Kiri Allen’s RNZ speech finally gets released


Cabinet minister Kiri Allan: ‘Something wrong’ with RNZ and ‘unable to keep Māori talent’

Cabinet minister Kiri Allan alleged there “is something wrong” at the state broadcaster, which she claims has been unable to keep Māori media talent.

Today, Radio NZ released a partial transcript of the Justice Minister’s speech which she made during her fiancee Māni Dunlop’s farewell from the organisation in March.

“There is something within this organisation that has to be looked at,” Allan said.

“Now I know that you said that you would pick up that, the wero, that Māni left. It is not for just you, it is for your SLT [senior leadership team] to pick up. It’s for your SLT to pick up. It’s for your boards to pick up.”

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Bout that.

So I think it was weird the way Māni spat the dummy and quit RNZ because she was passed over for promotion to Morning Report.

The insinuation for her being passed over was because of Cracker and the white heteronormative white cis male patriarchy which is hilarious because we are talking about RNZ, the wokest woke fest in woke world.

They are so woke they orgasm in te reo.

It had NOTHING to do with her being engaged to a Cabinet Minister.

Well. Actually. Of course it was because she is engaged to a bloody Cabinet Minister!

Come on, could you imagine the uproar if the State Broadcasters most important political show, Morning Report, was co-hosted by someone engaged to a Cabinet Minister?

Folks. Come on.

So I thought it was weird to walk out on the show she had to make a point about how supposedly racist RNZ are.

Ok. Fine.

But then her Minister Fiancee launches into a scathing attack on RNZ at the leaving Party?

What is this, Today FM but worse?.

Look, I love Kiri Alumna and I am an enormous fan of hers, to be honest, I just think she was standing up for her Misses and wasn’t a serious attempt by a Minister to interfere with RNZ.

If the Labour Party have finished shooting themselves in the fucking foot, can we please get back to the issue at hand of putting together a new economic frame work to resist the looming recession and winning this election?

This isn’t Bread and Butter Politics! It’s Dumb and Dumber Politics!


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  1. Might be a conflict of interest in that speech, but Red Radio has a minimal amount of broadcast talent, so I can understand her annoyance that the staff are not diversify enough.

    • Watch this. Seriously. Hilarious AND rage inducing. Australian-centric but hey. Chippy just sorted that particular money siphoning speed bump out for the hyper riche neoliberal, Kiwi-As scum bags hiding in Australia with our money, Aye Boys.
      Honest Government Ad | Reserve Bank of Australia

    • Watch this. Seriously. Hilarious AND rage inducing. Australian-centric but hey. Chippy just sorted that particular money siphoning speed bump out for the hyper riche neoliberal, Kiwi-As scum bags hiding in Australia with our money, Aye Boys.
      Honest Government Ad | Reserve Bank of Australia
      ( Off topic, but yet not. )

  2. Allen should have known better. Imagine if a righty had done this – we on the left would have been justified in our outrage. Double standards abound now for the anti-progressive, authoritarian left.

  3. Kiri Allen attitude stinks – her partner was okay at Radio New Zealand, nothing outstanding….Kiri’s partners seem to love having falling outs with people, Meka, Mani — who is next?

  4. Well it certainly came across as a race obsessed jilted senior minister firing a shot across RNZ’s managements bows using her taxpayer funded privilege! And now the head of news has hurriedly resigned, and it’s easy to see the linkage. Allen should have been sacked but Chippy is out of MP’s so he won’t do a thing.

    Its bad enough listening to RNZ nowadays, and don’t expect news worth the time of day but fuck working in that environment especially after Minister Allens menace!

    And that’s what is worse, this blatant race superiority tone to the language from Maori politicians and their hangers on . Its creepy as like it always is no matter who practices it. Their contempt bordering on hatred of all things non Maori is now barely concealed.

    The RNZ Dunlop matter is just another ugly example!

  5. I don’t mind Kiri Allen as well – but this and the donation crap on top of it? Now I see her as a mistake ridden MP lowering the standards of the house. Mind you there is a fair share of others to but should we accept this?

    I find that out of 120 MP’s in Parliament at the moment New Zealand’s situation is very poor currently.

    I know of 7 Retiring but possibly more?
    1. Jacqui Dean – Waitaki
    2. David Bennett – Hamilton East
    3. Ian McKelvie – Rangitikei, Wellington
    4. Jan Logie
    5. Eugenie Sage
    6. Aupito William Sio – Mangere, Auckland
    7. Jamie Strange – Hamilton

    Eight leaving due to Sink ship mentality, Trouble Makers, Weak Ability.
    1. Todd Muller – Bay of Plenty
    2. Elizabeth Kerekere
    3. Poto Williams – Chrishchurch East
    4. David Clark – Dunedin North
    5. Marja Lubeck – Kaiparaki Muhurangi
    6. Jacinda Ardern – Mount Albert, Auckland
    7. Stuart Nash – Hawkes Bay
    8. Meka Whaitiri – Hawkes Bay, Gisbourne, Manawatu – Whanganui & Wellington – Ikaroa Rawhiti

    Unknown why
    1. Paul Eagle – Rongotai – Wellington and Chatham Islands

    Others we should see exiting?
    1. Barbara Kuriger – Taranaki & Waikato
    2. Sam Uffindell – Bay of Plenty
    3. Kiri Allan – East Coast, Gisbourne & Bay of Plenty

    This is 19 MP’s in total – 13 from the current operating government.

    Labour – 64 to 51 in reality still going – I expect 4 more up to the election to move on with issues.
    National – 34 – 30 in reality still going – I expect 3 more up to the election to move on with issues.
    Greens – 9 – 6 in reality still going – I expect 3 or more up to the election to move on with issues.
    Act – seem quite tight to be honest – not an ACT supporter but good on them.
    TMP – A gain and played very well indeed.

    But my point remains – what a sorry state of New Zealand Politics by any past standards.

    Parliament on this 53rd sitting has really lowered the bar for the tax payer.

    On top of this Nanaia Mahuta has left the Cyclone Fund as well.

    I really feel for Top of the North Island, Bay of Plenty & Hawkes Bay at the moment. Everyone is leaving this portfolio in droves, it keeps moving about – it’s a cyclone itself with no leadership.

  6. Totally inappropriate of Allen.

    Labour look so f…g self interested now days, Allen, the woman who just waka jumped

  7. all these Maori folk seem to do these day is whinge and cry

    where’s the warrior spirit gone?

  8. Has Kiddie Ellen figured out why RNZ can’t retain ‘maori’ talent???? Let’s see….Maybe it’s because RNZ has to work to a woke charter??? Maybe it’s because it’s boring as fuck, listening to some of their programmes. Maybe it’s because ‘maori’ talent just see themselves as ‘talent’ and they are being hamstrung by having to be ‘maori’ talent? Maybe it’s that those ‘maori’ talent have figured out that if you go woke you go broke, certainly when come to advancing your talented career? Maybe it’s because they done’t want to work for a ‘maori’ station which exactly what Kiddie Ellen wants RNZ to be??? She’s showing her true colours and taking massive liberties with her position. She should not be a minister of justice.

    • She as Minister of Justice has crossed the line more than once.
      If she has respect for the position she must resign.

  9. I don’t get how those like Allan and Jackson with his OIA latest revelation don’t get it.

    The election’s going to be like running uphill through deep mud carrying bloody great rocks. Every bit of dumbness and naivety is like saying “Here’s a dead 149kg shark to carry on your back while you’re doing that.”

    They might want to say “Fuck off” to someone, there might be some who deserve to be told that, but a righteous “Fuck off” might lose a vote or a stack of votes. Precious votes harder to capture than running uphill backwards through deep mud carrying bloody great rocks, a dead 149kg shark on your shoulders in the dark with a busted knee.

  10. Before the speech she knew she was between a rock and a hard place, flak at home or flak in the political arena.

  11. Is there something that makes, the more into the woke ideology they go, the stupider and more entitled they behave?

    Also woke always do it in the public eye, performative outrage and tantrums seem to be important to them.

    Woke are tone deaf to their own behaviour.

    They would be the first to be outraged if anybody else did what they do.

    • They need to be voted out before they cause more destruction.
      Kiri Allen needs to resign.

  12. defending your partners alleged talent rather than any actual wrong done her is just a tad pathetic.

  13. Jesus! How can anyone NOT see what’s wrong with rnz. RNZ is a neoliberal parasitised public radio station spouting pro-greed, pro-bank propaganda, is that not obvious? I listen to kath ‘shuushy floofums’ ryan fluffing on about bleached perineums and waxed scrotums while our AO/NZ burns down around our long suffering ears.
    How about the Listener then? Heard of it? It’d be more useful if they printed it on toilet paper. It used to be rebellious and clear and direct with great photographs and excellent journalism. Now, it’s just shit. A tabloidal turd wiper. Fair warning. Watch out for the staples.
    Try this instead.
    The Reserve Bank of Australia has made an ad, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative.
    Kiri Allen is right. There’s definitely something wrong with rnz.
    If you read this Kiri Allen, for Christs sake team up with Chloe Swarbrick then board Labour like hearty sea farers ! Or Pirates, if you must.

  14. I’m picking the Maori Party are soon to see a swelling in their numbers as more Maori Labour MPs defect.

  15. “Of course it was because she is engaged to a bloody Cabinet Minister!”

    Of course it was. But Allan either doesn’t grasp that, or is being disingenuous. Either way, she’s shown herself unfit for the role of an MP, let alone a Cabinet Minister.

    This is where we end up when we fall down the rabbit hole of identity politics. The fact that Dunlop is Maori is irrelevant to her being passed over for promotion.

    In the first instance, it would be completely untenable for her to occupy such a position on Morning Report, given her relationship with a Cabinet Minister.

    In the second, even had she not been affianced to Allan, she may simply not have had the talent for that job, which the RNZ bosses could see, and she could not..

    In neither instance is her being Maori of any moment at all. It’s she and Allan who are attempting to gloss this as an anti-Maori thing: that’s either what they genuinely believe, or they want the rest of us to believe.

    If RNZ appointed her to begin with because she’s Maori, rather than because she has real talent, it has fallen victim to wokery and made a rod for its own back.

    My advice to RNZ: stick to the job of hiring staff on the basis of their journalistic abilities, not their ethnicity. Know this: when RNZ and other organisations bang on about “diversity” in your hiring policies, many of us can be forgiven for taking that to mean “Maori”. Because that’s what it looks like.

    Forget the wokery and bring us news from NZ and around the world. Present us with the facts and extend to us the privilege of recognising that we can analyse those facts and form our own opinions about what’s going on, here and elsewhere?

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