MEDIAWATCH: Disinformation Project goes from poisonous to radioactive


Sweet Jesus this is terrifying news…

…The Disinformation Project was already deeply questionable by many for its attempts to justify censorship in NZ with wonky arguments, but that they have hired the most Toxic Wellington Woke Troll in NZ as their Director of Communications is terribly alarming!

Expect weekly witch burning bonfires in the town square.

Expect this organisation to become a weaponised woke cudgel to bash in the face of civil society with its enemies list.

Expect to hear a list of demands by the election.

This person being appointed to The Disinformation Project would be akin to making Cameron Slater the Chief Censor and State Executioner, this is Stephanie Rogers on a stripper pole raising money for Green Party level cray cray.

This appointment makes The Disinformation Project a woke Stasi, a thought police conclave who will use any dirty underhanded tactic to smear and destroy reputations all for the purification of the bonfire.

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Every time The Disinformation Project opens its mouth, it must be denounced.

If you weren’t concerned about The Disinformation Project before, you should be fucking terrified now.


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    • I wonder what this propaganda ‘project’ will produce?

      Maybe they could find 51 former intelligence officials to sign a disinformation letter about the main opposition candidate, in the middle of an election. (Whoopsie! Hunter Biden’s laptop was real!)

      Or perhaps they could write a hoax dossier about a winning election candidate, and launder all the false claims through the media and the courts for four years. (Gosh, darn! Putin didn’t rig the election after all!)

  1. Aka, otherwise known as universally as the Ministry of Propaganda & Public Enlightenment.
    Broadcast to you every hour of every day until you submit to the power of the politburo & teke. Oh ye, oh ye!

    • Claire W. And yet when a giant like William Shakespeare writes screeds of literary and historical and philosophical masterpieces, the culture police scream to cancel the ‘imperialist colonialist- enabling ‘
      deviant without any coherent explanation as to how and why they think the way that they do.

  2. It probably won’t matter anymore anyway? Nobody is going to read or listen to rnz now because as we all know, it’s untrustworthy and pretty fucked.
    Good on Karen Hay for bailing out at the right time.


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