Ummmm – this latest report on Ocean warming is really, really, really bad

This protest action isn't going to stop

Scientists alarmed as global ocean temperatures skyrocket to record-breaking levels

Ocean surface heat is at record-breaking levels. Temperatures began climbing in mid-March and skyrocketed over the course of several weeks, leaving scientists scrambling to figure out exactly why.

Temperatures have fallen since their peak in April — as they naturally do in the spring — but they are still higher than they have ever been on record for this time of year.

“It is remarkable,” said Gregory C. Johnson, an oceanographer at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which calculates the ocean surface temperature using a network of ships, buoys, satellites and floats.

Although it’s still preliminary data, if it holds up, he said, “this is another milestone.”

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The new report on sea warming is so fucking grim and I think pretending shit is going to get better if we recycle, ride a bike and become carbon neutral by 2050 is nothing more than vacant optimism.

I just don’t think the vast majority of Kiwis have any comprehension yet just how bad things are going to get from a purely scientific point of view.

To exemplify this disconnect between what is about to envelope us and our current state of ignorance is this rolling climate change protest action in Wellington that has interfered with traffic.

Those complaining about this protest style better get used to it because the catastrophic and extreme climate we are about to witness will push protestors into more and more radical action.

The Sea warming report is so grim because it is now apparent the warming oceans will melt the frozen methane on the ocean floor causing enormous belches of methane that once triggered cascade pushing global temperatures up by 10 degrees in the space of a decade which would melt all the Greenland ice sheet, which in turn would pump fresh water into the Labrador Sea which in turn would shut down the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation off and plunge the Northern Hemisphere into an ice age.

It’s all the worst parts of Armageddon, but under water.

The rolling protest action that has been happening in Wellington all week is just the beginning of the response to our refusal to adapt to climate change and the protests are only going to get more and more disruptive because ever passing week there are more and more extreme climate events.

One of the reasons why your food inflation is blowing out is because of mass droughts and mass flooding events interrupting the agricultural calendar!

It’s impacting our food prices right now!

That’s why the hate speech laws and the new police surveillance powers that the woke are screaming for will be immediately used on environmentalists you clowns!

The climate catastrophe is only going to get more extreme as the years go by, our refusal and denial to do anything meaningful to respond to that reality will drive the protest movement towards more disruptive actions, disruption that the State will immediately use the very powers the woke are demanding they be given.

The woke believe the new powers they are demanding for the State will be used to arrest the racists, transphobes and sexists.

The reality is the State will use them against those who threaten capitalism.

We have no idea how bad shit is going to get once methane from the ocean floor starts bubbling to the surface because the heat starts melting it.


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  1. Sounds like odds on warlordism are going up. What more could NZ business and government do to all but guarantee it? *crickets chirping*

  2. Martyn – So that is a reason for guys in their 50s to block traffic, including emergency services…?

  3. Chill out, the study that this is all based on is just estimation at this stage.

    Likewise, the study cited within this piece only goes back sixty years 1958 – 2019…would be nice to see a far, far larger sampling than that before we start forming reasonable assumptions…

    Nonetheless, there is a good point being raised here, not to mention a pet peeve of mine…why isn’t this point centre stage on climate discussion – “100 corporations cause 71% of emissions” – given that the onus for combating climate change has fallen largely on the shoulders of the people, rather than the top of the capitalist pops – corporations – at this stage. A lot of things don’t add up but hey, what do I know.

  4. Nature isn’t worried, the planet’s seen worse, humans might want to become more flexible & adaptable, some may need to learn to swim.

    • I tend to agree with that general direction Peach.
      Grow bananas in Invercargill.
      Give up low lying major cities and coasts to the ocean.
      Nuclear power stations in the north to power underground grow houses and farms…
      There are solutions to all problems. I believe.


      • No, because we would have been completely wiped out, without the level of technological advancement we have today. Google “mass extinctions”, it’s scary.

  5. Agree with you Martyn in that nothing we do in NZ can or will change what’s coming. Terraforming planets is not in NZ’s power.

    So, shouldn’t the billions NZ workers pay for climate change carbon credits, pay to Paris and Kyoto protocols…
    Shouldn’t all that money be spent in NZ to build sea walls, farm infrastructure in places like maybe the central plataue or wherever…
    , nuclear power stations,
    A strong navy… And long range air patrol craft..

    Because, the biggest realistic threat and unknowable and unpredictable problem, is people!

    What are all the displaced refugee people going to do?
    (three guesses).

    Hey Martyn, have you got a plan B or plan C plan?
    A bunker idea?

    Buenos dias amigos

  6. The problem is that the sudden warming can’t be explained by anthropogenic global warming.
    How about under-water volcanic activity and changing sea currents.
    Volcanologist argue that there is increased volcanic activity.
    You are probably correct in that there appears little we can do to turn this trend around.

    In the meantime it will be great if we can provide more affordable access to power to our poorer communities. The wealthy will cope.

  7. White Cis Male Culture to the rescue ?

    Uhhhh no…It’s what caused the problem and is exacerbating it.

    A massive cultural shift is what’s needed. Who will lead the charge ?

    Brown/olive skinned women of colour the world over is my pick…

  8. So now the Araldite’s cleared, how much closer is a national passenger rail network?

    • If by feedback loop you are arguing that underwater volcanos become more active during the travels of planet earth through space then you may well be right.
      This theory has yet to be proven to be false and there is not a single credible scientist who argues with that theory.
      There are other theories about this as well but most are disputed by at least some credible scientists.
      I doubt one will find a single geologist who will argue that underwater volcanoes do not affect the temperature of our oceans.

      • Volcanoes have/do/will have a major effect on our climate, but it would be wrong to write off the human contributions and the feed back loops they have triggered.

        • The environment is very complex & much is interconnected, there are no simple solutions.

  9. Just reading The Earth Transformed .The earth has seen many changes in the last 700 00 years of human occupation and people have adapted and life carries on . Not to say we should not try to use our resources in the best ways and cut out unnecessary pollution but life has to be livable ,interesting and fun

  10. Tongan volcano has caused some if it. The big polluters Chnia, idnia, and States etx..could not care less.

    • The CO2 emissions of America has declined significantly and continue to trend downward. Evidence of this is easy to find.
      But I agree that they may well care less because they can see that China, India, Latin America and Africa will burn more fossil fuels faster than they and Europe can ever cut.

  11. It’s all New Zealands fault. They only way to repent is to vote Green and pay massive taxes and let the country go bankrupt as a token of goodwill. You’re all guilty you bad bad people.

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