Wait, WHAT? Luxon ordered, then cancelled, taxpayer-funded Tesla, while criticising Tesla subsidies??? I’ve seen emo teenagers with less self inflicted wounds!!!

We haven't even started with the Tesla hypocrisy. Luxon makes gaffes faster than we can meme!

Fresh from shitting on NZ by claiming we are a ‘negative, wet, whiny, inward looking country’ comes news that Luxon had to be talked out of getting a taxpayer Tesla AFTER he had attacked owning Teslas

Wait, WHAT?

Tesla Recoil – Christopher Luxon ordered, then cancelled, taxpayer-funded Tesla, while criticising Tesla subsidies

National Party leader Christopher Luxon had a fully taxpayer-funded Tesla on order for his use at the same time as he was publicly bashing the Government’s EV policy for subsidising “wealthy Tesla drivers”. The Tesla would have been for Luxon’s use, although he would not have owned it.

The Herald understands Luxon was talked out of ordering the car by horrified staff and at least one senior MP, who believed the purchase would be a massive political risk.

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The order was placed last year, shortly before Luxon lashed out at the Government for its clean car discount policy, telling Newshub’s AM Show Labour was taxing people driving utes to help “wealthy Tesla drivers by giving them subsidies”. The Government’s clean car discount, under last year’s settings, took more than $8000 off the price of a Tesla.

Did he learn this information that getting a second taxpayer funded Tesla after shitting on the Tesla subsidy would be enormously damaging politically in Te Puke or Hawaii?

I’ve seen emo teenagers with less self inflicted wounds!!!

He didn’t see a political problem attacking the Tesla subsidy WHILE getting a taxpayer funded one for free?

He’s just not very good at this is he?

The thing that made fighting Key so hard for 8 years was that he had an internal radar for stupid shit and was surrounded by very smart handlers, that Luxon ordered the Tesla and had to be talked out of it because he didn’t see any problems should be raising red flags inside his office because he should never have thought this was a good look in the first place.

This gaffe and his weird shitting on NZ will only get worse as the real pressure from the election starts.

He’s just not very good at this is he?

The glorious look of WTF on Chippy’s face when told what Luxon had said about NZ is only matched by his sign language interpreter’s look of ‘wtf’


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  1. Politically, he’s just an idiot. And he’ll probably flip flop on something too, just to compound it. Not news.

    But I’m sure the people of Opotiki, whose town had been taken over by gangs in the latest installment on our receding law and order really give a shit however!

    • Opitiki has always been a gang town, so suddenly getting all precious about it now is a bit rich.

        • Opotiki has been through this before since Muldoon, so yeah, nothing to see here numbnuts.

        • There shouldn’t be any up market areas either how’s about a communist status where we all live together as one James, I can see the pale cys men and the blue rinse brigade ladies clutch their pearls at that thought

            • Sorry to have offended your right wing sentiments Johan, I get annoyed when people put labels on other people aka. South Auckland , Opotiki and lets not forget the bottom feeders. We all live in different parts of NZ there are good and bad people ,however people in certain areas are labelled all bad, gang towns etc.etc. There are people in Opotiki who are not gang members they are hard working members of their community, taxpayers there are grannies and children who have absolutely no idea of their label by the so called betters in the upmarket suburbs of NZ where of course nothing bad ever happens. So Johan absurd or not the truth always hurts.

          • How many communist countries have you lived in Queeny obviously none.
            Do you really think the leaders of communist countries and the civil servants live with the rest of the population?
            The wealth enjoyed by the leaders in communist countries is eye watering,all at the expense of the citizens.

        • I think the Gangs should be relocated to the Beehive and the Labour Government to Ōpōtiki.

      • It is a government car!
        National advisers warned Luxon that if he allows the purchase to go through that he will help Labour to miss another of their targets by less!!

    • So here’s something novel. What will National do about crime XRAY?

      Tackle it?
      Whinge about it?
      Wet themselves about it?

      What methods will they use?
      Increase prison sizes, what is the initial cost and continual cost to tax payers?
      How will they catch ram raids in action, bring in the army?
      When they reduce police funding will they ask for criminals to hand themselves in?

      You see XRAY, it’s always the same bleating without the details of “how”.

    • Why are you changing the issue XRay when the article is about Luxon who has tendency to make stupid ill-thought-out comments Luxon appears to be a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde.

      • He is entitled to the subsidy. The absurdity is that the subsidy is even available. It is even more absurd that the subsidy is in reality only accessible to the wealthy.

        It is very apparent why we do not have more talented people in the Beehive. Who would want work for the public good and then be denigrated.

      • Covid, with the issues we have facing us at the moment, Luxon dithering over taking a taxpayer funded Tesla, then not, is ridiculously petty. Its no secret he’s a dufus when it comes to the game of politics, Chippy is a blackbelt master, but that don’t mean squat to people living in a criminal scum paradise thanks to Chippy’s government! And that is an issue worth talking about!

  2. Bad form from Luxon ordering one but even worse form for all the labour and green MPs not doing so. Don’t they believe in supporting their own policies ?

    • It is a dumb policy.
      Owning an electric vehicle is about managing cashflow and costs.
      Great tool for those who are wealthy and on fixed incomes.

    • It is sad that Luxon did not allow the purchase to go through. It would have helped labour get marginally closer to one of their goals.

      He is just plain spiteful.

    • Brom no they don’t believe in anything except protecting their own handsomely paid employment funded by us taxpayers. They are career politicians.
      I mean really who would employ a Labour Government Minister?
      I’ll answer that, no one of sound mind.

  3. Martyn – Yes, he (Luxon) is a bit silly…sadly, he will be our next Prime Minister unless Labour starts helping ordinary Kiwis…No more Covid to hide behind for Labour

  4. The state of it.
    The possibility of these idiots in coalition with the Armed Corporate Thieves party after Election 2023 is lamentable.

  5. Luxon is no politician by any definition. The corporate skills and experience do not easily translate in political nous, and the Nats were trying to re-grow a John Key.

    The thesis that Seymour will be in the driving seat is obviously correct.

  6. We see the results of Labour’s mismanagement on so many issues after get a free pass to make changes that ehhected those that were their key voting block they do not deserve another term. T
    The whole EV system is a joke and I think in years to come we will see it as not achieving very much in the climate fight.

    • Brilliant Trevor. Luxon being a tosser is Labours fault.

      I love the way people want to introduce more cost on schemes like this to supposedly stop the rich benefiting, but when it comes to tax, how dare we suggest they pay a bit more. F’ing ridiculous

      • No it shows how stupid their policies are.
        An electric car is a great appliance for those on fixed incomes who can afford to buy a new car or those who try to minimise their income for tax purposes.
        Those people do not need financial aid from government!!!
        How is this so difficult for some……

        • The difficulty appears to be you admitting Luxon is a lost cause.

          May be it’s about reducing omissions not about the wealth of the person. Let’s face it the people you are talking about probably left the ridiculously large urban assault vehicle or the 6 to 8 cylinder Audi at home. They might be new and “efficient” but they still churn out omissions.

          What mechanism is put in place to means test for car purchases?

          • Can you count?
            The investment in CO2 emissions to get our network ready for the cars that we need to feed, is very significant, plus the energy to get the raw materials to manufacturers is enormous making the return on investment measured in CO2 mitigated next to nothing.
            The NetZero dream is quickly becoming a nightmare.

        • Or saved on emissions? Probably less than the fleet John Key paid for the 34 BMW Limousines

          • Now we are talking. I missed the anthropogenic spin that normally goes with TDB spin.
            Luxon has finally shown his true colours.
            He is a closet climate change denier. That is the only thing that makes sense.

  7. Don’t get excited Bomber. The 1800 police on the front line that aren’t really police will be the big story. I know you’re looking for the big scandal, but the Tesla order is not it.

  8. Don’t really see the link on the govt rebate to purchasing to the government supplying MP’s? Not really apples with apples. Everyone is stupid here in my opinion from Luxon’s advisors to the story narrative by Martyn.

    I’m more concerned about the current government insulation mortgage 1% scheme. A whanau member works at a bank and apparently the amount of people doing insulation mortgages which are only on 1% interest underwritten by the tax payor are being used massively to purchase Tesla’s.

    This would be a better journalist story – but will it.

  9. Luxon is an idiot, I think we can all agree on that.

    However, it highlights the stupidity of the Green car rebate scheme. Effectively its middle class welfare…again.

    I could never afford a new Tesla, yet I have to pay towards those who could easily afford to buy one without me subsidising it. All introduced by the Labour party.

    Can we now also agree that the current Labour have no connection with the old Labour party, the one I voted for many years ago, who give two hoots about workers but are the party of the free University educated, upper middle class, Chardonnay socialists.

    Many would have never had a blister on their hands or been on the factory floor.

    • Naive politician.
      I think the focus on this issue demonstrates why we generally have idiots in the Beehive.

  10. A politician too stupid to lie convincingly is refreshing, honestly. If he wasn’t a raging christian megalomaniac it would almost be cute.

    • Yes, Andrew and you fit into that category of being negative, wet, whiny and inward looking and let others speak for themselves. And by the way has your home been munted by the cyclone and has your town been deluged with forestry wastes.

  11. It disappoints this is even news. He didn’t take advantage of a perquisite he was perfectly entitled to. Would it have been better if he’d requested parliamentary services buy him a gas guzzling double cab ute?

    • It is said do not let the truth get in thw way of a good story. If Laxon saved an old woman with the kiss of life the report on this blog would read Luxon kisses old lady without asking permission.

      • Well that’s one right wing nut job conspiracy theory I’ve not heard before Trev.

  12. Luxon didn’t ‘order’ anything. He was offered a car by Parliamentary Services, and within 48 hours notified them he didn’t need it.

    • Talk about missing the point completely and please don’t ask me to explain, it’s self explanatitory.

      • It was a government car. He was just doing his bit to help labour to not achieve their objectives.

    • He stays on point.
      That is why TDB is a reliable source of information.
      If you prefer a right wing bias join Kiwiblog.

  13. I can’t vote Labour because Jacinda. Luxon is a rich mans wet dream who just wants to reduce his personal tax on his 7 houses. NZ is on a death spiral and cannot be fixed. Time to go.

  14. I’m conflicted, I support promotion of electric vehicle use, but feel ill at the thought of a tax payer subsidy going to that fascist freak, Elon Musk.

    • Stop feeling.
      Start thinking.
      The e-car subsidy is a rort.
      And you either stupid or a real environmentalist if you do not take advantage of this free money. Or perhaps you just cannot afford a decent car.
      If the last one is the reason,then you have cause to be pissed off with this waste of tax money.

  15. You missed a bit.

    Luxon had to be talked out of getting a taxpayer-funded Tesla for his personal use AFTER he had attacked owning Teslas *while already owning another Tesla*.

  16. “He’s just not very good at this is he?”

    Got it in one. CT did a piece on this sometime in the last month (Here or Bowalley Rd?) sums it up completely.

    Hugely inexperienced, trying to please everyone, no political muscle memory (and in fact a disaster for the Nats). A very poor choice on their part and why they may still lose the election despite Labour’s copious F Ups.

  17. Face it, Luxton (and indeed most of the NZ politicians) are not cool or tech savvy enough to drive a Tesla.

    NZ politicians and ministries should stick with the old petrol powered dinomobiles at massive petrol prices – it’s more in keeping with NZ’s large amount of fossil awards, at the world’s climate change awards.

  18. RNZ news at mid day said Baldrick’s missus has a Tesla in the garage! At which of his 7 pads who knows I guess. Chrissy admitted to using it occasionally for a shopping run and has a scooter too. Please use the scooter more often Mr Luxon is all I can say.

  19. So what, he ordered a Telstar then change his mind. Why should I care a flying fuck about that

    The attacks on Luxon are getting ridiculous and I don’t even like the guy

    • It is the hypocrisy Anker; whilst publicly criticising the government EV clean car discount he was ordering an EV that was eligible for the discount. He only changed ‘his’ mind after his ‘minders’ stepped in and took control. If National can’t see the damage he is doing to their ‘brand’ then ACT will continue to benefit.

  20. Luxurious Seventh Day Adventurer I have SEVEN HOUSES thinks why do I need a car? Should I get a BYC…bring YOUR OWN DREAMS less expensive, a bit smaller than average SUVS, and ELECTRIC. That would prove he cares ish. EASY POLITICS, shows how stupid he at the Nazional Party really are!

  21. All of this silly handwringing over Luxon’s faux pas will pale into insignificance when we start discussing Hipkins’ Te Pukenga experiment. It is clearly collapsing now and is certainly more scandalous than a cancelled Tesla order.

  22. It’sa climate emergency. Luxon buys a Tesla. Hipkins flies two Boeings, one a spare, to Asia.

    Which one is a serious case of hypocrisy again?

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