The Working Group with Ruth Richardson, Bernard Hickey and Damien Grant



You read that right, the architect of neoliberalism on the show tonight with the best Public Economist in NZ and that awful Damien Grant who said such mean things about Chippy in the weekend!

Folks, it’s going to be a big show.

Issue 1 – Has Orr capitulated to the market and shown the limits of Monetarism? 

Issue 2 – Latest TVNZ Poll – should National just give up now?

Issue 3 – Labour Party Conference – Chippy with a side of chips – carb overload or pass the tomato sauce?

and Issue 4 – The latest Allan Hall revelations – are we locking up innocent people in NZ prisons? 

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  1. I can’t wait to analyze those interactions.
    But you never know it could be a surprising interesting outcome perhaps.
    Time will tell no doubt.

  2. ruth richardson’s the architect of the last 39 years of our lives left in ruins. The suicides, the *imprisonments, the homelessness, the hungry kids, the ruination of our Whanau and families and the destruction by privatisation of our taxes-paid-for essential infrastructures. Is this where I mention our burnt out nurses and overcrowded hospitals? richardson and her money fetishist, power-cultists did that to us. Despite us having the third highest standard of living in the world in the 1970s by exporting foods and wool to the rest of the world we now have real poverty and hardship and that’s in richardson!
    We now have 14 multi billionaires and 3118 multi millionaires who’s wealth exceeds $50 million each and that’s also on richardson. richardson, the squint-eyed money fetishist Rat in a frock with the headstone hairstyle did it. She’ll be proud, that’s what [it’ll] be. A proud destroyer. A wrecker and a ruiner. A polluter of the human spirit. A thief, a liar, a stunted, stale, humanoid meat pack well past it’s use-by date.
    I’m not sure I feel comfortable with The Daily Blog doing a shits and giggles sesh’ with richardson. That’d be like watching roger douglas do a porno.
    I suddenly understand how a Jew might feel watching adolf hitler wearing a pair of uni-ball budgie smugglers while yukking it up on Celebrity Treasure Island.
    * Ministry of ‘Justice’.
    “The number of Māori in prison has fallen over the last four years, down to 4,108 people in June 2022, representing less than 1 percent of adult Māori. However, over-representation has increased, with Māori representing 53 percent of men in prison and 67 percent of women in prison in 2022.”
    Welcome to Aotearoa/ New Zealand. Ruth Richardson Country. “Arbeit macht frei ! “
    Not to be confused with “Veritas vos liberabit” aye ruth?
    Remember. The inspiration behind her appearance at your studio @ MB won’t be bravery. It’ll be her arrogance and her sociopathic narcissism.
    Of course, [she] could also be attempting a reconciliation for the last 39 years of the total destruction her policies has caused to us and our stuff and things. [She] might start by outing the criminals who most benefitted from our suffering at her fat, dirty, bloody, hands .

    • You remember the exact number of years as well, CB (39).

      I think RR was ignorant and misled from there. I’m sure she like Roge still believes — neither are bright. The dense seem chosen to charge us forward to the cliff their density helped create.

      Thank you for the full indictment of her and Roge’s crimes. I’m a privileged middle classer who hasn’t felt the pain of her policies personally. That indictment being the neediest having to wait … 39 years.

  3. We are still yet to recover from the fallout of Richardsons mother of all budgets that mutilated living standards in NZ and brought poverty levels so high in this country that ever since we’ve been seeing poverty related illness in children that we hadn’t seen since the great depression.

    Rheumatic fever, is wiped out in most western nations but came back to NZ with a vengeance in NZ.

    It’s amazing that the left only focus on Douglas, perhaps for the betrayal, but Richardson and the 4th National government deserve as much, if not more contempt from the left.

    It was that govts mother of all budgets and union obliterating and obsession with user pays in healthcare and education that cemented the downward spiral of NZ that no government has ever had the guts to rectify.

    • @ cory. You’re either not paying attention or you’re one of the Machiavellian confederates running defence for the extreme right wing who penetrated Labour to lay the egg that hatched the parasite AKA neoliberalism, refer douglas as a two term Labour finance minister to get a better understanding of that mechanism.
      Post roger, Labour became National 2.0 with ACT as the uni-ball in the middle. What’s more worrying, in fact sleep denyingly worrying, is that Labour’s still neo-liberal so it’s effectively still National in tights and high heels. That’s why we have absurd, run-away house prices and $12.00 a doz eggs and 14 multi-billionaires, 3118 multi-millionaires with a minimum $50 mil each and kids living in cars with their parents with a view of homelessness, imprisonment, mental and physical sickness then the grave.
      If one’s to bare witness to a decaying traitor like richardson coming out of her crypt we should know that the neo-liberal Army of The Dead must be worried that #1 their game’s up and they’re about to be investigated by a * public, royal commission of inquiry and/or that #2 because of the internet no neo-liberal could see coming back in the planning stages of roger and ruth’s treachery it will expose them and the privateer others to the very public truth which will eternally gnaw on their gruesome bones. Look at what we can already know? We know a lot. I mean, a lot. Unlike the late 1970s and the early 1980s when we only knew what they saw fit to tell us.
      * We really, really, really, really need one of those.

  4. Ruth Richardson!!! Brings back 90s nostalgia for this Gen Xer – the Mother Of All Budgets! Gen X grew up during the nadir of trust in social institutions -I found it hard, it was hard to find. Oh well, whatever, nevermind.

  5. Really fond of the Ralston Group, disturbed when it was cancelled, and so I should have been, the end of a regular report from the ‘right’ Left on MSM. Surely, it was bloody entertaining for everyone brought up in Muldoon’s era? Something ‘sus’ about the cancellation.

    Canne mentally get into your groups for whatever reason. Strange new media re-connection of brain cells. I’m sure Bernie Hickey can keep up the Left’s righteousness.

    You do know Ruth and Damien are just the old and new style of ‘economic rationalism’ — hahahahahaha.

    And their cousins in Oz and America. And ask Damien his climate change opinion?

    A thought: you being swished by the skirts of rich matrons like Ramsay McDonald, so betraying the people.

  6. lol – get some people from down the pub. they’ll tells ya.. energy surplus is effed mate. anything else is sophistry. dense fuels are replete-ing. -it’s backwards from here until… the neo-liberal economy is secondary. get some real lefties on.

  7. I love the show, Bomber, but after last night I have a couple of complaints. 1. Fix your tech! 2. Maybe rename your show the Damien Grant show? He talks too much. He’s interesting but I want to hear more from the other guests. Cheers!


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