Immigration NZ echoes of Dawn Raid demand amnesty


Dawn raid tactics ‘re-traumatising’ for Pacific community, says deputy PM Carmel Sepuloni

The government is investigating the case of a Pasifika overstayer who was detained after a dawn raid in South Auckland last week.

The man’s lawyer, Soane Foliaki, said police showed up at 5am, scaring his children and taking him into custody – and though Immigration NZ has disputed the timing, it has admitted the early morning raid was not a one-off.

Two years ago the government apologised for the infamous dawn raids of the 1970s, and Prime Minister Chris Hipkins said he did not expect them to be happening any more.

There are two issues that are deeply concerning here.

The first and most obvious is for the Pacifica Community who are culturally traumatised by the reverberations of the racist Dawn Raids and sense of dread that came with it.

No one likes being offered work in NZ and then told they are no longer wanted when the economy turns, which was the whole political driver for the Dawn Raids.

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That community see this as harking back to the bad old days that the Government had only recently apologised for.

The second issue that I think is the real problem here, is that the agreement previously with Immigration NZ had been that deportations wouldn’t be enacted or enforced if the person had a clear pathway to residency available to them.

The mans lawyer states that this is the case, so if that is true, if he had a legitimate pathway to residency, then why are Immigration moving against him, because it starts to feel more like the need to get some easy prosecutions than the actual following of policy.

While we are at it, we should be seriously considering an amnesty on Pacific Island overstayers because of our relationship with them and because Auckland is the largest Pacifica City in the world. Shadow communities can’t stay safe or healthy if they are constantly avoiding public services.


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  1. Martyn – I am in South Auckland, and we are okay with dawn raids IF they are removing overstayers only…

    • No housing? High medical costs? not enough taxes? the majority want overstayers removed apart from woke, who make a living out of enablement of illegal activity here.

      Immigration up 195% – why wouldn’t you come here if you have no prospects anywhere else. It seems within a short time woke, will have free legal, health, social housing and a heap of advisors helping you out with NZ benefits if you are an overstayer or up to illegal tax free activity.

      • Justine Kase – South Aucklanders do not want overstayers…they are selfish bastards ruining it for the honest visa holders…that’s who Justine!

  2. Because someone gets snapped overstaying by Immigration does not mean we should abandon the law. A lawyer whining on in court for their client about the end of the world stories is routine anyway and always twice as melodramatic!

    If anyone enters NZ on a visa then they know they must renew it when it’s due or leave, that’s the deal. Basic as. If they overstay, they must leave. Otherwise let’s abandon immigration laws and have a free for all. Almost like under the Key government with all the inherent disasterous infrastructure and housing problems we now enjoy!

  3. Public Sector culture is so arrogant as to imagine they could get away with this “out of hours client contact” as one bureaucrat termed it. Try calling these sods in business hours, let alone after hours, and see how long it takes to talk to someone. They throttle down the call centre contact channels on purpose to discourage people.

    According to RNZ the majority of people dawn raided recently have been Chinese, with Pacific next highest. What are they trying to achieve? Employers are trying get the gates opened for low wage labour, and the health and education sectors want people too.

    Capital roams the planet at will but there is always arbitrary restrictions on human labour. Amnesty for all overstayers bar serious crims. The State Sector is spitting on the Govt. after the apology Jacinda Ardern issued–it is time for these Immigration offical fuckers to get the message.

  4. These people are here illegally so why should they not be arrested at a time they can be caught off guard.I wonder if they pay tax and are they being paid the proper rates and the acc levy..The employer needs to answer questions , Did they get a covid injection or use our medical facilities.

  5. What pathway to residency does an illegal overstayer have – and why?

    Perhaps enforcing the law might encourage others to take that pathway while still legal. And if there’s admin delay issues then these people should have extensions – and we should increase processing capacity – rather than them becoming overstayers.

    But to simply say they have a pathway, no, they shouldn’t, not once illegal – that should prevent their residency outright.

    • Residency pathway? Go home, reapply for a residency visa after stand down period. Sorted.

  6. Just hug it out with the illegal immigrants then – it’s too triggering to actually try to deport anybody. (sarcasm)

    No wonder NZ is full of poverty, criminals, welfare and charity beneficiaries and people who are allowed to hurt others and/or not pay any taxes here. Illegal behaviour is enabled by NZ woke, and anybody trying to do their job at immigration or police gets censored, by woke.

    “why bother”, do nothing” that is the mantra, because it seems the rise to management in NZ is doing nothing and complaining about others actually doing their job. aka police catching a criminal, immigration doing their job.

    Saw this the other day in terms of enabling child abuse, apparently this 9 year old kid was beaten with a hammer and punched in the face, all while being under Oranga Tamariki care who placed her in the day to day care of the abuser! Apparently the abuser is a great Te reo speaker, and colonialisation made her do it!

    Not much hope for breaking the cycle with Maori kids and abuse when the Gangs and abusers speaking Te reo are able to beat their kids up because they are culturally safe, while OT then spends a fortune in legal fees to remove abused children from pakeha adoptive parents, so that they can get ‘cultural’ lessons. Then when they get a pathetically low sentence they complain and want it reduced, because it is always someone else to blame for their offending.

    Mother who beat child, hid injuries under face paint fails to reduce jail sentence

    “At the time, the girl was 9 and subject to a custody order placing her under Oranga Tamariki, but was in her mother’s day-to-day care.

    Court documents state the woman had hit the girl repeatedly on her body, punched her repeatedly on the lip and hit her on the head with a hammer.

    The girl’s injuries included extensive bruising from head to toe, a nasal bone fracture, cuts on her face, a cut and swollen lower lip and multiple abrasions.

    The woman did not seek medical help for the girl but put her on the flight, dressing her in a long-sleeved turtle-necked top and applying thick face paint to hide the injuries.

    The flight attendants noticed her swollen and split lip, became suspicious and sought the girl’s permission to take off her face paint.

    When they realised the extent of her injuries, the crew arranged for police and an ambulance to be at Christchurch Airport when the plane landed.

    “M’s sister saw the police were at the plane when she was waiting to collect (the girl) and began communicating with M,” the appeal judgment said.

    “M sent a series of text messages to her sister outlining a false story to tell the authorities, to the effect that (the girl) was clumsy and had hurt herself.”

    When you beat a kid with a hammer on their head, they probably will have long term brain injuries for example and reduce the likelihood of that poor child having a normal life (as well as mental and emotional problems) so it’s not a good outcome to enable abuse and laws in NZ.

  7. NZ is a Polynesian country that should legislate PI Islanders NZ citizens naturally. They whakapapa to the indigenous habitants of AO/NZ and they contribute significantly to the NZ culture. They R US!!

    • Tipene – the Governments of Samoa, Tonga, Fiji have stated they are close to New Zealanders, but a not New Zealanders — we (NZ) provide NZ Passports to Niue, Cook Islands, and Tokelau…and thousands of visas per year to other Pacific people, and a clear route to citizenships…

  8. Is there a problem with policing priorities?
    Why is there a problem with policing priorities?

    No one knows? WT hell!

    What causes this effect?

    • Well we give it away to the Empire’s failed public servants too readily, so why not I guess. We even parachute them in at times when we have people already in NZ perfectly capable of doing the job.
      Christ we’ve become a punitive, insecure little nation that still deludes itself it is “punching above its weight”.
      Immigration Nu Zull’s record stands for itself, and it ain’t very pretty, and nor is it EVER held accountable for its utter muppetry. And btw, the problem isn’t the worker bees at the coal face either. Same goes for the Labour Expectorant, although that got to the stage where its been embarrassed into action with some recent successes.

      • SaveNZ definitely has a long list of great citizenship candidates that add a certain something to our society.

        • Well he’s a curious character at times for sure, and I think he’s at least open to modifying his position and outlook when the facts and lived experiences change.
          Unlike many who comment, after having done their google and wikipedia research with it peer reviewed on platforms like Quora or whatever other bubble they frequent.

          Sometimes though his experiences with the immigrant population – e.g. getting a free ride – are based on exceptions reported in media, and I suspect the anecdotal.

          And early on, I well remember his comments on his own OE experience (years ago now obviously) where he didn’t have expectations of anything, or of a free ride. That’s probably because he’s most likely a decent sort of bloke.

          Many, many, many Koiwois do have inflated ideas of entitlements overseas whilst thinking immigrants to lil ole NuZull that punches above its weight do not. (‘cos apparently we’re ‘special’)

  9. Disgusting!

    Australians are lightening up on their treatment of New Zealand migrants to Australia. We show zero lessening of our hardline treatment toward Pacific Island migrants to this country.

    Jesus tells us he reserves a special place in hell just for people like us.

    Matthew 18:23-35

    A man owed his master ten bags of gold.
    Since he was not able to pay, the master ordered that he and his wife and his children and all that he had be sold to repay the debt.
    “At this the servant fell on his knees before him. ‘Be patient with me,’ he begged, ‘and I will pay back everything.’
    The servant’s master took pity on him, canceled the debt and let him go.
    That servant went out, and found one of his fellow servants who owed him a hundred silver coins. He grabbed him and began to choke him. ‘Pay back what you owe me!’ he demanded.
    “His fellow servant fell to his knees and begged him, ‘Be patient with me, and I will pay it back.’
    “But he refused. Instead, he went off and had the man thrown into prison until he could pay the debt.
    When the other servants saw what had happened, they were outraged and went and told their master everything that had happened.
    “Then the master called the servant in. ‘You wicked servant,’ he said, ‘I canceled all that debt of yours because you begged me to.
    Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?’
    In anger his master handed him over to the jailers to be tortured, until he should pay back all he owed.

    Jesus said, “This is how my heavenly Father will treat each of you unless you forgive your brother or sister from your heart.”

    • I think you will find that OZ is only interested in working, lawful kiwis to migrate there so there Lessing of ‘hardline’ is not woke – unlike NZ. Not sure that most of NZ’s illegal’s would qualify for OZ, they would not be getting everything free like NZ gives away, on the up side when they commit a crime, they are back in NZ as 501’s getting everything free. (aka free legal, free social housing, free medical, etc)

  10. Why is Labour so afraid of enforcing immigration laws for Pacific Islanders?

    Oh, I see now.

    • “Why is Labour so afraid of enforcing immigration laws for Pacific Islanders?”.. This is becoming utterly tedious.. Are there no NZers left who have any idea what a powerful trigger this police activity is for all Pacifica living in NZ? This isn’t an issue that trite, and over simplified reactionary “cleverness” will ever begin to address in the real world..
      To those proudly ignorant of their own countries history, your comments are a slap in the face of all those who were traumatised by yet another example of just how little the colonial descendants cared about anything but unfettered exploitation of those “beneath them”…
      One wonders how the people on here would be reacting if it had been their grandparents that had been subjected to the dawn raids by a heartless tory government… And this time, think for more the few seconds it takes for it not to be just another kneejerk insult…

      • Yeah – ‘borders’ and ‘citizenship’ are just uncool concepts. Really judgemental and uncool to apply them to anyone, right-on!

        ‘Traumatised?’ Pull the other one.

      • Police activity is triggering to criminals, don’t over stay and there’d be no problem.

    • Maybe the next woke move will be they let the crims know when they are coming so that they will not be triggered – you know like tenancy rules with 48 hours notice of immigration calling ….

      Lack of action in catching crims, also helps to keep our overflowing prison numbers down, and who cares if Kiwis are increasingly victims of crime and being paid cash as a full time worker is becoming normalised?

      (Going rate last time I heard in South Auckland was $8 p/h cash while receiving benefits – which you would hope overstayers are not claiming, but this is NZ when ACC pays out to people’s overseas relatives to people who never paid any premiums and was an illegal worker while authorities are not interested in prosecuting anybody for killing them).

      Illegally working overstayer dies on the job – ACC payment made to widow in China

  11. It’s a bit disappointing after the theatrical apologies under the tapa cloth from the previous PM.

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