BREAKING: New Taxpayers Union Poll – ACT soar to victory while Greens stall!



First new Taxpayers Union Poll out and it’s grim reading for those who don’t want to be taken over by a far right Government!

ACT have soared while the Greens stall.

Turns out White Cis Males not only cause all the violence on earth, they also vote.

LABOUR – 34%

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ACT – 13%


Māori Party – 3.7%

NZ First – 2.6%

TOP – 1.7%

The polarisation and culture wars that the woke are inspiring are empowering ACT while the Greens are stalling.

If the Woke have fucking finished self mutilating the Left, could we remember who the actual enemy here is?

Right now the ACT Party is campaigning on using a referendum to redefine the Treaty with zero negotiation with Māori that ACT will then implement as law. This policy is likely to trigger a level of conflict in this country that we have never witnessed as Māori openly rebel at having a new Treaty that they haven’t negotiated forced upon them by ACT.

National will empower landlords to evict renters at will and ACT want a billion for a new prison empire.

Do we comprehend the enormity of how far right a National ACT Government will take this country?

The Left are too busy cancelling each other for misusing pronouns and creating safe spaces for their feelings.

Dear Woke, your fucking feelings are about to become incredibly unsafe if a National ACT Government win.

The danger of identity politics is if white men take on the same victim narrative and see themselves as white cis males first rather than citizens in a democracy.

The self constructed identity of the woke trumps our common human experience.

Class builds solidarity, not identity.

The Left can’t win the culture wars that the woke want to engage in because all it does is hand ammunition to ACT.

ACT are well on their way to a 15% win on election night.

I’ve warned the middle class activists about this for some time now, what’s the bet they refuse point blank to see ‘Pure Trans Joy’ as the problem and instead lash out and blame anyone who has criticised their alienating nonsense as the reason they are stalling.

We on the Left have 6 months to turn this around and stop the most right wing Government since Lange taking this country to a very bleak place.

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  1. People naturally, see what they want to see some times with these polls run by for profit operators.

    A significant result surely is Te Pāti Māori at 3.7%? A Mana type reprise for left wing voters, and a credible party for Māori roots voters.

    • Ok. Firstly, there’s no Right and there’s no Left. So stop it. If you think there is you’re simply confusing the situation and seymour and his little monkey minions will capitalise on your confusion because to display confusion you’re telegraphing the dire fact they you have no fucking idea what’s really going on here and what’s at stake and to seymour’s clan of rogernomes, that’s an opportunity to be exploited and if you’re awake and conscious you’ll remember that seymour and the rogernomes are well experienced in capitalising on confusion and uncertainty. Spreading that kind of excrement is what they do best. They’ve tainted our politics with it. They’ve all but wrecked our lives with it. Do you remember our AO/NZ prior to getting rogered? I remember peace, prosperity and no wretched homeless living in the streets dreaming of becoming one of the multi-millionaires who are now multi-billionaires. They only hope the at-risk have now is begging for a tenner to buy a fucking lotto ticket.
      Secondly, who gives a fuck about the so called Taxpayers Union Poll. They’re just a small clique of greedy nuts who have significant money thrown at them by unscrupulous mystery freaks.
      You can’t seriously expect me to read their self-anointing money-guff do you? Seriously!
      Read the fuck out of this.
      The New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union is a self-described taxpayer pressure group founded in 2013 to scrutinise government spending, publicise government waste, and promote an efficient tax system.[1] It claims to be politically independent and not aligned to, or intended to develop into, a political party.[2] The group refuses to state who funds them and generally refuses requests to speak with media about this. In 2019, it was reported the group has been funded in part by British American Tobacco.[3] This, along with their close ties to many right-wing figures from the New Zealand political scene, has resulted in them being widely regarded as a right-wing pressure group.[4][5][6]
      “Breaking!” Why, in the name of Jesus, do you give that greedy clan of crackpots prime space on The Daily Blog’s page? There opinion’s worth less than roger’s moustache and it jumped ship years ago.
      I have a deep and abiding confidence in AO/NZ’ers who’re encouraged to give a fuck. I do believe that when people actually know the FACTS, they will behave in good faith while being mindful of a basic love for their fellow human beings whom they must rub shoulders with in the super market to be their guide. Not an evil, soulless cadre of money fetishists trying to convince us that our taxation we pay to give us a quality of life we could otherwise not afford is a bad thing. So fuck the tax payers union and fuck their devious, evil mutilations of what’s essentially a good thing.

  2. “The danger of identity politics is if white men take on the same victim narrative and see themselves as white cis males first rather than citizens in a democracy.”

    That’s exactly the danger. If everyone else can have an identity, then what is to stop white cis males doing same, and then there will be a real fucking reaction. The woke by prodding and poking are doing what NATO and the US did to Russia, and what the Hong Kong protesters did to China – and the backlash won’t be pretty.

  3. Well 13% is hardly “soaring” and most definitely doesn’t assure victory by any stretch but we now know:

    1. The Maori party won’t be the kingmakers, and
    2. Winston First may well be assuming they can cut a deal for an electorate (or perhaps even win one without a deal).

  4. “could we remember who the actual enemy here is?”

    Umm, that would be Labour and the Greens.
    Pro Tip: There are no good guys in parliament, only differing shades of god awful.

  5. These figures on election night would be good news for those that are tired of the way this country is heading especially if you are ill or have children in education both as students or teachers.

  6. Woo bring on the changes! About time we had a government that actually did something, and ACT are the sort to actually deliver change, unlike this ‘transformational’ government- nine years in power, ‘transforming’ a functional economy into a floundering shithole.

    • millsy you really are a pessimist.
      A more robust economy under a National/Act Government will deliver wage rises.
      A recessionary economy under a Labour/TPM/Greens will deliver only hard times for all.
      Cheer up old chap.

      • Bob, you are either hopelessly deluded or deliberately deceptive. Utter bollocks. It will be austerity for the poor..

        • And what do they currently have? A caring & supportive Government? Not from what I read here.

          • A piece of advice, change your blue tinted glasses and read ” others” comments and stop reading what boosts your ego. Many of us are extremely happy this government supports all of NZ not just Nacts selective few.
            If you respond I know you have read everyone’s and not ” not what I’ve read on here”.

        • Bob’s posts on Labour are a type of vile pessimism so I’d take Bob’s hypocritical posts with a massive grain of salt. As for a Nact government, they’ll tank the economy again with the failed trickle down theory.

  7. Well how long has it been said that the psuedo left have fucked this up? The middle class proto-fascist nazis peddling their kinda CRT theory of feminazism come transologism cis bigotry. It’s taken them 5 years to get their ideology right in their widdle brainey waineys.
    This kinda cos-play leftitudenal rectum ideology is well past it’s use by date and so are the proponents who use it.
    Orf to the Russian front for them! All Mellinials and GenZ are automatically signed up for 2 years combat service without any exceptions. Not even a note from their mummy can get the off!

    They can change the world from the frontline! So that’ll take care of labour, greens, and some righties too for the next generation or two.

  8. This is fantastic news, with ACT in power and David Seymour as Deputy Prime Minister, we can finally abolish Maori seats and put that racist document the Treaty of Waitangi into the bonfire.

    We need to start referring New Zealand as New Zealand again, not Aotearoa!

  9. Or, if a Nat-Act government is elected, rather than apocalypse now, we will have a government that doesn’t want to redefine democracy, break all records at wasteful spending, and fail to deliver on multiple policies.

  10. I watched the developing circus in NZ from overseas while travelling around, playing my guitar, and learning about how the rest of the world lives…
    The only thing that, since getting trapped her by my family during lockdown, I have learnt, is that my impression of Kiwis having usurped Ireland as the repository of the thickest humans on the planet, which developed during my travels, is not just an “impression”… It’s reality..
    New Zealand.. The place people go to learn how to cut off their noses to spite their faces… It really is that fucked up here.. A country where “assume the position” means sticking ones thumb up their own Rectum, and using that as ones intellectual/philosophical foundation…
    The level of childish stupidity I’ve encountered since arriving is here quite frightening, and will get a lot of people killed, and/or brutalised if common sense, and realism aren’t rediscovered before this becomes yet another fascist stronghold..
    I saw this coming the last time I had to spend time in this country, and it’s happening exactly like it was supposed to.. A country overstocked with new “kiwis” who have no experience of the democratic socialism that built the New Zealand I grew up in.. The place where one could have dignity in employment, and be ambitious for ones children and their futures… That place has been almost totally eradicated, by a combination of the colonial descendants moves to reclaim their “rightful” wealth, and the rapacious “business class” that can only see increasing profit as a natural outcome…
    We must remember that, as we are regressing centuries back to the “pure” form of exploitation economics practiced by the British “empire”, there was never any thought, or will within that structure for an improvement in the lives of those who worked the machines so vital for the profligate wealth to be generated.. Nothing has changed, as the Bolger/whatshername and key governments have demonstrated with a surprising lack of artifice…
    They didn’t need to hide their true agenda, as NZ has a compliant colonial press to cover their tracks… and a seriously mediocre and self absorbed television network, that is both the worst, the most self serving, and craven I have seen anywhere in the world .. NZ may as well slide into totalitarianism.. The people are too stupid, childish, and utterly ignorant of just how irrelevant they are outside their own country, to possess the rationality to see just how fucking stupid they really are…
    It won’t be the children of the Tangata whenua that benefit from what’s happening now, but the children of the new wave of “John Keys half a million new Aucklanders”…
    Tome, this epitomises the rank disloyalty, and short sighted stupidity of the moneyed classes.. Half a million people on an already overloaded and neglected infrastructure… Without spending a cent on anything that didn’t profit the tories “support base”, i.e. the third rate language schools, with the accompanying “hong Kong for beginners” that sprouted up during the mayoralty of John Banks.. The city is now a massive nest of slums that people are going hungry to pay to live in..
    And yet, there is still a large percentage of those “victims” who will stand and cheer for more… It really doesn’t get any stupider than this…

    • Wow, great projection chap. It must feel great noodling around the world burning fossils, waxing lyrically with part time anthropologists and feminist dance majors.
      But, Stefan, your essay is pointless because you are the problem – you don’t see the two sides of the same damn coin, you lament corruption one breath and excuse it the next. CORRUPTION – get it?
      Don’t let the door hit your backside on the way out. Maybe take some more self righteous pricks along with ya.

  11. Yesterday long-term beneficiary Seymour was demanding those not filling out a census form should lose their benefit (i.e. punching down hard on a single marginalised group and their private information). I thought Seymour was this great hyper-liberal, free speech absolutist and advocate for personal autonomy? Today he was defending the right of a high school to withhold information as to why they sent students caving during a torrential downfall. Instead of giving teachers a pay rise shouldn’t Seymour then be pushing to take away the income of these teachers for withholding public information, for failing to read a simple weather report, for neglect, and even because they are a particular group?

    • In other words, beneficiaries have no obligations whatsoever? None? Zero? Not even fill out the census? Fuck that. That’s the least they can do for all of us supporting them. I don’t think Seymour is asking for too much.

  12. I’m still hopeful we can narrowly miss a hard right govt. A lot can and will happen between now and October. Winter is upon us but hang in there lefties!

  13. Martyn – Feels about right this poll…except for the 7% Greens, and Maori Party at 3.7% – a bit too high in the polling

  14. Like I have been saying all along, all that National/ACT have to do to win this next election is to not say/do anything stupid. That’s a big ask to be sure, but it’s there’s to lose. The debacle of Labour’s Covid handling should forever remain fresh in people’s minds. The lockdowns that didn’t work. The masks that didn’t work. The vaccine that didn’t work. The 100’s of millions thrown at a problem that would ultimately resolved itself at no cost. All mandated by an authoritarian government high on power. Never forgive. Never forget.

  15. How do you actually know it’s anything to do with “woke”. It might just as easily be tax cuts, no bright line, the stupid belief that the market will sort out our infrastructure, and dairy farmers who have not actually paid anything for climate change not having to do so in future.

    • Climate change comes for free.
      The costs are associated with what one does to mitigate the risks associated with climate change.
      A little bit like covid.
      Some catch the bug others get a subsidy to but a Tesla.

  16. Can’t wait for NACT govt to index my tax brackets and spend money slightly more efficiently <3

    Will be many more payrises (in the private sector) + lower tax burden as nact boosts productivity.

    • No govt can improve productivity in the private sector without stomping on the heads and rights of employees.

      • Wrong. Best productivity driver is high cost of labour.
        Businesses and organisations would stop wasting time on endless meetings and delaying decisions.
        Why are Swiss? Finns, Germans etc so efficient? They neither work as hard nor as long hours as we do. Just they do not waste so much time as we do.
        They also use the qualifications and skills of migrants much better.
        Managers here think that the l9nger hours salaried staff stay atwork, the better. Utter stupidity.

        • But they also invest much more in technology, R&D and Infrastructure – All aspects of high producing nations.

        • I wonder if the Finns public depts stop every 5 minutes for a karakia, or spend weeks in cultural workshops on how to refer to each ethic group?

          Probably not.

  17. Good. A solid kicking is the only thing that’s gonna put a stop to this woke madness

  18. Interesting. A couple of comments:

    Does anyone know which poll is most likely to get it right? Tax Payers Union says its Curia. Does anyone know?

    Also read somewhere online the other day that the One News Poll was missed in April and had passed it’s usual date for May also. Implication being they were sitting on it because they didnt like the results. No idea whether either of these things are true?

    Finally I have to say just now, the way things are going, I’d actually be happy for ACT to spend a Billion building prisons and incarcerating more people. Shit is getting bad out there and kindness doesnt work as a deterrant.

    But as far as ACT goes, i doubt very much that things will be too bad under a NACT govt although I would prefer a NACT NZF govt to be sure. I think Seymour will definitely get some runs on the Board but I honestly believe that Luxon is woke enough that he wont let Seymour get away with much. Would we get a referendum? Maybe – I’d say under NACT, max chance 60/40. Would Luxon let Seymour do away with the Treaty – Not a chance in hell. I’d expect something like Do we want to live under an equal suffrage democracy or should special status be able to determine voting rights? Or something fairly clear but not obviously damning. I think the Treaty will be left out of it and it would be confined to one area probably democratic representation.

  19. Live gig Fans!!!
    Exciting news!!!! COALITION OF CHAOS are coming in 2023 – The Destruction of NZ Tour. Should be a hilarious show with lots of cacophony and tone-deaf headbangers! Get your tickets at any polling booth from 14 October.
    I think that’s Luxon’s best one to date: Coalition of Chaos – so fucking true! He’s warming up to the job.

  20. Cis white men dont have to feel like victims, they just have to realize that the woke : Maori, Green and Labour parties all think they are the enemy.
    They’re constantly telling us, after all.

    It’s taken a while but people are realizing just how toxic the authoritarian left are.
    It’s well past time the lunatics running the asylum got turfed out.
    This poll gives real hope.

    • Well if your post is anything to go by, please stay on your meds, the country will be more the safer for you doing so.

  21. Sigh.
    An election will change nothing.
    We still get fucked over by a different set of incompetents and grifters.

    • ” An election will change nothing.
      We still get fucked over by a different set of incompetents and grifters. ”

      Yeah which is why Churchill observed that democracy is all well and good until the average voter casts a vote.

    • Agreed.
      Worrying about a hard right set of Fascists
      Keeping the Hard left set of Fascists.
      Oh what a choice we are presented..

  22. New Zealand First will get 5%. There are enough left leaning labour supporters that are dissatisfied with the outcomes that have been created.
    National will back their chances of getting over the line with assistance from Act in a straight left right election fight.
    If labour needs support from NZFirst to form a government then that will be really interesting.

    Generally the best approach is never to say never, but in NZ that option makes the conservatives very vulnerable to attacks from the media.

    TDB prediction about a cup of tea will probably stay on the cards.

  23. You want to know when I will get surgery in the the public health system order to freaking walk under Labgreen? – never. Wow thanks ”left”-wing parties.

    This ‘woke’ culture-wars stuff has been deliberately stirred-up so that we’re too busy fighting each other to rise-up. At the same time, the professional-managerial class, aka the LabourGreen government cheered-on by its PMC lackies (who really like things just the way they are) has also labelled protest (outside of its narrowly and conveniently defined acceptable causes of protest) ‘naziism’ and have set up a hysterical and deranged ministry of truth to stamp out dissent and to turn our minds inside-out with mind fuckery straight out of the narcissist’s play-book. The same bible that so many of them have come to follow in their luxury, air conditioned personal lives.

    If there is a left left WAKE UP.

  24. Let’s hope the handicapped greens and labour parties along with tmp get well and truly reammed at this election. If it doesn’t teach them anything, then at the least it will hurt!

  25. The rhetoric is a bit much – especially this “Far Right” scaremongering.

    Everyone will be fine. We will still be screwed by our taxes being used stupidly but maybe a bit less – who knows?

    It’s become which government in New Zealand will screw you the least at election time.

    A referendum on the Treaty might surprise you – I’d like to think New Zealand would hold their heads up high and retain it in all aspects.

    We have had referendums not binding – perhaps it is needed to ask the truth of where we sit as a nation.

      • I would say the NZ Govt with United Nations gave us He PuaPua.

        I am not in the know too much about it as it seems to have gone quiet.

        I would like to know what NZ on a whole by ethnicity thinks about the treaty – another statistics census failing to ask the some social questions?

  26. It’s not six months you’ve got to turn things around Mate; it’s only five months and four days. The election is on October 14th.

  27. This is what happens when davidson calls me a white CIS male. I a former lefties will turn around and vote act 2 ticks. Hope this gets totally rid of the greens. Sorts out the maori issues. And hopefully a civil/race war.

  28. meh – I could go with a hard right govt. if they actually delivered for the little people – but they won’t – it’s all rhetoric about small govt. and more efficiency to deliver the help where it’s needed. Never fuckin’ happens. Libertarians remind me of the cattle rancher in American western movies. Promises to deliver the town prosperity by forcing out the small holders, taking over the river and holding everyone hostage so their private railway can be built.

  29. A poll of 1000 by phone conducted by a right wing party months out from an election isn’t gospel. Only one poll really matters.

  30. Yes and I was a former rightie but once Key created separatism and created the massive gap between the haves and have nots and took the vile ACT party as a partner I must vote Labour two ticks and hopefully rid the horrid ACT party forever.
    A civil war with ACTs guns policies says it all.

  31. The ACT leader is the biggest fool I’ve ever seen in daylight. As per ‘The Emperor has no Clothes’ it just needs a poli to say it and sell it. But focus group isn’t the foundation for that. So … yep, Christ help us.

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