Finally a win against the dirty Booze Barons


Good. Finally a win against the dirty booze barons…

Aucklanders could soon lose right to buy booze in supermarkets after 9pm

Buying booze in the supermarket or at the bottle store after 9pm could soon be a thing of the past in Auckland at least, after a Supreme Court ruling on Friday.

…booze should never have been allowed to be sold in Supermarkets in the first place and any new restrictions on the filthy Supermarket Duopoly needs to start with removing the booze from them!

The win still needs to go further than a 9pm shut off, locals must gain the power to stop new bottle shops opening as well!

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The dirty filthy booze barons sell their addictive dangerous product without any real restrictions in this country.

Move the age back to 20, ban them from selling in Supermarkets and clamp down on bottle shops.

Booze does this society so much harm, why is it easier to get pissed and violent in this country yet locked up if you have a joint?

We need new restriction on vice and we need new taxes.

Gambling, drinking, cannabis and vaping should all be R20 and face Vice taxes, which are super taxes on their profits.

If you are selling a product that is addictive, you should pay for that social damage as well.

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  1. Agree with every ing you said in this article Martyn.
    Booze merchants are drug dealers.

    • “Increase tax on alcohol and smoke them out”.. They did that with tobacco, and what happened? People then went into hardship to pay for their addiction… If anything, I see more smokers as a percentage of the population than when I was a youngster… The only people who will profit from taxing alcohol more than it already is, are the same people already making millions from the misery of NZers..
      We must have a massive rebuild of our housing stock that will have to be stepped up if we are to actually house the thousands of insecure, and homeless people.. We also have urgent need to re-establish our manufacturing base,.. You know, the one that was utterly vandalised by the Key government.. There are at least 40 to50,000 people who used to work in that base who are now being cast upon the scrapheap of bureaucratic idiocy practiced by the “employment agencies”… Their methods of locking people out of the workforce have now started to include insisting on seeing a persons criminal record. as well as forcing dug testing upon people that has been proven to be both inaccurate, and disproportionally targets pot smokers, who may have had a smoke less than 3 months before taking the test… Meth, alcohol, lsd, heroin, for example can’t be detected within a week, if the person isn’t a regular user, and alcohol clears the body within two days even if one is a habitual drinker…
      I cite my own experience here.. I am a Boilermaker/welder who has worked on some of the biggest jobs in the southern hemisphere, and have developed the skill to be able to run my own painting business.. For the last 10 years, have travelled the world playing the blues on my guitar.. So I have a good range of useful skills. the experience, and ability to run a crew of workers as well.. With that background, one would think it would be a formality the I get hired by anyone who cared to talk to me for more than 5 minutes…
      What actually happens is that I don’t even get to have an interview, because I refuse to give permission for my police record to be made public, or undergo a drug test ( the reasons for which I always explain to the “work broker”) … At present, I am forced to play on the streets here, otherwise I would be slowly sinking into starvation, and deprivation like the people around me are going down into…
      The utter ignorance, and insensitivity of statement like yours, tell me just how far this country has gone down the plughole, and into the sewer… I am desperate to get away from this hellhole, and get on with a reasonably rational existence at least.. There are far too many ignorant fools who, because the really smart ones have left the field clear, by leaving for the real world, can now pretend to be smart without fear of discovery… THAT is the New Zealand I got trapped in by the lockdown, and THAT is the New Zealand I need to get away from, for my own sanity, and quality of life.. Oh the joy of not having to see the utter degradation of NZs intellectual power base any more….

  2. I want booze removed from supermarkets altogether. it just normalises alcohol to children when they visit supermarkets with their parents. Its a drug that causes 3 times more harm than cannabis yet regulations for cannabis were created so restrictive you couldnt even advertise that the shop sold cannabis. If we are to get balance between drugs in society then surely a much more restrictive structure should be in place for alcohol.
    9pm isnt going to solve any problem, people will just purchase earlier.

  3. $ 10 cheaper for a dozen beers in supermarket. They run it as a loss leader to get peeps to shop in store. To expensive at grog shops

  4. “If you are selling a product that is addictive, you should pay for that social damage as well.”

    Yeah but if you enjoy a drink, a lotto game, a bet on the Melbourne cup or The Warriors, a game of black jack, should you pay more tax than the wowser who doesn’t like those pleasures?

    It’s not like other pastimes don’t have expensive consequences, rugby head injuries, trampers search and rescue, artists living on the dole, people run over by jetskis etc.

    Everything in moderation.

  5. Hear, hear knowing an alcoholic who would have died in the gutter without someone taking responsibility for his welfare, and another in Australia who bought flagons of sherry and set her mattress on fire, is a regular reminder of alcohol harm. Now seeing the heaps of RTDs fairly poor neighbours throw out, usually in the wrong receptacle, the waste of lives and needed money that could be spent to raise ‘spirits’ in other and less damaging ways is a stark reminder of the strength of the alcohol lobby. When an RTD king’s helicopter went down with him I was not sorry.

    The gummints have always done well from the alcohol business which no doubt had big persuasive power in keeping down cannabis. And to make it worse, the beer side was sold to Japanese. And whoever else for other tipples. The vineyards do some good, but many are overseas owned, so we shoot ourselves in the foot when we have our shots of spirits!

    Right at the beginning alcohol was cutting into Maori who hadn’t had their own fermenting ways to match those of the incomers. The book They Called Me Te Maari, Florence Harsant,
    is how she took on a project of riding all over the East Coast of the North Island on a black stallion, visiting hapu, introducing herself and talking to them about the dangers of alcohol then trying to get them to sign up to the rejection of alcohol attempted by the Womens Christian Temperance Union. It was a very demanding project. She did good, and also broke through a line set up to isolate a measles-hit Maori village from the outer world to advise the health authorities of their dreadful plight akin to the effect of plague. Florence became sick herself IIRR. The book is available at $75NZ but may be a little cheaper elsewhere but those prices are often in US$.

  6. We need to follow Australia and make vaps a prescription medication through chemists with no compensation to tho current sellers.

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