Weekend Election Podcast



Broadcasting Minister Willie Jackson and the last socialist standing, Shane Te Pou.

Issue 1: NZ Herald’s Poll of Polls and what it means for the election

Issue 2: National Party Law and Order Conference – how many things can Chris Luxon get wrong at one event?

Issue 3: What to do with a sickness like Julian Batchelor’s Stop Co-Governance Tour?

It’s Politics done unlike anywhere else.

The podcast broadcasts live 7.30pm Tuesdays from our purpose built studio bunker ADJACENT to Mediaworks studios on Facebook, YouTube & JuiceTV.live, The Daily Blog and replayed on Channel 200 Freeview and posted up afterwards on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Rova & YouTube 

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  1. Martyn – Perhaps add, why certain Labour MPs are acting like thugs, and what does that mean in terms of election outcomes?

    • Correct Nathan but it won’t do their election hopes any harm judging by the way Maggie Barry continued on and remember, this incident was reported, how many incidents have gone unreported.
      We know Uffindell was a bully( cleared internally…insert Tui ad here…) Judith Collins etc so Allan is in good company or bad?
      By the 14th October people won’t be voting on bullying claims, that’s for certain. It would also be extremely hypocritical for National to do so.

      • Ronald – 100%…however, Labour used those unpleasant people as examples that they, Labour, are better than National…they are not.

  2. I think I might have already seen this somewhere before. Still, repetition and rehearsing one’s lines repeatedly makes perfect I suppose. (Practice makes perfect – and why not? The right have it down to an art form).
    Unfortunately there seem to be very many that now think that this is what public broadcasting (as in one to many) should be about


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