NEW POLL: Razor thin National-ACT Government


Boom – new TU poll by Curia out just now.

National – 36%

Labour – 33%

ACT – 13%

Green – 10%

MP – 3.5%

This would give National/ACT a razor thin 2 seat majority!

National overpoll by 5 points and Labour underpoll by 4 points so this is all within the margin of error.

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National still can’t break 40% with an ACT in double digits.

So here we are, 4 months out from a general election that will either result in the most Right Wing Government since Lange or the most Left Wing Government since Savage and what are we bickering about?

Māori signs, unfair Handmaid Tale memes and who can put the most ankle bracelets on 10 year olds!

Jesus wept we are a petty people with the attention spans of children. A low imagination horizon of a. juvenile settler culture with all the maturity of a can of day old Coke-cola!

To the Right we have a National and ACT Government with a cavalcade of political circus freak reactive policies that knee-jerk so hard, that their reign of power would amount to nothing more than endlessly kicking ourselves in the face for 3 years!

To the Left we have a Māori Party more concerned with political theatre, a Green Party that has declared a culture war on heteronormative white cis males and a Labour Party you could give a red van to, call Pat and they still couldn’t deliver!

No one is actually looking at the real issues in front of us!

Nationals 3 biggest donors (Hart, Mowbray and Bolton) have a combined net worth of 15 billion!

The Bottom 50% of NZ has 23 billion.

The top 5% of NZers own roughly 50% of NZs wealth, while the bottom 50% of NZers own a miserable 5%!

IRD proved NZ Capitalism is rigged for the rich and Bernard Hickey calculates that if we had a basic capital gains tax in place over the last decade, we would have earned $200billion in tax revenue.

$200billion would have ensured our public infrastructure wouldn’t be in such an underfunded ruin right now!

There are 14 Billionaires in NZ + 3118 ultra-high net worth individuals with over $50million each, why not start start with them, then move onto the Banks, then the Property Speculators, the Climate Change polluters and big industry to pay their fair share before making workers pay more tax!

Culture War fights make all the noise, but poor people aren’t sitting around the kitchen table cancelling people for misusing pronouns, they are trying to work out how to pay the bills!

Bread and Butter cost of living pressures are what the electorate want answers to, and that’s where the Left need to step up and push universal policy that lifts that cost from the people.

The Commerce Commission is clear that the Supermarket Duopoly should be broken up and the State should step in and provide that competition.

We need year long maternity leave.

We need a nationalised Early Education Sector that provides free childcare for children under 5.

We need free public transport.

We need free breakfast and lunches in schools.

We need free dental.

We need 50 000 new State Houses.

We need more hospitals, more schools and a Teachers aid in every class room.

We need climate change adaptation and a resilient rebuilt infrastructure.

We need all these things and we need to fund them by taxing the rich who the IRD clearly showed were rigging the system.

That requires political courage and there is none!

No one is willing to fight for tomorrow, they merely want to pacify the present!

Just promise me one thing.

Don’t. You. Dare. Vote. Early. In. 2023!

I can not urge this enough from you all comrades.

Don’t vote early in the 2023 election.

I’m not going to tell you who to vote for because this is a liberal progressive democracy and your right to chose who you want in the secrecy of that ballot box is a scared privilege and is your god damned right as a citizen.

But what I will beg of you, is to not vote early in 2023.

Comrades, on our horizon is inflation in double figures, geopolitical shockwave after geopolitical shockwave and a global economic depression.

As a nation we will face some of the toughest choices and decision making  outside of war time and that means you must press those bloody MPs to respond to real policy solutions and make those buggers promise to change things and you can’t do that if you hand your vote over before the bloody election!

Keep demanding concessions and promises for your vote right up until midnight before election day AND THEN cast your vote!

We only get 1 chance every 3 years to hold these politicians feet to the fire and they only care before the election, so force real concessions out of them before you elect them.

This election is going to be too important to just let politicians waltz into Parliament without being blistered by our scrutiny.

Demand real concessions from them and THEN vote on Election Day.

2023 Election will be a vote for the least worst outcome

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  1. I suppose the posters on here about loving it. They have waited a long time for NACT to deal with those pesky workers, taking money from our poor hardworking shareholders, investors, employers and directors.

  2. ” the most Right Wing Government since Lange ”

    Bomber I would argue that Ruth , her cabinet colleagues and MP’s were the most right wing when you consider how far they went with the ECA and hospitals that had to return a profit amongst other neo liberal surprises.

    I don’t get where you get this from ? ” or the most Left Wing Government since Savage and what are we bickering about ”

    If that was on offer as a real alternative or a plan that is responding to the number one issue Kiwis are concerned about the cost of living and being rorted for just about everything then Labour would be miles ahead but they aren’t.

    Sadly 70% of New Zealanders say they will vote for the status quo expecting a different result.

    And thousands will vote no confidence by not voting at all.

    • One could say that Lange’s government ‘moved’ further to the right-wing than any other government because they had further to move – from the left way across to almost far Right.
      An example of an unbalanced nation that seems to merely react to emotion and swing far one way or the other – pendulum politics.

  3. Martyn that’s tops – a Labour Party you could give a red van to, call Pat and they still couldn’t deliver!

  4. Freudian slips R’Us.
    ’m not going to tell you who to vote for because this is a liberal progressive democracy and your right to chose who you want in the secrecy of that ballot box is a scared privilege and is your god damned right as a citizen.
    But what I will beg of you, is to not vote early in 2023.

  5. Come the day after the election Labour must do a top to bottom overhaul of everything.

    For starters the root cause of their ineptitude was a decision taken long before 2017, to select candidates on the basis of gender. It automatically meant they weren’t after the best candidate and or a person with a track record of practical achievements, they only cared about appearances. It’s grown legs from there to box ticking woke causes to win candidacy and not reality and practicality. Hence the current malaise and engrained lack of talent that stares Chippy in the face everyday!

    And then remember the working man/woman, the practical people. The ones that drive utes, (Sorry Michael, Mt Albert/Herne Bay residents and Tesla shareholders), the ones that get by. People like Norman Kirk. The working man’s working man. Not because of their skin colour or their sexuality. And while they’re at it, shed the tired no hoping union hacks.

    Then work on proven ability to make things happen, integrity and honesty as base principals, sadly missing in 2023.

    And lastly, ditch the soppy – push over – well meaning Aunty in a oversized cardy kindness shit. It’s got us precisely nowhere, backwards if anything.

    Bring back the real Labour Party!

    • Sorry, but the working man’s working man is a reactionary bigot who will sell his brothers and sisters down the road a tax cut. The oppose high wages, taxes to pay for health and welfare, and support stripping of civil liberties. They can all get fucked,.

      • Agree 100% that is the reason we have 10% union representation and dysfunctional health and education systems. I agree on all but stripping civil liberties that comes down to what you call a civil liberty.

    • The real Labour Party had a touch of kindness even though it was at one time directed towards the male members. Gradually they changed to allow females to do more than make tea. You’re right about the present Labour Party – no real kindnesss there, they are into hollowgrams! Now you see them, tomorrow they are out of sight.

  6. Every single worker in thos country needs and deserves and automatic payrise every year. Only Labour will guarantee that.

      • No one gets a payrise with low inflation. But I bet landlords like you will always put the rent up. Because you want to squeeze every single cent out of the poor and the workers, whether it be service cuts to pay for lower taxes, high rents, low wages or power company dividends from higher prices. I bet you own power company shares, profiting while people freeze to death.

      • Yes, every year, and we shouldnt be making the working people of this country bear the brunt of an economic downturn. Perhaps the shareholders should take the hit for once.

  7. This poll is way out. The right and the left are close tho, but it will be Peters who will get the centre right over the line. NZF will easily clear the threshold, he’ll throttle back that little shit Seymour and give hapless Luxon some guidance… if the left get in this country will go full on Marxist mode and it will be finished.

    • @ kirk28 “…if the left get in this country will go full on Marxist mode and it will be finished.”
      You have no idea what’s actually been, and still is, going on do you.
      Let me help you with that. The National Party used milton friedmans neo-liberalism to ram-raid our farmer earned economy with the help of hideous roger douglas and ruth richardson.
      Together, they sold all the assets we worked hard to build and now that, those assets, our assets, are gone the question certainly is “What to steal then sell now?”
      Well, there’s fuck all left. Auckland airport’s soon to be up for grabs and other than that, all that’s left to flog off is the very land we stand on and once the freak-show twerker talks the morons into having our AO/NZ become a republic that’ll be gone too.
      And all this shit’s designed to cover up crimes. The national party and its cling-ons have ripped the same farmers off that the National Party claim they’re besties with. A classic act of treason and treachery.
      My opinion is worthy of contemplation. We need a public royal commission of inquiry into the private and public activities of the national party , the now neoliberal labour party and the Machiavellian MMP hangers on parties spanning the last 140 years.
      If you vote for a national / act combo you’re a part of the problem not a part of the solution.
      What’s perhaps worse, though, is that I’m correct.

      • The teachers, the nurses and others in the health workforce have had to wait 14 years to get what they deserve. One thing is for certain Labour will get them the salaries they rightly deserve, unlike National to which they’d still be waiting and why so many have pulled the pin and gone to Aussie. Labour negotiate, National just say no.

        • Andrew etc. and you can bet your bottom dollar than many of these government workers will still vote to the right even though they have been shafted by many right wing governments. The secondary teachers better hurry up pontificating too because they could leave it too late and in October they will get nothing for the foreseeable future

        • couldn’t agree more (Andrew and David et al) HOWEVER the same Labour Party want to remove our right to Free Speech. Do you understand what that means?????

          • They want to remove our right to HATE speech and quite rightly so.

    • Drip feeding of policies and late voters can change political direction .
      This election will be decided by those late voters.

      • If you are making up policies after voting has opened, you have failed, are desperate & those policies are very unlikely to ever amount to anything.

  8. Labour have promised much but have actually delivered a society where people can’t afford stuff and are living in fear of crime.

  9. I think we need Winnie and Winston First to bring some sanity into the equation, he has stated he will not go into Coalition with Labour however he has been known to change his mind ???

  10. I think we need Winnie and Winston First to bring some sanity into the equation, he has stated he will not go into Coalition with Labour however he has been known to change his mind ???

  11. There was and is much made of the last election where Labour got a majority for the first time ever in an MMP environment. Many comments on this page believe that majority has been wasted. Unfortunately the rank and file both on the left and the right are programmed to only go one way, ie. left or right settling somewhere in the middle. Do you seriously think that the Labour government would not have been in the exact same position in the polls today if they had implemented only left wing policies. I suggest if this had been the case the right wing bloc would have been seriously in front. This country is too infantile to really embrace too much change , too set in its ways and too much liking for the cozy middle class life aka. “ I’m all right Jack “.

    • “Labour got a majority for the first time ever in an MMP environment” only because democracy in NZ was suspended for the first time ever in an MMP environment. Empress Jacinda explicitly told us in 2020 that it was “a pandemic election” and hence justified the limits imposed on the various parties’ freedom to campaign in 2020.

      To my way of thinking, a pandemic election is by definition, a diseased election which hence elected a diseased parliament. It’s a diseased parliament because it is not fully representative of the people while they continue to purport to be the House of Representatives. If they actually cared about democracy then the ethical thing to do would have been to call a snap election immediately after pandemic condtions disappeared a year ago. And I mean the actual factual pandemic conditions, not the fictitious bullshit manufactured for political expedience.

      • Oh liftoff give me a break, they all had equal opportunity. So sorry the pandemic got in the way. The national party were atrocious, David Seymour got more MPS than ever,. The greens kept their cool and the Maori party took some seats off Labour. Obviously conspiracy theories are alive and well in your world.

    • Yes, Quenny your right it’s called incrementalism. We have a long way to go in our country and Labour have to balance their polices if they go too far left, they fallout with those sitting in the middle same as going too far right.


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