PODCAST UPDATE: A View from Afar – AUKUS: Should New Zealand and Other APAC Nations Join This Anglophile Security Bloc?

Selwyn Manning and Paul G. Buchanan deliver A View from Afar S04 E01.

A View from Afar: Political scientist Paul G. Buchanan and journalist/analyst Selwyn Manning deliver their latest podcast A View from Afar. This episode: AUKUS, should New Zealand and other Asia Pacific nations join this security pact? And if not, why not?

In this the first episode of A View from Afar for 2023 political scientist Dr Paul Buchanan and host Selwyn Manning examine the pros and cons of New Zealand, and other APAC nations, joining the AUKUS security defence pact.

Specifically, Paul and Selwyn examine the following questions:

* What is AUKUS’s purpose?

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* What are the risks to New Zealand’s national and public interest?

* What does AUKUS ‘success’ look like? What could its failure look like?

Paul presents the reasons why he believes New Zealand will not join AUKUS, and Selwyn delivers his assessment of why New Zealand must not join the Anglophile security pact.

ALSO, Paul and Selwyn will headline:

* The latest on the US Pentagon leaks. What really is happening here?

* The Global Geopolitical Theatre and how stable is Russian Federation’s president, Vladimir Putin’s regime?

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  1. Of course we should NOT join AUKUS, unless we wish to commit suicide as a free, independent nation. “ARMED NEUTRALITY” (pace Te Paati Maorii) is the only way to go! As fundamentally a trading nation, our goods will universally continue to be needed/wanted and thus all war parties will respect us as a NEUTRAL country! Aotearoa/New Zealand — the SWITZERLAND OF THE SOUTH!!!

  2. Hell NO! If you want to see what a alliance with the US Empire looks like, take a good look at Ukraine & it’s people being used as expendable Canon fodder to preserve US Hegemony! No thanks!

  3. Well, they have their views. However, I understand it is highly likely that New Zealand will join Phase 2 of AUKUS. This is mostly about Cyber, Communications, Networking, IT and specific areas of High Technology with military applications.

    It lines up with being a Five Eyes nation. Also with the visits by the PM to Australia and the upcoming visits to NATO and then to PNG to see President Biden.

    I would also note that I doubt we can get full utility from the P8’s unless we are part of AUCKUS Phase 2.

    Now I know the Hard Left (Greens, TPM, the usual Left commentators) will scream about this. But then they always do. So that is hardly a revelation. They won’t get their way unless the Greens and TPM absolutely dominate a left government, and PM Hipkins is little more than their mouthpiece. I don’t see that happening, certainly not at the next election.

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