lal are both off-shore imports, but the latter is a media darling who represents an infinitely smaller demographic than K-J K does, who does not, as far as I know, embrace violence, and why any woman should be shut up in preference to another person defies rational explanation. This is a freedom of speech issue, and we’d be worse than just absurd in cancelling her.

    • Yeah good timing isn’t it?? Should rilly rilly stir ‘fings up a bit as the frenzied crescendo of election lunacy will be heading for the peak at that stage.
      Make sure that popcorn machine working! Will be VERY entertaining.

  17. She’s been granted her visa (NZeTA) so too late.
    I think, after her appalling treatment last time, that public opinion has swung firmly in her favour. The police are under investigation for their willful lack of action, a couple of the violent perpetrators are up on violence charges and her opponents (looking at you Shaneel) are looking decidedly dodgy if not downright deranged. Be a massive own goal for Labour to block her entry.
    Roy Morgan had Labour/Green favoured by 34.5% of under 50 yo women, National/ACT on 45%. Labour in particular – down to a mere 26% support.
    I wonder if part of Labour’s precipitous decline among women is due to their anti women trans bias.

      • Yes SPC, over 46% support from the over 50s, 26% for the younger cohort. I can’t explain that, a couple of ideas only: the loss of the Jacinda mania effect for the younger ones? Older women more likely to engage with pro trans, left leaning legacy media? Or perhaps it’s just an anomalous poll – certainly that 7% support for the Maori party is around double any other prior or later poll results.

    • Speak for yourself David George. Parker is an idiot. And it’s a huge leap to say Labours decline with women is on this issue. If that were the case I would suggest those women are misinformed. How have the parties voted on transgender issues? I don’t think they have been going in different directions

  18. Have to hand it to Govt, using a grouping of people to try and censor/cancel those that speak out against certain govt actions. It is what wokeness is designed for…a tool to help censor criticism of government actions.

  19. You do know this country has a police force, right? We can keep mobs of violent misogynists under control without preventing women from speaking in public about their rights. There’s no basis for barring her entry, as the Minister found last time.

    • Posie had no right to do vailed theats against the PM if she wasn’t let into the country either!

  20. She should be allowed in and the NZ Police need to put their big boy pants on, protect her and let women speak. Anything less is total capitulation to the Thugs Veto and would be a stain on the proud history of NZ

    • No problem allowing her to come back Yeti but not a fan of so called police protection. She has a right to speak but that doesn’t flow over to personal protection. If she wants that she can hire private security. I have a right to not want my tax forked out on her.

      • Why shouldn’t she have police protection?

        The pro trans movement are threatening violence against a women expressing political views, surely this is terrorism?

  21. I live close by and popped down to support the trans community, it’s the only protest I have ever been to and there we NO mob violence. Yes a few scuffles and obviously a couple of individuals took it too far but by and large it was peaceful.

    • You are talking bullshit JJB.

      Everyone saw the mob violence that was recorded, everyone saw a thug pour tomato juice over Posie and another women. Everyone heard the accounts (and saw the too) of women being jostled, kicked, pushed to the ground, hit with placards and spat at.

      Stop your bullshit

    • And yesterday’s violent assault witha firearm was also “mostly peaceful” I suppose because only one bloke went nuts after all.

    • Bro the evidence of the violence that took places is all over the internet lmao

      I’m definitely going to support Parker if she comes back and I hope all those angry trans people turn up too so we can have it out

      • There’s also evidence on the internet that Parker is delusional, or she’s not but says f’ing ridiculous things to wind up the stupid.

    • That is you right.
      But your post makes no difference.
      Footage of the event is available to proof that you are wrong.

    • JJB. Check out the UK Spectator and GB News. The latter is where I first heard of K- J Keen, by chance. Both of those outlets showed the violence meted out Keen and other biological women fairly graphically; one or both reference the New Zealand PM expressing his regret about not being available to join in the silencing of woman- you know, that chappie from the Hutt who represented New Zealand at the King’s coronation with sausage rolls. I gather that CNN reported on the terrorism and violence at Albert Park too, and ‘terrorism against women ‘ is how the Brit media also described it. A Brit television chat show also addressed it, but I don’t recall which channel. The UK Spectator addressed raising the violence against K-J Keen at government or diplomatic level. That may have been before Hipkins told media he was sorry that he hadn’t joined in. Brit media also addressed the false accusations of Nazism against Parker, promulgated by hopeless New Zealand media, and maybe politicians.

      • Snow you will find the right wing British press all over her. They hate anything left. mention Corbyn and they go apocalyptic. It was the Daily Mail who have skin in her game with Dan Wooton interviewing her after he NZ debacle ( whose now also been accused of being a naughty boy ). So Snow I wouldn’t put my faith in the right wing feral British press, they only support what suits them and very often it ain’t the truth.

  22. Firstly, how about some decent journalism to find out who this person is hooked up with in NZ. The timing is rather close to the General election on October 14 for this visit to be just something Parker felt worth flying across the Pacific for. Who is backing this bitch is what should be revealed. She is basically a fight starter–provocateur–like Jordan Peterson.

    I support trans people’s rights to be free from violence and live their lives as they wish, but do not support some of the trans activists attacks on lesbians and feminists.

    • The word bitch shows the misogyny of what is really happening in NZ for woman. Aka going backwards with wokesters in charge who feel threatened by a woman speaking about woman.

      Likewise the shooter who breaks bone in partners neck allowed to work on construction site, while on bail.

      If Matu Reid had just killed his partner rather than shooting 2 other innocent people at work would anybody be interested in NZ and government condemning it? I think not, due to how violent men are allowed to be out of jail while on bail in NZ. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/woman-refuses-neighbour-cigarette-stabbed-23-times-and-left-for-dead/YAWSCIQGZZBAXPYAN435KLAHO4/

      Work out how many times the government is involved in condemning murder and disfiguration, when it is men vs woman as victims. A lot less, when the victims are woman. Now our pathetic justice is more concerned with going out of their way to help men turned woman into woman’s jails! Plenty of resources, funding and task forces for that!!! The Greens can’t wait to help more poor men become woman.

      Get a grip, on reality. There are woman being murdered and disfigured every day in NZ, that is allowed to continue and now any male perp can pretend they are woman too!! Fucked UP!!

      • Save NZ 100%. There was a case today of a young mobster who raped an assaulted a women as she slept with her child. That bastard has got home detention. Wt serious fuck!

        That b..d who murdered two innocent men yesterday
        already had a assault under his belt when he coked and beat up his partner. Then again gets home detention. So angry about this.

        This govts bloody reduce the prison population. Yeah how’s that working out?

        • Quite different between someone accused of family violence where there is no marks or heresy evidence who should get bail, compared to those who have punch marks and fractures and a history of family violence.

          Those that have a history are accessed of breaking bones/serious assault and stabbing people etc, Reid and others should generally not be out on bail in my view.

          Likewise the perp at the Speak Up for Woman, should not be out on bail as his blow fractured the victims eye socket. Whether meant or not, a deliberate blow to someone else, that fractures (especially to a woman or child) should not be taken lightly by the courts and there should be clear consequences of jail.

          Part of the enablement of violence that is engulfing NZ, is minimising physical violence against woman and children, while prioritising more and more task forces on speech that wokeforces subjectively perceive as violence. The woke/ Price Harry victimhood, where words matter, and you can milk it for decades and involve hideous amounts of public money, comes to mind. Meanwhile there is never enough money to help youth and woman who are being attacked.

          I don’t agree with ACT 3 strikes, a person’s sentence and history should fit the crime not some formula, but Labour’s idea of letting everyone out of prison and remand, enabling criminals by telling them its every one else fault and they will suffer few consequences, is actually killing and maiming new victims, which is worse.

        • I’m sorry that the government is spending too much money on welfare, health and education and not enough on police and prisons. New Zealand should obviously be like Chicago, where 40% of it’s budget is spent on cops, and social services are routinely cut to feed the law enforcement budget

    • Ffs. The “bitch”, as you so misogynistically call her, has timed her return to New Zealand to coincide with the court hearing of the person who assaulted her last time she was here.

      Should’ve gone to Specsavers…you’re seeing Nazis everywhere.

      Lefty men, eh?

    • Tiger: “Who is backing this bitch”.
      She sells T shirts and stickers with “adult human female” on them, gets a bit of money from Youtube clips – stuff like that. Perhaps JK Rowling helps he out. She’s a feisty wee fighter and more than up to mixing it with the cocks in frocks brigade and doesn’t need the help of your imaginary conspirators. Sorry.

    • “Who is backing this bitch is what should be revealed.”

      Misogynist much? But yeah, given that her backing is from women’s rights groups and people who think physical reality counts for more than fantasy, it really should be “revealed.” Journalists seem remarkably reluctant to “reveal” it, though, for reasons that don’t reflect well on them.

  23. Wtf Martyn! A man is on trial for assaulting her and you are saying she shouldn’t come back? A man who is alleged to be taunting her on Twitter with nude photos of himself?

    This is just like the old argument that women shouldn’t be allowed out at night, because of men.

    Are we to bow down to the thugs at Albert Park? Women know your place!

    Posie is one hell of a women. This takes guts.

    • Once again, stop with the lies. The person charged was born inter-sex and has identified as female since.

      • Heh, I shook the tree and it was interesting to see what fell out…a right bunch of arseholes and trolls.

        Ms Parker is a reactionary that should steer well clear of our shores, but, at the same time I empathise with the Union Women that did not get to speak at the “Tomato juice Rally”.

  24. Who cares if she wants to come here let her come, we need to ignore her, give her no publicity. I think that’s the best approach. We don’t need Pommy shit stirrers coming here telling us what to do, we have enough here already of our own and we have idiots like the anti co governance dick head from Australia running around being divisive. As for the exaggerated comments about penises in people’s faces, kids and women nowadays see everything it’s all-over social media, so grow up we have bigger problems to worry about, like the cost of living. Leave people alone let them be what and who they want to be its their choice are they hurting you nah!.

    • We could have done that last time CIP.

      But no, the minister of filth had to throw his hat in the ring, and then the prime mincer threw his hat in and said he’d got along and support the men in skirts if he wasn’t previously booked.

      The govt are getting their comeuppance on this, and it’s so sweet to watch.

      • And your own name calling just shows your own maturity which renders your comment pathetic.

  25. Let her in! Between police and supporters of real women any trans protestors won’t have it there own way. We may get a riot. Play the the thugs at their own game. (I’m playing your game Martyn)

  26. I agree completely. After all, when men commit violence, it’s always the fault of women.
    If they had just been more kind, less shrill and hysterical, then they wouldn’t have made the violent men do what they did. Look at what the women made men do!
    Honestly these women just need to stop with the “having opinions” and “wanting to talk about their rights”.
    So unattractive!

  27. You are incorrect Martyn. Preventing Posie from coming will unleash outrage from women, the likes of which you’ve never seen. About time too.

    Posie peaked NZders as to the violent authoritarianism the trans gender movement is

  28. don’t give her the publicity her grift relies on, let her speak to her 20 redneck supporters and then fuck off

    • So women who have an opinion that differs from yours are “rednecks”.

      Good to know where you stand. Does your wife feel the same or do ensure her “compliance” with your opinions?

    • @Gargarin: Correct. Ten years ago that is exactly what would have happened. No press coverage. This wasn’t a weaponised phony issue a few years ago.

  29. As the victim. PP was asked to attend court. Soooo…so she can come to NZ and shouldn’t be prevented from attending her hearing.

    Own goal wokies, and others.

  30. A completely different AO/NZ wouldn’t care if a narcissistic sociopath like parker came here or not so lomg as she didn’t have an infectious disease. In a real world environment she’d get laughed at where ever she went at worst. At best, she’d be ignored.
    I mean what an angry, dim witted woman. If only she knew how embarressingly pathetic she appears to be.
    Of course, in a different AO/NZ there wouldn’t be homelessness, impoverished people living in cars with their kids, farmers suffocating under debt while banks and their urban hangers on rich tell them how to farm. There wouldn’t be 14 multi-billionaires stealing our money after capitalising on our taxes funded and built essential infrastructure. There’d be no multi-millionaires worth more than $50 million each while in kahoots with their aforementioned multi-billionaire mates and the four now foreign owned banks literally stealing $180.00 a second in net profits from us 24/7/365.
    A different AO/NZ can be seen within the imaginations of the intelligent and creative not often found here in the comments and never seen in the general public. They wander uncomfortably about because their heads are rammed up their own arseholes and can’t wait to howl support or dirision at a psychopath like parker while they snarl at each other like inbred dogs.
    Is this Posie Parker…?
    Functioning psychopaths

    • save your breathe @ CB.
      Seriously, it’s probably only about 10% of the keyboard warriors; media experts and experts in everything from aviation to economics really give any shittings about Pozity Parkering, going forward.

      I’d recommend Her best bet would be to hook up with the closet Tamaki, or at least try to become one of Hannah’s little projects. Pozity Parkery – pack a bible in your luggage, and make sure you’re economicaly viable for self support throughout your stay where there’l be fronds eagre to worship the tiny feet that keep you erect.
      Ew, Oh how we’ve fallen

      In a way (if only just for entertainment value) I hope the muppets at INZ approve her visa.
      Which of course will raise questions as to their priorities and where they see stuff and things.

  31. Organised by … ? Hoping to discredit the government. And one month before the next general election too!

  32. Wow a trans-hating pom comes to NZ with a terrible accent and appears on The Platform to rapacious applause from Sean, causing a riot costing $1000s,do we really need this grifter in the so called name of free speech NAH

    • Was she on Plunketts show? God give me strength!
      That’s all the evidence we need to know she’s a nut job.

    • Just because people want to stand up for real women doesn’t mean they’re anti trans.

      However the trans community, absolutely hate real women.

    • Terrible accent, eh? Please provide a list of accents that are acceptable to your ear.

  33. @ Martyn.
    If you think anything sensible is going to come out of INZ in the short term – you’re pissing in the wind.
    Worse still is that the various so-called ‘responsible’ Ministers are happy/comfortable/compliant to and with their generally incompetent, arrogant, complacent self-serving, PMC muddle management and senior ranks of the bugger’s muddle that INZ operates under. I.E MoBIE.
    I find it incredible that this bugger’s muddle that is the Ministry for Everything (a cobbled together vanity project of The Joyce and his fuck buddy has survived for as long as it has, AND especially under a Labour government that claims Left Wing credentials.
    As A lifetime Labour suppota, and as things stand, MoBIE ranks highly (alongside OT MSD, LTNZ and one or two others) as the reason a Party vote will be going elsewhere.
    I’m leaving it till the last possible moment before who to Party vote for, but shit streaks!!, Andrew Little’s latest response re worker exploitation and what could be a relatively immediate fix to a sizable part of the problem beggars belief.
    And then of course, there’s Carmel Sepuloni. (She should sit down and have a korero with Efeso if he could stand the sight of her. I’m not sure she’s as bright, or someone capable of logical thought as She thinks IT is).

  34. As a progressive liberal society we must enable free speech and the police need to ensure that neither the heckler’s veto or violence occurs this time.

  35. Through the lens of the parent of a trans child: It is disturbing to see so much anti-trans vitriol on this blog. Much of it coming from people with no lived experience of being trans or having a trans-person in their whanau. No doubt, an over-excited and stupid segment of the trans community scored an ‘own-goal’ at the last Posie Parker circus event. The trans issue is just our latest moral outrage in a succession of moral outrages. Those bloody protesters ae – women’s suffrage, Ngā Tamatoa, the Springbok tour, anti-nuclear – all of these generated a fearful reactionary response. History proved these progressive protesters to be on the ‘side of the angels’ and our society adjusted and moved on. As a nation, we are good at that. IMO, too much is being made of an irrelevant international grifter and a few poorly managed and foolish protesters

    • No one has written anything against trans people on this comment stream.

      But the absolutism of the trans allies means they take disagreement with them as being equal to opening death camps for trans people.

    • Poorly managed and foolish protestors is a stretch. How many are facing charges now ? Only one side got violent , and it was not the side that wanted to speak

      • Scott. There is often a very small minority at any protest that do a dis-service to their cause. The protesters have the right to peaceful, and even rowdy, protest. Parker has right to speak. We are becoming dangerously polarised

    • Be very prepared to be proved wrong and accountable by not only society but by your child when they accept reality and biological truth

      • Jack: We are all guilty of making assumptions based on our pre-existing biases. Nothing like dealing with the trans issue when it is someone you love and you get to witness their very challenging journey. This certainly changes one views from an abstract idea/opinion to a very personal reality. There is nothing easy or convenient about trans-folks choices. Clarify the accountable thing and how that might look please?

  36. Fuck off Bradbury, we’ll be ready this time.
    This time there’ll be men to teach these cowards a lesson.

    • oh sweety… big burly men… mmmm… I might put on a dress and join in the fun. Will there be tea and biscuits?

  37. Lol thats a new low for the author… ban someone because some thugs on his own side will do something dumb…


  38. Good manners dictate we as Humans don’t go around introducing ourselves as “Hi, my names Martin I’m heterosexual” it’s considered in poor taste to express ones sexuality without being asked.
    I have no issues with Trans or anyone from the LGBQT community, i have issues with your sexuality being shoved in my face and the demand i accept your lifestyle. Seriously i don’t give a fuck. You want to identify as Female fine in 100 years time when they dig up your bones you will be still be correctly identified as Male in the meantime keep the fuck out of Woman’s safe spaces, create your own. Ive got a seriously intellectually disabled daughter who is extremely vulnerable, there’s no way in hell i want you in her safe space ever, that’s not homophobic but reality.

  39. Physical assault in the gender space is rising!! I guess giving a free ride to those that attack and punch out elders is now ok if you ‘believe’ and someone disagrees. Wonder where they picked that up from as violence is now not only tolerated but enabled by some members of government in this space!

    Two teachers assaulted by student at Epsom Girls Grammar School during visit by US Vice President’s husband, Douglas Emhoff

    • I know… Fancy expecting a penis bearer to be a man and a “bonus hole” owner to be a woman.

      You may be happy tp have your wife and daughters encountering an intact male in their dressing rooms or playing a fiull contact sport against a 6 foot male calling himself a chick, but I’m not that keen.

      People are people and what they want to be should not be aloowed to have an impact on others, don’t you agree?

  40. This time around there will be many men in attendance supporting women to speak. Lets see how brave these entitled effeminate men fare when they cant get away with pushing women around.

  41. If NZ was somewhere in the south of England then yes! But to travel to the other side of the World again after the reception she had last time is STUPID!

  42. If she does indeed come back, and provokes a similar reaction as last time, then the election will be stroll in that park for the right. Not that there is any doubt that there will be a change of government. So please let’s welcome her with open arms.

  43. Let her in. I’m a member of the original LGB community and I want to speak alongside Kellie-Jay. I have the right to speak, not to be silenced by the woke mob. Adding the TQ+ to our community has degraded us all and everything we fought for. They have turned our respected Pride Parade into a public fetish parade! These woke activists also have the nerve to say that we Lesbians who don’t sleep with a Trans Woman (i.e. a biological man with a penis who identifies as a woman) are bigots! They are indoctrinating children with this rubbish all over the world, convincing Gay boys to surgically castrate themselves and turn them into girls. What the hell is suddenly wrong with being Gay?! They are erasing Gay people. It’s gone too far. We need to speak up and stop this, now. If you are truly LGB, you know that sex matters. In the places where Sex matters, Sex SHOULD matter. I’m not letting some biological man call me a bigot because I won’t sleep with him. He’s not a Lesbian and he can bugger off. Kellie-Jay is fighting for Woman’s rights but I’ve heard her speak and she is also fighting for things that align with the protection of the LGB community. We will not be erased. Let her in.

  44. Martyn. For the sake of democracy, She must be allowed in. The Mob cannot win. Kellie-Jay has a valid, and to my perception, a reasonable point of view shared by a number of people regrading Trans Women and Biological women.

    The Trans Activist Community and their attitude to Biological Sex needs to be debated, but one side of the debate simply will not allow it.

    Given what has happened in this field, the push-back against irreversable affirming treatment on Minors, and the controversy surrounding organisations like the Tavistock Clinic in the UK, these a valid topics for discussion, and like it of not, Kellie-Jay is at the forefront. All she want’s to do is talk, and we can’t let a mob take that voice from her simply because they do not agree, and won’t engage in discussion.

  45. A myopic minority of troublemakers want her here. She is no less than a terroriste etranger and contriutes nothing of any substance to Aotearoa New Zealand. Parker comes only to inflame and incite violence – when she will then perform her ‘victim mode’ monologue and dance. Posie Parker brings nothing of merit to New Zealand. She has no cogent message. The social costs of her presence in the country will eliminate any benefits. I am so weary of these foreign trouble makers trying to control the social conscience of Aotearoa.

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