TWITTER WATCH: Ummmm – Did China just take over Auckland?


Ummmm, what the bloody hell is this? It’s been filmed on Queen Street, Auckland and the date was over the Weekend.

Why do we have Chinese military marching up Queen Street to a cheering crowd?


  1. These guys made an appearance some weeks ago as well.
    On the 1st October, – I assume they are the same guys with the same flag? as were at the Waikato University on National day for China, – only they don’t have their sword – I understand it was confiscated.

  2. On the 1st October, – I assume they are the same guys with the same flag? as were at the Waikato University on National day for China, – only they don’t have their sword – I understand it was confiscated.

  3. Chinese are becoming arrogant we see clearly Martyn,

    It appears as if they have the right to trample pour democracy also now.

    China is a ‘totalitarian Communist dictatorship regime’.

    So we should not be working with a totalitarian regime should we?

  4. If any New Zealanders tried this nonsense with a NZ flag in Tienanmen Square, they’d be shot on sight and their organs would be “voluntarily” harvested for transplantation to needy CCP members.

    • It the best examples but I get that you think the CCP ought to be hated. The only thing is those too kids are free to parade like that for exactly the same reason why people are not allowed to show pride in New Zealand on Tienanmen Square day.

  5. While the liberal left wets itself over the prospect of White Pride (but is perfectly fine with every other kind of Pride), there are a bunch of Han Chinese Supremacists openly marching against everything that Western democracies hold dear.

    These Han supremacists seek to extinguish Uighur culture, put Muslims in concentration camps, harvest their organs, break their promises to the Hong Kong (mostly Cantonese) people, believe that they own Taiwan and the whole South China Sea, annexed Tibet for no particular reason, because they could. They blame the West (including Japan) for all their problems, and believe that the Middle Kingdom should be the pre-eminent super-power in the world.

    China endangers the whole Western enterprise and our elites don’t care as long as they can profit. I am extremely dubious of any benefit accruing to NZ from this “turbo charged” FTA that Labour is boasting about. What do ordinary New Zealanders get out of this FTA? It is only of benefit to Fonterra and political photo ops. Our sovereignty is compromised, as Kiwi farms, land, houses, and former public assets fall into Chinese hands.

    “The romantic idea has long persisted that the hundreds of thousands of Chinese students who enroll in Western universities each year are secret rebels who will change the country for the better. Except most are not.”

    • Great post roblogic . . these clowns marching up Queen Street like the victorious German Army did up the Champs Elysee in 1940 is staggering.

  6. Look many of us know how important the Chinese are to our economy (trade and capital) but they are getting
    a bit carried away here and so are the Indians calling for us to change our immigration laws to suit them. I don’t agree with Jones on most issues but he’s got it right on this one. We need more workers yes, but not until our infrastructure is up to it and it ain’t yet and wont be for sometime. National let thousands in our country putting a huge strain on our schools, hospitals, housing, roads etc this needs to stop until we have these sorted. In the meantime the Indian community need to be told straight if we change ours laws to suit you were does it stop. And this is what happens when you let in too many foreigners.

  7. Take a good look at the future.

    Kiwis have sold out to these people who don’t give a shit about New Zealand other than too exploit everything they can from this country including our water.

    We are flooded with chinese goods everywhere you look something that other mature countries have resisted like India just recently.

    This will only intensify with the next Nasty National – Luxton government that is not far away.

  8. luxon won’t make it that is my prediction he said far too much and he showed his true colours (out of date old fashioned ideas) he is not a nice man. He does not care about the poor or vulnerable people despite being a christian. He knows fuck all about policy and this showed after his easy peasy interview with susie on RNZ. She could have crucified him but she was rather nice. He may live to regret putting his name forward lets hope so cause we don’t need a wanker like this ruining our country.

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