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  1. Oxford academics rise up to defend Kathleen Stock’s right to free speech
    The former University of Sussex professor was hounded out of her post after expressing her views on gender

    “The academics, ranging from well-known professors such as Richard Dawkins to younger lecturers who have recently graduated, are united by the belief that the right to free speech is sacred and has to be defended. Many believe it is the latest example of students and administrators at Oxford University bowing to increasingly hysterical activists who use social media to foment outrage.”

    “This has parallels because people want to be seen to be doing what social media tells them is the right thing to do. I am about as left wing as you get but I just cannot understand the contemporary left. I find it incredible that the people advocating to silence critical views are the left.

    “To me it is so disheartening and depressing that people who would be my natural allies on so many issues want to silence anyone that disagrees with them. I want my students and other people to attack my ideas as much as possible. It’s the way to get closest to the truth.

    “My sense is social media is just catastrophic for civilisation. People use it for venting their resentment and spite and it is so cruel and petty. We have arrived at a situation where everybody is scared to say what they think. There was an incident recently where an Oxford academic was suspended over something they wrote as a graduate in 1996.

    “What is happening is very ominous and sinister. I think what we have now with social media is a debased discourse where people just spend their time contaminating each other.”

    “At a place like Oxford, where the discussions are so integral to the teaching, it is particularly harmful if we cannot talk about ideas that some people find controversial. The great sadness is it would be considered hate speech for me to say that women don’t have penises.

    “Women have fought for decades to have these spaces and now men are trying to invade them. I am not afraid to step forward, there is more to be afraid of if we don’t.”

  2. In the UK

    “Modelling conducted by the Home Office has forecast net migration hit about 700,000, up from the previous peak of 504,000 in the 12 months to June.

    On Friday, Sunak said that immigration into Britain was “too high” and he was “committed” to bringing numbers down to the level there were at when he entered No 10.”

    Stand-off over Braverman plan to ban families of foreign students
    Home secretary wants only those taking “high quality” courses to be allowed dependants

    “Suella Braverman is lobbying Rishi Sunak to back a more radical crackdown on foreign students as they prepare for the publication of figures that will show immigration has hit another record high.

    The prime minister is understood to be planning to announce measures next week that will stop some foreign students bringing their family with them to the UK. He told the BBC that he was “considering a range of options” to reduce immigration but refused to “speculate” on specific measures. However, no final agreement has been reached between cabinet ministers over how far the proposals should go.

    On Friday, Sunak suggested that he has a new target of reducing net migration below half a million — almost twice the level promised by the Conservatives at the last election. Sunak, who is attending the G7 in Japan, said: “I’m committed to bringing down the levels of migration that I inherited.” At the time, net migration was 504,000.

    The home secretary is understood to want all foreign students to be barred from bringing family members with them to the UK unless they are studying a “high quality” course, such as engineering or life sciences.”

    • Pulling up the ladder. There’s a lot of it about. It’s often the case that those at the bottom of the ladder being drawn up are of a higher “quality”, and more productive and use to sussoighty than those pulling the strings.

      • I think judging by skill shortages with mass immigration in both NZ and the UK, pulling up ladder for the current citizens, it is not happening.

        There is quite a difference between migrants who have nothing coming to a country that has no welfare system and those who come and can assess welfare by being poor.

        Seems to me a factor in why NZ and UK have extremely high immigration but no workers for very long. Oh and no cheap houses and rising poverty.

        Remember a lot of the benefits of migration happen after wars (ak 2nd world war/Jewish migration) but it’s quite a different type of migrant that went through absolute horror making a new life with no chance of returning to their home country aka jewish migrants and modern migration where you book a plane ticket, pay money, become a foreign student/worker/beneficiary and suddenly are in another country and actually taking what you can from both countries – your home country and new country as you travel between them picking up benefits.

        Thus modern migrants can arrive with money, not work and access welfare in new countries – if the countries rules allow it. This was not an option after the 2nd world war and seemed to work a lot better for the countries prosperity and health.

        Do not recall any terrorist acts by Jewish migrants for example in the USA or Europe, unlike what UK, Europe and NZ has faced with modern foreign terrorists coming to their shores.

        This is due to entitlement. It is curious that the jews could easily have become terrorists in the US and Germany after what happened to them but didn’t, but now it is becoming the norm for terror attacks, if things are not perceived good enough in spite of copious and endless benefits that seems to be assisting some to feel aggrieved, narcissistic and harmful to others (physically, financially).

        • Very thoughtful and apposite savenz. We’ll think on those points.

          Entitlement and promises, often implied, is likely to feed the anger. But it has been realised, from studies which I can’t give links for, that people watching western television are affected by the images presented feeding desire to access similar and believing that is the norm.

          The Simpsons touched on such ideas; one was a Korean family I think, coming to USA with nothing and owned a tyre company with franchises in three years etc. Homer was a dope but had a nice little two-storey house with section – anybody could get on in such a wonderful world!

          I’m ‘exercised in my mind’ about tv here, large screens, distancing from real life and a therapeutic occupation for those unable to cope with being ’rounded’ knowledgeable people in a diverse world. Screen watching is taking the place of attempts at thinking and reflection on life and philosophy – there are many different ways. Have we mastered or mistressed the true power of our minds and understanding? Yoda says – There is only do, not try.
          But first he should say think as to outcomes and advisability before deciding on action then commit and do.
          Yoda –

      • OnceWasTim Only one comment, about what you say, and that is that ghastly Paula Bennett’s TIA ladder-pulling, was indefensible, and her response to her critics was vindictive and malevolent, IMO. Such people are a disaster in politics, and a social disaster, IMO.

  3. Another one bites the dust. Auckland-based construction firm Construct Civil has been put into liquidation.

    That’s 3 major residential and commercial construction companies bailing out of the Auckland market.

  4. Intersectionality Is American Maoism

    “A Note to Young Woke People

    I think you’ll find what I have to say to you mostly incomprehensible, but you need to hear it.

    This is what you are participating in, whether you know it or not. This is what your schools and universities and influencers are miseducating you—brainwashing you—into. Western Maoism. Maoism with American characteristics. And this is what you need to know about where it goes. The whole philosophy is based upon the formulations of GWF Hegel’s vision for how to move History to its intended “End” (the right side of history), and what Hegel said about you is this: “History uses people and then discards them.”

    As a movement, Woke believes itself to be the movement of History. History is using you to move itself. It will discard you. You know how everything in Woke philosophy is “temporal,” “spacial,” and “contingent”? So are you. You are a contingency for the Woke movement. You have your time—until you don’t. When you become useless or a hindrance to the movement of History, you will be discarded. Every Marxist and Hegelian movement in history has proceeded this way, and this one will not be different. I wish you luck with that.

    What you need to understand about the people you’ve been trained to see as your “enemies,” or “transphobes,” “racists,” “fascists,” “homophobes,” or whatever else is that most of the people you think are those things are not those things at all. You have been trained to hate, allegedly in the name of “stopping hate.” These people are, by and large, trying to warn you, not trying to uphold “oppression.”

    What you need to know about the people in the movement you’re supporting, including your friends in the movement, is that you’re less than disposable to them. Contingent barely covers it. The Woke movement pretends to care about you—or, worse, “people who look like you”—but it does not. It is using you so its sociopathic fringe can gain power over society, using you as cannon fodder for their unconventional political warfare apparatus. Instead of living your life, growing, learning, preparing a future, you’re doing activism, for them. And they will discard you. Will. You are worse than disposable once they get power: you’re a problem.

    You are being trained by this movement to be a destabilizer. That’s what all that “disrupt and dismantle” stuff is about. Their intention is to establish a perfectly stable system with them (not most of you) on top of it, and people trained and brainwashed to be destabilizers are a problem in such a system. Mao said that himself too. He said that the handling of the people is different in the different phases of the revolution. First you encourage and support destabilizers, and then you crack down on them so that there’s total stability under the new standard. You are an asset today and will be a liability tomorrow. You will be discarded, coldly and possibly violently.

    Make no mistake. This fate has awaited the “change agents” of every red revolution in history. Communist defectors have been trying to tell you for decades, longer than most of you have been alive. It will not be different in anything except method this time. If you, as Wokes, “win,” you surely lose—all but the most sociopathic and sycophantic of you, in which case you hollow yourselves out, sell your souls (if you have one left by then), and become a true monster of history.

    If you don’t believe me, let me ask you: do you see any identity politics in China today? Is China Woke? Will it go Woke? No! They already did that, and that phase of their revolution is over. It is viciously suppressed there, and they laugh at you here in the West and call you baizuo, white left. They know what you are and how misinformed and misguided you are. Their operatives attempt to stoke these fires and use you because you are strategically useful to their anti-American aims, which you foolishly might share. In China, however, they’re openly encouraging patriarchy and masculinity. They’re racially ruthless. They stamp out homosexuality. Why? They did Intersectionality already, got what they wanted out of it, and discarded it (and its change agents) in favor of power. That’s your future. Look at the screen, scan your face, and smile for the government, and don’t dare signal in any way that you think anything you shouldn’t be thinking.

    You have been falsely convinced that you’re the protagonists in a vast morality play called “the arc of History” and that you’re “bending it toward justice.” You’re “on the right side of History,” and that feels good—right up until the boot comes crashing down on your face. Then you’ll realize it. You are bending the arc of history, of course, if we can even indulge such a metaphor, and you’re bending it straight into a twenty-first-century gulag, whatever those will look like in our increasingly Black Mirror society. You will be “thought reformed,” or you will be discarded.

    Do you want to be its guard, Agent Smith? Would you like to be its administrator? Is it worth the sale of your soul? Some of you might aspire to such a demonic station in your lives, but most of you don’t. You’ll be subjected to it instead, even as a student at an elite university.

    This corruption of you and your future is happening in place of your education, which is simultaneously being degraded in every meaningful sense of the word. You’re not getting the education you could be or perhaps aren’t getting a real education at all. You’re not learning to be informed, independent adults who can answer questions about reality and navigate it successfully. You’re being taught you have to defer to some kind of expert to answer a question like “what is a woman?”

    Meanwhile, you’re getting degrees that are increasingly being seen as liabilities, not assets, in the working world outside of the most corrupt megacorporate sector that is our new Western Soviet—a council of “stakeholders” that knows “the Science of Right Human Relations” and the keys to “Sustainable Development.” Employers are increasingly suspecting you’re probably Woke, radically Leftist, entitled, unlikely to work hard, likely to create a hostile working environment, underskilled, and likely to sue if fired even on perfectly solid grounds. You’re a liability to them, and many of them are only still hiring you because they have to to keep their place in the corrupt corporate scoring schemes that control the way business is now done in the West. If that gives way, who are you? If it succeeds and you participate in it, what are you?

    Make no mistake, if this system loses, you lose because your university tried to make you “change agents” and “global citizens” instead of educated adults. If this system wins, you lose because you know too much and are too big a problem. Your only option will be to sell your soul to it, and how much is that worth to you?

    Think I’m kidding? Mao said, “not to have correct political opinions is like not having a soul.” Think about that and what this is costing you, whether you participate or cower against it. Doesn’t that ring true? That’s what you’re sacrificing.

    So, why you? Because you happen to be the age you are at the worst time in Western history to be the age you are, and because many of you come from wealth and status and other resources the System covets and requires to succeed (they’re not really against “privilege,” they just want to redistribute and repurpose it). They need those resources. They need your enthusiasm and zeal. They need your impressionable minds. They need the future citizens and the future leaders, but History uses people and then discards them. They don’t need you for long, and they only need you for specific purposes, then you will be corrected or discarded, unless you choose to come off worse by selling out.

    My message to you about intersectionality is simple. You need to know what you’re really involved in, stop participating, deprogram yourself and your friends, and start fighting for the blessings of Liberty that allowed you to have the privilege to think this way in the first place. You can and might lose it—the first generation in American history to face the loss of liberty, and you’re enslaving yourselves. “Liberation” movements are lies. Mao called his army—the same one he dispatched to destroy your counterparts in the Red Guard—the People’s Liberation Army for a reason. You need to fight for Liberty. Your chains are forged by frauds and locked only in your heads.”

    • SaveNZ. Thanks for everything here. I think we generally know that post-revolution is usually much worse than what preceded it, and in terms of this country, we’re pretty stuffed. The outlook for our children’s children is decidedly grim.

      When the New Zealand government and police capitulated to extremist transgender ideology, this was largely blanked by the captured MSM. The disgraceful sexualisation of our school children can be mitigated to some extent by commonsensical parents, but unfortunately, not all parents are equipped to counteract the dumbing down of the education system, nor the have-nots, to ameliorate their lot.

    • That’s a very very good article in its entirety. I encourage anyone interested in this topic to read the whole article.
      Thanks saveNZ.

  5. The election doesn’t matter anymore whichever way it goes cause … With the budget out and Auckland Council getting set up for a Fire Sale. The weather events and the clean up costs. 11.2% real unemployment already. WWIII knocking on the door and never ending inflation and cost of living. We’re fucked.
    This will be as bad, as a recession/depression and possibly as severe as the GFC NZ styles!
    So buckle up Dorothy! It’s gunna be a doozy
    See you all in 2026 and beyond. We’re definitely fucked.

  6. ‘Aboot’ ‘Left’ talkers. They don’t often have the lack of ego of Christ — though he made claims.

    Even the christ-like, supposedly, Savage was cautious as a heartbeat. Ego is more common, why I regularly get blocked — no worries.

    It doesn’t congrue with our cause for the people. But I prefer more egomaniac Lefties actually, like my ancestor, ‘Old Will’ who was cut off after 1935. He was impolite. Like that’s a value that matters before reality.

    I accept Chris and Martyn are just people who don’t like to be attacked and are egotists, maybe a bit more than most of us. Enjoy your good opinions and fight your bad ones. Mainly your right-wing cul-de-sacs.

  7. This is how you do it.,by%20a%20growing%20student%20movement.

    In 2002 when students in this country spontaneously took to the streets and marched in support of their teachers union demands, the Labour government and the PPTA shit themselves. The government and PPTA leaders denounced the student protests and immediately settled their dispute with little improvement in the teachers conditions.

    No so in Hungary. In present day Hungary there s no middle class shock horror at young people self organising and exercising their own agency in solidarity with their teachers.
    Instead of opposing a student movement in support of their demands Hungarian teachers welcome it.

    Hungarian students push for higher teacher wages in protest march
    BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Thousands of students, teachers and supporters demonstrated in Hungary’s capital Friday for improved pay and working conditions for educators, the latest expression of frustration with the right-wing government’s education policy by a growing student movement…..
    …..police attempt to break up the crowds of young people using tear gas and, on at least one occasion, rubber batons. Demonstrators chanted, “Tear gas doesn’t teach us” in reference to the police response.,by%20a%20growing%20student%20movement.

  8. You can’t have it both ways: self-ID is universal
    Yet another case reveals the absurdity of Holyrood’s gender reform law

    “It is remarkable how often something that would never happen nevertheless keeps happening. We may now add the case of Amy George to those of Katie Dolatowski and Isla Bryson, sex offenders whose convictions have made a nonsense of the Scottish parliament’s gender recognition reforms.

    George, also known as Andrew Miller, pleaded guilty last week to the abduction and repeated sexual assault of an 11-year-old girl. Dolatowski was convicted of a number of crimes and, despite being a biological male, served time at Cornton Vale woman’s prison. Bryson, formerly known as Adam Graham, was convicted of two charges of rape and was also initially sent to Cornton Vale.

    Scottish ministers have made fools of themselves attempting to escape the inevitable, and predicted, consequences of their own choices. Asked about the Miller case last week, Shona Robison — now deputy first minister and in a previous incarnation the minister responsible for piloting the government’s gender recognition reforms through parliament — beclowned herself. “Clearly this is a predatory man who has carried out offending behaviour and should be treated as such,” she said.”

    Woman have never been less safe in law than the absurdity of male predators pretending to be a woman being able to do so, on their simple say so.

  9. Proven in WWII submarine warfare against surface shipping, conducted while remaining undetected below the waves, proved highly effective, more merchant seamen died than in the navy, air force or army.
    Australia wants to build its own manned nuclear powered long range submarine weapons system with the capability to disrupt Chinese surface shipping, and is prepared to pay a staggering $368 billion for it. Murderous and psychopathic as this insane plan is, it is also profoundly dumb.
    For pennies on the dollar unmanned underwater drones could do the same job.
    It is probably rare in military history that a weapons system is obsolete before it is even built.

    • Leave the Chinese alone – Benjamin Franklin Chang gets a hard time in tv ‘Community’. Let’s face it there always has to be a fall guy, used to be Russian or German. and in USA is sometimes British. Now it seems it’s time for Mr Chang.

      The USA wanted to take advantage of cheap Chinese workers and shifted there big time to gather the big profits from that situation. Now USA blames the Chinese for becoming a power-house for the world and ‘taking our jobs’.

      It’s the amoral businesses that done them in. But we are so dense that we can’t think out anything for ourselves. (The hardest item to find in the supermarket is often right in front of you!) I suggest people in NZ stock up with water bottles and pasta and dried fruit and nuts and mix-in-package outdoor food and hunker down in front of their 8 metre tv sets where people of all colours, very highly coloured, exaggerate happenings in real life. Those people will never recognise real life when they see it, so faded and colourless. Don’t cheat yourself by accepting second-best – go for the technically advanced facsimile.

      Don’t even bother to vote for Axe and Gnational – they just feed you toasted lies with cheese on top and then tell you they have explained the nation’s issues to you – you just swallow them and grin you jerks.

      Leave trying to do something about living together in our wonderful and awful/aweful world to those who have guts and morals and attempt to live up to ideals of humanity, not wealth, status and power.

      A little song from Hawaiian Israel Kamakawiwo’ole that was used as a tv jingle. He got very fat and died, was sadly affected badly by the Hawaiian-USA colonialism sleight-of-hand and blackmail. Played sweet music about Hawaii.

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