Former Senior Australian diplomat defends edits made to Reuters’ story by RNZ journalist.


In an article weighing in on the Radio New Zealand inquiry into alleged “pro-Russia propaganda” being sub-edited into Reuters’ stories, a senior Australian diplomat says he agrees with every word of the edits the RNZ staffer made.

Tony Kevin, a former Australian senior diplomat, ambassador to Cambodia and Poland, diplomat in Australia’s embassy in Moscow and author of six published books on public policy and international relations, says the “offending” exactly match the views he has been expressing for years.

Commenting on two articles published in The Guardian, Tony Kevin says, “The examples of journalistic misconduct identified in the two articles match exactly research and opinions on the historical context and causes of the war in Ukraine and mounting Russia-West tensions that I have been trying to express publicly in Australia, as an expert former senior diplomat, since publication of my book Return to Moscow in 2017,” writes Tony Kevin.

“And, as to Reuters’ copy being sacrosanct, the former senior diplomat goes on: “Australian Broadcasting Company journalists edit incoming feeds from Reuters and other wire services all the time. They add context, link to previous stories, add Australian-relevant material.”

The problem is, this person in RNZ was adding such context from the “wrong ‘side’,” he says.

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But Tony Kevin’s comments take a more sinister turn when he identifies a tagline in the Guardian articles which reads; “Additional reporting by Luke Harding,” who Tony Kevin says is a leading “Western disinformation warrior.”

With “a formidable reputation as an inveterate anti-Russian British journalist with alleged strong links to the U.K. anti-Russian disinformation system and even to MI6, the U.K.’s secret intelligence service,” Luke Harding’s association with this story, “…should be a key warning to everyone in New Zealand’s and Australia’s broadcasting world, indeed in the entire English-speaking world.”

Luke Harding, says Tony Kevin, “was heavily involved in the Julian Assange affair and in the now discredited campaign to label former U.S. President Donald Trump as under Russian control. He is known as a leading Western disinformation warrior.”

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    • Conflating geopolitical rhetoric and Putin’s war borders on “criminal negligence”. (Ignorance)

    • Whereas dear Gaby supports the barbarism being rained on Palestinians by Israel’s Fascist state, which ever-growing numbers of the world’s Jewish people recognize as an Apartheid state based on a grotesque distortion of Judaic scripture

  1. I suggest that the reason someone altered reports from reuters is that the news we get is Eurocentric and isn’t the full story. The article from ‘media lens’ Killing The Story – Bakhmut, Nick Cohen, Kakhovka, Nord Stream and Piers Morgan, shows how clearly the BBC and The Guardian have failed miserably to report on the facts. Our media use these information resources as if they are factual. Why don’t we have any reporting from Al Jazzera – a much more reliable source of what is going on in Ukraine and Russia and certainly honest reporting on Palestine.

    • Plenty of people do watch Al Jazeera (it’s free, after all) — but their reporting on the U.S. regime change operation in Libya was equally terrible (although not surprising coming from the Qatari government).

      If there are stories constructed out of wire reprints, the information from all of the press agencies should be presented (not only the pro-U.S. agencies). More importantly, why isn’t the state broadcaster using its own reporters for such highly important stories?

    • I mean, it’s hardly Eurocentric. Does promoting the American empire’s narrative, as Reuters does, help out German grannies freezing to death because the Ukranian/American/Zionist terrorists blew up Nordstream?

      It’s a pity RNZ doesn’t cite actual reputable news sources like Al-Mayadeen News.

  2. Martyn – So, will NZ be “allowed” to see the other side of the story – for example RT? or are we only “allowed” to see one side of the story?

    • Sure the other side is fine – and would have been OK if it said “additional reporting by Michael Hall”.

    • RT was removed from Freeview NZ. You are not allowed to glean and weigh up some kind of truth from opposing propaganda sources.

  3. Why is the copy not published in the before and after forms, so we can judge the seriousness of the issues?

  4. And was there not an American ambassador who long ago gave the US Govt exactly the same warning as Tony Kevin gave?

    None so deaf as those who do not wish to hear, eh?

  5. You seem to be saying that Russia cannot have its own “Munro doctrine”. Apparently only the evil empire is entitled to that.

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