BOOM: New Roy Morgan Poll – Labour ahead, ACT skyrocket, Greens plunge and Maori Party at 7%



Exactly as TDB has been calling it bitches!

LABOUR: 30.5


ACT: 15%

GREENS: 9.5%

Maori Party: 7%

NZF: 3%

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Folks, you can read it here first on TDB or wait for the mainstream media to catch up.

All the friction points TDB has been calling are here to see.

Labour still ahead despite terrible months of media attacks because the educated middle are terrified of what a National/ACT Government will do.

ACT cannibalising National vote because Luxon is so weak.

Greens plunging because woke culture war bullshit (although they have been attempting to turn that around with some great policy recently to be fair)

NZF stalling and the level of racist rhetoric is spurring the Māori non vote to engage and with broad based policy like GST off food, the Maori Party are seen with JT as President as a Party that will actually get shit done!

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    • Yep as rogue as they come.

      Greens at 11% for men and 8% for women? And at 17% for men 18-49??

      Someone’s telling porkies

      • You don’t agree with the polls so they must be wrong and someone’s telling porkies.
        Think about the maturity of that statement.

    • Well that’s the beauty of polls produced by for profit companies…the results are awesome when they line up with your own world view…but, but…its tears before bedtime for Tane…when the reverse happens.

  1. TPM understand the young population bubble they are dealing with…and the Māori population is actually increasing. Don’t even try a blood quantum argument in real life now any of you racists! I am sure a couple may give it a try here though…

    The future of Aotearoa NZ like much of the world, is younger and browner. The honky birth rate is below replacement level now in Japan and several other countries, and about 1.6% overall in this country (2.2 or so is needed), Māori is at replacement level.

    At Kaitaia market on Sats, there is an Electoral Commission stand that is doing good business enrolling people. Sign ’em up, get ’em on Māori roll, get ’em to turnout and vote–brilliant.

    The Natzos and NZ First are fading with every boomer funeral. If we can keep them out of office in 2023–the big battle will be in 2026, when Rogernomics can finally be booted and the argument can be properly had with MAGA/Act.

    • The honky birth rate is below replacement level now in Japan….

      Say what? This is what happens when boiler plate language is simply spat out repeatedly without thinking.

      You’re not a ChatGPT4 version of Tiger Mountain are you?

      • you can pull your head in too, some missing punctuation is all, read my comment in context–and what have you ever posted of value here?

    • There’s a problem with this 2026 prediction. There are zero anti-Reaganomics politicians.

      The Corbynistas and Bernie Bros don’t have any local organisation to join (the Alliance Party finally stopped publishing its newsletter a year ago), and the old Cunliffe faction within Labour seems to have essentially collapsed. (Is William A. Sio technically still running it?) Asking them to join John Tamahere’s nationalist outfit is no better than asking them to join the S.N.P. (And at least the “Scottish Tories” aren’t pushing for clan-based, racialist government!)

      The M.A.G.A. base don’t have a local organisation either. The A.C.T. Party supports international free trade, pension austerity, and have always been pro-war. The M.A.G.A. bloc support Hamiltonian mercantilism, oppose any cuts to pensions, and are anti-war (Old Right non-interventionism).

      • Fear not, new movements and organisations will arise, they always do. The Alliance came out of New Labour and seriously challenged Labour in several electorates and forced through Paid Parental Leave and other reforms.

        Look, when demands are put up, like the Greens and TPM have recently, people think it through and work out a way to organise.

        • There hasn’t been working class left wing representation since 2002. That’s 21 years.

          No party has attempted to full the gap since. None. No party that didn’t already have an mp in parliament, has ever been elected despite MMP and there are no working class lefty’s in parliament.

          Furthermore, gen z and gen y are far more like the boomers than any other generation, the boomers were super left wing in the 60s and 70s then became neoliberal trickle downers in the 80s.

          As soon as my generations parents and grandparents die out, much of my generation will have all this new inherited cash and property and you better believe they’ll become neoliberals too.

          And those of us who don’t inherit massive wealth from the deaths of older generations? They’ll be too busy screaming at each other identity politics to see how screwed they are…

          And the rest just won’t vote or pay attention to any of it.

          My generation are the Neo-boomers, not the progressive saviors gen x lefty’s are hoping for lol

          Wealth will trickle down, to their kids.

          Let’s pass an inheritance tax on the fuckers.

    • I absolutely love the blood quantum argument!

      These brown racists shit their pants and say they’re offended. This is just cry-bullying to shut down the debate. Keep on with it and watch them pout. LOL

    • If you want a have a closer look at your ‘Aotearoa Utopia’ free of white faces Tiger Mountain may I suggest spending some time in Zimbabwe or if it is somewhere closer to home one the Pacific Islands (while trying imagine the literally billions in US / Aussie / NZ foreign aid stripped away).

      Who really needs hospitals anyway?

      • So what you are saying is… That if the “brown” demographic keeps climbing and they are proportionally represented in parliament, that the country will become a third world nation. I guess our only hope is middle aged, middle class white men who know “what’s what”.

        • Essentially yes . . if you disagree come back to me when you can with a ‘brown predominant’ country that is prosperous, safe and stable (and also not the recipient of massive foreign aid).

          • you mean all those countries that were colonized and run by white people, had assets stripped, had their resources privatized, and then because they had anything valuable placed into private hands, (often white), they had to go to the IMF, who would then tell them to privatize or corporatize the little they had left to get a loan? and left with no other option than to ask for aid?

            did you have this brainfart while you were sucking Kyle Chapmans cock?

    • 0.5% ahead despite all the problems Hipkins has had is bloody good in fact it says Luxon is in trouble.

  2. Haaahaaa another BOOM post, will look forward to your many ‘non BOOM’ posts when maori party back at 3-3.5%
    MANY polls to come before the election Martyn, but I agree you get to play in the sand pit on occasions (Roy Morgan ones especially)

    • Hahahaaa let’s just wait until we get a post that favors your political leaning and that will be the right one and then BOOM you’ll be as happy as a sand girl in a boys sand pit. As for the Maori vote many polls have shown that the trend is upward for the Maori party much as it was for Winston when he was Kingmaker. Boom!

      • I reckon TPM are polling so well because Debbie and Rawiri have been relatively quiet of late. It’s a bit like the Greens – their electability is inversely proportional to theie public prosecution of their policies – mainly because those policies are generally mildly insane. Just wait until the TPM leaders open their mouths in public again and an almighty foot jumps into it – they’ll be seen for the race-baiters they really are and will be back to 3%… hopefully.

      • Great guy with great taste. He likes the Greens and their vision. He has mana and integrity. I suggest you could learn a thing or two from him.

        • I know him well and have done for many years.
          He’s an astute businessman who I respect highly.

      • That’s so funny Bob because I know Sir Ian very well(Tails to his mates) and he’s never heard of you!

  3. I simply can’t believe that the Woke Greens will get that sort of support come Election Night. A Green/Labour govt (especially this Labour government) will lead the nation into complete economic ruin. Guess we’ll find out.

    • I get so fed up with this mindless RW narrative fed to the sub80s by the Nacts PR machine that the Labour Greens will destroy the economy.
      Remember, it was a commie and the Greens who dragged the Auckland Regional Services Trust out of the hole that the Citrats had left it in.

      • I said this Labour government. No other government in my lifetime (and I remember Muldoon) has done more economic damage than this one. The current Green Party is far more focussed on woke virtue signalling identity politics and social justice than core “green” environmental policy. You combine the worst stewards of the economy all-time with social justice and you destroy the nation. QED.,

    • Much as I dont like the Greens, they pulled something out of the hat that (their 2 recent policies, tax and ??) played to the poorest NZers. Those who all hope has abandoned have seen the Green twilight illuminating their not enough bread and butter, also rake in all the aspiring PMCs who are caught in the rent trap and I could see their numbers growing way greater than they deserve. So whilst this is hideously high, I think it could be real.

    • Nitrium. The Greens hate so many people that they’re nuts expecting anybody would vote for them. Cisgender white males head their list, followed by biological anybodies, plus the whole white colonialist demographic blamed by Marama and the girls for the Christchurch Muslim massacres, and women wanting voices. They’re age-ist too, with their “ boomer” chirping, and “ experience doesn’t count” quip. That leaves transgender extremists, shared ethnicities, pole dancers, strippers at the Splash Club, and the makers of PC chocolate, as the most that they can count on at this stage. Oh, plus who pays the ferryman.

  4. Nitrium this Labour Government have all but ruined our economy.
    Three more years wth the Greens welcomes in third world.
    Agree guess we’ll find out.

    • Nonsense Bob.
      National and ACT have accelerated the demise of our Country for the benefit of their wealthy donors and their own property portfolios.

  5. “act skyrockets” I hope by that you mean after a brief flash of smoke and mirrors, a sputtering spurt of brain farts then a steep decline to end up dead and forgotten after crash landing in the neighbours Macrocarpa hedge.
    For the Hopeful Hoards in your plasti-houses with the uncertain job futures and the designer tussocks, you do realise that everything that’s dysfunctional, horrible and awful about what should be a joyous and comfortable life in beautiful Aotearoa / New Zealand for you is directly, exactly and precisely because of odious little roger douglas and his slithery clone, david seymour? I mean, seriously. You do realise that, right? seymour and his money cultists are lining you up to pick you off, you do know that right?
    39 years ago. Or, if I must spell it out; Thirty nine Years Ago.
    roger douglas upended our country and its economy to achieve two things.
    Thing One. To enable the grotesque wealth creation of now 14 multi-billionaires, enabled to be so by them being handed our assets at below market value to then on-sell or to dismember to give minions in waiting the financial advantages of being monopolistic hogs in the public trough.
    Thing two. ( Are you paying attention? This is important. ) Labour is STILL NEOLIBERAL. That means that if Labour forms a coalition gubbimint with act at the coming election we all reverse back 39 years to rogers hatching from old Labour. Roger Rat spent two whole terms as finance minister inside Labour, gutting it out and forming far right ( Read criminal) alliances and allegiances within a politic that was working perfectly until it was derailed then asset stripped. Can you, dear reader, comprehend that? Do you actually know what happened back then? Or are you either too young or too stupid to comprehend what went on back then?
    WARNING! If you continue to court ignorance this is what will happen.
    Our AO/NZ will become a republic and then it’ll become a plaything for the hyper rich, then you and I and almost all other once-were Kiwi’s will become a servant class living in cities that were once awesome but will become ghettos.
    This election may well prove be a game changer for us all and we’re terrifyingly ill prepared to decide what’s best for ourselves. That’s why we need the truth spelled out to us by a public royal commission of inquiry without bias or prejudice.
    In short. We need help outside urgently because no matter which party gets in, we’ll all be fucked because they’re still all the same thing and that thing is what, again..?
    No. *Not Brawndo dumbasses and it’s not what plants crave. It’s pig-incarcerator roger douglas’s version of milton friedman’s neo-liberalism.
    * Definitions from Oxford Languages ·
    noun humorous
    noun: idiocracy; plural noun: idiocracies
    1 a society or group that is controlled by or consists of people of low intelligence.”the people in our current idiocracy deserve whatever they will get”
Film. ‘Idiocracy’.

    • Are these comments countryboy?
      I think they are more like silliness regurgitated.
      You are a very sad person.
      Cheer up.

  6. Now now New view with an old view try not to show your true-blue colors also Luxon needs to be careful what comeS out of his mouth he seems to have a bit of foot and mouth disease and recall problems.

    • Considered by whom bobble? Full sentences remember… identify all nouns when your adverbing… (slow one, poor educational background, one dimensional initial family philosophy apparent,, zero natural empathy, marginal hope at best, sense of entitlement, needs to try harder to get along with others)

      • Sinic that is very amusing but grammatically incorrect.
        Have a very impressive academic record.

        • “Bob the first July 3, 2023 at 9:21 am
          Where is it?
          Don’t as Chippy he doesn’t know.”

          “Don’t as Chippy he doesn’t know.”???

          Yeah real impressive grammar you fuck wit. You just keep embarrassing yourself.

  7. Has Luxon trashed New Zealand into the ground this week?
    Just wondering if I missed it.

  8. Much as I’d like to dismiss this poll as rogue, I am not at all sure it is. That Nats and Lab are both on 30 says to me it is very reflective of voter discontent with the status quo. This theme too is reflected in the high numbers for ACT and Greens.

    Not surprised at NZF at 3% but I do believe they could do better on the day. The only one that feels wrong is TMP (5% maybe but I cant see 7%) however, I am not in tune with the mood of Maoridom (yes we see whats relected in the socials and MSM) but we dont know what the feeling is in their local communities is so only time will tell.

    And if we are in the business of crowing, I said 15 months ago, if the Nats didnt dump Luxon they were unlikely to win and I do think this is what we are seeing. I’m not sure if they had any better candidates but I do feel they picked the wrong one.

  9. Since society seems to continue to polarise itself, who knows which side will win.

    I don’t know about any of you, but I find picking sides/party an increasingly difficult and defeating exercise.

  10. Luxon on RNZ this morning claimed to know more than the PMs chief scientist and her team, who conducted evidence-based research on gangs. I can see why he is polling low as the preferred PM he is a twat.

    • He said his research interests tough steps taken in Australia show results . The soft approach of Labour has not worked and the intimation from the gangs is growing .
      The approach needs to look at the reasons the gangs look attractive as well as hitting them with harsh measures

      • Australia deports its problems Trevor.
        How to we deport our problems that have landed on our shores?
        Can Luxon you exlain what other measures they take. It would be helpful for voting purposes.

      • Really Trev us that why we have Comancheros here they came from Auz,they left here as babies and very young children and came back patched up.

  11. No one Poll s retirement home s any more.

    The methodolgy for this poll is to speak to Beltway peeps or any one that has a experience smart phone.

  12. Really Trev us that why we have Comancheros here they came from Auz,they left here as babies and very young children and came back patched up.

  13. I work with a lots of wokesters and I don’t hear anyone saying they love Labour. Not this version of it anyway. I think people being asked by the pollsters are mucking around instead of revealing their true feelings. I think the real level of support for Labour is below 30 and that of National will be near 40. Once folks are in the safety of the voting booth, Labour will be punished big time. The country has been fucked by your Labour lot – look a the latest books! Roberston dishing out excuses left right and centre.

    • There is no future in the Right. Boot camps like Key in 08? The rich have no answer. By which I also mean Labour. Short-term is their tattoo above what passes for their heart.

    • And that’s why Labour are still well into the 30’s with people like you with their heads buried in the sand. National in the 40’s? Not in one of your wildest wet dream days. The country was fucked well before Labour got in, geez even a deaf and blind man can see that.

  14. Comment of the day Kraut

  15. I agree Bob the first. Luxon could be the breath of ‘ fresh air’ the country needs. A person with real world experience.

    He seems to think he will knock Seymour into shape also.

  16. Comment of the day Kraut

  17. Pissed at Greens’ restoration of NZ’s ideals losing them support.

    Heard someone on RNZ this afternoon talking about giving to foodbanks being a kindness everyone should do to square themselves up. I won’t talk about what would square up people like that.

  18. I understand that Labour are ahead in this poll but I do think that a change of government would be nice. This country has a need for strong and decisive leadership and while I do admire Chris Hipkins I do not feel that he particularly wanted his role. Labour party dynamics for the last six years centred around Prime Minister Ardern and not a team as such. Now Labour MP’s are tired, with some of them even defecting.

    Having said that, I’m against the concept of a National-Act Coalition, on the basis that it would be too right-wing. I think Chris Luxon best represents the country in terms of his values and vision. I would certainly be happy with a National-Maori Party Coalition as it would most accurately reflect and represent the core values of the majority of New Zealanders.

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