Ok – we’ve all had our lols at Luxon’s expense but National have every right to be disgusted at TVNZ by latest attack

What the fuck did you just say to me?


You know shit be cray when I’m stepping up for the National Party.

Look, I gleefully out myself as the first person to use the Handmaids Tale reference to Luxon’s prescription fee blunder, because it was satirically hilarious and highlighted how Luxon has a history of making a reactionary statement and walking it back 24 hours later.

In this instance it was his religious conservatism that knee jerked his refusal to allow women free prescription contraception and sure Labour are hypocrites for doing nothing for 6 years, but they have made the change and Luxon walked right into it.

Fair cop.

He then tap-danced where angels fear to tread by making some throw away comment about women having more babies, which if you’ll remember is kinda the core of the Handmaids Tale story.

His bewildering ability to open his mouth and have Wayne Brown leap out is at this point becoming extraordinary, but his issue over our lack of babies is a legitimate debate to have because it would demand more actual effort on Luxon’s behalf to help solve!

At the centre of the Gender Pay Gap is the biological reality women carry the babies. If we as a liberal progressive society want to ensure everyone has equal agency, then surely recognising biological reality is a starting point?

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The first 12months should be maternity leave – or paternity leave, either one, but one of the parents should be paid to stay home with the infant for its first year of life. Who else do you want to look after an infant other than the parent?

Meanwhile, ECE should be nationalised and made completely free for 2 year olds to 5 year olds while all after school care should be free.

Childcare costs fall unevenly and unfairly on women, so why not eliminate those costs altogether?

Playing the Gender Pay Gap Game even when implemented, doesn’t lead to the outcomes desired.  

If women having babies is stunting their pay careers, then subside the cost of having that kid with 12months maternity/paternity leave, Nationalise ECE and free after school care!

That is a debate worth having, unfortunately Luxon wasn’t actually wanting that debate and was just brain farting instead.


All fun and games to date and issues of actual importance alongside real solutions are once again missed by any of the media.

So far, so usual.

Then this fucking happens at a press conference with Nicola Willis…


What. The. Actual. Fuck. Cushla!

Cushla Norman from TVN fucking Z???

The State Broadcaster Journalist?

The State Broadcaster just asked Nicola Willis to compare a flippant question by Luxon (that he wasn’t actually prepared to engage in intellectually with – and neither were our mainstream media for that matter), to the Nazi plan for genocide and industrialised white supremacy mass death cult???

The State Broadcaster asked that of the National Party?


What. The. Actual. Fuck. Cushla!

Look, I’m a genuine fan of Cushla’s on TVNZ, she’s a really good journalist and I think her body of work is far greater than this moment, but FUCK.

I mean, you can’t as the State Broadcaster make a comment as unhinged as that!

TVNZ must urgently apologise to the National Party for such an insanely off the rocker question, the radioactivity of which damages those asked of it, those who hear it and ultimately the person asking it!

This isn’t a fucking blog or Twitter call out!  This is a press conference with a senior member of the Opposition.

Hey, I don’t like National either and think Luxon’s first reactionary knee jerk always ends up being conservative Christian, and that’s fair game, but to manufacture his ‘have more babies’ as a plan to expand our military to invade Australia and kill everyone there because of racial superiority is bordering on the Counterspin level conspiracy theory.

This is an unacceptable question and TVNZ must immediately apologise.

There’s legitimate criticism of Luxon’s conservative Christianity and how he always kneejerks that way, but constructing a Nazi agenda at a press conference by the State Broadcaster is fucking outrageous!

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  1. If RadioNZ is altering the facts in Reuter reports, then it’s no great surprise if TVNZ is also trying to create a misleading narrative. Cushla may have just been trying to look clever, but that’s not her job, and nor is it her producer’s job.

    • If RNZ had allowed comments on its articles it is unlikely that it would have been 18 months before the biased edits were caught. TVNZ news seems more interested in making the news than reporting the news from my observations of them, that appears to be a common habit with all MSm though.

      • Bonnie 100%. This seems to be a phenomenon with various western governments trying to control the news, impose censorship of free speech eg criticism of government actions, seen graphically during the pandemic. The Cushla incident is nuts though, because if she wanted to know what Luxon thought or what Luxon knew, then surely she should have been asking Mr Luxon, not somebody else. May be little more low level shit-stirring. RNZ and Ukraine is mind-bogglingly bad.

  2. OTT by Cushla for sure Martyn. We expect more reasoned, not inflammatory approaches with heightened hyperbole from what remains of our public broadcasters.

    This is an indication of how wimin so far are not prepared to rein in their prejudices and use restraint and reflection about their thrusting forward in their desire to beat men (over the head) at their own game. Do we have to have equality at the lowest level before women start saying ‘this is not the level of social interaction and civility we want to carry into the future’?

  3. ” I mean, you can’t as the State Broadcaster make a comment as unhinged as that! ”

    My how standards have dropped. When your priority is making a profit everything else is secondary including acting as a public broadcaster.

    The days when it was a trusted , responsible and educated source of news and current affairs are long over.

    TVNZ has a lot to be apologising for including Jessica Much McKay’s infamous ” that comment is hardly fair on the National party ” in response to criticism in an interview with Kelvin Davis and Ardern in 2017 before the general election.

    There was no doubt of the political bias of the state broadcaster and its political journalist.

    At least Cushla is googling recent history to expand her vocabulary.

    In other news…

    ” Which quite apart from the ick-factor of a religious bigot sticking his nose into other people’s reproductive choices, also has unpleasant echoes of racist “great replacement” thinking. After all, if you accept that “we need people”, why babies? Why not immigration? Which suggests Luxon is concered about what people we get, rather than just the usual shallow business obsession with make number go up.
    Luxon has now wheeled out his deputy Nicola Willis to make the defence of every arsehole caught out, and claim that it was all a “joke”. Which is telling in and of itself: he’s too frightened even to make the defence himself, and of being asked about his beliefs.


  4. Good on you for seeing this with both eyes open.
    But the ship sailed long ago – we dont have independent balanced mainstream media in this country, or even a balance of left leaning and right leaning.
    We have woke cultists who accepted government money to run government editorial lines, TVNZ is just government owned straight propaganda, I’ll only watch it to see what the latest government spin on something is.
    I can get better information on most NZ topics from overseas websites (case in point, ABC Australia stating death toll from Wellington fire was 5 when all NZ media were still saying six with more missing).
    We aren’t even at the start of a media slippery slope we are well down it and gathering speed.

    • How come the government takes ALL the shit on a daily basis from a variety of platforms yet everyone feels sorry for Luxon and co. We will all be feeling sorry for David Seymour soon. Sorry but if the cap fits bottom feeders , gangs if south Auckland, abortion is murder etc.etc. Let them wear it for what it is bull shit crocodile tears.

      • Because it doesn’t.
        The medias role as the fourth estate is to hold government to account, not to push value judgements on the public or try and prevent the opposition from gaining power.

        • No Keep Calm if what you are saying is true then the opposition also need to be interrogated by the MSM. They say some shonkey unworkable things, they say things in complete earnest then backtrack and says its a joke. Don’t you want the opposition to be held to account or is it ok for them to say what they like, completely un censored remembering they could ( god forbid ) be the government at the end of this year. But then I suspect all the right wing trolls will disappear off this left wing blog and crawl into their right wing holes in the ground for the next 3 years , denying their perfect right wing government can do no wrong. The hypocrisy from the right knows no bounds

          • Of course the opposition should not be censored. Nobody should be censored. Criticised yes, for what it’s worth, but uncensored freedom of speech is a cornerstone of democracy, and we may be fighting to keep it.

            • Hollyhock tell that to the government. Censored and cherry picked statements on a daily basis by both media and misleading half statements in parliament . The worse thing is them getting away with it. I am sorry if I offended your sense of freedom however from what I am hearing lots of important facts left out and misquotes left in . Now I call that censorship.

    • But I will safely assume their Te Reo in relation to the Russian propaganda was faultless! And really, at RNZ that’s all that matters!

    • I disagree, what was added to the initial news item seemed pretty factual to me just not in line with pro ukraine wishes when it comes to “the narrative”

      • Quite agree. I thought it had been carefully edited to make it less bias. Every edit was probably accurate – well the ones I saw anyway.

        • Tankies gonna tank.
          The clue you were reading someone’s propaganda was the emotive value judgements peppered through it rather than actual facts and statistics.

          You are currently free in this democracy to say and think what you like (unlike Russia) and I’ll defend your right to foolishly do so, even as Labour tries to remove it.

  5. Just when the greens start recovering from Woke! MB your best efforts are required to help the Woke lot, they just do not get it. They are intent on self destructing.

    Blowing wind in the sails of the Woke is not helpful,. The Luxon ship is sailing. It is time to attack their policies otherwise you just seem so desperate. Sometimes it is hard to hide your feelings. But the cause is more important that feelings.

    • Bloody spell check.
      I am sure you meant “………….. another journalist……”
      It is just not like you to build the profile of media workers!

  6. Party, get together, trust, look at us, fucked our leader,, cannot catch, these egits, we will exploit given the chance, party, this finance.

  7. Cushla Norman is a greatly superior journalist to National Party cheerleader Jessica Mutch who has been promoted way above her pay grade!

  8. That obviously poorly educated so-called journalist has no idea how much she offended the victims of Lebensborn evil.

  9. I was not expecting that as I scrolled down lmao

    Cushla went full Nazi mode !

    What next? Ardern is literally Stalin?

    Give me strength

  10. Surely Nicola Willis and Desley Simpson are tired of having to pull their leaders out of the holes they dig by now.

    • Yes and? What’s your major contribution then? Cushla should be fired perhaps? Martyn should apologise for deliberately misquoting Luxon perhaps? What say?


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