480 families living in cars in 2023 compared to 102 in 2017


Question 2 – Chris Bishop to the Associate Minister for Social Development and Employment from New Zealand Parliament on Vimeo.

Shocking figures revealed yesterday when Labour admitted there are now 480 families living in cars compared to 102 when they entered Government in 2017.

Part of that is that we now count families in cars and are more proactive in attempting to reach out to them, part of it is the post Covid poverty that has been generated, part of it is a reluctance to engage with the punitive MSD and Housing NZ and every other State agency that wants to kettle them into dangerous motels, but most of it is because Labour are fucking feckless and still addicted to the neoliberal economic stratightjacket and while willing to blow a Billion on pushing these desperate people into Motels, won’t do a fucking thing about mass building our State Housing stock funded by wealth taxes.

We need more than Labour’s neokindness, we need actual Left wing universalism.

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  1. Dont worry, the commentors on here are fine with homelessness, because it means that their rents are kept high.

    National will probably make it worse, because they belive that having people sleeping in the streets is a crucial part of prosperity.

    • Still commenting Millsy even after that embarrassing old post of yours was posted saying ‘no more posting/blogs’!
      A true lefty….their words mean fuck all!

      • And the attack right wing mongrel dog troll I’m Right offers nothing as usual.

        • At least I only have the one user name on here…what I post is under this user name, where you like what I post is neither here nor there to me (I know..you hate free speech)…not like you though eh?, already busted with at least 2 user names, how many more we don’t know but also says more about your mental health than anything else.

          • No, I dislike your free hate speech under any name I use. Which alludes to your very own delusional life.

      • What are you on about I’mR? The blog isn’t just something to do to keep your mind ticking over. We have to gather and work out some measures that will take us along in a forward moving direction. It’s not for general snipping and sniping. New ideas please that could make the country better and hopefully resilient. What are your interests and skills?
        What can you advise us on?

    • Yes indeed the stats does suggest that……
      Increased between 2017 and 2023, clearly a legacy of the John Key government.

      We are so fortunate that we have a Labour government, they would never allow this to happen on their watch!

      • Both parties are responsible, of course. Not enough state house construction in the 1980s, mass sell-offs in the 1990s, still not enough construction in the 2000s, a giant Ponzi scheme bubble being promoted in the 2010s (i.e. fixing of artificially low interest rates; related currency devaluation). And declining quality of construction for decades now.

        Even though everyone had a house in the 1970s, the quality of the housing stock was below par even then. You could see that the industry had fallen behind other countries.

        You could argue there has been a problem since the end of the 19th century, when already most houses were small. The small floorspace problem was becoming very obvious a few decades later, and it has never really been fully solved (with overcrowding having been back to crisis levels for about two decades now).

        • I lived in a duplex in Australia. Quite good for city living and probably nicer than the chook-houses close to each other now, probably with thin walls noise-wise. My building had I think two levels with front and back-facing apartments, so four in all, two at each of two levels. Yet single storey housing is still the norm here and is uniform and depressing to look at like the ‘tracts in USA.

          • I’ve often thought about starting a home building company that would build much better quality houses for the locals (multi-storey with basements and attics, colonial or neoclassical style architecture, better glazing and insulation, larger sized lots, etc).

            But I’m not convinced anyone could actually afford to buy them — I think local incomes are just that bad now.

            • I tried something similar. Sadly I couldn’t find tradies that we’re willing to try something different. When I did they wanted a significant premium. The end result worked out about 30% higher costs for the same footprint and no takers. The conclusion I came to was better building in NZ required a better building code. Anything else is just too hard and likely to lead to bankruptcy.

    • “National will probably make it worse”.. There’s no “probably” about it. One only has to read the policy statements/manifestos of both parties in any nat/act govt to know that a pressured and desperate underclass is a necessary propaganda tool, that was used to great effect by the now patron of neocolonialism in the 21st century, John Key… Same donkey, same cart, but now the apprentices get to drive it..

  2. Disgusting and getting worse – more high needs are arriving into NZ who will need state care from housing, health, social services and education, more money is being put into state care and welfare, and the money seems to be diverted to woke pockets by those who seem to be profiting from the woke agenda!

    Meng Foon as a director, 2 million from emergency housing etc. $60 million to homelessness with Marama at the helm, that they didn’t spend on homelessness etc!

    Crazy how many empty government houses there are and un renovated to healthy homes standards, that they should have renovated or used the land for housing, but blown the money instead and now paying eye watering rates for Bourgeoisie aimed housing new housing from developers at $600,000+! They also don’t seem to last long with arson, floods etc.

    So easy to be a lazy consultant at the plethora of government funded housing groups. I hear the Kainga ora CEO is the 2nd highest paid government position in NZ! Not on results, clearly!! They are spending a fortune and making it worse.

    Half of Kāinga Ora homes still not up to healthy homes standard

    Government faces 60-year debt blowout after building costs explode

    Kāinga Ora spends $1b buying state homes in five years

    Shy of housing targets, but Kāinga Ora still paying top dollar

    “The group headed to an abandoned state house in Māngere’s Buckland Rd, where they used the open bathroom window to get inside.”

    Not sure that ‘giving away’ state house land in the ‘catchy’ Kiwibuild, and then buying expensive new housing to replace them at $600,000+ a house seems to be working out very well! (especially when they buy and build on flood plains with dodgy engineering/building https://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2023/01/auckland-flooding-several-k-inga-ora-houses-lifted-off-their-foundations.html)

    Kiwibuild was always Thatcherism. Likewise attacking private landlords and driving them out to increase profits to business like emergency housing and developers, while still not being able to get 50% of state housing up to their woke standards and thus pushing people into much worse emergency housing and reducing the options of private rentals.

    Those in housing in government should all resign, they are not just hopeless, but dangerous both in terms of making people live in squalor, ignoring unemployed that should be working instead importing in impoverished families, while locals are allowed to sit around doing nothing, ignoring kids living in squalor and danger from violence and drugs, and creating a mountain of debt from housing, for worse results.

    Do not agree with encouraging immigration to bring in more and more dependants on low wages or ‘student’ visas https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2023-06-12/foreigners-are-flocking-to-new-zealand-immigration-data-show#xj4y7vzkg when they will enviably need social housing and continued support, while ignoring supporting and training NZer’s already in NZ who don’t seem to be getting much help, is not working.

    Both political parties seem to want to continue the destruction and worsen NZ in practically every statistic for poverty and housing.

    • Private landlords are the reason we have so much homelessness in this country. They a) charge high rents, and b) kick tenants out when they feel like it.

      You are fucking cucked, its beyond any rational belief.

  3. Another good reason to not vote in Labour and the Greens. At least the Nats had bridges for people to live under!!

    • Soon there won’t even be functioning roads for the cars that people are living in.

      New north Auckland motorway may be at risk of slips just weeks after opening

      Neither Labeen or Natz seem to care about climate change, Waka Kotahi did think about it!

      At least Natz don’t seem to want to raise more taxes to throw away on more folly.

      Labour used to skite about how good they were paying of debt, then they put Robertson in charge with 128 billion of National debt, in 2018 it was 23 billion. Can’t blame Covid – it’s getting worse with less to show for it!

      Don’t worry about the amount of people now fleeing the country while ignoring the poverty and social spend for those incoming!

      Note for the homeless, if you park in Auckland CBD it will cost you more than a benefit!

  4. Martyn – Priyanca Radhakrishnan is a goner after the election…she is never around to help, except during the election season

  5. Where is John Campbell and his teary eyed nightly reports on the 102 familes in lead up to 2017 election now that it’s increased to almost 500?

    But of course it’s easier to blame National of 6yrs ago than see it for what it actually is…a massive Labour failure! (Another amongst many)

    • Get real. Campbell has done stuff on pointing out the plight of these people under Labour. You just can’t get over the fact that he pointed out your hero John Key and his “rockstar” economy was a real estate tax free Ponzi scheme. Has Labour changed that, not at all apart from some half hearted brightline test and interest deductibility removal.

    • I’m to busy listening to Nationals attack dog Hosking to worry about Campbell and Campbell’s integrity.

    • ” But of course it’s easier to blame National of 6yrs ago than see it for what it actually is…a massive Labour failure! (Another amongst many) ”

      NO its no longer National or LINO. Its unregulated , no controls capitalisim Im Right or whoever you are !

      Unregulated free market policies followed and implemented by 100% of the current parliament and those waiting to join them in the coming general election to continue the current status quo !

      Promising they will better than the opposing main party and how we are on the right track and we care about a fair go for Kiwis.

      Its all bullshit and promising better outcomes for the sick patient while giving them the medicine that’s making them sicker is , will not address the current crises everyone excluding the financially independent of planet Key are having to deal with.

  6. the thing with privatisation is that subsidies are far higher than they ever were in the public sector….thus neo-libs will run out of YOUR money eventually….

    plus maggie was certifiably ropeable

    • For the record, it should be noted the CIA’s black ops slush fund is virtually bottomless, as long as there is opium in Afghanistan & cocaine in South & Central America. So you needn’t worry too much about true Socialism getting a toe hold anytime soon. We’ll keep the world safe for freedom & democracy. Glad to be of service 😉

  7. I don’t think it’s a Left versus Right thing. It’s more a Victims versus Crooks thing.
    National are not politicians, they’re crooks. The definition of crooks is when people do crooked shit.
    Labour are not politicians, they’re crooks too. roger douglas destroyed Labour born of the brain farts out of National. We can see that! There it is, right in front of our eyes! Don brash was ACT. Don brash was the 10th leader of the National Party AND the governor of the reserve bank. His traitor side kick was Derek quigly a National Party politician. ACT’s rodney hide was National … etc.
    National is a far right pro-corporate debt-fetishist cadre of criminals at the centre of a political universe of greed. They and their MMP matrix of satellite criminals are now expert at exploiting the powerless for their money, i.e., our primary industry farmers, and anyone else who needs to eat and spend exports earned money.
    To them, homeless people living in cars with their kids is an all but irrelevance. A consequence of a progressive vibrant economy which they parasitise as they fog the lenses of any inquiry.
    The yap-bag soulless even come here and try to argue the facts with lies and logical fallacies and while many of us can post compelling arguments for a royal commission of inquiry, nothing happens.
    In my opinion, our politics is a thick mat covering deep, dark, crooked shit and every rich fucker’s tits deep in it. We need some kind of independent inquiry. A royal commission of inquiry or perhaps a tribunal made up of independent individuals with impeccable credentials. ( I wonder how many eye-rolls and/or deep sighs followed that one? )

    • And you don’t think that the majority tenants that struggle to find a landlortd prepared to rent their property to them aren’t feral?

      You need to have a chat with a couple of the Housing Corp inpsectors or the contractors that have to clean up the damage after these ferals are finally removed.

      Have a chat with some of the neighbours who have to live cheek by jowl with some of these ferals and listen to their stories.

      There are some people who just have no regard for others or their property but I’m sure you knew that.

    • Not terribly.. but I definitely do not want the NACT alternative Govt. It will do far more harm.

  8. If David Shearer had been kept on there would have been 100,000 State Houses built rather than only 12,000. Maybe?

    When New Zealand was a poorer country the Savage State Housing regime could build 10,000 state houses per year. Does any political party now, left or right, have the competence, the nous, the care and the will to achieve a solution to the housing crisis?


    • During Savages terms in parliament, we has a Ministry of Works which was dedicated to building homes. Now we are reliant on private enterprise, which suggests that neither left or right have the the competence, the nous, the care or the will to do fuck all.

      That been said, Megan Woods has been our best housing Housing minister in about thirty years. With 3500 residences completed and another 7000 either under construction, or rubber stamped to go ahead, she has achieved more than the last two governments combined. Probably the reason why National and ACT have been really quiet about housing over the last 6 months.

  9. Let me guess, Labor tried nothing and found that hard work. Damn,we do lucky to not be run by national. So lucky, it could be worse then what it is now. 400 people living and n cars, vote labour!

  10. UK women MPs – Margaret Thatcher we remember, but do we do so about Barbara Castle? She was outstanding. Blair got in though and antony g brought forward his 3rd way.

    Barbara Castle (1910-2002) was MP for Blackburn 1945-1979, and one of the most important Labour politicians of her era…(34 years)

    Barbara Castle (1910-2002) was MP for Blackburn 1945-1979, and one of the most important Labour politicians of her era. She held various Cabinet positions during the 1960s, including Minister for Overseas Development and Minister of Transport. In 1968 while the Secretary of State for Employment and Productivity, she intervened on behalf of the women sewing machinists on strike at the Ford Dagenham motor plant. As a result, she went on to successfully bring in the Equal Pay Act 1970. She went on to become Secretary of State for Health and Social Services, a Member of the European Parliament, and in 1990 became a life peer as Baroness Castle of Blackburn.

  11. If National want to get anywhere they need to announce a state housing program that is costed and charted. Not a reactionary 100K home Phil Twyford style.

  12. ” If National want to get anywhere they need to announce a state housing program that is costed and charted. ”
    Another planet Key inhabitant !

  13. ” If National want to get anywhere they need to announce a state housing program that is costed and charted. ”
    Another planet Key inhabitant !

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