Tory Whanau’s Free Speech vs genocide semantics and Greens throw Golriz under an electric bus


Two stories on two Left wing female politicians and it’s just fucking nonsense quite frankly…

Wellington mayor Tory Whanau criticised for Palestine post

Wellington mayor Tory Whanau is facing criticism for a social media post the NZ Jewish Council says uses code for the “annihilation of Israel”, but has the backing of another Jewish group.

“Exist, resist, return”, Whanau’s Instagram post on Monday said above a picture of what appears to be a Hamas fighter with a gun slung over their back. The words “free Palestine” are below.

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman stood down amid shoplifting allegations
Green MP Golriz Ghahraman has been stood down from her portfolios amid allegations she shoplifted from an Auckland boutique store.
A Green Party spokesperson said it was aware of the allegations regarding Ghahraman and was in contact with Scottie’s Boutique – where the alleged offence took place – to “better understand and address them”.
“Green MPs are expected to maintain high standards of public behaviour. Ms Ghahraman will stand aside from all portfolio responsibilities until the matter is resolved.
“The Green Party and Ms Ghahraman will not comment further at this time.”
Scottie’s Boutique – a shop in upmarket Auckland suburb Ponsonby – declined to comment when approached by 1News.
The police said in general, police were unable to respond to requests which seek to confirm or deny whether a named individual is under police investigation.
Before entering politics Ghahraman was a human rights lawyer and was the first MP with a refugee background to enter Parliament.

Let’s start with Tory.

Isn’t it funny that those on the Right who scream free speech are the first to demand it is strangled off when that free speech criticises Israel?

This bullshit dance of semantics that the Israeli apologists embark upon every single time someone uses a phrase of protest that they construe as genocide would be fucking hilarious if we weren’t all in the shadow of 23 000 Palestinian dead!

The Israelis have dropped more bombs on Gaza in a week than America dropped on Afghanistan in a year!

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Israel has killed more civilians in 1 month than Russia has in almost 2 years of war!

The attack and murder of 300 Israeli civilians by Hamas on October 7th was an atrocity, of that there can be no argument. But the disproportionate response by Israel IS a war crime AND IS ethnic cleansing!!!

The argument that this disproportionate response is somehow legitimate because 300 Israeli civilians were killed is simply not rational and beyond any sense of justice.

This is a war crime and it is ethnic cleansing!

The actual argument over whether or not this is Genocide is being waged in the highest Courts on the planet FFS so pretending that it isn’t a moot point is just so intellectually disingenuous it’s almost pure self-delusion.

The moment a public figure acknowledges the horrible reality and immediacy of a war crime and ethnic cleansing moment (which may or may not be technical genocide), they get smeared as an antisemite because the particular protest phrase can be repackaged as ‘genocide’ is beneath the mana of the moment.

Tory has every right to share that poster.

It is not antisemitic.

Pretending it is antisemitic is a desperate attempt to divert legitimate and growing outrage at what Israel is doing every single day, and the ramifications of this grotesque war crime and ethnic cleaning (which may or may not be a technical genocide) will go well beyond this moment.

We must be a vocal and global voice demanding an immediate ceasefire, our strength is as a nation of Peace and we must be prepared to fight for that Peace.

What we are seeing in real time is a war crime!

We are so beyond the point of whether or not this all amounts to a war crime, we breached that point some time ago!

What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is a group punishment regime that makes life intolerable and forces people to leave based on their race – that’s ethnic cleansing!

We want our leaders taking these stands, I applaud Tory for having the political courage to lift awareness of this obscenity and stand by her right to free speech and free expression.

If all Israeli apologists have at this stage is the smear of antisemitism, that word will lose meaning and allow those who truly harbour antisemitic hate and intolerance to flourish.

Let me be clear, fuck actual antisemites! I have no contempt nor anger at the Israeli people for being Jewish, I am incandescent with rage over the brutal occupation and crushing of the Palestinian people and this active ethnic cleansing war crime.

This can’t be a Right/Left thing, this is a human thing. Whatever the provocation, come on, you’ve seen the fucking images, the IDF have flattened suburbs and called that retribution.

The ramifications and trigger points we are rushing towards here are going to be destabilising and we urgently require MORE debate and engagement, not less.

I salute Tory for her courage.

As for this…

Green MP Golriz Ghahraman stood down amid shoplifting allegations
Green MP Golriz Ghahraman has been stood down from her portfolios amid allegations she shoplifted from an Auckland boutique store.



Two things about this.

The first is that it’s a scoop from ZB Plus, this is NZME’s new redneck rightwing attack dog chasing those juicy right wing Platform and RealityCheckRadio online reactionary clickbait markets.

It’s like FoxNews in jandals journalism.

So the first scalp is outing a shoplifting allegation against Golriz because the raw meat of ZB Plus is attacking favourite hate figures of the online reactionary audience.

It’s like FoxNews in jandals while trimming trees with a chainsaw and riding without a helmet on a quad bike journalism.

In this case the messenger is an important context to the message.

Secondly, aren’t the Greens such pious arseholes?

In the woke micro aggression policing cancel culture of intersectionist identity politics, an allegation on social media is the new evidential threshold for 21st Century Salem Witch Trials, so the moment an allegation like this is made, the Greens throw Golriz under an electric bus and stand her down.

Working Class values state you immediately defend your comrade and stand with them, not dump them and suddenly rescind any association!

What fair-weather comrades in arms.

I’m not sure who the fuck is running strategy inside the Greens right now, but what a shocker on the rocker!

This is an extremely petty thing to be pursuing here, are we to honestly believe a senior Green MP would knowingly shoplift something?

Even if that is the case, she has contributed and built the Greens in a way that deserves solidarity not banishment.

It’s shoplifting, she didn’t misgender someone FFS!

I don’t give a fuck if she robbed this snooty bougie shop, it’s a nothing character assassination for right wing clickbait as NMZE desperately attempt to find relevance.

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  1. Agree, the Israel/Palestine conflict has clearly demonstrated that cancel culture is practiced by the right with at least as much alacrity as the woke left. And the right does it in defence of mass murder. At least the woke left who at least do it on behalf of historically marginalised groups, even if they go too far.

    • It is not like she misgendered someone!

      She did it for the cause. Redistribution of wealth. If she was not caught the shop assistants would have had the value of the items appropriated deducted from their wages.

      • “…the shop assistants would have had the value of the items appropriated deducted from their wages.”

        I expect (or recall from somewhere) that such a disgusting practise would be an illegal and unjustifiable action.

  2. “Isn’t it funny that those on the Right who scream free speech are the first to demand it is strangled off when that free speech criticises Israel?”

    No it’s not – in any sense of the word. It’s certainly not funny ha ha – and not particularly strange given that all over the world right-wing governments and other organisations are restricting freedom of speech. And yet the right-wing/free speech advocates in NZ (and I include Trotter in this) are remarkably silent about it. I have asked a number of times if they are simply ignorant or if they approve. (I suppose a third option could be that they don’t consider it important in other countries in spite of it being vital here.) Haven’t had a reply – ever.

    • Free speech doesn’t apply to Palestinians. They are being suppressed by an apartheid regime but we can’t use the word apartheid because what Israel is doing to Palestinians is worse than what south africa did to its black population because apartheid south africa depended on its black population. Israel doesn’t want high employment rates they just want to get rid of Palestinians which would be one down from genocide. If Palestinians want to leave the occupied territories that would be fine.

      • Er … Are you replying to the correct post? Your statement doesn’t seem to have anything to do with what I have written. Not objecting to what you say, just where you put it.

    • How did so many on the left come to have no idea what free speech is? Supporting people’s freedom to express their opinions includes your own freedom to reject, criticise or just plain denounce their expressed opinions. This stuff is not complicated, for fuck’s sake.

  3. Why even bother worrying about a war in some far off middle east country when almost half your city’s water infrastructure is crumbling into the ground and people are queuing for hours.

    • Because the occupation and ethnic cleansing in Palestine is the direct result of the “international rules based order” since WWII, it affects all global politics – not even just supposed democracies.

      We can also worry about more than one thing. Unless you think your local council is turning water pipes into swords for the war effort then the two issues are entirely unrelated.

        • Local councils aren’t allowed the finance to maintain water infrastructure, Maori have no experience running water infrastructure. There Is No Alternative. French multinational water company coming to overcharge you soon. National party mates lining up for directorships.

        • People ARE NOT lining up for WATER in Wellington ,,

          ,,,,, unless one includes the anti-fluoridation people who get water from the Petone aquifers ,,, and that has been going on for years/decades.

          I double dare Nathan the drongo to stop posting bull-shit ….

          • B Awakesky – So the photos, and videos from the media of people in Wellington lining up for water is fake? If so, wow…if not…??

            • Post a (non-existent) link idiot .,,,,

              Have a side wager if you want ,,,, the person who is wrong stops posting for 6 months.

              In the meantime I’ll turn on my Wellington water tap and make a cup of tea ……

  4. Hopefully the truth of the Golriz story will quickly emerge. Sounds fishy. I wondered about the ZB Plus involvement.
    Surely, we’d be informed about this by the police or the party itself, if there was any substance to it.
    Not some questionable r/w news outfit whose blurb claims they’ll be tackling the ‘biggest issues in the country’. What – shopping news?
    The Greens sure are precious though and that’s off-putting. The holier than thou attitude that we get from Marama won’t ever be attracting my vote.
    Golriz seems like a hard-working, serious MP who isn’t afraid to bring the monkey to the front of the cage, so I wonder if the monkey is pulling strings somewhere.

    • Some people stalk out of Cafes without paying and others appropriate stuff from shops….. for the thrill. Generally, those who do the one also does the other.

      • Why even use the term Nazi these days? It’s been so over used and usually with no relation to actual nazis or people even close. It’s like the word ‘Racist’, both are now Contronyms and been somewhat useless as anything definitive.

          • Hard right racist neoliberalists love projecting. There, fixed that for you. As for Peter, are you suggesting we conform to your own thoughts thus canceling our own? Very much like what dictators do?

            • I encourage you to conform to whatever you like, whatever makes you happy, whatever your tribe dictates or other reasons if you like.

              All I’m saying is the words Nazi and the word Racist are now used purely as slur word against those who don’t conform to your way of thinking just like the words dumbarse or mupput or fucktard, amongst many others. The real meaning of the 2 words have been lost and using it the way you, and you are far from alone, do is one big reason why.

    • Agree – something very ‘fishy’ going on here. Also, why would the boutique want such a matter kept under wraps? It is stated that nothing was published at their request?

      • Prunella the Pukeko. “ Why would the boutique want the matter kept under wraps? “ Probably because they’re normal decent sort of people who report alleged criminal activity to the police, rather than running off to the media. Media is last resort, but sooner or later, most stuff emerges anyway.

        If this is a high end boutique with quality merchandise, being bandied about in the gutter press won’t help their brand.

    • I agree with much of what you say. I would be most disappointe if there were any truth in these allegatins, ut the source is rather suspect ‘ZBPlus” ?? Ye Gods! I am sad as I don’t like Marama and her attitude and would prefer to see Golriz or Chloe as co leader.

  5. Very good commentary from the man himself–Bomber Bradbury.

    • Free Speech unless you say too much–or say something righties and zionists disagree with!

    • Golriz has endured the foulest abuse, most of it misogynist and racist, since she first became politically active in NZ. The timeline of this accusation will be interesting to see when the facts finally emerge. NZ Labour finally took a stand on the Gaza Genocide and then this type of story pops up. The Greens did not need to stand her down immediately on such a trivial matter, it took months not hours to deal with the Dr Kerekere situation.

    • The Green Party acted correctly.
      Accusations of theft and police investigations into theft…. Speak for themselves.

      Free speech and the free appropriation of stuff that belongs to others…. not exactly the same thing.

      • Due to the political involvement it was wise to remove her from active service however in the real world people are charged with crimes even more serious than this and get bail so they can continue their life. She has not been charged and innocent till proven guilty should apply so the various people who would like to lock her up need to grow up and learn how a fair justice system should work.

    • Fits with the jettisoning of Metiria Turei for trying too hard to manage as a mother working and studying for a law degree who was cash-strapped. She had been paid extra board money which she hadn’t declared because the system was too ‘stringent’ to allow her to earn the extra. How terrible, trying hard despite the barriers put in her way by government policy. She had to be abandoned by the prissy Greens.

      John Cleese had fun dealing with what smart people could do to cope with money problems. Better to laugh than contemplate the smarmy meanness of patronising middle class females and the semi-religious or wealthy pretensions of whatever human type. Ideas on how to go forward with a problem – how to sell 122000 miles of 3 inch stringlets using positive ideas from a clever agency

      There is nobody more particular and peculiar than when a well-bred, well-educated middle-class female adopts the right to judge and patronise every lesser being, and force other females to line up following the current memes – not as well though as the Guardsmen Trooping the Colour 2023 in this vid! 21mins Watch pomp, pageantry etc for a change from politics and think of the money and effort to put on such a display. Gives the fellers something to do when they aren’t fighting in the Falklands, Afghanistan, the Yemen etc.

      Some further ideas with Bill Maher – the Left Gone Goofy.
      Stop Making us Pretend. 49.10

    • They had to stand her down. Theft over $1000 is punishable by 5 years jail max and MP’ are automaticly expelled for crimes with 2 years max. She should have stolen millions then they could make her a national MP. As Bob Dylan wrote… .”Steal a little and they throw you in jail, steal a lot and they make you a king”

  6. I wouldn’t believe anything that emanated from the ZB trash station.Wouldn’t waste a brain cell listening to it or the platdorm crap of the paid monkey Sean Wotsisname, and as for that Joke Reality check something radio.with schizo Williams and the silly bimbo Chantilly Lace or whatever. All of them pretty low benchmark shite about the same level of ethics as the TPU and the NZInitiative pretentious nonsense . Finish now. I’ve exhausted my supply of adjectives.

  7. Tory who?

    As for Gorliz. She did it!! She’ll be the the first ‘Goneburger’ of the year!! Woo! Hoo! Great start to the year for the retards!!

  8. So long as you are ok with the right posting about “resisting” with a picture of a person with an AK47 slung in their shoulder.
    Only the righteous left?

    Israel may be harming civilians in its retaliation as awful as that is, but only a fool would declare common cause with terrorists.

    Besides, Whanau cant resist a good night out in Wellington, sincerely doubt she’s freedom fighter material.

    • Israel had ties with apartheid South Africa and helped it set up its own arms industry. It also assisted with its nuclear weapons programme. As we know, aparthed RSA saw blacks as sub-human. Israel sees Palestinians as subhuman vermin. Like you do. That is the same attiude that the KKK had towards the blacks. Supporters of Palestinans are on the right side of history. Reactionaries like you who want to undo the social progress made in the past 50 years are not.

      • You would, wouldnt you Anker. Any excuse to sick the boot into Tory and Golriz. Why dont you fucking admit that you hate these young brown women, because you are nothing but a racist homophobic Karen, who hates Palestinans and want them wiped out.

  9. The biggest tragedy is an MP who can’t afford to clothe herself. If the blouse fits, we must convict, and then move onto the real issues facing New Zealand, such as law and order. Yesterday I was suckerpunched while out on a bike ride in Vogeltown, New Plymouth. I know this is a long shot but does anyone recognise this rego, HAF754, a white car with the coward puncher, his partner and child as occupants.

  10. At the risk of speculation, I hope for Golritz G that this is not a sign her existing medical condition is progressing. If it did happen you would have to wonder why you risk such an act when you are hardly anonymous.

  11. 2 young liberated brown women who speak up for the poor, LGBTQ and Palestinans. This is a clear frame up job, possible pulled by Mossad.

    Banned from The Standard again, so looks like I am back here. sigh.

    • Again nutter than squirrel shit – you honestly think Mossad are going to spend time trying to frame NZ Green MP for stealing a dress?

    • Did you yell ‘FIRE’ in that movie theatre or was it just that one of the supercilious, conceited mods are considerably, considerably more clevererer than ye?
      You’ve really got to get some learnings, going forward as to structuring your argument and providing evidence that meets with their approval. Basic humility is not required when you have the most cleverest ever specimens on Earth gracing that interweb space.

      (I’ve taken to reading it again after about 5 years or so because there are some good commenters there.
      (Darien Fenton, Tiger Mountain, even Phil Ure and others, but I’m buggered if I could be bothered commenting on there. They’d expect total devotion)
      Who banned you out of interest? But just as here – it’s their bLog just as this is Mr Bradbury’s, so fucking behave yourself or I’ll sic my dog Weka onto you

        • Strange, is it not, that nowadays when someone calls out cultish iideologiesthat fly in the face of accepted science they are labeled as far right religious nutters.
          It seems like just yesterday that scientists were being excommunicated by The Church for stating what we now accept as fact.
          Give it time millsy…you’ll catch up.
          TERF….Tired of Explaining Reality to Fuckwits.

          • You are the one who wants to re-impose 1950’s social norms. It’s like things are now full circle. Feminists fought to destroy ‘traditional values’ now they want them reimposed. Some of them even want abortion, birth control, and sex outside of marriage banned

        • I dislike Weka. It pains me to have to say this because Weka is many things but claiming she’s lining up with the right is not one of those things.

    • Yep, the Mossad has nothing better to do during a massive urban warfare operation in Gaza and a likely new front starting with Hezbollah than to frame for a minor offence a mid-level Opposition MP in the second smallest left-wing party in a relatively friendly liberal democracy.
      Not to mention hacking the mobile or computer of an elected official to send a pro-Palestine message that is entirely in keeping with her beliefs.
      That Mossad swine are so cunning….

    • I already warned TDB that you would be back.
      You are a fucking idiot who, it has now been proven, has no debating skills and just spray accusations against anyone, you have found not all blogs put up with your crap!
      For once I agree with TS!
      I enjoyed reading your apologies….no one seems to get any from you on here though eh?

      • Attack by the troll I’m right . Zero debating skills, narcissists traits, holier than thou and simply a fuckwit.
        One day you will grow up to be a real boy.

  12. 2 young liberated brown women who speak up for the poor, LGBTQ and Palestinans. This is a clear frame up job, possible pulled by Mossad.

    Banned from The Standard again, so looks like I am back here. sigh.

  13. Tory Whanau & Golriz Ghahraman are my favorite politicians. This beat up smells of Hoskings & co. The Atlas group has itself implemented its fangs into our political system targeting the left, minority issues, etc.. Its our form of N.E.D infiltrating our peaceful society

    Free Aotearoa

  14. The speculation about Golriz is just horrifying to see, let the pigs and the shop deal with whatever happened. But I guess she is tarnished because this has been said about her, it is appalling frankly.
    Oh yes I get the Free Speech updates into my inbox. It is clearly ‘on side’ with the Zionists (I know that some of them are on the board) They jumped on two instances where it looked like the Zionist community had been done over. One was a lone person in Queen street with an Israeli flag who was told by the pigs to move along.
    I have never ever seen instances that they have taken up the course for the Palestinian supporters.
    The Post in Wellington that ran the advert (which by the way the Zionist community made a formal complaint about- it was of course factual and correct) came back twice before they would accept the photo which was part of the advert. The photos in question were all totally legit, they just thought it was all too much for the public to see in an advert. Extraordinary stuff!

    • Try getting your facts correct.

      It is interesting what you choose to defend. Your choice of words is also appalling.

      The Free speech Union will pick up the cause (course) for Palestinians but let’s be honest Hamas is way off course (cause).

      • Apparently it’s appalling and the speculation is horrifying to see.

        But that is ok because the “pigs” will deal with it – although I bet they’re all bloody zionists

  15. So a Green MP is OK to do as she feels even if it breaks the law .Imagine if it was a MP from the Right it would be headline
    news for days and days .

    • Stop the Press, Hold the phone. The fat lady hasn’t started singing yet. Trotter might be singing the descant but we’ve yet to see

  16. No it wouldn’t Trevor, the media is controlled (and paid for) by the right wIng. The suggestion that the media in NZ favours the left is a joke.

    But I suspect you know that.

  17. Looking at the eyewatering prices on Scotties Boutique’s website, honestly I have to say if Goriz actually did shoplift from then GOOD!

    • Shoplifting increases prices for everyone. Low earners and beneficiaries hardest hit But you knew that, right? Providing choices employment and supporting yourself – so hard right, yah?

    • Rajin. Some folks just hate quality and prefer mass-produced tack. Joanne Kidman was apoplectic over Trelise Cooper’s lovely designer frock and even tried to trail it to the USA’s exploitation of Indians.

  18. “….this grotesque war crime and ethnic cleaning (which may or may not be a technical genocide)”

    No ifs, or buts about it. I realised that Israel was intending to commit genocide in Gaza at the very beginning of Israel’s unprecedented bombing campaign. Israeli politicians and military leaders when asked, “What are your plans for Gaza after the war?”, they looked puzzled at the question. To them the question had no meaning. The huge destruction they had unleashed on Gaza, there would be nothing left of Gaza to rule by anybody.

    Since then, there has been various twitterings by US spokespeople talking about some sort of Palestinian rule, or rule by other Arab nations, or rule by a reformed Palestinian Authority. Almost everybody with any involvement or knowledge of the issue including the Israeli government, the Arab nations, and the PA have all rubbished the various US twitterings over who will rule Gaza after the war, as all totally ridiculous.

  19. If Golriz did indeed shoplift that suggests she has stress/mental health issues. It’s not as if she couldn’t have afforded the dress if she wanted it. Remember Winona Ryder? We should lay off her and let her get whatever support she needs. But in the meantime she probably shouldn’t be a spokesperson.

  20. Exist, resist, return, free Palestine is not anti-Semitic. It might be anti-Zionist, depending whether it was a phrase in support of a two state peace or not.

    The Israeli actions in Gaza might be war crimes (which has given the Americans cause to make criticism), but are tenuous as ethnic cleansing and the court will probably find not genocide (the purpose of the case is for a directive to a cease-fire to prevent further war crimes). The comments of the RZ faction in the Israeli government, a Likud created partner supporting their no Palestine state agenda, give the claims of ethnic cleansing in Gaza more credibility than they would have (and divert attention from the reality of ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from areas of the WB – by arrest, settlement land annexation, economic strangulation of village areas etc).

    Despite the lack of civilian casualties, Ukraine refugees number in the millions. That is real ethnic cleansing by war – via the bombing of civilian infrastructure away from the battlefield.

  21. “What Israel is doing to the Palestinians is a group punishment regime that makes life intolerable and forces people to leave based on their race – that’s ethnic cleansing!”

    The strategy of provoking Israel to attack Gaza – whether by rocket attacks or raids over the border, when operating from underground tunnels and bunkers in a heavily urban environment, is one designed to portray Israel guilty of group punishment if they do.

    Just as using a nation state military’s capability in a way as to deter further strikes is also called a disproportionate response.

    And Palestinians are not a race – they are an Arabic speaking and cultural group “nationality”.

    While the destruction of the infrastructure of Gaza to get at Hamas military wing is a form of collective punishment – if there is rebuilding and the return of civilian government not based on fear of the Hamas gun, the result will not be ethnic cleansing.

    The Likud agenda has always been focused on the WB, Gaza was and is the distraction. Hamas has finally understood that. Effectively they have sacrificed the military wing to bring back the PA to Gaza, with Hamas as part of the PLO and to damage Israel internationally.

  22. As per the alleged shoplifting at Scotties Boutique on 23 December, referred to police.

    The original media story was one of Marc Spring (blog). On 10 January, apparently after he talked to someone at the shop (who informed to do so, is of course kept hidden) to confirm the story.

    He claims there is Camera footage of the 23 December incident, showing her wearing a scarf. From this he projects the narrative that the Green Party were informed the same day – 23 December. His evidence for this, nothing.

    So the era of WhaleOil/Kiwiblog and the Beehive leak machine of 2008-2017 is back – social media feeds to Kiwiblog/ZB+ Platform and RealityCheckRadio and onto for the MSM. Like growing in size ripples in a pond.

    Is CS now totally superseded by his offspring, Marc and Jordan (co-created by David and the Atlas Network).

  23. Quite telling that the pathetic TVNZ news last night ran the story about Golriz but not a single mention of the momentous South African case about Israel’s genocide against Gazans being placed before the ICJ. Incredible.

    • And nothing on former National mp Maggie Barry hiding up a National airline with her bullying. She has history. Stupid bias TVNZ news

    • tvnz doesn’t do news. Just gossip and drama.

      They were chomping at the bit to spit it out weren’t they, it was ‘breaking news’!

  24. Over on the rightwing KB,they have GG guilty as sin and have her deportion sorted out and the prison selected…NZ the way the trio of clowns wants it

    • Seem to remember Metiria Turei being accused of the same thing. She wore a NZ designer dress which greatly offended the nat women of the day. How dare she wear such lovely clothes?
      When they were told it was from a second-hand vintage boutique they were still miffed. Nothing pleased them.
      What was really their problem? The mind boggles!

      When they want to be offended, they will be offended Trevor, and you cannot change their minds.

      • Joy. Better than Jacinda accepting freebies to showcase them, when paying for designer clothing would showcase it equally well, and support the maker.

      • She was the one that lied on her benefit claim. The Greens have history of picking and choosing their limits. I believe this Saint was exposed for defend genocide by one African leader.

        • You can’t deny defendants legal defence. If Golriz wants to win like that then let her win. And you can’t say that someone like Golriz is a thief until the courts decide. Just take it easy sport.

          • Sam. Yep. The boutique apparently reported these alleged offences to the police, which is the correct process to follow, but it is now being criticised for not wanting publicity. A difficult situation for them if they actually recognised the alleged thief as a current member of Parliament.

        • Give us a break old man. She was hardly standing up in the courtroom cross examining witnesses. She was a fucking paralegal at that time, She was going through paperwork in the middle of the night, like all law clerks do. Anyway, I note that your beloved US war criminals get very light sentences. All the My Lai perpetrators got was a slap on the wrist and managed to walk within only a few months.

  25. It is now come too light that there are 2 cases to answer and a figure of $15000 was stolen then returned. Does this make it right to absolve her of guilt

  26. Israeli brutality and stupid decisions by Green politicians aren’t even in the same league. 30,000 dead vs none can’t even be compared. The propaganda machines are in full swing at the moment, at least 80% of normal sane kiwis are rabid cheerleaders for Israel and Ukraine- I remember the springbok tour and the uk minersstrike the same thing happened then. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  27. I see the “experts” have given their opinion on G G. A Clint Smith and a Janet Wilson are the quoted “experts”. What ignoramus in the media dubbed them “experts”? Just spurts under pressure talking gobbleydegook.
    Little wonder msm is under pressure.


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