The heavily armed Quick Yellow Fox will jump all over the Lazy Blue Hog – How far Right will ACT drag National?

The quick Yellow Fox will jump all over the lazy blue hog

National’s total capitulation to Farmers and allowing them to pollute freely until 2030 while the planet melts is a desperate move by National who win back ACT vote, and his weird shitting ion Kiwis to placate rural rednecks shows how far National are prepared to go to mollify their more cross burning electorate.

With ACT now warning National that they would prefer to sit on the cross benchers if National won’t give them everything, the question must now be, how far will a heavily armed quick yellow fox jump all over the lazy blue hog?

Luxon is a conservative evangelical Christian who believes in Prosperity Theory, which tells him that the fact he has 7 properties means Jesus loves him. Him becoming Prime Minister would be Gods will, and if all that is stopping him from fulfilling Gods wish is give David Seymour everything he wants, so fucking be it.

ACT have been infiltrated by Gun fetishists who demand the Gun Registry be removed, they will amputate the State by dumping 5 Ministries plus the Human Rights Commission, they will dump environmental protections, worker rights, slash billions from welfare and start a referendum to force a new Treaty upon Māori that will launch a race war.

National Party Pundits like Wayne Map tell us ACT will to be the tail that wags the National dog, but that’s bullshit.

Luxon is an incredibly weak leader and David Seymour is way smarter than him.

David will get EVERYTHING it wants out of Luxon and it will be the most extreme right wing Government this country has seen since Roger Douglas.

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Expect way more guns, way more climate change damage and a brutal State that is prepared to start a race war.

You might be flirting with ACT as a protest vote, because Labour have pissed you off, but you have  no fucking idea what you are enabling policy wise.

There’s a reason ACT was on 1%. If only the middle class woke fuckwit activist base hadn’t spent the last 4 years giving David Seymour the very political ammunition he would then use against the Left we wouldn’t be in this position!

Thanks wokies.

Can the Wellington Woke please shut the fuck up now until after the election?


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  1. All the rural working people, be they farm labourers or small-scale agricultural producers, share the same interests as the working class. Hence nearly 200 years of the ‘farmer-labour alliance’.

    Indeed, the wealthy coastal elite consider the forgotten denizens of the Rustbelt AND the other unwashed masses of Flyover Country to all be “deplorables”. They are the ‘class enemy’, who dare to complain about neoliberalism and vanishing civil liberties.

    Likewise, most of the labour movement always supported the right to bear arms and the right to self defence. The capitulation of unionists to the positions of anti-socialist, Wall Street liberals — and hence leaving an open field for the libertarians — is quite remarkable.

    • Clark didn’t promote the fact to the whole country thus a vote for National is a vote for Luxons ego and the son of Christ.

  2. The woke as you call them, are on a roll and cannot help themselves. It’s pretty much a done deal that the govt will change.

  3. You shall reap what you sow.
    This government has been sowing division and destroying social cohesion for 5 years.
    Their changes will be reversed, hopefully peacefully, but peaceful debate seems to be out of fashion

      • Liar, liar pants on fire is not a discussion
        30% of the population supporting the parliamentary protests, 70% of the population against Three Waters. This is the most divisive government in NZ history partly because they impose policies and ban debate through the Pravda Fund.
        Bomber is right there is a tidal wave of anger out there which ACT is harnessing

        • You sound all wet and whiny. 70% didn’t support the parliamentary protest and 30% were for 3 waters( was that 70% Farmers against?)

          Sowing division? Insert tui ad here…

          Just because you have a belief doesn’t make your comment any more believable.

  4. Why would any working person vote for more of this Labour Govt?
    Taxing people who work to give to people who dont is not a winning stance. Labour are tanked.
    Act are on the rise because Seymore appeals to the workers and small business grafters, in short they can identify with him.
    On the other hand with Luxon they cant His is the face of corporate big business, the sector that has not always been kind to the workers and grafters = not to be trusted to act in their best interests

    • If it was really about workers and tax rates, Acts support would be a whole lot higher than 11%. A big chunk if you believe No Comment is about guns and Māori’s

      • I believe he will hit closer to 20% than 10
        That is certainly the mood in the provinces. That said no one here will vote green. Big cities obviously a different story

      • I’m only supporting ACT for their stance on firearms, if we were still operating under the pre 2019 legislation, I’d probably just vote for the Greens.

      • ACT is drawing in people from a wide range of groups because many people are sick of the lies told by the other parties and are greatly concerned by the direction the country is heading in. ACT offers a change of direction, as well as a change of government.

  5. The ‘gun registry’ is a crock, and about the only thing Act are right on. I don’t have much time for Orwell, a nasty individualist at the best of times, but he was right about the “rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat”.


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