BREAKING: Chris Luxon goes full Don Brash – the 2023 election just became very dangerous


BOOM! It’s going to be a cross burning rodeo this election with Luxon going full Don Brash with his one person one vote dog whistle.

Hilariously in NZ we have one person two votes so Luxon doesn’t even understand his own electoral system.

We had assumed Luxon was too Christian to go full Don Brash, but we’ve all underestimated how badly Chris wants to be Prime Minister and what he’s prepared to provoke to win.

National have ‘gone there’ and 2023 is going to be the ugliest election NZ has ever seen!

This is going to unleash something very dark in the NZ psyche.

Right now the ACT Party is campaigning on using a referendum to redefine the Treaty with zero negotiation with Māori that ACT will then implement as law. This policy is likely to trigger a level of conflict in this country that we have never witnessed as Māori openly rebel at having a new Treaty that they haven’t negotiated forced upon them by ACT.

Luxon doubling down in this manner alongside ACTs policy of forcing a new Treaty upon Māori is a recipe for civil war.

God have mercy on our souls.

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Shit is about to get crazy now.


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    • Well it’s patently clear that this particular Maori Party has no time for the rest of the population. Unlike the old Maori Party with Pita and Tariana…you kinda felt they were there not just for Maori alone. But this lot is pretty clear about where wants to be. Well, assuming they want to run the country, they better make the other 4.2 million people feel welcome. Which they are not.

  1. Finally, Luxon takes a stand. It is well timed after the disgraceful display in Parliament. He is onto a winner with this, whatever the reaction might be. Let’s see in October how many voters want to be governed by Labour/Greens/Maori!

  2. Wow.

    The Far right and the Julian Batchelors are going to be over the moon.

    The Nats and act are the TRUMP PARTIES of NZ.

    This is going to be the most Racist election ever in NZ.

    The Republicans / White Supremacists/ Treaty Denial folks and the 1% have finally bought both parties.

  3. Wow.

    The Far right and the Julian Batchelors are going to be over the moon.

    The Nats and act are the TRUMP PARTIES of NZ.

    This is going to be the most Racist election ever in NZ.

    The Republicans / White Supremacists/ Treaty Denial folks and the 1% have finally bought both parties.

  4. Why would Luxon give the Māori Party the ability to tell the public a vote for their party is not an automatic vote for a TMP/Labour/Greens coalition?

    Now every nutty suggestion from TMP – like Māori receiving NZ Super from age 57 or the genetic superiority of Māori – is going to be hung around Chris Hipkins’ neck.

  5. After yesterday’s farcical scenes in the chamber? You have to say, great timing.

    I may suspect that internal polling will back National up, but they will need to be prepared for the media to go absolutely feral.

  6. Common sense prevails. The Māori party was never going to join National and Act to form a government. Its toxic ethnic based policies are repugnant and redefining an old treaty is the icing on the toxic cake.

  7. Martyn – Oh dear! Now, the Maori Party only pathway to Government is via Labour…and Labour does not like the Maori Party

  8. Citizenship can be bought nowadays Chris (even if you are in NZ illegally the woke government will provide cover for you) and looking at National and ACT’s donation list, democracy is also for sale. I’ve got a mission statement for you Chris, how about ‘one family one house’, or is that too much a threat to your property portfolio?

  9. The danger was already theree Martyn with the division. IMO some of the blame for the division in our country, the likes I have never seen, is the sneaky way Labour have done things, eg HePuapua and then Three Waters.
    They havent been transparent with the people at all. If you have a policy document that calls for transformational change to our governance structure, you owe it to NZders to be open and honest about it.

    Most NZders are pretty fair minded people and support treaty settlements and acknowledge wrongs were done.
    What many of us have ressented is if we questioned co governance or He Puapua we were accused of being rascist. That really gets peoples backs up. Labour have brought this on the country. They have been the most divisive govt ever.

    • Anker 100%. Labour weaponised race, just as the Greens weaponised gender. Both need to go.
      National and Labour are equally responsible for the appalling demolition of our national health and education services and they need to go too. The circle’s getting smaller.

  10. A Seventh Day Adventurer, as King Kapisi noted two decades ago, who’s island is the greatest? Well the island on top of Luxon’s head where his hair would be if he were not EVIL personified. No hair, no trust. It is simple, if you have suffered that much stress in this or a former life, you should not be leading Aotearoa in 2023. We need youth and vibrancy, not wannabe Brash, wannabe Key, wannabe more than completely and utterly and offensively irrelevant. To ensure that our democracy descends to US / Brasilian / Hungarian / Brexit levels. We do not need such an abyss when reality is so clearly abysmal every where one attempts to not look!

  11. The Maori Party could only go with Labour, as they wouldn’t be part of a Government that included ACT. Luxon has merely clarified something that will please many voters.

    • I am all for Maori having a say as they have much to offer but the current TPM leaders are pure racist and I hope they do not represent the average Maori and I am glad Luxon has ruled out working with them .I would like him to do a John Key and rule out NZF as well.

    • Fuck! You’re all over everything aren’t you peach. You’re like that sand fly under the picnic table. Nipping away.
      Don brash’s stink’s all over all of the parties and has been for nearly 40 years now. roger and his gnomes are there stinking away too. I can smell seymour’s twerking panties up wind and I’m getting hammered by a sou westerly right now.
      The fact that all our political parties are either neoliberal or are restrained by neoliberalism is a hint at where we must go with this shambles of a politic. I have a photograph of don doing latte’s with dodgy little winston peters, for example.
      We have to re boot our politics and it’s we, the public, who must do it. Mainly because there’s no one else left. We are it. [It] is us. Our politics was taken from us and we must go and get it back.
      But how, some of you might ask. Well, where do you go when your computer goes wonky like the jonky.
      You take it to the repair shop. Get its hard drive re booted. Clean it out and start again.
      That, is why we need help from the shop. We need a very public Royal Commission of Inquiry into our politics, or what’s left of it, and our economy. I asked Lianne Dalziel where our money was when she was Minister of Commerce. She told me, and I swear this is true, that she didn’t know. Of course, she did know, but she just didn’t want to say. We scant few 5.2 million people need help. We’re being, and have been, mercilessly fucked without the kissing.

  12. ” We had assumed Luxon was too Christian to go full Don Brash, but we’ve all underestimated how badly Chris wants to be Prime Minister and what he’s prepared to provoke to win. ”

    This is about what those rich arrogant listers who by donating huge sums of money to NACT they get a say in what Luxon does or doesn’t do.

    36% support for the Nasties isn’t stratospheric or no where near enough to say they have a solid endorsement that another 8-10 % would give them but its MMP and its not October 14 yet.

    34% for the rich mans spare is hardly a solid endorsement either after such a massive majority and vote in 2020.

    Luxon’s comment about the government splashing the cash is highly hypocritical considering the huge donations to buy policy and unofficially govern the country for themselves like we had in 2008-17 with the shyster and his gangsters.

    If LINO loses they will have to accept the fact that after being given the gift of a MMP majority which is very hard to achieve without the silent majority on side they have thrown away the opportunity to have really been progressive and transformational and changing the rigged unregulated system that will once again be used against them and more importantly their former supporters.

  13. The big question is , can Luxon work with Maori because guess what Maori actually live in this country and TPM are only a small percentage of Maori .So is he ruling out all things Maori at the behest of ACT as an early pledge and bow down to ACT.

  14. What made the election dangerous is racists in the Maori, Greens and Labour party trying to give Maori votes more value than the rest of the population.

  15. Baldrick strikes again! Not really suited to politics is this particular Natzo suit…

    Us taxpayers have bailed out these Koru Lounge tossers for many years, Luxon and his predecessor “Fyfe the knife” did not give one about the provincial services and kept gouging high fares for kids going to school and relatives visiting at my regional airfield Kaitaia. They could easily have done something, but no, the community is currently sorting something out and Barrier Air flies people at $99 to Auckland! i.e. not $600 fucking dollars.

    Will 7 pads Luxon’s message resonate? sure with certain white blokes, but my money is on the new gens to step up.

  16. Luxon had to do this because the Curia Poll out today showed further drops in his political popularity and he has faced much criticism from without and increasingly within his party, as being someone so wishy washy that he stands for nothing.

    He needed to stand up and be unequivocal on 3 Waters and Co Governance if he wanted to appease right leaning voters. However being Luxon, he couldnt do unequivocal so he implied the same thing with this announcement but just didnt go all the way there. Will it be enough to appease the snapping rightwing dogs or will he be deemed to have fallen short again??

    Oh and BTW, Labour has sown the seeds of civil dissent every day for almost 3 years now so if ‘shit ‘ does get real, you should look at where the blame should be directed IMO. Paint anyone into a corner and they will come out fighting.

  17. Declaring that democracy is something to care about is a declaration of war?
    News flash. That downward spiral was started by women! Now there are more women in parliaments than old cis males.

    Men should joint the anti Posie Parker brigade before it is too late! Shaneel Lal for PM, now, for the sake of sanity.

    • John Thiart. Bear in mind that John Tamihere, Leader of TMP, derisively referred to women as frontbums. Who’d want to ride with that sort of male, apart from Meka, or maybe a mad Green?

  18. He had no choice. The Maori Party has made its bottom lines absolutely clear and made the decision for him
    This election is now going to be fought on economics but also a Democracy v Te Teriti basis
    Unfortunately you’re right Martyn, it’s going to get very nasty, but a showdown between the 2 options was always inevitable

  19. After the election the Maori seats will be gone by lunchtime, so the Maori party is totally irrelevant…end of…

  20. You imply TPM Labour Greens MoE RNZ TDB. Are not renegotiating the treaty. If that team were more engaged with the 80% and less reliant on manipulating unearned guilt. Perhaps there would be less opportunity for a transparent korero to lead you to threaten civil war

  21. It is so clear cut left vs right for this election that it is astounding that Luxon finds it necessary to make this statement.
    Winston has never played nice, so this is probably the best strategy for National. National cannot afford to bleed votes to NZF.
    National may still offer a cup of tea closer to the election. Who knows.

  22. Seems sensible to me.
    Who’d want to be even in the same room as the totally toxic Māori Party!

    You’ve been crowing for months about the likelihood of a Labour/Green/TPM government, but Luxon is just keeping his powder dry. He’s patiently waiting for the ground to dry before launching a masses tank assault (oops sorry wrong thread! LOL)

  23. If you looked at the rest of the statement you would have noted that National have worked well with the Māori Party before and that this was reflected on very well.

    What he is really saying is the divide is too far with his party with the current issues and members.

    Personally I agree with the statement.

    And since the Māori won’t go with ACT there was never a coalition with National was there?

    This is a shame for the past members of National/Māori Party once working together well but also reasonably predictable.

    Doesn’t mean they can’t share common ground perhaps on some government bills to pass in future. Unlikely on day to day policy issues but highly likely in reactionary issues like disaster events etc.

  24. The inconvenient truth is that Te Pati Māori ruled out working with National in May last year.
    So nothing surprising here.


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